9 Productivity Tips for Busy Moms (that Actually WORK!)

productivity tips for momsA new baby calls for a new routine – so today, I thought I’d share some productivity tips for moms that helped me out tremendously!

Staying on top of housework and meal planning is difficult enough with a small baby.

Now add the responsibilities you had before plus everything you dream of accomplishing!

As a new mom, life can get overwhelming – and that’s exactly what inspired me to write this list of tips for how to be a productive mom.

But trust me, you can achieve anything you put your mind to – even as a first time mom with a brand new baby.

I decided to start taking blogging seriously when my little girl was born – and you can have it all too!

Ready to learn how to be a productive working mom?

Then let’s talk productivity, mama!

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9 Ridiculously Effective Productivity Tips for Moms (that Actually WORK!)

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How do stay at home moms get things done?

Use this list of new mom tips and tricks to organize your days more effectively while taking care of yourself and your loved ones.

Let’s start with something that most moms are way too guilty of!

(1) Make Sleep a Priority

This will always be number one when it comes to how to be a successful stay at home mom.

Productivity tips for moms begin and end with getting enough rest – something which is absolutely essential if you want to make the most of your days!

Teething, upset tummies, and separation anxiety can take a lot out of a new mom, so why not arm yourself with ample energy?

From when Marina was about 4 to 6 months old, I’d take at least one or two naps with her. And if I was really crashing hard, I’d go to bed at the same time she did at night and sleep until she’s up for the day.

I always feel like a brand new person when I’ve had enough rest – I’m more aware of what I’m doing and can accomplish whatever I’ve set out to that much more quickly.

Getting an adequate amount of sleep helps to:

  • control your appetite
  • boost your immune system
  • improves memory

There’s often a stigma attached to sleeping and for whatever reason, society tends to celebrate not getting enough rest!

Give your body what it craves and you’ll be able to handle more throughout the day, especially with a very young baby!

productivity tips for moms - sleep

Don’t believe me? Try it for one day and then resume your responsibilities! I guarantee you’ll feel incredible clarity the next day!

Now that Marina is a toddler and sleeping through the night, I no longer nap with her during the day but sometimes, I’ll still head to bed for the night when she does on days she’s kept me on my toes.

Your work and chores will still be there in the morning.

These days, I split my day into two parts: I do all chores and household tasks while M is up for the day and save work for evenings and nap time.

I designed three sets of alphabet coloring books (you can download them all for FREE!) to keep M entertained and learning while I’m working on other things.

Consider what times work best for you and your little one(s) – are they clingy like mine and hate it when you work on the computer? Save the online stuff for when they sleep!

Do what works for you!


  •  If you’re tired, take a nap when baby does – you’ll be able to accomplish much more if you’re well rested!
  • Create a relaxing routine and environment before bed
  • Don’t feel guilty for not getting it all done in one day – that ship has sailed!

productivity tips for moms - rest

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(2) Start a Morning Routine

Have a cup of coffee and make a healthy breakfast for you and babe while you listen to some baby or toddler friendly tunes.

Starting your day should be nothing but short of bliss, so make time for you and your little one while getting off to a good start.

As you’ve probably already noticed, babies are also big fans of routine, so you’ll be sure to benefit throughout the rest of your day too!

At two years old, M and I established a very consistent routine.

When she wakes up for the day, she goes to the potty and then knows that its time for “coffee and alphabet”.

I prep coffee for J and I while she plays with these magnets and recites the alphabet.

She sticks them back and forth between the fridge and dishwasher and occasionally, we’ll add a muffin pan to the mix – an amazing toddler activity that will keep her entertained for up to an hour!

While she’s busy with her magnets, I also have time to check my email and blog stats while I wait for that java goodness to brew.

Update: Now that Marina is three, our routine has changed a bit – she’s more independent and I have a great opportunity to accomplish several tasks each morning.

My productive mom morning routine allows me to accomplish three small tasks at the start of every single day and it gets me excited to conquer everything else ahead!


  • Visualize your ideal morning and make an effort to bring it to reality

(3) Plan Around the Necessities

This is one of the most important tips for new moms with newborn babies!

Whether using the notepad on your phone or keeping it old school with a pen and paper, write down your non-negotiables so you can organize your day accordingly.

If you have a doctor’s appointment, pre-school drop off, or a meeting with your mortgage specialist, write it down!

Seeing what you need to work around is the easiest way to figure out your best method of attack and, if you’re feeling ambitious, whether or not you have time to add any extras!


  • Open your notepad of choice and jot down those appointments and obligations

productive moms plan

(4) Invest in an Agenda

This is an absolute must for me and one of my favourite productivity tips for moms!

While I know plenty of people who swear by their phone and iCal, I still feel that there’s nothing like flipping through a good agenda (this one’s PERFECT for moms!) and filling in special dates, plans, and activities – having those goals displayed somewhere obvious also makes them feel more attainable.

Even better than that? Crossing off everything you accomplished!

So much more rewarding that deleting a line in your notes app, haha!

The absolute best agendas are those that include monthly and/or weekly overviews.

My last agenda had fun stickers for appointments and other events, in addition to space for to and shopping lists.

The weekly section of the agenda allowed me to be even more detailed in my goals, a feature that will set you apart from merely noting ideas to turning them into a reality; if you can visualize it and have a clear path, there is no stopping you, mama!

You can view the tools I use for staying organized and growing my business on the blog.


  • Set a budget and find a planner that fits your style and personality
  • Flip through and start filling in special occasions, anniversaries, birthdays, and other events you are looking forward to before getting into the nitty gritty

(5) Make Time for Self-Care

Whether its starting your blog or growing a business, knitting, or spending quality time with your significant other, make the effort to enjoy some well-deserved mommy time.

Self care for moms is one of those things too many of us give up but when we take care of ourselves, we can take better care of our families.

I like to work on Pinterest in the evening since this is uninterrupted work time.

It might not happen every day of the week, but having something to look forward to at the end of a long day will uplift and motivate you to keep working as hard as you do!

productivity tips self care

As a sleep-deprived new mom, I used to try and get everything done during Marina’s naps and after she went to bed for the night.

I spent zero time doing anything I love due to the pressure I placed on myself to be the perfect home maker.

My home was spotless some days but I was a miserable zombie!

Taking time for you will not only revitalize and recharge your sense of self, it will help increase your energy and confidence levels.

So, go for it, mama, get back into sewing, start writing that novel, or plug in your Xbox One!


  • Decide on something you love doing and make time to indulge when you can
  • Don’t feel guilty when it comes to making time for you – your job is 24/7 and it’s ok to need a break sometimes!

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(6) Make Time for Your Significant Other

Spending time with your partner can be such a challenge with a new baby – but making time for one another is so important!

My husband works in the film industry and often does long hours (I’m talking about 12 to 20 hours a day on average). It felt nearly impossible for us to have any quality time together with our new baby.

There were consecutive days where I actually didn’t even seen him!

Children, work, and other obligations can take a strain on your partnership from time to time, and as my mother puts it, we often go “in and out of our relationships”.

However, in order to try and combat this phenomenon, make the conscious effort to put down the phone or tablet, drop the laundry basket, and give your partner some attention.

Take a few minutes every day to remember why you fell in love with this person and focus on them alone.

Your romantic life and appreciation of one another will thank you for it later.


  • Think of three reasons why you appreciate / love / or admire your partner and tell them today

(7) Schedule One or Two Major Activities for Your Day

While not always possible, planning around one or two major tasks a day is an effective way to reduce mommy guilt while placing checkmarks on your to do list.

I’ve often made the mistake of trying to get too much done in one day and then finished it by beating myself up if accomplished absolutely nothing!

Sick kids and fussy babies will throw you a curve ball from time to time and having the option to move one or two non-necessities is far easier than a dozen.

Doing a return at a department store, installing a second shelf in your hallway closet, and grocery shopping for this week’s meals can wait if you haven’t saved them for the last moment.

Have a blog of your own?

Check out this list of 30 daily blogging tasks you can do in under 30 minutes for ideas on how to plan your work day.


  • Write down one or two daily tasks for each day of the week
  • Group together related to do’s (i.e. do that return the same day you are out grocery shopping to save time and effort)

productivity tips - planning

(8) Include Your Kids in Daily Tasks

Put your sweetie in her highchair and fold laundry at the kitchen table while you two babble together.

Baby wear (when its safe to do so! I personally wouldn’t do while cooking, for instance!) while you do an inventory of your fridge.

The options for including your littles in day to day responsibilities are endless!

My current office setup includes a LOT of toys!

I favour quality wooden toys as they’re quiet and promote creativity in little minds.

When she was a year old, I could even get between half to one hour of work time in while M played with her favourites.

Now, at two years old, we do chores together and I exclusively work in the evenings and during nap time!

If you have older children, tell them what you’re up to and let them give you advice on how best to accomplish the task at hand – their creative thinking may even pleasantly surprise you.

Even more fun (and something my mom used to do when we were kids) is to turn household work into a game – specifically, for older children! This is actually one of the greatest productivity tips for moms / parenting hacks ever!

Create a score card with different chores and assign point values based on the difficulty of the task.

Be sure to include some activities your kids will enjoy though; for example: unload the dishwasher (3 points), read a book for 30 minutes (1 point), vacuum the hallway (2 points).

You could even reward your babes with a small prize at the end of the month, just like my mom did… thanks, mom!!

Inexpensive finds at Dollar Tree or an inexpensive plush toy might be one idea.


  • Think of creative ways you can get your littles involved in work around home

productivity tips - let kids help

(9) Say “Yes” Only When You Mean It

We’ve all been there – family drop ins during an already busy weekend, work calling to see if you can cover someone’s shift… things like this can add a lot of stress to an already busy mom’s day!

You’ll always know in your heart whether or not you truly want to do something.

As uncomfortable as it may be, listen to your inner mom boss and say “no” if it doesn’t feel right – it’ll help you avoid burnout and get more done!

You’ll also save your time, learn to prioritize, and feel empowered when you do!


  • Plan for the week and month ahead and don’t look back
  • If it doesn’t work with your schedule, and you have no desire to fit it in, say “no”!

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How do you make the most out of your day? Which of these productivity tips for moms did you need? Leave your plan in the comments below!

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