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free feminine stock photosIncorporating beautiful free feminine stock photos on your new blog is a great way to give a professional appearance from the start!

This guide to free style stock photos covers the 20 best places to grab free styled stock photos for your blog.

I did the math and you’ll receive over 1000 images when you download from each of the sites below.

I don’t know about you but it would take me days or even weeks to create a photo collection this large!

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1,000+ Free Feminine Stock Photos for Your Blog

free feminine stock photos - 1000 downloadable imagesUse the images below for tasks like:

  • Pinterest Pins & Board Covers
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Banner
  • Facebook Posts
  • Website & Blog Design
  • Instagram Posts
  • Instagram Stories
  • Blog Posts
  • And much more!

When I first started blogging, I felt tremendous pressure to do it all.

I thought I had to write great blog posts, take photos, edit those photos, create content for Instagram and Pinterest, and then advertise it all on my own.

There’s four main reasons I love using stock photos:

  1. I have more time for actually writing posts
  2. I have more time to shoot content for Instagram
  3. I have more time to manage my home
  4. I have more time to spend with my family.

What do these four things have in common? You guessed it, time!

There are only 24 hours or 1440 minutes in a day (wow, right?) so, it’s crucial to use what you’ve got wisely, especially if you have other priorities and obligations.

Utilizing sites that offers free stock photos for blogs can be a major productivity booster whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been blogging for a while.

Other FREE resources for your blog: 

Download Free Feminine Styled Stock Photos

The free stock photos for business and blog you’ll find listed below include the following categories:

  • fashion
  • beauty
  • mom
  • travel
  • social media
  • technology
  • and more!

For 1,000 ideas to blog about, be sure to check out this post on popular blogging topics you need to write!

Knowing what to write about when you’re a new blogger can be a challenge but this list was created with ranking on Google and Pinterest in mind 🙂

Ok, now let’s start downloading some gorgeous feminine photos to use on your blog!

(1) Haute Stock

text reads you've got haute mail against a white banner featuring black and gold stationary items

Probably my favourite of all! I just love checking my email to find haute mail in my inbox. Signup for Haute Stock‘s mailing list to receive some of the best free stock photos around!

You’ll receive a FREE photo sampler pack with your subscription plus 3+ FREE styled stock photos sent right to your inbox every single month! Amazing, right?

(2) Moms Make Cents

turquoise, purple, and black stationary items including pens, paperclips, and notepads

On top of running a fabulous blog full of amazing advice and resources, Moms Make Cents also offers a bundle of 25 FREE feminine stock photos when you signup for the mailing list.

A dream come true for new mom bloggers looking to create a cohesive new brand!

(3) Pexels

a computer with a blank screen amidst a white desk with a lamp and stationary items surrounding it

With as little as one word in your keyword search, you’re on your way to discovering the hundreds of thousands of FREE stock photo downloads Pexels has to offer.

Browse from countless featured photos on the main page or get specific to find exactly what you’re looking for on one of the web’s best free stock photo sites!

(4) Unsplash

a hand holding a white coffee cup full of black coffee against a grey white wooden backdrop

Whether you’re looking for fun coffee cups or photos featuring brilliant white space, you’ll find stock photos for business or personal use here. One of the largest and best sites for free stock photos, Unsplash offers over 300,000+ free photos online – just click and download the ones you want.

Have fun as you explore the endless possibilities this one has to offer!

(5) A Prettier Web

a variety of stationary and electronic items including a macbook, phone, pens, paperclips and more divided into four grids

In addition to offering FREE Desktop and Photos to those who signup for the mailing list, A Prettier Web also offers more free resources in the form of ebooks. Topics range from WordPress Plugins and E-Courses to other invaluable Tools for Online Entrepreneurs.

(6) Styled Stock

five images squares featuring an imac to the very left and bottom middle, a macbook and rose gold stationary above, and lipstick to the bottom right corner

Offering a stellar library of beautiful flatlays and other gorgeous stylized images, users of Styled Stock can browse the collection through it’s pages or search for specific content without signing up for anything! If you do signup though, you’ll receive exclusive content sent directly to your inbox.

(7) Burst

three milk chocolate bars stacked on top of one another

Catered to e-commerce businesses and other online entrepreneurs, Burst offers thousands of free stock photo downloads!

Like the other major players mentioned above, this free stock photo website offers hundreds of thousands of images for website use with more of an editorial/retail feel to its photographs.

(8) Carmen Creative

text reads carmen collective on a text overlay against white, pink, and gold stationary

By signing up for the mailing list, users will receive Carmen Creative’s gorgeous FREE styled stock photos for the current month in addition to being subscribed for even more of such freebies in future emails. Yay for monthly freebies!

(9) CreateHER Stock

pink car with red and dark pink hearts that reads you are amazing in cursive font

With an email subscription, users have access to one of CreateHER Stock’s photo packs.

However, if you’d like to check out the Original Freebie Gallery and access more than 230 images with the ability to choose and save only the images you want, you can do so by checking out the in-site Stock Pile.

(10) City Girl Searching

city girl searching free feminine stock photos

These are among my favourite clean, crisp white images! City Girl Searching offers a gorgeous selection of super feminine and chic FREE styled stock photos for your pins. Preview some images on the site or subscribe to the mailing list for access to the CGScreative Resource Library.

(11) Hello You Designs

free feminine stock photos from hello you designs

Featuring some of the brightest and  beautiful FREE styled photos available, Hello You Designs provides all email subscribers with a password to their freebies section which features 45 different beautifully curated images. Totally cute, totally Pinterest and Instagram worthy!

(12) Girl Boss Stock

four image squares featuring a textile, a suede wallet with an iphone in it, an iphone on a magazine, and an iphone below an apple keyboard

With an email signup, you’ll have 10 new FREE photos to use for your blog or Pinterest account waiting for you in your inbox when you subscribe to Girl Boss Stock’s mailing list! I just love the clean stylized look of these photos!

(13) Styled Stock Society

three images squares from left to right: a pink heart composed of macarons and flowers, a white clipboard with pink stationary, a white tea cup on a plate over pink and grey surfaces

Receive 10 FREE images right now when you signup for Styled Stock Society’s mailing list. Plus, get new freebies every month that you’re a subscriber! Totally winning!

(14) Ivory Mix

free feminine stock photos from ivory mix

Get immediate access to more than 550 FREE photos to download when you subscribe to Ivory Mix’s newsletter.

And bonus – you’ll get up to 70 new photos to use for your bizz every month! Not one or two, you read that right… up to 70!

(15) Stockshop

black text reads 20 free styled stock image instantly against a backdrop of eight image squares containing red florals and other miscellaneous items

Become an SC Insider by signing up for Stockshop’s mailing list and get 20 FREE styled stock photos sent directly to your inbox. Plus they send new images every month! Woohoo!

(16) Pixabay

a top down shot of a closed macbook computer, pastry, and a coffee cup to the right corner

Another one of the best free stock photo sites, Pixabay features a library of over 1.5 million FREE photos to download! Simply browse the featured images on the homepage or do a search for something more specific.

(17) Make Your Blog Beautiful

text reads www.makeyourblogbeautiful.com at the bottom centre with a keyboard, gold scissors, notepad, and gold tray filling the upper edges

Get 20 Styled Stock Photos when you subscribe to Make Your Blog Beautiful‘s mailing list.

Plus, receive additional FREE photos, tutorials, and printables while you’re signed up!

(18) picXclicX

Choose from photos or other categories by visiting picXclicX – no signup required.

Just browse free photos to download, choose your favourites, and enjoy!

(19) Oh Tilly

off gold text at the top reads oh tilly styled stock above various black and gold stationary items

By signing up for the mailing list, subscribers will receive 15 FREE styled stock photos from Oh Tilly Styled Stock Photography. And then you’ll receive even more beautiful high quality photos in your inbox every month thereafter! Woot!

(20) She Bold

free feminine styled stock photos from she bold

Let’s end this one with a bang!

Want 100 more chic feminine photos for your brand? She Bold has got you covered!

By signing up for the mailing list, you’ll get access to the resource library where you’ll find 100 FREE downloadable stock photos, an ebook, and other incredible tips to grow your presence on Pinterest!

5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

And there you have it!

My favourite places for the best free stock photos for lady entrepreneurs are:

  1. Haute Stock
  2. Moms Make Cents
  3. Pexels
  4. Unsplash
  5. A Prettier Web
  6. Styled Stock
  7. Burst
  8. Carmen Creative
  9. CreateHER Stock
  10. City Girl Searching
  11. Hellow You Designs
  12. Girl Boss Stock
  13. Styled Stock Society
  14. Ivory Mix
  15. Stockshop
  16. Pixabay
  17. Make Your Blog Beautiful
  18. picXclicX
  19. Oh Tilly
  20. She Bold

Enjoy your new 1,000+ free feminine styled stock photos!

Save time and increase your productivity by using your new photos for Instagram, or as blog stock photos, and so much more!

* Please note that while stock photo usage is generally flexible for the vast majority of personal and commercial purposes, creators may set unique restrictions on their content including mandatory attribution and/or rules against using their work to generate income (for example, using it in printables or in an e-course).

Always check the Terms & Conditions or contact the owner if you have any questions about using their intellectual property!

How will you use your new collection of images? Share you plans in the comments below!

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