52 FREE Printable Alphabet Coloring Pages for Toddlers

text reads free alphabet coloring pages for toddlersI love creating fun educational activities for my little girl – it’s why I went with an alphabet theme for these FREE printable coloring pages for toddlers 🙂

Coloring is a great way to get quiet time in or bond with your little one – there’s nothing like watching them learn new things, is there? 

This post includes two sets of coloring pages of animals and objects for young kids that are eager to learn. 

The first is a simple coloring set that features large letters and pictures. The second activity set is for early preschool aged kids and includes:

  • the letter objects begin with
  • two or more pictures per page
  • the name of each picture
  • tracing lines for the capital and lower case letter

Download a couple of pages individually from the previews shown in this post or get the complete sets using the links provided below. 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and I could earn a commission if you use them. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


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FREE Printable Alphabet Coloring Pages for Toddlers

text reads free coloring pages for toddlersMy little girl absolutely loves naming animals and objects.

She also learned the alphabet before she was even 2 years old because we practiced it A LOT! 

I seriously consider homeschooling my little girl on a daily basis with everything that’s going on in the world – and I’m leaning more towards it now than ever. 

Maybe you’re the same! 

These coloring pages for 2 year olds feature a large object and the letter its name starts with in both uppercase and lowercase forms. 

Here are a few page samples for you to checkout!

alphabet coloring pages for toddlers featuring the letter p and a pig

P is for pig.

This adorable little page features a simple and cute farm animal favourite.

alphabet coloring pages for toddlers featuring the letter s and a snake

S is for snake.

This happy critter offers tots a chance to mix it up with its spots.

alphabet coloring pages for toddlers featuring the letter u and an umbrella

U is for umbrella.

Encourage your little one to color each section of this object differently and practice naming each color as you go!

Coloring Pages of Animals and Objects

Download basic alphabet toddler coloring pages (26 pages). 

More ideas for busy moms of toddlers: 

FREE Printable Alphabet Coloring Pages for Toddlers with Letter Tracing

This next set of coloring pages is perfect for preschool aged kids from three up to five years old. 

Your little ones will enjoy coloring some fun animals and familiar objects while they learn each one’s name.

They’ll also be able to learn what letter each picture’s name starts with with a chance to trace that letter – upper and lowercase – and practice writing it on their own. 

I hope you and your babes enjoy coloring these pages as much as I enjoyed creating them for my little girl 🙂

alphabet coloring pages for toddlers featuring the letter i, an island, and an ice cream cone

I is for ice cream and island. 

These more complex images give kids a chance to rely on their memory and challenge them to remember a variety of different colors. 

alphabet coloring pages for toddlers featuring the letter m, a monkey, and milk

M is for milk and monkey. 

This is one of my favorite coloring pages – I just love how happy the little guy is!

See if your little one knows what monkeys eat and which animals produce milk. 

alphabet coloring pages for toddlers featuring the letter n, nuts, a narwhal, and a newt

N is for nuts, narwhal, and newt. 

This page features a handful of different things – ask your child where you can find each one for some extra fun.

Preschool Coloring Pages PDF

Download coloring pages for toddlers preschool prep set (26 pages). 

Croatian Toddler Coloring Pages (Hrvatska Abeceda Bojanka)

These pages have a special place in my heart 🙂 

When I was growing up, we’d have to wait for my baba to come back from trips to Croatia for books and activities in our mother tongue. 

You just couldn’t find that stuff here! 

But now with the internet, Pinterest, and Google, everything is just a search and a click away. 

Want to teach your little ones Croatian? Or just want a few extra colouring pages for toddlers? 

Then check out some more designs below. 

hrvatska abeceda bojanka coloring pages for toddlers for letter lj

Contrary to English, the Croatian alphabet has a number of digraphs – DŽ, LJ, and NJ – two letters pronounced as one.

Hope you enjoyed that surprise trivia!

hrvatska abeceda bojanka coloring pages for toddlers for letter š

The Croatian word for bat is šišmiš – pronounced sheesh-meesh.

This was one of my favorite words as a kid so naturally, it had to be included! 

hrvatska abeceda bojanka coloring pages for toddlers for letter v

How adorable is this squirrel, right? 

ABC Bojanka

Download 30 Croatian coloring pages for toddlers -Abeceda – besplatne bojanke za djecu – za printanje i učenje slova (30 stranica).

Indoor Activities for Toddlers

For more fun indoor activities for your toddler, follow my toddler activities Pinterest board for new ideas on the daily!

You’ll be the first to see new pins and blog posts with innovative ideas like our 3-in-1 IKEA FLISAT LEGO / Sensory / Learning table.

Great for preschool aged children to learn sorting skills and organizing by shapes, colors, and texture.

top down photo of ikea flisat table being used as a sensory table

Toys that Inspire Creativity in Toddlers

Like coloring, toys that give children the opportunity to make choices and discoveries are a powerful way to encourage learning in young minds. 

Items like building blocks, musical toys, paper crafts, and stickers are also fun for adults to participate in.

We invested in a number of wooden toys and puzzles to encourage more creative play. 

During our potty training days, I also purchased a few of these reusable sticker sets from Melissa and Doug – Marina still loves playing with them today!

When choosing toys and activities for your tot, think about the educational benefits and connections it can form – the more the merrier. 

5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

Does your toddler love his or her new alphabet coloring pages? Tag me on Instagram for a chance to be featured in my IG stories.

Want more printable activities for toddlers? Share ideas for what you want to see next in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, mama!

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