30 Minute Daily Blogging & Social Media Tasks

As someone whose basically created and managed her blog during baby’s nap time, I thought I should put together a list of tasks I’ve been accomplishing during these short bursts of time.

I’ve been incredibly blessed and successful since diving into this blogging and social media thing full-time and want to see you reach your goals too!

So, here’s a list of incredibly productive activities you can do while:

  • your baby naps
  • on your lunch break
  • during your commute home from work
  • waiting in a line up or at the doctor’s office!

Growing a home-based business or brand does not happen overnight!

However, it’s also something that doesn’t happen to those who don’t eat, breathe, and dream their aspirations. Personally, I don’t take any days off and would suggest that you don’t either, as crazy as that may sound right now.

Upon reviewing this list of ideas though, I think you’ll see just how easy it is to put an effort into your brand every single day, if just for 30 minutes!

Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link; should you choose to make a purchase using said link, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

1. Create gorgeous pins with Canva

2. Share a short list post, for example:

  • Favourite hashtags
  • Most viewed social media posts and your creation process
  • Favourite recipes
  • Most popular blog posts on your site
  • Favourite blogging or social media companion apps

3. Plan your Instagram feed for the upcoming week or month with Preview

4. Write captions for your upcoming Instagram or Facebook posts using either Preview or the Notes App on your mobile

5. Pin a combination of your own pins as well as others relevant to your niche

6. Write out a list of blog posts you’d like to publish in the next month or two

7. Browse through your camera roll to gather photos for Instagram or your blog

  • Think Throwback Thursday if you’re struggling to come up with ideas

8. If you use them on your site, browse stock photos and download those relevant to your niche

9. SEO blog or social media images saved on your computer

  • Change the file names to match your niche for maximum discoverability!

10. Organize your “Blog” folder on your computer

  • Categorize by post title, image type, or date according to your preference

11. Create a backup and/or install updates to your blog and plugins

12. Create or edit your Pinterest board descriptions

13. Expand on or edit your Pinterest pins

  • More descriptive pins do better!

14. Run a security scan on your website and remove malware if you’ve been hit by it

15. Pin a few affiliate links directly to Pinterest

  • Always disclose!

16. Pin a few alternate pins or recently added pins to Tailwind!

  • Haven’t joined yet? Click here to try Tailwind FREE for 30 days and explode your blogging game!

17. Tweet/share an Instagram story (or two) about a new post you’ve just written

18. Design an Instagram story template using Canva

19. Create a few Instagram story posts using Canva or with your new template!

20. Edit or update an old blog post

  • Drop a few affiliate links or create internal links where they are lacking

21. Engage with your social media profile of choice and/or respond to comments on your blog posts! For example:

  • Leave well though-out comments on the Instagram posts/tweets of those you follow
  • Search hashtags and comment on the most recent posts with said hashtags
  • Leave feedback on posts of the major players in your field
  • Get ready for a jump in your profile visits 😉

22. Shoot new content for your blog or social media profile

  • Flat lays and OOTD’s (outfit of the days!) are especially easy to do in short time frames
  • Working at home today? Snap a shot of your office or a cozy nook your adore
  • Foodie? Style today’s lunch against a simple white table cloth for maximum visibility
  • Pro Tip: Shoot in natural light as often as possible for the best quality images!

23. Write a list of combined goals for your blog and social media profiles this month

24. Fill said goals into the daily breakdown section of your agenda or planner

  • Be realistic about how much you can accomplish each day!

25. Shop for office stationary or decor to inspire you in your workspace. My go-to places are:

  • Indigo
  • Etsy
  • Anthropologie
  • AliExpress
  • Winners/HomeSense

26. Edit photos for a consistent Instagram feed, Facebook, or other social media profile using Lightroom CC, Snapseed, or VSCO

  • To see exactly how I edit mine, check out How To Edit Photos For Instagram With Lightroom CC From Your Phone where I walked you through every single step of my editing process!
  • When I first started editing photos for my Instagram account, it used to take me about one hour a photo! However, as you get more and more familiar with the look you prefer, it can take as little as 10-15 minutes. A time investment that is well-worth the payout!

27. Create an “inspiration” folder on your mobile or desktop

  • Save photos you love and want to recreate from Instagram or Pinterest
  • Bookmark blog posts and bloggers that you are inspired by

28. Create a list of long-term goals

  • Think one year, two year, and five year plans!
  • Write what it is that you would like to accomplish with your blog or social media profiles
  • Write an action plan for exactly how you will accomplish those goals
  • If you can visualize it, you can achieve it!

29. Educate yourself more on your niche

  • If you blog about blogging, check out new articles on affiliate programs, links, updates to website building platforms, or how to sell products or digital services online
  • Blog about food and recipes? Check out what’s new and trending in health or cookware
  • Beauty blogger? Search for the latest launches and investigate new products
  • Education and staying relevant is a must for running a successful blog!

30. Organize your Pinterest Boards and Add Board Covers

Did you experience an “aha” moment after reading any of the above suggestions? Which ones are you most excited to get started on? What are your current favourite blog or social media tasks to complete during your little ones nap time or your lunch break?

I’d love to hear about how you stay productive in the comments below! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “30 Minute Daily Blogging & Social Media Tasks”

  1. Hi,
    If I don’t have much time I like to pick topics for my next blog posts and do keyword research.
    I also search for stock photos to use on new pins.
    Adding draft posts to WordPress with just the title or the first paragraph so I know I have to do it.
    Taking care of my son and the house gives me little time to dedicate to my blog so all your suggestions are most welcome.

  2. Yes! Love these ideas, especially the idea to organize your “blog” folder! I think I am constantly needing to go in to that folder to put new items away and save what needs to be changed! Great post!


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