How to Gain Instagram Followers FAST (3,000+ Real Followers in One Day!)

text reads how to get 10000 instagram followers fast - gain ig followers like an influencerIt can be so easy to get discouraged when you’re not growing your business as fast as you’d like!

But what if there was a way to get real Instagram followers fast – like right now fast?!

Have you been on IG for a while? Or maybe you’ve just taken the plunge after seeing how effective it can be for marketing your brand – pro tip: to really explode your traffic, you should also learn how to combine Instagram and Pinterest!

This guide will teach you 2 influencer tricks to gain Instagram followers fast.

No fake followers here.

These two methods will help you get real people to your profile and are perfect for bloggers, small business owners, and aspiring influencers!

Instead of wasting money on paid ads, try these two methods to attract real people who actually want to see content like yours to your profile.

Spoiler alert: one of these methods helped me gain over 3,000 followers in just one day!

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How to Grow Your Instagram in 2022

text reads how to gain instagram followers fastWhen I first started my new IG account, I used a couple of strategies to go from 0 to 1,000 organic followers in just 28 days.

For a more thorough breakdown of how I did it, you can check out this post on hashtags.

Hitting 1,000 followers in 28 days was actually pretty easy:

In addition to the strategies mentioned above, I also set feed aesthetic standards and started creating content to engage followers.

These IG growth strategies helped to rapidly increase my followers from about 6,000 to about 15,000 followers in under a year!

2 Secret Influencer Methods to Gain Instagram Followers Fast

At around 6,000 followers though, things slowed down for a bit!

It was a constant game of users following me only to unfollow later.

This is for jerks and an awful Instagram practice that won’t result in anything other annoying others and getting you blocked!

By now, almost everyone has also heard of the Instagram followers Unfollow app – Mass Unfollow for Instagram is a followers tracker that lets you check to see which users aren’t following you back with just the click of a button!

So, how did I get over the slump and reach 10,000 Instagram followers?

Keep reading to discover a couple of secret influencer to gain Instagram followers fast!

Excited? Let’s dive right in!

Create Better IG Content:

Check out this post on popular Instagram photo props to improve your posts performance!

top down photo of a woman on instagram - learn to get real instagram followers fast

1. Join an Instagram Follow for Follow Loop

Ready to get free followers on Instagram? Real active followers who engage with your content? Then you’re in luck!

You’ve probably seen a couple of these images posted during your time on IG. So, I’ll give you the skinny!

For instance, there are Instagram follow loops named after days of the week hashtags like “Follow Friday Loops”, “Weekend Follow Loops”, etc., as well as others with a similar cutesy names.

Moms, upcoming IG influencers, lifestyle bloggers, and even small shops participate in follow loops by either posting the affiliated image for that week’s loop or by simply following and responding to others who have posted the same image on their profile.

Users are then instructed to follow the loop hosts, tap on the loops hashtag, follow the hashtag, and follow everyone who has posted the affiliated image.

Follow loops also have a tendency to increase your Instagram profile views organically during their duration!

Upon completion, users are to post an emoji (i.e. the sunflower emoji) or the words “done” or “followed” to let those they have followed know that they have done so in order to guarantee a follow back.

Do keep in mind though, that you should wait AT LEAST 24 hours before sending someone a Direct Message to inform them that they have not yet followed you back!

If you are interested in co-hosting a follow loop, simply contact the host listed in the caption and ask for details.

These ladies are very friendly and are thrilled to help others grow on Instagram. Just remember to always be respectful and follow the rules outlined in the caption.

Follow for Follow Instagram Groups or Follow 4 Follow Instagram Loops, as they are alternatively referred to, are also available through Facebook and can be found by simply searching a combination of the words “Instagram” and “Follow” to display relevant results.


  • Most follow loops are free to participate in – if you don’t want to follow anyone back, you have the option to participate as a “ghost” for a fee though
  • Follow for follow groups can be one of the best ways to increase engagement when you form real connections
  • You can get more Instagram followers with minimal actions


  • Not everyone plays fair
  • Time-consuming if you want to do it right

woman drinking a coffee and on her iphone - get more instagram followers with follow loops

2. Host an Instagram Giveaway

That image packed with great mom swag, cute Instagram props, fitness goodies, or a $500 Target gift card.

You’ve probably seen at least one of these giveaways!

And I’m here to tell you that they are NOT top secret nor is that first line in the caption necessarily true; you know the one, “I’ve teamed up with some of my favourite accounts to do a gift one lucky follower a mega prize pack”.

I only found this out by actually messaging another IG user who was kind enough to tell me about the loop giveaway account she partnered with.

However, there are a TON of options as far as actual hosts go.

Keep in mind that legitimate giveaway accounts ALWAYS provide proof of winners receiving their prizes and you should not be afraid to ask for this when considering pitching in to co-host one of these giveaways yourself!

If you are looking to discover more giveaway host accounts, simply search your favourite Instagram users “following” lists for “loop” or “giveaway” and I guarantee, you’ll probably find one or two of these there 😉

In order to host a giveaway on Instagram, there is a cost involved.

Generally the price is between $15-$50 USD to host an Instagram giveaway, depending on the prize being awarded.

There are also specific Instagram giveaway rules in place and an Instagram giveaway generator (or Instagram giveaway picker, as some people refer to it) is the most common means of selecting a winner.

My personal favourite Instagram giveaway examples incude:

  • Hunter Boots Giveaway
  • Stroller Giveaway
  • Target Gift Card Giveaway
  • IKEA Gift Card Giveaway
  • Amazon Gift Card Giveaway
  • Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway
  • MacBook Air Giveaway
  • Cash Giveaway

In my personal experience, I’ve found that this type of Instagram giveaway post generates the BEST new follower turn out!

On average, I’ve gained between 500 – 3,100 followers per giveaway by sticking to this Instagram giveaway contest type!

Visit your Instagram analytics and see who makes up your audience – mine is 70% women ages 25-44, thus strollers and mom swag are perfect for my profile!


  • You can gain Instagram followers ridiculously fast!
  • You can make connections with fellow hosts and plan future giveaways together


  • It can get expensive if you do several in one month – especially those with big prizes!
  • You’ll see a decline in followers once the winner is announced

More ideas for how to gain Instagram followers:

top down photo of an iphone, coffee, computer, and notebook - learn to gain instagram followers fast with giveaways

Instagram Giveaway Guidelines

Another important consideration to make when selecting an Instagram giveaway to increase followers is that there are different styles of giveaways.

Instagram Loop Giveaway:

Users participate by liking a photo on the IG account they are already following’s page and then click the username listed in the caption to continue repeating the process.

Like, follow, like, follow, until they return to the original user’s Instagram page.

30 Second Giveaway:

Each giveaway host posts the giveaway photo on their page and followers are instructed to go to the main host’s page where they like that same photo and follow everyone that account is following.

Due to the simplicity, this style of giveaway also appears to be favoured by many hosts these days.

However, the traditional loop forces followers to have a look at your feed while completing the loop rather than just generically clicking follow on all of the accounts shown in the main host account’s following list.

Instagram Giveaway Tips

Once a giveaway closes, host accounts are instructed to detag the main host’s page from the post and that account will unfollow co-hosts in order to prevent unfollows.

Upon the giveaway’s completion, hosts and co-hosts MUST announce the winner on the original image.

Naturally, a loss in follower count is expected as many users will unfollow immediately after a winner has been announced.

There is no guarantee that users continue to follow you after the giveaway ends as it is not mandatory at this point.

In my best experience though, after an incredible outcome of 1,200+ new followers, I only lost about 200 followers in the coming month!

I’ve found that a lot of these new followers have also ended up being repeat customers on the next giveaway 🙂

They know that you host them, so many will wait in anticipation of the next one.

Want to host an Instagram giveaway on your own?

Be sure to include:

  • Clear and concise giveaway rules
  • A specific end date and time
  • An Instagram giveaway disclaimer
  • Note if the giveaway is International or open only to the US/Canada
  • A call-to-action – i.e. award bonus entries for followers who tag friends and/or repost the giveaway image to their Instagram profile or stories!

More Tips to Grow on Instagram

An Instagram scheduler like Tailwind is one of the best investments you can make!

how to gain instagram followers on tailwind

Tailwind will help you find amazing hashtags and post to IG at the right times.

Typical results for Tailwind users on Instagram are:

  • 1.8x more likes on posts
  • 1.3x more new followers

Tailwind users also find it easier to post on Instagram and create twice as much content as those who don’t use this tool.

For more ideas on how to get Instagram followers organically, check out these other tips and tricks: 

5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

Which influencer strategy will you try first? Have a favourite IG giveaway host? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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