How to Set Up a Pinterest Business Account: Convert or Start New!

It’s time to start thinking about Pinterest as a less of an ideas tool and more of a search engine!

When I first signed up for Pinterest, it was because I was looking for ideas and DIY decor for my wedding.

Little did I know how powerful this incredible social media platform would be for my blogging business!

Only after a few dozen searches for “How to Start a Mommy Blog” and an “Aha” moment did I realize that, oh my Goodness…

I should be promoting my blog on Pinterest as well!

If you want people to read your blog, you need to get started with a Pinterest Business Account!

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Pinterest for Business Tips

What is Pinterest for business?

And why use Pinterest for business?

On a day to day basis, the dominant majority of my blog traffic comes from a combination of Google and Pinterest!

And while I made my introduction to blogging and social media through Instagram tips and photo editing tutorials, I get more page views and subscribers from Pinterest than any other social media platform… combined!

Yes, this means Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

I’m also gaining about 100 new followers a week since I’ve started focusing on this social platform more than all the rest!

I made the switch to a Pinterest Business Account and spend most of my time creating pins and sharing new content on the platform daily.

Meaning, I am:

  • Not following new Pinterest accounts: I actually trimmed down my following list drastically!
  • Not joining New Pinterest Group Boards: I actually left a lot of my Group Boards – about 80% of them!
  • Not participating in Facebook Groups: I’m not a fan of Facebook engagement groups and would rather focus that energy on creating new content for my blog and Pinterest itself!

Using a combination of Manual Pinning and Tailwind has been my strategy going into the New Year and so far, it’s really paid off!

How to Use Pinterest for Blogging

If you’re ready to begin using a Pinterest Business Profile, the first thing you’ll want to do is setup your blog! Haven’t started one yet? 

No problem!

Follow my guide on How to Start a Blog from Scratch and get going in as little as 15 minutes!

Whether you want to start a personal blog or learn how to blog for profit, it can an incredible tool to build both self-esteem and your business.

Pinterest Business Account vs Personal Account

The most valuable reason of all to switch from a personal account to a business account is for access to Pinterest Analytics!

Similar to Instagram for business, switching to a Pinterest Business profile allows you to see how each of your pins is performing.

For example, say you launch two alternate pins to promote your latest blog post.

By using Pinterest for Business, you can then determine which of these pins is performing better and launch more similar pins to that one for future content releases!

Pinterest Business gives you Pin stats insights including: 

  • Impressions
  • Closeups
  • Saves
  • Link clicks
  • A list of board where your pin has been saved

You can also view Pin stats for:

  • Last 30 days
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 24 hours

to track the performance of how your pin has done immediately or shortly after launch. 

Here’s an example of one of my pins on the Best Sites for Free Feminine Stock Photos with analytics shown just above.

If you are interested in promoting your content through paid advertising, this is also possible with a Pinterest Business account and the cost can be very affordable.

To start promoting one of your pins, go to your Profile and then click Boards.

Highlight the pin you’d like to Promote and then click the corresponding red button in the top right hand corner of that pin.

Once there, you’ll see the Create a traffic campaign screen like the one shown below.

Enter your Daily budget and select your desired Campaign duration.

Now, click on the blank field under Target audience to fill in desired search terms relevant to the pin you will promote.

I chose Blogging for Beginners for this one as it’s the top result related to my niche when you search the word “Blogging” in Pinterest.

Always search and utilize keywords on Pinterest to see what’s trending and expand your reach!

SEO for Pinterest goes a long way and can even help you land that dream first spot in the search results for a subject you’re writing about anyway!

If you use more highly searched terms, in this instance, simply the word “Blog“, you’ll have to pay an additional cost per click!

Vary your keywords, keep them related to your niche, and try to keep the cost low per click to obtain the best value for your traffic campaign.

I’ve personally found that the more generic the keyword, the more impressions. But clicks are an entirely different story!

If you’re running a promotional campaign, it means you’re probably looking to:

A pretty picture that gets saved is just that!

So, let’s get to it and setup a Business Profile for Pinterest so we can start growing a business or promoting your blog today!

How to Set Up a Pinterest Business Account

There are two different means of creating a business profile on Pinterest.

You can either:

  1. Create a new business profile 
  2. Convert a personal profile to a business profile.

(1) Create a New Pinterest Business Profile

1. If you are logged into your personal profile, click logout first in order to create your new account.

2. From this new screen, move your cursor to the top right hand corner and click Sign Up or visit

3. Choose Create a business account.

4. Enter your Email Address

5. Enter a Password

6. Click Create account

6. Select your Language and Country and then hit Next

7. Enter Your Business Name into the Give your business profile a name field

8. Choose the Type of Business you manage by clicking on the corresponding title from the Tell us about your business field

shows business name screen from pinterest business account creation screenshot

9. Enter your Website Address into the Add your website

screenshot of the website entry screen from pinterest business account creation

10. Claim your Instagram, Etsy Store, or YouTube Channel by connecting them to your new Pinterest business account

11. Decide on if you will run ads for your new Pinterest business account.

If you chose yes, you’ll see the screen below next.

If you don’t know you’re monthly budget yet, save this for another time or click the Not sure option to leave your contact information and have someone from Pinterest get back to you to discuss your options!

Simply enter your callback details in the fields below if you’d like someone from Pinterest to contact you and discuss your advertising options.

12. Choose at least 1 topic related to your business from the available categories below. You can unfollow this topic later on, if you like.

screenshot of pinterest categories selection screen with 15 squares shown

13. Welcome to your new Pinterest business account 🙂

screenshot of welcome to your business account pinterest page

Add a profile picture and you’re all done!

That’s it! Enjoy your new business profile!

(2) Convert an existing  Personal Pinterest Profile to a Business Profile

1. If you are not already logged in, log in to your personal Pinterest account now.

2. Click on the three dots settings button on the top right hand side of your screen or visit

3. Click Upgrade Now

4. Confirm this is the correct Email Address you want to use to signup for your business account and hit Continue

5. Fill in your Business Name and choose a Category that best describes your business.

6. Enter your Website and click Next

7. If they were not already connected to you Personal Account, Claim your business’ social media accounts now.

8. Choose whether or not you would be interested in running a traffic campaign or decide later.

If you clicked yes, you’ll see the screen below next. If you don’t know you’re monthly budget yet, save this for another time or click the Not sure option to leave your contact information and have someone from Pinterest get back to you to discuss your options!

Simply enter the details below to arrange a callback.

Congratulations! You’ve now setup your Pinterest Business Profile and are ready to go 🙂

Tips to Optimize Pinterest for Business

To draw users in and create a loyal following, Pinterest profile optimization is a must in any successful Pinterest marketing strategy!

Apply search engine optimized (SEO) terms to your profile in order to show up in more users search results!

Start Branding: Pinterest Board Covers

To really stand out from your competition, create unique board covers for all of your Pinterest boards

Branding a small business can start with the smallest details and grow as your business does. 

By beginning with something as simple as your Pinterest Board Covers, you’re taking the first step! And once you’re satisfied with your brand image, try extending those same elements to your:

5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

Have you setup your Pinterest Business Profile yet? What do you think of the Analytics? Have you run a Traffic Campaign? Share your experience in the comments below!

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