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photo of vancouver mom blogger nikki slivarich and daughterHey, I’m Nikki! It’s so nice to meet you!

I’m a mom to two amazing little girls, a wife, and business owner.

My blog shares tips for new moms and teaches how to earn money by starting a mom blog and how to get paid on Instagram.

It’s easier than you think – I learned how to do it on bedrest during my first pregnancy!

My Background

I have a BA in History and Criminology and was in the midst of finishing a B-Sci in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry when I withdrew due to health concerns during my pregnancy.

At the time, I had no idea that this would be the best thing that had ever happened to me!

I had plenty of time on my hands and was bored out of my MIND.

This led me to product review clubs and later on, blogging!

It all started with free samples

I learned how to get free samples and full sized products online with ChickAdvisor and other product review clubs.

We got to try all sorts of things – from new grocery products like Prana Chocolate Bark to Quesava Cheese Poppers and even full-sized premium cosmetics like Lancôme!

In just three months, I went from $8 worth of samples to $1,000 worth of products – and all I had to do was talk about the experience on social media.

Is Instagram hard to use?

To give you an idea of how little I knew about blogging and social media in 2017, I referred to it collectively as Pinstagram – yes, my family will never let this one go!

Fast forward to 2019, I was nominated for my work on Nikki Blogs as a Top 30 Vancouver Mom Blogger!

screenshot of nikki slivarich vancouver mom blogger top 30 profile

Instagram is easy to learn how to use and you can make plenty of money with just a few basic skills.

If I can go from being clueless about social media to Instagram expert, you can do it too!

Learn how to make money on Instagram:

How to get free samples

Free products for your household are a form of financial contribution and a brilliant way to start your online adventure!

Think about it – how many hours do you need to work to earn $1,000?

Now, imagine earning that in product with the only requirement being you share your experience!

Easy, right? But a lot of people still aren’t that familiar with it – especially in Canada!

Here are a few product sampling clubs you can get started with today:

How I Became a Vancouver Mom Blogger

After a couple of months of posting for product, I began receiving offers to do paid sponsored posts on Instagram.

Learning how to become an Instagram influencer meant I could work from home!

But what I loved more than that was teaching others how to do it too – anyone can become an Instagram influencer!

Blogging is way more enjoyable than Instagram for me though.

I get to write for a living, work at my own pace, and still make money blogging even on posts that are a couple of years old.

I publish just one or two detailed blog posts a month to generate a healthy income.

In comparison, Instagram is more fast-paced and you need to put out content daily for best results.

Blogging lets me to be a mom first! 

There’s no one to report to and no deadlines – your blog is what you make it.

And if you’re willing to put the effort in, it has the potential to change your life!

Learn how to start a mom blog and make money:

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Nikki Blogs is about empowering women to chase their dreams – whether that’s working at home with your babies or travelling the world!

You’ll find tips and tricks to make life easier plus money-making ideas for moms in social media, blogging, crafts, and more.

YOU deserve a life you love!

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