FREE Instagram Course to Get 10,000+ Followers: Mastering IG

free instagram course - text reads how to get 10,000 instagram followersGet ready for the best free Instagram course around!

Learn how to do everything you need to start and grow your new Instagram profile – we’ll cover everything you need to know to get your first 10,000 Instagram followers!

This guide will cover: 

  • how to create an Instagram business account
  • Instagram content ideas
  • best apps for Instagram
  • pictures for Instagram + what you should post
  • cohesive Instagram feed examples
  • best hashtags for Instagram
  • how to use Instagram stories
  • how to use IGTV
  • how to get more Instagram followers
  • how to be active on Instagram
  • how to work with brands on Instagram
  • seasonal content

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This FREE Instagram course list will outline the following key components of Mastering IG including:

  1. How & Why You Need to Get Started on Instagram
  2. How to Use Instagram for Business & Why You Should Make the Switch to an Instagram Business Account
  3. Creating Posts that Perform Well on the Platform
  4. Shooting Beautiful Images that Get Users Engaged
  5. Building a Cohesive Feed
  6. How to Use Hashtags for Maximum Exposure
  7. How to  Use Instagram Stories & Grow Your Account with Them
  8. Starting with IGTV
  9. Building Your Following
  10. Maintaining Your Presence
  11. How to Work with Brands

Course junkies, rejoice!

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No need to plan out content for the next month plus with this one! You’ll receive ideas for what to post for the next four weeks and merely need to create visual content to accompany the themes listed.

Start posting what people really want to see and grow your brand, blog, or business with authentic posts that resonate.

Free Instagram Course: Self-Paced Online Lessons in Social Media Marketing

Are you ready to start your first of 10 modules? Awesome! Keep reading below to get started on your very first unit in Mastering IG.

Create an Instagram business account

Why are so many brands and bloggers already on Instagram for business? How engaged is this social media platform compared to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest? And what are the differences between a business and personal account?

Discover the benefits of Instagram for business and convert your profile to a business account for access to:

  • Powerful analytics
  • A contact button
  • Swipe up feature in stories
  • and more!

Find tips and ideas in Instagram for business here.

Instagram content ideas

365 Instagram Post Ideas for 2020

Explore ideas for Instagram posts – for up to one year! 

This lesson includes viral post ideas and topics in popular Instagram niches.

Learn how to create and manage posts so that they do well on this social media platform by following this complete Instagram post checklist for 2019.

Perfect for personal accounts and for business, see how a few small tricks from this checklist can take you from recent to top posts!

Discover the essential apps you need to download on your phone to enhance your Instagram profile and posts.

Find everything from photo editing apps, how to schedule IG posts, when the best times are to manually post, and even apps for planning your feed!

Create engaging content and grow your following with this ultimate list of digital tools and resources.

Want to know how everyone gets those beautiful line breaks in their IG captions? You’ll see exactly how to do it right here and you won’t ever need to rely on a line break generator or the copy and paste method again!

Learn to create gorgeous white space to separate each paragraph of your caption directly within the app or on the notes app on your phone! Simplify your posting experience starting now.

Bonus: this neat little trick will works in both your bio and captions!

Pictures for Instagram

Explore the tools and digital products used by this content creator and blogger!

You’ll see exactly what’s in my creative kit and how I shoot all of the content for my IG profile and blog.

Want to learn how to start a blog? I’ve even listed my sole recommendation for hosting right here!

Explore social media and blogging tools for beginners, as well as the pieces of my kit that took me from average Instagram User to Content Creator.

Grow your business or become an Instagram Influencer by investing in the right tools from the start. I only promote products I actually use myself!

Find ridiculously budget friendly photo styling props that can be delivered to your door in as little as 24 hours!

With Amazon Prime, anything is possible. See how this mama built a photo props kit from home while taking care of a brand new baby.

We’ll talk Instagram photo prop ideas in this guide to staging photo shoots for social media.

Learn how to take pictures like a pro and grab other users’ attention with these top tips and tricks! We’ll cover the basics of Instagram photography in this module.

Get ready to learn about cameras, photo editing apps, and Instagram photography tips like how and when to shoot new content, plus more.

Learn to edit Instagram photos like a blogger with this comprehensive step-by-step guide to creating clean white images – probably the most fun unit of this entire free Instagram course!

Discover how to use photo editing to create a gorgeous white and bright feed, the go to look used by some of the most popular accounts.

Plus, get the best filters for photos by learning to create your own Lightroom presets.

Start working on a cohesive feed and learn how to edit your photos for a gorgeous similar look!

Cohesive Instagram Feed Examples

Learn what it takes to create a cohesive Instagram feed in just a few simple steps. Discover the optimum time of day to take photos, how to create new content, plus ideas for organizing your feed, and more!

Explore ideas for Instagram themes, feed ideas, as well as the best feed planner around.

Best hashtags for Instagram

Formulate a powerful hashtag strategy that helps you grow your following and gain exposure. This post breaks down the most effective way to use hashtags and the types of tags you should include in your posts.

Discover trending hashtags for today, how to do a hashtags search, and the top 200 most popular Instagram hashtags for 2019  – including photography, beauty, motherhood, lifestyle, and more just for bloggers!

Learn how to get your photos seen with this complete guide to hashtags.

Explore hashtags for all seven days of the week – we’ve got you covered from Monday to Sunday! You’ll learn exactly what hashtags are trending for today with this ultimate guide.

Learn to create fun posts centred around the themes that actually get users engaged!

Explore weekend hashtags, work day hashtags, and  learn how to actually use them with definitions for all 100 hashtags provided.

How to use Instagram stories

Find 6 strategies for creating IG stories that actually get views!

Expand your reach and keep users coming back by utilizing these easy and effective tips for posting stories that get seen.

Discover how to create Instagram stories templates and how to make great Instagram stories that actually gets views!

See the difference between stories vs posts and learn how influencers and brands use IG stories to promote their content.

Learn how to create free Instagram highlight covers to brand your feed for your past stories collections.

Whether you’re in the market for black or marble Instagram highlight covers, you’re options are unlimited when you learn how to do it yourself! 

Choose your own brand logos, icons, colors, and more to build a name for your personal or business brand. Get ideas for highlight names, designs, ideas, and more.

How to use IGTV

Explore the benefits of using one of IG’s latest feature and learn how to create and post content using this vertical video platform.

Learn how to use Instagram TV, how to do an Instagram TV Upload (how to post on IGTV from your phone), Instagram TV Dimensions, how IGTV fits on the platform, and more.

See how video marketing can work for your brand!

How to get more Instagram followers

Checkout two of the best ideas around for how to get more real Instagram followers almost instantaneously!

See how other users up to double their real and organic followers overnight with these two strategies that are popular amongst many Instagram Influencers.

Learn how to become more visible by engaging in these two popular promotional methods for obtaining more followers.

Learn how to get more followers and engagement on Instagram fast with these tips and tricks used by influencers!

Find ideas for how to get more views to your profile starting right now.

Whether you want to get 1,000 followers on Instagram or 100,000 followers, it all starts with knowing how to make yourself more visible.

We’ll cover everything from content creation, hashtags, and how to engage with the right users!

How to be active on Instagram

Learn what working in social media is really like with this list of daily social media and blogging tasks.

Get your notepad ready! You’re going to want to jot the ideas in this component of our free Instagram course down.

This comprehensive list of blogging, business, and social media activities covers everything you can do in line at the grocery store or while your little one naps!

Learn how to apply these small tasks to get organized, get growing, and get noticed in only 30 minutes a day.

The perfect introduction to social media basics for business.

How to work with brands on Instagram

Are you ready to learn how to make a media kit that effectively promotes your brand or business?

Let’s explore the items your digital resume needs to have for your social media profile to get you hired.

See what information yours needs to contain in order to get hired by brands and start working on sponsored content. You’ll see how this incredibly powerful tool can help showcase statistics to unlock job opportunities!

We’ll talk rates, content, examples, and more.

Seasonal Content

Discover how to create season specific content that generates views on Instagram!

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