Kirkland Diapers Review: Honest Mom’s Unsponsored Opinion

Choosing the right diaper for your baby can sometimes be a challenge, especially if your child has sensitive skin!

kirkland diapers review

This Kirkland diapers review is written based on my experience with two VERY different babies who both tried them – one with sensitive skin and one without.

I can’t wait to share our experience with you plus:

  • Are Kirkland diapers made by Huggies/what brand are they
  • How healthy are Kirkland diapers
  • Do Kirkland diapers have a wetness indicator
  • Where are Kirkland diapers made
  • Sizing, ingredients, and overall thoughts
  • Costco diapers price warehouse vs online
  • Kirkland vs Pampers diapers
  • Kirkland vs Huggies diapers
  • Kirkland vs Bambo Nature comparison

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Kirkland Diapers Review: Honest Mom’s Unsponsored Opinion

kirkland diapers

Kirkland diapers are my current go-to option – they’re affordable, always available, and come in a great bulk size!

It makes stocking up on diapers a breeze especially since I’m usually shopping with two kiddos.

Are Kirkland diapers made by Huggies? What brand are they?

Kirkland diapers are NOT made by Huggies.

BUT both Kirkland and Huggies diapers are made by Kimberly-Clark (a company that manufacturers other brands you’ll recognize including Kleenex and Scott).

While the diapers are similar, they’re not identical.

Personally, I found that Kirkland diapers were actually the softer of the two choices.

Here’s what they look like side by side from the front.

kirkland diapers better huggies

Huggies has a Lion King design while Kirkland Signature features a cute rabbit.

I personally like the rabbit better!

And here’s what they look like from the back.

costco kirkland huggies diapers

While the Huggies diaper reads “back” to indicate that this is the reverse side of the diaper, the Kirkland one reads “Kirkland Signature”.

It makes it easier to recognize with just a glance than comparing the look of the waistband!

Both diapers also have similar wetness indicators that perform similarly.

How healthy are Kirkland diapers?

Kirkland diapers are:

  • Chlorine free
  • Fragrance free
  • Latex free
  • Hypoallergenic

They also offer active fit technology and leakage protection.

I’d say these diapers are a better choice than most big brand diapers but the premium diapers made by Bambo Nature are MUCH better.

Especially, for babies with sensitive skin!

My oldest didn’t react well to Kirkland diapers (or most conventional wipes brands) and I ended up donating the rest of them.

My youngest, however, has had no issues with most baby products.

Do Kirkland diapers have a wetness indicator?

Yes, they do!

I love this feature, especially for small babies who don’t fill up their diapers as much as older kids do.

You can see the solid yellow line drawn vertically down the centre of the diaper.

kirkland diapers good

When wet (whether baby peed or pooped), it changes from yellow to blue.

This is one of several things I didn’t like about Honest Company diapers – there was no indicator!

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Where are Kirkland diapers made?

Kirkland Signature diapers are made in the United States with both domestic and imported materials.

Kirkland Diapers Sizing

Kirkland Singature diapers are available in the following sizes:

  • Size 1 (up to 14 lbs/6 kg): 192 pack
  • Size 2 (12 to 18 lbs/5 kg to 8 kg): 174 pack
  • Size 3 (16 to 28 lbs/7 kg to 13 kg): 222 pack
  • Size 4 (22 to 37 lbs/10 kg to 17 kg): 198 pack
  • Size 5 (27 lbs +/12 kg +): 168 pack
  • Size 6 (35 lbs +/16 kg +): 132 pack

Kirkland Singature Diaper Features

Costco’s house diaper brand proudly states that they are:

  • super absorbent
  • feature a breathable out cover
  • cushiony liner
  • wetness indicator
  • size up indicator
  • pocketed waistband

We believe that all of these features make for an excellent disposable diaper.

kirkland signature diapers

Costco Diapers Ingredients

It’s a shame Costco isn’t more transparent about the ingredients used in their diapers and honestly, most diaper companies do a really bad job at this!

Here are the ingredients they have listed:

  • Sodium polyacrylate
  • Wood pulp (Elemental chlorine-free [ECF])
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene (some derived from sugarcane)*
  • Polyurethane elastics
  • Polyolefin elastic
  • Adhesive
  • Colorants/Printing Inks
  • Polyester
  • Color-changing Wetness Indicator

Kirkland Signature does pride itself in its diapers being made of 20% plant-based materials but the fact that color-changing wetness indicator is listed as an ingredient without a further breakdown bothers me.

kirkland diapers ingredients

*This is what many parents attribute to their children’s reactions to these and other big-brand diapers.

Interestingly, when I tried Bambo Nature diapers for my oldest, I noticed that this ingredient was also present in these but she never reacted to them!

If you have a baby with sensitive skin, you’ll probably want to try a premium brand like Bambo.

More tips for savvy moms:

Overall Thoughts on Kirkland Diapers

My youngest baby currently wears Kirkland diapers without any issue.

They’re affordable, seem to be comfortable for her, and have given us zero issues.

They also contain messes very well for the most part.

Sometimes the bands around the legs get loose when she’s running around but at 16 months old with high activity all day long, we haven’t experienced any blowouts.

We’ve come close with the bands drooping but the mess was small and easy to clean up and machine wash her clothing to like-new status.

I like that they’re easy to buy at our local warehouse, come in a package that’ll last you more than a month (depending on the size and age of your child), and feel soft on.

This is especially noticeable on the inner liner.

kirkland diapers review material

The biggest motivator for continuing to buy these diapers in our household remains the price though.

They’re much higher quality than Pampers and less expensive (but comparable to) Huggies.

I’ll continue to buy these unless Bambo Nature ever comes to Costco!

Kirkland Diapers Price

Kirkland Signature diapers cost significantly less in the warehouse than they do online since shipping costs are factored into the website’s pricing.

In the Canadian warehouse, you can purchase Kirkland Signature diapers for $44.99.

Online, you’ll need to pay $51.99 to have them delivered to your door.

kirkland diapers price

Kirkland vs Pampers Diapers

Without a doubt, Kirkland Signature diapers are better than Pamper diapers!

They hold wetness better and feel softer against your baby’s skin.

costco pampers pure

Interestingly, Pampers Aqua Pure wipes are WAY better than Kirkland baby wipes, in my opinion!

The ingredients are cleaner and the wipes are comparable to Water Wipes – they’re super affordable and definitely worth a try.

You can purchase Pampers Pure Protection diapers online through Costco or on Amazon.

They cost $49.99 a box online ($2 less than Kirkland Signature) and are available in the following sizes:

  • Size 1 (up to 14 lbs/6 kg): 198 count
  • Size 2 (12 to 18 lbs/5 kg to 8 kg): 186 count
  • Size 3 (16 to 28 lbs/7 kg to 13 kg): 168 count
  • Size 4 (22 to 37 lbs/10 kg to 17 kg): 150 count
  • Size 5 (27 lbs +/12 kg +): 132 count
  • Size 6 (35 lbs +/16 kg +): 108 count

The quantities are a bit different though and at size 3, Kirkland Signature diapers are still less expensive to buy online.

If you want to give Pampers Pure Protection a shot, you’re better off buying a smaller package through Amazon to see what you think of them.

Personally, I found them too thin and more comparable to something like Hello Bello (which we weren’t fans of).

More tips for moms:

Kirkland vs Huggies Diapers

These diaper brands are really similar!

Since they’re both produced by the Kimberly-Clark company, it’s not surprising.

They’re both soft, feature wetness indicators, and use similar ingredients.

costco diapers vs huggies

Kirkland diapers are on the right while Huggies are on the left.

Here’s a closer look at the inside of the waistbands.

kirkland huggies diapers

Here’s a list of ingredients used in Huggies Little Movers diapers:

  • Wood pulp
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Polyrurethane elastics
  • Polyolefin elastic
  • Adhesives
  • Colorants
  • Printing Inks
  • Sodium polyacrylate
  • Polyester
  • Color-changing wetness indicator

Unfortunately, some of these ingredients are a bit too general for my liking, just like Kirkland’s ingredients list!

I always prefer when brands are more transparent about what they use in their products but further research will help you break each one down.

For instance, the wood pulp you see listed first is bleached with ECF (elemental chlorine-free bleach that uses chlorine dioxide).

That means they could still contain trace amounts of dioxins.

Unfortunately, most big brand diapers are made with similar ingredients.

Huggies diapers are available in the following sizes:

  • Size 1 (up to 14 lbs/6 kg):
  • Size 2 (12 to 18 lbs/5 kg to 8 kg):
  • Size 3 (16 to 28 lbs/7 to 13 kg): 192 pack
  • Size 4 (22 to 37 lbs/10 to 17 kg):
  • Size 5 (27 lbs +/12 kg +):

Availability and pricing are a bit different though.

Kirkland Signature diapers are available online and in-store while Huggies diapers are only available at the warehouse.

Huggies Plus+ diapers also come in two varieties:

  • Little Movers
  • Little Snugglers

Costco stocks Little Snugglers in Huggers size 1 and 2 diapers and Little Movers in sizes 3, 4, 5, and 5.

Kirkland Signature diapers cost $44.99 at the warehouse while Huggies diapers cost $41.69.

costco huggies diapers

Huggies diaper boxes are slightly smaller though.

For instance, Kirkland Signature size 3 diaper boxes come with 222 diapers and Huggies Plus+ Little Movers come with 192 diapers.

That works out to 20 cents each for Kirkland diapers and 21.7 cents each for Huggies.

So, which one is better when it comes to Kirkland vs Huggies diapers?

They’re honestly so similar that I just buy whatever is less expensive per diaper!

But when you compare them side by side and do a blind touch test, you can tell the Kirkland diapers apart by their softer inner moisture absorbent liner.

Other than that, they feel nearly identical all around.

In terms of performance, they both have similar liquid retention, comfort, and features like the wetness indicator.

Note: it’s worth checking out Amazon for Huggies diapers from time to time as they’ll discount diapers a few times a year.

Kirkland vs Bambo Nature comparison

Bambo Nature diapers are made with the following ingredients:

  • Core: 100% Cellulose Fluff, ECF Chlorine Free
  • Sub-Layer: Polyethylene (PET) & Polypropylene (PP), White
  • Nonwoven: Polypropylene (PP), Permanently Hydrophilic Nonwoven
  • Topsheet: Polypropylene (PP), Permanently Hydrophilic Nonwoven
  • Cuffs: Polypropylene (PP), Hydrophobic
  • Elastics: Elastin, Polypropylene (PP)
  • Backsheet: Breathable Textile Backsheet (BTBS)
  • Adhesive: Hotmelt (Glue) Sprayed Between Layers, No Phthalates
  • SAP: Superabsorber, Permeable Polyacrylate, No Phthalates
  • Tape: Polypropylene (PP) Tape, Hooks for Repositioning
  • Frontal Tape: Polyethylene (PET) & Polypropylene (PP)

These premium diapers are WAY softer than any disposable diaper I’ve ever come across!

costco bambo nature

Unlike Hello Bello, Honest Company, and other more green brands, these are actually luxurious.

I found the other two brands (plus a few other green-washed companies that aren’t worth mentioning) felt like diapers made of newspaper!

They’re also very absorbent and offer the following features:

  • to dry acquisition layer
  • ultra soft materials
  • leakage prevention
  • fully breathable backsheet
  • ultra flexible side panels
  • certified eco-friendly
  • guaranteed skin-safe
  • thinner design
  • wetness indicator

Like Kirkland Signature diapers, they’re available in six different sizes:

  • Size 1 (4 to 9 lbs): 216 count
  • Size 2 (7 to 13 lbs): 192 count
  • Size 3 (9 to 18 lbs): 174 count
  • Size 4 (15 to 21 lbs): 162 count
  • Size 5 (27 to 40 lbs): 150 count
  • Size 6 (35 lbs +): 144 count

These diapers are available in a lot of stores and online at Amazon.

They usually work out to between 33 cents to 49 cents each diaper – like I said, it’s a more premium brand but you’ll notice the difference immediately!

Kirkland Diapers Review: Final Thoughts

Costco’s house brand Kirkland diapers are a quality item that’s cost-effective.

However, I will NOT recommend them for children with sensitive skin!

My first baby had a reaction to these diapers as well as many popular wipes when we tried them and in the end, we ended up cloth diapering and using Bambo Nature diapers on the go.

Water Wipes were also the right choice for her sensitive skin as again, other wipes brands caused her skin to react.

If your child has normal skin though, Kirkland diapers are worth a try.

They’re a great product for the price point.

So, which diapers will you try? What are your current favorite baby products available at Costco?

Let me know in the comments below!

Happy diapering, friend!

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