How to Increase Blog Traffic: Blogging Tips for Beginners

You’ve worked hard on your blog day in and day out!

And now you’re ready to get seen.

But has low blog traffic got you frustrated? No need to fear, learning how to increase blog traffic is much easier than you might think!

With just the right tools and knowledge, growing an online presence has never been more manageable. And often times, the results can be practically instantaneous!

From Pinterest to Google and other ideas for social media cross-promotion, we’ll cover all of the necessities here.

Whether you’re in need of suggestions in blogging for beginners or are looking to get more views to your small shop or social media profile, we’ll cover all of the basics to get you growing here.

How to Increase Blog Traffic: Blogging Tips for Beginners

By implementing just these 5 simple strategies, you could up to triple your blog traffic, just like I did!

So, let’s get right into it and start growing your site’s unique visitor count and page views now.

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1. Promote All Of Your Posts, New And Old On Pinterest

This might be obvious for those of you who were referred here from Pinterest but if you haven’t started with Pinterest for business yet, now is the time!

About 60% of my traffic comes from this powerful cross-over between social media and a visual search engine.

The keys to success on Pinterest are consistency and platform optimization – this includes both your profile and keyword research for your pins and boards.

Some other bloggers recommend pinning around 5 times a day but as a busy mom, I’ve seen fantastic results with just two daily pinning sessions. They key is to be present at least once a day.

Whatever you do, try to aim for adding a minimum of 20 to 40 pins to your boards daily and be sure that at least 40% of them are your own content!

You don’t want to spam your followers but at the same time, you do want your pins to be seen.

Also, try to adhere to the following schedule when you create new posts:

  • Write
  • Publish
  • Create at Least 2 Alternative Pins
  • Promote

And, if you are struggling with writer’s block or haven’t had time to create a new blog post, try designing at least two or three new pins in alternate styles for old pieces you’ve written.

Pinterest is a visual game and if you want to be competitive on this platform, you need to design gorgeous 2:3 ratio images to draw readers in!

If you’re just starting out, start by checking out Canva* and getting creative using the following guidelines:

  • Include your blog post’s title
  • Include your website’s name at the top or bottom of your image, while keeping it classy
  • Use a maximum of three differing font styles
  • Use a maximum of three different font colours
  • Images without people tend to get repinned more
  • Pickup a few free stock photos here to get started
  • Include a square box or other overlay above your image to make your text more legible!

During weeks I’ve been sick myself of taking care of an ill toddler, this was a simple but effective means of keeping myself relevant in a very competitive market.

*Canva is also an excellent means of designing gorgeous board covers to brand your Pinterest profile.

2. Create A Minimum Of 2 Beautiful Pins For Each Of Your Posts Daily

Further breaking down the point above, this is an absolute essential for drawing in your potential audience. Plus, you’ll have different variations of your content to include it as part of the 20 to 40 daily pins we talked about above.

Always keep in mind that different readers will appreciate different pin styles.

While my brand’s colours are pink, black, white, and grey, I created an alternate pin style in coral, white, and black to see if it would attract different viewers.

An absolute success!

I also plan on launching a third alternate set in simple black, grey, and white later this month to attract more of a general audience to my site.

While I love the feminine and modern branding I’ve gone with for my business, it might not “pop” the way it does for women aged 25-34 for men in an older or younger age group. Heck, some women in my top demographic might even hate the colour pink (shocking, I know, haha)!

Although you should always have an ideal audience in mind, don’t limit your business.

Maintain the imagery and ideals that you want to your brand portray but don’t be afraid to experiment with new promotional content.

Best case scenario, it’s a hit and helps grow your readership and followers.

Worst case, you spent five minutes creating a new pin style that didn’t explode the way you thought it might! But chances are, it still brought you a few new readers and maybe even a couple of new email subscribers though… yay!

Want to know something that all successful business owners and entrepreneurs have in common? They all took a chance at one point or another!

Reflect on the entrepreneurs you admire most and get inspired.

3. Signup For Tailwind

If you haven’t signed up yet, I repeat… now is the time and you can do so using this link to get One Free Month of Tailwind Plus!

Tailwind is an amazing tool for automated Pinterest scheduling and analytics. You can even schedule Instagram Posts with Tailwind.

It’s an absolute must have when it comes to how to increase blog traffic quickly and effectively!

Similar to Instagram engagement groups but actually approved by Pinterest, Tailwind Tribes consist of a collection of bloggers who promote one another’s content in various Tribes.

The Tailwind Plus Plan includes:

  • Smart Scheduling
  • Measure Post Success
  • Unlimited Scheduling
  • Basic Profile + Board Metrics
  • Basic Website Insights
  • 30 Day History Archive
  • 5 Tailwind Tribes Membership
  • 30 Monthly Tribe Submissions
  • 250 Active SmartLoop Posts

The Free Trial also has NO time limit.

You can schedule up to 100 pins on Pinterest and 30 posts on Instagram for FREE before considering whether or not a paid plan is the right move for your business!

Tribes are generally either all genres or niche specific; personally, I’ve found that my pins do better in blogging and social media tribes though.

tailwind analytics showing sample data of repin, domain pin, and followers data for

Since other bloggers in those groups are writing about the same content and want to share this topic with their Pinterest followers too, you’ll probably experience the same results with your pins as well.

When considering “all niche” tribes, it’s also important to consider that they tend not to be moderated as well as smaller, niche specific groups.

Some of these tribes have thousands of members and receive thousands of content submissions daily!

It can thus often be difficult for moderators to regulate content in addition to making sure that everyone is playing fair.

Imagine being one or two of these moderators and also trying to manage your own blog or business website at the same time!

More shares means more views on Pinterest, after all!

Different groups have different rules though and I’ve seen everything from one submitted for one shared to one submitted for five shares.

Some groups are also more strict then others and you can be removed for not adhering to the rules in a timely matter. Again, the most well moderated tribes are usually the ones that you’ll also get the most re-shares in as well.

Another important consideration to make when joining and sharing to Tailwind tribes is Monthly Pin Submission Limits.

These Pin Submission Limits are based on the Power Up that you have selected and are a separate entity from your Plan.

The most basic Tailwind Power Up is the Pro Power Up which has a pin submission limit of 30.

Max Power Ups include 200 monthly Pin Submissions and Membership to Unlimited Tribes, Elite Power Ups include 400 Pin Submissions and the Unlimited Power Up includes Unlimited Monthly Pin Submissions!

In my experience, 200 pin submissions is far more than enough for a blogging beginner.

If you are using anything other than the Unlimited Plan, you should pay careful attention to which groups your pins perform best in.

Once you have submitted a pin to your group, this counts as a submission against your monthly allotted amount and deleting a pin that did not perform well will not give you a second chance to submit another in hopes that your results improve this time around.

Pricing for these Power Ups ranges from $59.88 for the Pro Power Up to $359.88 USD a year for the Unlimited Power Up.

4. Signup For Google Search Console

This tool is amazing and a must have if you want to rank in Google!

You may actually be surprised to learn how you rank and for what terms when you first try it.

While my Instagram photo editing post continues to be my top performer almost daily, I actually rank first for “Instagram Line Breaks 2019” as well as a few alternate but relevant versions of this query on Google.

My first reaction when I learned this was something along the lines of, “huh?”

I had no idea that a post I spent very little time writing and even less time promoting was bringing in another 10-15% of my daily traffic through Google! Crazy, right?

One of the tricky things about WordPress is the inability to see what search terms people are using on Google to come across your site. However, with a very quick and easy setup of Google Search Console, you’ll be able to see exactly what terms are bringing you traffic.

image shows words unknown search terms as shown on wordpress jetpack plugin

Learn how easy it is to setup Google Search Console and start growing your blog with this powerful resource tool!

Now that you’re all setup, let’s start ranking higher.

First, once you’re on Search Console, click Performance.

Next, you’ll see a graph and some Analytics that will show you your Total Clicks, Total Impressions, Average CTR, (the percentage of impressions that resulted in a click to your site) and Average Position of your site in Google search results.

Looking a bit further down the page, you’ll see tabs for Queries, Pages, Countries, Devices, and Search Appearance.

Under Query, Clicks will automatically be displayed in descending order. Surprised with what you see?

Now, after you’ve investigated this for a bit, check out Impressions. While they are often correlated to your Queries, occasionally they’re not!

Ready for the next step?

Let’s go back up to our graph and click on Average Position. Scroll down to view your Query results again and check out your Position for each term.

Click it twice to display results in ascending order.

One or two word search showing that your in position number one or three? Run a Google search to confirm it! Sometimes Search Console can be a little glitchy and might display information incorrectly.

Personally, I’ve found that any terms containing three words and up are pretty accurate though. But, to be sure, always run a search for yourself! Sometimes you’ll actually be pleasantly surprised too.

For instance, my Analytics currently show me as ranking about 4.3 on average for “Instagram Line Breaks 2019” but, as I noted earlier, I’m actually number 2! Of course, I had to have a few friends and family confirm it for me too, haha.

It’s a bit surreal to see that you rank second among 643,000,000 other relevant pages on the web!

When I first synced my site to Google Search Console though, I actually ranked at number 11 for that search term.

Proof that you can quickly improve your Google ranking by making a few minor adjustments to your blog posts.

It took me less than one month to rank second on Google for this term!

To start improving your rankings, try the following:

  • Change your Blog Post Title to more accurately reflect the search term that is leading people to that page
  • Update Your Meta-Description to make your post more enticing – use queries to phrase your description so that it matches searches
  • In the body of your actual blog post, drop queries that are giving you fewer impressions for similarly related terms

All of the above will help to improve your Click Through Rate (CTR) and thus, help you rank higher in Google Search Results for terms where you are already ranking.

image shows the meta description and title preview for the given article

Pro Tip: While it’s great to be ambitious, working to improve your Position for terms that you rank between 11th to 20th has the best odds of moving you to the first page of Google Search Results.

Start here and then tackle other terms you’d like to rank for later on. You’ll see a jump in your blog traffic shortly!

5. Cross-Promote On Social Media

Use your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and any other form of Social Media that you are active on to promote your latest or an old popular post.

Ask your followers a question or offer an innovative solution to a struggle they might be having.

Especially important on Instagram: strong visual prompts are key to a successful promotion.

And, depending on how you like to use your social media, choose between a relevant image you have taken yourself or one that you have created using stock photos and/or Canva.

While I use a combination of stock photos and images that I have taken myself on my blog, my Instagram is solely reserved for pictures that are my property, intellectual or otherwise.

shows a collection of six images from nikkislivarich instagram account for

I view my Instagram as a photography portfolio and want the brands I am working with on here to have an understanding of my creative style when I am pitched an offer.

If creating paid posts for social media is not something you intend on doing however, I think you should feel free to use stock photos on Instagram as a means to attract people to your site.

Even better, use Canva to add your branding and/or your latest posts title to it.

5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

Which of the above was your favourite idea for how to increase blog traffic? Which terms surprised you most when you saw them on Google Search Console?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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  1. Awesome tips. I agree that changing your pins design can bring new visitors to your site. Sometimes we focus on branding our pins but as you said is good to experiment because you never know. I will also add repining from your analytics. I think is a good practice that works well for me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hello,
    most of these suggestions are for Pinterest; however, what if I don’t want to use any social media? I’d like to fully concentrate on my blog so the quality of my posts doesn’t start decreasing because I invest loads of time in designing pins.

    Are there any possibilities of increasing your blog traffic without social media?
    Also, concerning the “Google Search Console” tool, I tried it out, but none of my visitors find my page with Google. Due to WordPress statistics, I know that some of them come from the WordPress-Reader, but not all – how will I know how they have discovered my page? Are there tools similar to Search Console for other search engines, like Ecosia, Bing etc.?

    If you would like to give me recommendations on what to do for more traffic, you can also check out my blog: . It’s not very old (has been online since November). I post content almost daily. The blog is mainly about creative stuff (like DIY), feminism, climate change and books. I think the quality’s not bad (even though I’m biased here ^^), but I only receive 3 or 4 visitors per day.



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