5 Rules for Blogging Successfully in 2019: Proven Blog Tips

Have you thought about starting your own blog?

Already have one but are lacking the inspiration to create content? Perhaps you’re even ready to boost your blog traffic and start growing your audience!

Whatever the reason, I’m thrilled that you’ve stopped by to check out these Rules for Blogging Successfully: Proven Blog Tips!

By implementing this set of strategies, I experienced an explosion in my own blog traffic – an increase of over 868% in page views – and feel more motivated than ever to keep on creating content.

I’m happier, releasing quality content more frequently, and am truly enjoying the entire process of blogging, from start to finish.

Maybe this is just what you need to take your blog to the next level! Keep reading to discover inspiration and find even more love in what you’re already doing!

Rules for Blogging Successfully: Proven Blog Tips

Use the following list of suggestions to spark that flame and learn what it takes to make the shift from casual to serious blogger. 

You’ll find tips to help you gain confidence, ease external pressures, and more below. 

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(1) You Get Back What You Put In

Whether it’s time or money, this is possibly the most important of all blogging rules!

A lot of bloggers I know have quit because they haven’t monetized their blogs enough or as quickly as they had hoped.

In my case, I had a number of family members continue to ask me, “How many hours have you put in?” or “It costs you that much to run your website?”

However, what these people don’t understand is that a blog, like any startup business, takes time to grow. You need product and you need to promote! So, consider your blog posts your inventory!

Finding hosting takes time. Arranging that hosting and getting a domain costs money. Setting up your website takes more time.

Creating content – including writing posts and taking your own photos (if you choose to do so) – also takes time. The list doesn’t end!

If blogging were as easy as paying for a website and watching the money roll in, I’m pretty sure everyone would be doing it!

When you’re just starting out, this is probably the most important of all rules for blogging successfully. Don’t forget to remind yourself in addition to family and friends – if you are are blogging for business, it is in fact “work”!

Plan of Action: Commit to your business and spending time working on your blog every single day.

When I first started blogging almost three years ago, I had a newborn baby and many other accompanying responsibilities. I thought it was difficult to put time and effort into my blog and didn’t know what to write about!

I now have an active toddler and looking back at the newborn phase, though overwhelming for a brand new parent, I could have planned my days much more efficiently as far as keeping up my blog.

Experience, right? Haha!

Try doing the following every single day:

  1. A five-minute content brainstorming session – think of new ideas for your site or social media; write everything down in the notes section of your mobile device or in a book of ideas
  2. Planning all blogging tasks in an agenda – rather than having no idea where to start when you sit down to work, planning in advance helps you get focused immediately
  3. Accomplishing one thing for your blog whenever you can squeeze it in – it could be something as simple as changing your feature images on one or more posts

(2) Be Real, Be Unique, Be YOU

If you want to create a loyal fan base, the first thing you’ll want to do is find your own voice.

There are a TON of blogs out there! But what separates you from them? What makes YOU special? Invite people to see this!

Are you wicked talented at DIY-ing to the point of being a MacGyver? Do you up-cycle like it’s nobody’s business? Are you a raw vegan chef with a knack for creative displays and presentation? Show us!

Everyone has a story. Use your blog to start sharing yours!

Plan of Action: Create and promote your content in an original way.

Write compelling titles and meta-descriptions in your own voice. Create beautiful pins or Instagram Stories to accompany and showcase your work.

Capture the essence that is you.

(3) Never Stop Learning

Just like ever-developing Social Media platforms (think back to when Instagram Stories and Instagram TV were introduced), keeping up with trends is incredibly important.

But while you’re learning what’s new, why not perfect some skills you’ve already been working on?

Improve your knowledge of Affiliate Marketing and SEO! Investigate trending blogging and social media resources plus signup for new Marketing Networks.

Love photography and photo editing? Check out what other bloggers are doing to discover how you can improve your content!

Plan of Action: Once a week, or as much as you’d like to, sit down at your laptop and take an hour to see what’s new in your field.

Discover what’s trending or if there’s a lack of information regarding it and be a pioneer in your field!

(4) Be Consistent

I used to be so guilty of this one and quite honestly, this had the most impact in exploding my page views in that one short month!

It’s so easy to get caught up in life and on various social media platforms but if you want to make it as a blogger, you need to blog!

There is no easy way out or trick. Creating exciting and unique content is part of the job!

Aiming for at least one new post a month is a good starting point because chances are, your email subscribers want to hear from you! That’s why they signed up for your mailing list in the first place, right?

Ps, be sure to signup for my mailing list to receive the Pro Blogger Bundle (with bonus 31 Day Instagram Planner!) plus other exciting freebies every time you hear from me 😉

Using an agenda (like the monthly and editorial calendars featured in the bundle above!) and writing a schedule is also an excellent starting point for developing a consistent schedule.

Those who plan ahead plan to succeed.

Plan of Action: Release a minimum of one new blog post a month!

Google and Pinterest have this in common; they favour blogs that frequently release new content.

While creating new pins for old posts is common practice and an effective means of driving traffic to your blog, you’ll make even more of an impact and receive the most favourable results when you create content regularly.

(5) Perfection is Overrated

I’ll never forget how mortified my husband was the first time he watched me write an email. I have a tendency to overanalyze just about everything!

Choice of words, how my tone may be perceived, etc. And though you may be thinking that being this detail-oriented is actually somewhat of positive characteristic, over-editing your work can result in stress, fatigue, and a future lack of enthusiasm for your projects.

Knowing when enough is enough is an acquired skill and a part of our self-control that needs to be worked on regularly.

The ability to cut down the time it takes to complete a simple task such as writing an email from one hour to 20 minutes, for instance, can be the difference between responding to one or three potential sponsored posts! Especially important if you, as I do, have a limited amount of time to devote to your blog.

Plan of Action: Don’t sweat over the small stuff!

You don’t have to be perfect to release awesome and helpful blog posts that get views.

But remember, there will always be critics. Take everything they say with a grain of salt but if there’s room for improvement, consider making a change.

As long as you’re moving forward in your blog and business plan, you’re doing great and are on your way to amazing things!

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So, there you have it, rules for blogging successfully: proven blog tips to help you grow your site this year.

In summary, I grew my blog page views by 858% in one month doing the following things:

  1. Treating my blog like the full-time job it is today
  2. Using my inner voice to write original posts with emotion
  3. Staying up to date on new information and pioneering content related to my niche
  4. Producing at least one new piece of content a month
  5. Ditching the urge to be perfect and increasing my productivity

Do you have your own rules about blogging or growing an online business? Which of the above tips did you need most? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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    • Thanks, Marius! This was definitely one of my favourite posts to write so far! Thrilled to know that you’ve kept it as a reference too 🙂

  1. Hi Nikki! Great tips! I especially love the ones about consistency and perfection! It is really hard to be consistent blogging if you expect everything to be perfect all of the time! Sometimes I like to publish a post to get it out and then go back to it and add more content later. I have found this to be a sort of happy medium between the two for me.

    • Thanks so much, Melissa! Yes, I couldn’t agree with you more and do the same all the time; its nice to refresh posts a month or so later too!
      Blogging consistently is a challenge on its own, especially when you consider other obligations like family, daily home maintenance, and maybe even a full-time job! Just getting some great content out there at least once a week is definitely the key to successful blog promotion 🙂

  2. Hi Nikki,
    I came here from Pinterest.
    And thanks for posting helpful tips. I always advise bloggers to be consistent in content publication. That gradually builds their community.

    Hope you are set for a successful new year

  3. Such a great helpful piece! Thank you! Just starting out blogging as of Tuesday – love the tip on a consistent content schedule and taking the precious snippets of downtime we have to further our knowledge about our industries! And you are right – great things take time!

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