Based in Vancouver, BC, I completed my Bachelor of Arts Degree at Simon Fraser University (2011) before returning for studies in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.

When I was forced to withdraw due to mandatory bedrest near the end of my pregnancy (and the semester), I decided to launch my first blog.

I had a lot of time on my hands and discovered Influenster and ChickAdvisor.

I was selected for my first free products in exchange for social media reviews shortly after signing up for these product review clubs – and I was hooked!

I loved the concept and wanted to tell other moms how they could get involved in the same type of programs – free products for your household are a form of financial contribution, after all!

And then the sponsored posts started coming in – wait, what?! You can get paid to post on Instagram?

This is actually how I became an Instagram content creator by accident!

I never had any intention of growing the type of following I did, but after reaching 1,000 Instagram followers in 28 days, I decided I would try and make a part-time living from doing more with Instagram. 

three images that show nikki with her daughter to the left and far right side and her daughter eating an apple in the bottom right corner

In February 2018, I rebranded my blog and social media accounts – from West Coast Mama to Nikki Blogs!

West Coast Mama was a concept that focused on saving money, shopping local, supporting handmade businesses, and the lifestyle here in BC – all things that are still close to my heart and which continue to make appearances on my blog.

However, when I noticed that the majority of messages I receive on Instagram were in regards to photo editing, my Instagram photo props, and how to start blogging full-time, I knew it was time to shift my focus.

The name Nikki Blogs came to me as I grew tired of people asking when I would go back to work after the birth of my little girl.

I never planned on going back to work for someone else and wanted to make a living working from my home and taking care of my family.

Thus, Nikki Blogs! It’s what I do 🙂

The satisfaction in knowing that I’m helping others who are exactly where I was at one time is an incredible feeling. 

The opportunities to write content people want to read and to connect with incredible individuals from all over the world are also blessings.

Through social media and blog monetization, including offering services like photography, social media management, SEO, and blog setup, I was able to reach my goal of becoming a full-time work at home mom blogger!


Nikki Blogs is about sharing the tips and tricks I’ve learned in social media, blogging, motherhood, and life – what I’ve seen works and what I’ve noticed doesn’t!

I’m a Vancouver mom blogger and daily Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook user, so feel free to say hi 🙂 I also absolutely adore checking out new and trendy blogs related to my niche! 

In my free time, I enjoy being with my family, interior design, photography, travel, and shopping.

I feel so honoured that you’ve decided to follow along in my journey and I can’t wait to help you achieve your goals in blogging and social media too!

Nothing brings me greater joy than helping other girl bosses and entrepreneurs get closer to their dreams.

This is our year! Let’s keep crushing those goals!


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