How to Pin from Instagram: Cross-Promotion Ideas for Pinterest

text reads how to pin from instagram and cross-promote your latest contentLearning how to pin from Instagram can help you reach a wider audience and save hours of your time! 

Did you know that Pinterest has 291 million monthly active users while Instagram has an astounding 1 billion?

Using two social media platforms that go hand in hand like Pinterest and Instagram do has huge potential. 

This guide will teach you:

  • How to pin from Instagram to Pinterest on a mobile device/desktop
  • Using Tailwind as an Instagram and Pinterest Scheduler
  • How to auto post to Instagram with Tailwind
  • Why you should auto post from Instagram to Pinterest

We’ve already compared Pinterest vs Instagram marketing for business so, now let’s master how to pin Instagram posts.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links meaning that should you make a purchase using one of them, I could earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products that I have personally used.

How to Pin from Instagram: Cross-Promotion Ideas for Pinterest

text reads how to pin from instagramAt 47%, nearly half of all Pinterest users are already active on Instagram.

In showcasing your IG content creation, you’ll also encourage current and potential Pinterest followers to check you out on Instagram as well – for more on growing an Instagram following, checkout this article on a couple of lesser known IG influencer growth strategies.

Let’s capitalize on cross-promotion ideas to grow both your Instagram and Pinterest accounts at once!

How to Pin from Instagram to Pinterest: Mobile Guide

  1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile device and navigate to the post you’d like to pin
  2. Tap the three dots in the top right hand corner
  3. Select Copy Link
  4. You may be prompted to Save the link you copied – if so, click this now and skip steps 5 and 6. If not, click Create from the bottom centre of your screen and select Pin
  5. Click the Globe icon and Paste your Instagram Link here
  6. Click Save at the top right hand corner
  7. Leave your Instagram caption as is or optimize your description with Pinterest specific keywords
  8. Tap on the Board where you’d like your image to appear to Pin it

How to Pin from Instagram to Pinterest: Desktop Guide

  1. Visit Instagram on your desktop and navigate to the post you’d like to pin
  2. Click on the three dots in the top right hand corner beside your username
  3. Select Copy Link
  4. Visit Pinterest on your desktop
  5. Click the red circle with white cross icon and select Create Pin
  6. Below where you’d normally drag and drop to upload images or video, click Save from site.
  7. Paste the URL in the Enter website field
  8. Click the right facing arrow
  9. Click on your Instagram post image
  10. Click Add to Pin
  11. Add a relevant Title and Pin description as you normally would do when creating a new pin
  12. Select the Board where you’d like to pin your image
  13. Click Publish

Meet Tailwind: The World’s #1 Instagram and Pinterest Scheduler

I don’t believe in spending a ton of money to learn how to start a blog or social media career – I don’t sell expensive courses and I’ve monetized my blog and Instagram accounts with a combination of ads, services, and affiliate marketing.

Starting a new business is difficult enough never mind the financial costs involved – so, make your pennies count and spend them on the tools and resources you can’t find for free online!

Now, this being said, there are certain applications and plugins that I can’t live without for my digital business.

Tailwind is at the top of that list!

I use both the Pinterest and Instagram scheduler to schedule my pins and IG posts in advance.

Tailwind also offers:

  • SmartLoop scheduling
  • Profile performance analytics
  • Board insights
  • Pin inspector
  • Website analytics
  • An awesome hashtag finder for Instagram!

Tailwind is an official Pinterest Partner and Instagram Developer Partner, so you can rest assured that your account remains safe and secure.

Official partners and developers also get access to data and capabilities that other companies don’t.

During my accidental Pinterest account suspension / stolen pins fiasco, they were also incredibly helpful – more to come on this 6 days of horror next week!

I can’t say enough good about this incredible company and the wonderful support they offer both in app and in terms of customer service. 

Full disclosure: I went all in on Pinterest marketing with Tailwind!

I pay $39.98 USD/month for the Unlimited PowerUp Bundle that offers a savings of $360 USD/year and includes:

  • Tailwind Plus Plan
  • SmartLoop Unlimited PowerUp
  • Tribes Unlimited PowerUp

For $9.99 USD/month, the most basic Tailwind Plus Plan features: 

  • Smart Pin Scheduling
  • Pin Success Measurements
  • Unlimited Pin Scheduling
  • Basic Profile & Board Metrics
  • Basic Website Insights
  • 30-Day History Archive
  • Multi-Account Capability
  • 1 Account Included
  • 5 Tailwind Tribe Memberships
  • 30 Monthly Tribe Submissions
  • 250 Active SmartLoop Posts

For $44.99/monthly USD, the SmartLoop Unlimited PowerUp features Unlimited SmartLoop Posts in comparison to: 

  • SmartLoop Pro: 500 SmartLoop Posts for $7.49 USD/month or $59.88 USD/year
  • SmartLoop Max: 1,000 SmartLoop Posts for $14.99 USD/month or $119.88 USD/year
  • SmartLoop Elite: 2,500 SmartLoops Posts for $29.99 USD/month
  • SmartLoop Unlimited: Unlimited SmartLoops Posts for $44.99 USD/month or $359.88 USD/year

*You can also enjoy savings of 33% off on each of these SmartLoop plans when you subscribe to Tailwind annually.

Similarly, the Tribes Unlimited PowerUp costs $44.99 USD/month – or $359.88 USD/year for a savings of 33% with annual subscriptions – and includes Unlimited Tribe Memberships and Unlimited Tribe Submissions!

Lower level Tribes PowerUps include: 

  • Tribes Pro: 10 Tribe Memberships and 80 Tribe Submissions/month for $7.49 USD/month or $59.88 USD/year
  • Tribes Max: Unlimited Tribe Memberships and 200 Tribe Submissions/month for $14.99 USD/month or $119.88 USD/year

The stats speak for themselves:

screenshot of nikki blogs tailwind scheduler statistics showing 136 million views

In addition to this, I’ve never spent money on:

While these forms of advertising and growth may be incredibly effective for others, they just didn’t fit right into my blogging business plan!

With Tailwind and a strong business plan, I managed to cover all of my costs during the first quarter of the year while achieving a five figure milestone in my blogger and social media content creator career.

With the right mid-set, blogging success and social media growth are possible for anyone willing to put the work in!

How to Auto Post to Instagram with Tailwind

To schedule Instagram to Pinterest posting, follow these steps:

  1. If you haven’t already done so, signup for Tailwind and join my new blogging and social media tribe!
  2. Now, from the Tailwind dashboard, click on Publisher
  3. Click on Pin from Instagram
  4. Find the post you’d like to pin and click Schedule in the top left hand corner
  5. Choose the Board where you’d like to pin your post
  6. Edit the Description so that it uses Pinterest optimized keywords
  7. Click the blue Schedule button and let Tailwind choose the optimal time to auto post your image from Instagram to Pinterest!

To review your scheduled pins, simply click Publisher and then Scheduled Pins for a detailed overview of Your Schedule that includes each upcoming Day and Time Slot.

Why you should auto post from Instagram to Pinterest

Pinterest favours creators who consistently add new high-quality content to the platform – they’ll even promote your latest pins and account!

However, creating amazing content just a couple of times a week is often a challenge for many bloggers – we all lead busy lives as parents and/or full-time students, employees, etc.

Pinning high-quality images from Instagram helps alleviate some of this stress by helping staying active across multiple social media platforms.

Heck, I have an Instagram photo ideas Pinterest board because since this is such a popular Pinterest search term!

Create a new board with a relevant Title (i.e. family photo ideas, mom life, etc.) for your upcoming Instagram to Pinterest posts or select an existing board that you see fit for your IG content.

Additional Cross-Promotion Ideas

Ready to quadruple your promotions? You can post on up to three different social channels at the time of posting to Instagram or at anytime you like!

Simply select Facebook, Twitter, and/or Tumblr before you hit Share on your next post or revisit an earlier image to Share it on these platforms.

Thus, when you create content for Instagram, you’ll also be able to add content to: 

  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • and Tumblr!

Bonus: Productivity Tips

Finding the time to blog and staying organized is often one of the biggest challenges you’ll face as a blogger!

Make sure to grab the free blog post planner to take some of the prep work out of planning your next post so you and focus strictly on building your empire 🙂

You’ll also receive:

  • 31 Day Pre-Planned FREE Instagram Content Planner
  • Pre-Publishing Blog Post Checklist
  • Post-Publishing Blog Post Checklist
  • Blog Post Ideas Worksheet
  • Monthly Blogger Planner
  • Weekly Editorial Calendar

Get organized so you can get to growing a brand you love!

5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

In this guide, we learned how to: 

  • pin from Instagram to Pinterest on a mobile device/desktop
  • use Tailwind as both an Instagram and Pinterest Scheduler
  • auto post to Instagram using Tailwind
  • plus, why you should use auto posting from Instagram to Pinterest

Why choose Instagram or Pinterest for business when you can make them work simultaneously?

These social media networks were made for one another and cross-promoting your content has never been easier!

How will you use Tailwind’s auto post feature for your accounts? What will you pin from Instagram to Pinterest? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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