180 Modern Baby Items List: A – Z (PDF Download)

Expecting a baby is both a joyous and stressful time in new parents’ lives. 

baby items list a - z

There’s nothing like it in the world and you’ll definitely need to pick up a few essentials to make sure you’re prepared for your baby’s arrival! 

Personally, I found that working through a checklist put my mind at ease and so, this baby items starting with letters A to Z list was created to help out other expecting parents. 

You’ll find must-have items PLUS brands that modern parents swear by. 

Keep reading to get ready for your little bundle of joy’s arrival!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and I could earn a commission at no cost to you if you make a purchase using them.

180 Modern Baby Items List: A – Z (PDF Download)

Baby Items Starting with A

Abacus -this cute nursery decor item is as adorable as it is effective at teaching basic math to little ones. 

Activity arch – this wooden baby play gym toy is perfect for young babies who haven’t learned to roll over. Great for entertaining little ones on their backs. 

Activity center – once your baby reaches 4 to 6 months old and is able to sit fairly well on his or her own, an activity center is a great way to keep them entertained so you can get more done in your day!

We use this Skip Hop activity center every day. 

baby items list a to z

Alphabet book – babies LOVE the sound of your voice and being read to is the perfect way to get them interested in reading from the start!

The sooner you begin practicing the alphabet, the sooner your little one will come to know it – my daughter knew it at 2 years old! Here are a few of our favorite books:

Baby Items Starting with B

Baby proofing –  when it comes to baby-proofing your home, the earlier you start, the better. Children learn by exploring so be careful and start preparing sooner than later.

Bassinet – these little baby beds are great for keeping your newborn safe and close to you for the first few months after birth.

A bassinet is also great as a place to keep your baby safe during the day when they’re awake and you need your hands free – whether it’s using the bathroom or unloading the dishwasher!

Bib – babies spit up – a lot! Bibs will help keep your outfit and baby’s clothes clean between feedings.

These Aden & Anais burpy bibs are the only ones I use even now that N is 10 months old!

They were perfect as burp clothes for the first 4 months of her life and we’ve been using them as bibs for feeding time for the past 6 months.

The crazy thing is, they’re so large that even my four-year-old can wear them while eating messier meals like soup!

baby items that start with o

Blanket – babies love to be swaddled and a soft, warm blanket is the perfect way to do it! Snuggly baby burrito photos also make for great keepsakes.

Once again, Aden & Anais has my vote for top baby blanket!

Their muslin blankets are SO soft on delicate newborn skin and can be enjoyed for years to come – my four-year-old still wears her blanket when we go for walks 🙂

Be sure to check with your insurance to see if you are covered!

Bambo nature –  these all-natural, 100% biodegradable products for baby are eco-friendly and safe!

Bambo Nature diapers use 90% less nonrenewable resources than regular diapers and do NOT contain chlorine, parabens or petrochemicals.

We used these diapers almost exclusively on the go with my firstborn.

Other similar brands like Honest Company, Seventh Generation, and Babyganics don’t even come close to this kind of quality!

Bath sling –  take the stress out of bath time with this amazing baby bath sling that makes bathing your baby easier and safer.

I didn’t have it with my first and seriously regret it – bath time with my second is SO MUCH easier now!

Baby swing – babies love to move and be rocked while they nap.

This Graco baby swing was amazing for our first baby – it kept her entertained and safe while we caught up on things around the house. 

We tried the mamaRoo with both babies and although we love the 4moms brand for their beautiful designs and innovative products, this one just isn’t worth the hype – save your money!

Note: Please only use baby swings under supervision – they are NOT meant for overnight sleep.

If you are suffering from a lack of sleep with your newborn baby, I can’t recommend the Snoo enough!

My firstborn didn’t sleep for months and I was desperate not to endure the same thing with my second.

You can check out my Snoo review here to see the life-changing difference it made – especially now that I’m a mom of two with very little support at home!

You can trust me too – my second had 8 teeth by 8 months old, phew!  

Baby powder – babies frequently get rashes in their diaper area and baby powder is a safe and effective way to take care of them. 

Baby Monitor – one of the most important baby items out there!

A monitor will allow you to supervise your baby while you take care of other things around your home.

This Summer infant monitor is what we currently use and the crystal clear picture and easy setup gave us sanity during N’s first days of life.

I love that you can add up to three additional cameras too – we have a second camera for our oldest’s room and it’s nice to check in on her when we hear noise coming from her room overnight.

Sometimes she’ll settle herself after a bad dream but this is a great way to not jump in too prematurely!

Boiron – these homeopathic remedies are perfect for temporary pain relief of sore teething gums, colic, and upset tummies.

Boiron products are a natural must-have remedy in every new parent’s medicine cabinet.

And honestly, I’ve had more success with Boiron’s Camilia for N’s teething than I have with Infant Tylenol these days!

Books – introducing your baby to books early on is a wonderful way to build a lifelong love of reading. These books are great for little ones and are a couple of our favorites.

And here are two high-contrast ones for newborns that we like! 

Bottles –  we tried a lot of baby bottles and these Advent ones are the best that we found – they’re easier to clean than a silicone bottle, are still durable – like accidentally dropped on tile floors with no breakage durable!

Be sure to get a bottle sleeve though – glass bottles can feel HOT to the touch when you warm them!

Bottle warmer –  I was skeptical at first – but this bottle warmer takes the guesswork out of warming up bottles. 

Boppy nursing pillow – with new babies, breastfeeding can be challenging – the boppy pillow is an amazing invention that helps new mothers hold their baby in place and gives them a comfortable arm cushion.

It also makes a cute cushion to prop up your 6-month-old later on.

baby items game

Breast pump – if you plan on breastfeeding, a good breast pump can be a game-changer – it’ll allow you to pump extra milk that you can store in the fridge or freezer.

I have a Medela breast pump and highly recommend this brand! It’s perfect for bottles plus pumping extra milk to mix into baby’s meals later on.

I expressed milk for both my babies and compared to my manual pump, the electric Medela pump makes things 10x faster.

It’s durable, effective, and quiet when it comes to expressing (a huge plus) – plus it’s also easy to clean and can be used on either one or both breasts. 

baby items pump

Bouncer – keep your baby entertained with a bouncer that keeps them moving! Great for babies 3 to 6 months old that enjoy more time awake. 

Bugaboo Bee –   this lightweight stroller is perfect for parents in the city – it’s small enough to zip around town and in and out of shops while offering the luxurious comfort of other more expensive Bugaboo strollers.

I loved our Bee for its beautiful compact design – we originally had an UPPAbaby Vista but I hated how clunky it was!

We used a Bee 5 for 3 years with our oldest before upgrading to a different double stroller.  

Bugaboo Donkey –  the Bugaboo Donkey is a fantastic, double stroller that’s great for twins OR even kids with a big age difference.

It’s beautifully designed with clean lines and a TON of under carriage storage space for moms on the go.

Our girls have a larger age gap, so we upgraded to this stroller from the UPPAbaby Vista (the Donkey has a 50-pound weight limit while the Vista only have a 40-pound limit) and we LOVE using the Bugaboo Donkey when we go out on busy day trips with our 4-year old and now 10 month old. 

Our oldest will likely outgrow it in length before she outdoes the weight limit – at four and a half, she’s 41 pounds!

I’ll add a link to our full Bugaboo Donkey 3 review here soon 🙂

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Bumbo seatthis award-winning Bumbo Seat offers babies their first taste of independence in sitting up.

We loved ours! It’s perfect for hanging out in or eating meals. 

Note: If you don’t mind second-hand items, you can get these things for a steal on Facebook Marketplace!

We snagged an older version of the Bumbo seat for less than 50% of the retail cost.

Burp cloths – baby’s spit-up stains can ruin their clothes and yours so it’s important to add a protective layer after a feeding!

The Aden & Anais Burpy Bibs I already mentioned are the only way to go – I sold every other burp cloth we had after I tried these.

They’re more heavily weighted and longer than typical burp cloths which means they won’t fall off your shoulder when picking up your baby and their long length makes for great weight distribution.

Once your baby starts eating solids, you can then use them as bibs – meaning you don’t need to buy MORE baby stuff that takes up MORE space in your home. 

Clear space, clear mind!

Baby Items Starting with C

Camilia – As mentioned above, Boiron’s Camilia teething remedy is an AMAZING product for teething babies.

It’s a small bottle of liquid that babies actually enjoy taking – at least both of my girls did!

It’s a homeopathic medicine that you can use it as often as every 15 minutes to help soothe your teething baby. 

Car Seat –  invest in a good car seat because your baby’s well-being is priceless!

I recommend getting one that’s simple to install, keeps your baby snug and secure, and is easy to use.

I think that taking your newborn in and out of a car seat is one of those things that’s often overlooked and actually more stressful than you would imagine.

Pro Tip: Practice putting a teddy bear or other plush in your car seat a few times to get the hang of it.

I hated putting my firstborn in her car seat the first few times – babies are so delicate and don’t usually have strong neck support until they are at least a month or three old!

After hundreds of hours of research, we chose the UPPAbaby Mesa for our family. 

baby things that start with c

Carrier – babies love to be held close and skin on skin is so important during those first days.

We used the Ergobaby Embrace carrier for our second daughter – it’s much easier to put on and use than a lot of other baby wraps. 

I had a sling with our firstborn but this minimalist clip-in style offers the perfect blend of style and simplicity.

Cloth diapers – cloth diapering your little one is better for the environment and can make a difference for little ones with sensitive skin – my first wore cloth diapers.

They’re also super cute and will cost you far less than disposables in the long-run.

Cloth diapering can save you between $600 to $900 from birth until you’ve completed potty training.

We liked bumGenius and Charlie Banana cloth diapers most.

Changing pad –  changing pads make diaper changes a little less stressful, especially during those first days where babies are more prone to having accidents mid-change.

We have a Leander one and LOVE that it’s a portable solution compared to the traditional changing table.

It’s a heavy silicone pad with grippy bottoms that won’t move when placed on top of a surface but I usually use it on our bed or on the family room floor since these are the rooms where we spend the most time.

If you go with a solid silicone changing pad like this one, you also don’t need a changing pad cover since messes are easy to clean and sanitize on this material. 

Changing pad cover – should you use a traditional changing table, you’ll need to get one of these to protect against baby’s messes!

These waterproof changing pad covers are cute and effective. 

Changing table – you can purchase an all-in-one traditional changing table if you prefer to change your baby while you stand.

Changing tables are a great idea if you have the space, but they can be a pain to keep clean and sanitized – especially after a big blowout!  

Co-sleeper – a co-sleeper is perfect for the first few days and months of life.

It keeps your baby right next to you so you don’t have to get out of bed to feed him or her during the night.

It’s also a great way to help both kids asleep in the same room until they’re ready to transition into their own rooms.

We used DockATot Deluxe and Grand models for both of our babies. 

It kept them safe and gave me peace of mind.

Cradle cap brush –  a cradle cap brush is a MUST-HAVE for babies with dry, flaky scalps.

It’ll gentle stimulate baby’s scalp to help loosen and remove their cradle cap. 

Crib mattress – should you use a crib, be sure to purchase a safe crib mattress for your baby – some mattresses contain a surprising amount of chemicals.

We recommend the Naturepedic Dual Firmness Crib Mattress because its dual firmness means there are two different types of foam.

One side is firmer than the other and it will help your baby transition to a crib mattress once he or she gets older.

Crib sheets – we love these organic cotton crib sheets from Aden + Anais.

They’re super soft and breathable.

Crib –  you can either get a cheaper crib right off the bat or a convertible one that turns into a toddler bed and then eventually to a full-size bed.

Do keep in mind that a lot of these convertible style cribs don’t include the conversion kit though – ours didn’t!

We originally bought a convertible crib but didn’t like how big of a footprint it took up.

It even had a changing table attached – one that our baby outgrew in less than 6 months, ugh!

So instead, we picked up an IKEA Gulliver crib.

It’s cute, modest, and the perfect solution to keep baby gear minimal. 

Cups –  soft, silicone cups are best for your baby’s first sips.

We used the Munchkin Magic Cup and Nuby Nipple Shield Trainer Cup. 

Baby Items Starting with D

Diaper cream –  a must-have as long as your baby is in diapers!

We like to use Hello Bello Everywhere Balm and Earth Mama Diaper Balm for diaper rash because they’re natural and non-greasy. 

Diapers – cloth or disposable? It really depends on your lifestyle and preference!

We cloth diapered our first baby because she had VERY sensitive skin.

Luckily our second hasn’t had any skin issues though, so we used Huggies Little Snugglers to start and grew into Huggies Little Movers.  

Diaper caddy – store your baby’s diapers, wipes, and creams all in one place.

Diaper caddies are also great for storing infant Tylenol, teething remedies, nail clippers, bibs, and more.

You can read this complete diaper caddy storage guide here to see what you should keep in yours to create a complete baby care center. 

baby item that starts with x

Diaper pail – storing dirty diapers in one place keeps the stench contained.

We have a Dekor diaper pail in our bedroom and it works great for containing odors while being easy enough to change every two days.

The plastic liner refill makes emptying it out SO easy!

If you plan to cloth diaper your baby, you’ll need somewhere to store those dirty diapers when they’re not in the washing machine too!

The Dekor pail has a cloth bag insert available and you can launder it at the same time you wash those diapers.

DockATot –  if you’re going to co-sleep, there’s no better way to do it than with a DockATot.

It’s perfect for keeping your baby close to you, especially if you’re breastfeeding and need to get up during the night.

I used the DockATot for both of my girls and it REALLY did help them sleep better!

baby item starts with d

Double stroller –  we have a Bugaboo Donkey 3 and it’s definitely my favourite new baby (and preschooler!) item.

I love the side-by-side design for both kids to be able to sit next to each other – this is great for our older daughter (who is 4 now) and her 10-month-old sister! 

Before we tried this, we had an UPPAbaby Vista which is another popular double stroller option.

Drying rack – whether you bottle feed, have teethers, or use a pacifier for your baby, a drying rack is a must.

We have the Boon Cactus Drying Rack and Grass. 

Baby Items Starting with E

Easy Grip Nail Scissors – nails scissors are a great alternative to the traditional nail clipper.

They’re easy to handle, safe for your baby, and won’t hurt her if you clip too close to her skin.

Earth Mama – I LOVE this natural brand and stocked up on postpartum care items to make my recovery way more tolerable.

The baby items are also incredible – we love the diaper balm and shampoo most of all! 

Electric breast pump – I can’t even begin to tell you how much time one of these saves compared to manual pumping – what a difference!

When I began to struggle with milk supply with my second, the Medela Sonata also helped me increase my supply in no time.

So thankful for this thing! 

Emery boards – I love the design of these Frida nail boards for our littlest.

They’re perfect for maintaining little fingernails. 

Enclosure – keep your baby safe when she starts crawling with a baby enclosure.

It’s a great solution for preventing your little one from getting into everything and staying out of trouble! 

Ergobaby – I’ve tried a bunch of different baby carriers.

The Ergobaby Embrace is my favorite for its quality and versatility.

Ergobaby also makes a popular nursing pillow too. I tried it but it didn’t work for us!

baby item starts with e

Exersaucer – we have a Skip Hop activity center that N can play in for about 30 minutes at a time.

It keeps her entertained so I can get things done and contained so I know she’s safe.

Baby Items Starting with F

Fawn design –  EVERYTHING Fawn design makes is gorgeous.

It’s so hard to choose just one item and color from their collection but I think my favorite has to be the Original.

It’s such a beautiful and modern diaper bag but it definitely doesn’t look like one.

The shape is super feminine and so different from other traditional bags on the market. 

Feeding utensils –  I love the shape of these Beaba feeding utensils.

It makes them great for when baby is ready to practice eating herself too.

We bought four entire feeding sets for our oldest daughter and the shape and design of the bowls and utensils made self-eating a great experience.

And most importantly – they’re dishwasher safe!

Fence – keep your baby safe and contained with a baby fence.

It’s a great, inexpensive solution for preventing accidents in your home.

Freshly picked – these beautiful and stylish diaper bags are a favorite of trendy modern moms.

Freshly Picked also specializes in other cute baby items like mocassins! 

Fingerprint jewelry – create a stunning keepsake necklace with your little one’s fingerprints, foot, or handprints with Smallprint Vancouver North. 

I had a piece created with my oldest daughter’s hand and footprints and plan on creating a second set of pendants for my youngest.

It’s my go-to necklace and really is the most precious keepsake I own.

Fingerprint taking kit –  you can also preserve your baby’s tiny hand or footprints by using a fingerprint kit to create your own keepsake. 

Again, I recommend choosing Smallprint.

Foam blocks – when your baby gets to be about 9 or 10 months old, she will LOVE climbing EVERYTHING.

These foam blocks are a fun and safe alternative to dangerous furniture.

Even your older child will enjoy them!

You can check out our full foam climbing blocks review here.

Footmuff – perfect for a stroll on a cold day, a footmuff is an incredibly soft and snuggly add-on to your stroller.

We have a Bugaboo footmuff for our Donkey (we used the exact same one with our Bee 5) but you can buy third-party footmuffs in other beautiful prints and styles too.

Formula – infant formula is a healthy breast milk substitute for mothers who cannot or choose not to breastfeed.

Most are available as dried-milk powders and are made from cow’s milk, vitamins and minerals.

Ready-to-feed liquid formula bottles are another popular option.

Formula dispenser – formula dispensers help with bottle prep.

They can be as simple as an on-the-go plastic container or as complicated a Baby Keurig – BabyBreeza is the go-to choice for modern parents. 

Baby Items Starting with G

Gas relief – keeping your baby comfortable during the first few months of life is an essential part of your new role as a parent.

And gas is a constant battle!

These gas relief drops are a wonderful homeopathic remedy for your baby’s tummy troubles.

Gate – having a gate is a must-have when your home has two levels or areas you need to keep your baby safe from.

We like Summer Infant baby gates and purchased this retractable one for our indoor stairs.

Then, we got an outdoor version for the back deck!

Glider – in my opinion, this is the most underrated baby item around.

A glider is wonderful for your first days as a new mom and is the perfect piece of furniture for feeding and soothing fussy babies in or even just for snuggling.

We use to have our glider in the bedroom but have now moved it into the living room – I still use it daily with my 10-month-old.

baby item that starts with s

Graco – this is one of the most popular and reputable baby brands around.

Graco makes some of the most reliable baby products on the market including this swing.

Please save your money and choose this thing over the mamaRoo the first time around – it was a lifesaver for our first daughter who just wouldn’t sleep!

Graco also offers a great travel system, car seat, and high chair.

Gripe water – this is a classic remedy to soothe babies who are gassy and fussing from colic.

It’s made with natural ingredients to help reduce inflammation in tiny tummies.

Grooming kit – a great baby item to keep in your diaper caddy.

Most kits include nail clippers, emery boards, cradle cap brushes, and more.

Gym – a baby play gym is perfect for entertainment when baby is on his or her back or during tummy time.

You can keep your little one entertained for up to an hour at a time with the right play gym.

Our second daughter loved this minimalist baby play gym until she started crawling!

baby item starts with g

Baby Items Starting with H

Happiest Baby on the Block – this famous book is written by Dr. Harvey Karp and teaches parents how to soothe their fussy babies.

You’ll learn the 5 S’s and practice them whenever your little one is upset.

It’s honestly amazing how effective they are!

Fun Fact: this same company is responsible for the Snoo bassinet.

High Chair – this cute Oxo Tot high chair is comfy and stylish and makes the perfect addition to any modern home – it’s also usable for when your child is up to 5 years of age!

Hello Bello – this baby brand is a popular newcomer that features great high-quality products for a fraction of the price.

It’s most comparable to Honest Company, another celebrity-owned baby brand.

Hooded bath towel – a hooded towel is perfect for drying off your baby after a bath.

They’re a great way to keep them calm and close to you – especially on days where your little one did NOT want to bathe!

Honest Company – another popular high-quality baby brand that focuses on natural and clean products for infants and kids.

Honest’s diapers, wipes, and baby bath products are some of the best around.

Huggies – I think this is probably one of the first brands that come to mind when people think of babies!

Huggies diapers and wipes have been used by hundreds of millions of parents for decades. 

Little Snugglers are a great gentle choice for new babies.

Hooded baby blanket – a hooded blanket is a surprisingly effective way to calm a fussy baby.

It’s also a great and cute way to keep your little one warm on the go.

When you’re out and about and need somewhere to lay your baby down and keep them warm, having a soft cuddly blanket to wrap them up in is always a good call!

Humidifier – your baby’s bedroom should be a soothing and calming place.

But a humidifier not only helps to create a nice atmosphere for your little one, they’re actually meant to keep eyes, lips, skin, and little noses moist!

Hydrasense – this is a great product for helping babies with nasal blockages.

It works to lubricate your baby’s delicate nostrils so a nasal aspirator can remove and alleviate the blockage. 

Baby Items Starting with I

Infant tub – bathing your baby in a bath that’s made specifically for infants can simplify this essential task.

You might use less water than a sink or tub and keeping it clean is easier.

Many infant tubs also include a special sling to lay your baby in and keep them in a safe upright position.

Infant toothbrush – using a toothbrush to clean your baby’s gums from birth helps reduce the risk of cavities and other problems associated with having teeth. 

Infant Tylenol – an essential for your baby medicine cabinet, Infant Tylenol is a must-have for fevers and other pains associated with teething.

Always consult your doctor!

Infant pillow – this is a great little pillow to help prop up your little one for tummy time.

Inflatable bather –  if you love the idea of giving your little one a bath but hate the idea of lugging around a heavy, bulky tub this is a creative solution.

It’s lightweight and easy to store!

Inflatable play yard – when it comes to keeping your baby entertained these days there are so many options available.

A play yard is great for providing a contained area for them to play and explore.

Infant carrier – I love the idea of using an infant carrier for walks around the neighborhood or to tackle errands around the house.

This was great during my youngest’s first days.

Instant bath towelettes – babies are constantly getting dirty and these make cleaning messes on the go a breeze.

Iora bedside bassinet – if you’re looking for a safe solution to sleeping your baby in your room for the first few months, this is an excellent choice.

It easily attaches to your bed so feeding or checking on your infant never has to be difficult!

Baby Items Starting with J

Jars – baby food jars are such a classic item, aren’t they?

And while pouch foods are more popular these days, you can still pick them up at most supermarkets.

Jumper – all babies love to jump and bounce around!

These fantastic little units give little ones an awesome place to do just that while being safely contained at the same time. 

Juice – when babies are sick or struggling with tummy troubles, some juices can ease the pain – our favorites are prune and pear.

I always mix ours with half water and it works wonders for my 10-month old. 

Jolly jumper – if your baby is a little older and ready to master the art of bouncing (with supervision from you, of course), this brand is a great choice.

It’s safe, sturdy, and fun!

Jujube –  these beautiful and trendy diaper bags are popular with modern moms. 

They are stylish, practical, and comfortable – great for carrying everything including baby’s essentials!

baby items list answers

Baby Items Starting with K

Keepsake box – store special memories of your baby inside a keepsake box.

It’s a unique way to keep all of those special things you collect while raising your child.

Kneeler – a kneeler can make bath time much more comfortable!

Your knees can get VERY soar during bath time and this allows you to play and bathe your baby in a full-sized tub.

Knit plush – these are such fun little toys for your infant to play with – mine loves to give hers kisses!

These cuddle+kind dolls are super popular and provide 10 meals with the purchase of each doll. 

Knotted gown – these gowns are easy to put over your baby’s head and you simply tie a knot at the bottom for easy access overnight – this design simplifies changes a lot! 

Knotted headband – you’ll probably buy at least a few headbands if you’re having a little girl.

The knotted style is especially popular right now. 

Knotted hat – knotted baby hats are a classic item – I bought a pack of three for my little girl.

They’re a nice way to keep your baby warm from head to toe, especially during your child’s first days – here are the Kyte Baby ones we had. 

baby items that start with k

Kyte baby – this brand has developed quite the following for its soft and beautiful bamboo fabric baby clothes.

They even have clothing for adults now so you can be just as comfy as your little one. 

Baby Items Starting with L

Lactation cookies – these are AMAZING for breastfeeding.

I like MilkMakers and have a pack each morning to help with my milk supply. 

baby items starting with l

Lavender lotion – this calming lotion is a wonderful add-on to baby’s night time routine.

The soothing smell calms both infants and their exhausted parents! 

Leander – we ditched our change table once we tried the Leander change pad.

It’s so much more convenient with its portable silicone design and is even easier for clean up!

No need for change pad covers or worrying about messes that have seeped through a fabric change pad.

Just spray it with your favorite baby-friendly cleaner, and presto!

You’re ready to go for the next change. 

Lounger – this thing was a game-changer with two kids!

The Snuggle Me Organic lounger is a great place to let baby rest when you need hands-free moments. 

Baby Items Starting with M

Manual Breast Pump – when you need to pump a bit on the go or aren’t fully committed to pumping, a manual pump is a great much less expensive option.

It’s also great for situations where your electric pump isn’t accessible (like during a flight). 

MamaRoo – this popular baby swing features a gorgeous modern design and is something a lot of moms swear by.

But to be honest, it did NOT work for either of our babies.

Maybe you’ll have better luck. 

Monitor – keep your sanity by investing in a great baby monitor!

This one from Summer is our second baby monitor and it’s about 300x better than our first (a cheap Motorola baby monitor).

The camera and sound are really accurate with almost zero delays and you can even set up more cameras for multiple children!

Moses Basket – this cute bassinet alternative is very popular with boho-style loving moms.

Most are compatible with Jolly Jumper’s bassinet stand and look great in every room.

I purchased one of these for our youngest baby secondhand on Facebook Marketplace and used it for my pregnancy announcement photo.

baby items a - z pregnancy

Baby Items Starting with N

Nail clipper – a baby nail clipper is an absolute must for any baby.

You’ll need it from their first days of life since they’re prone to scratching their faces with those sharp little claws from day one. 

Nail file – you’ll want a baby nail file as well so that your little one doesn’t hurt herself trying to smooth her nails down after cutting them.

It also keeps those sharp edges at bay. 

Nose Frida – this actually works!

You’ll be able to clear your little one’s nose with much less fuss using the Nose Frida (and you’ll thank yourself for buying it).

Nasal aspirator –  this is a must-have for parents.

It helps get rid of the gunk that’s clogging up baby’s nose!

The Nose Frida item mentioned above is a type of nasal aspirator.

We have the Hydrasense one that we got in this kit – it works very well!

Nasal drops – We like Hydrasense.

Nasal drops are great for loosening gunk that’s built up in your baby’s nose. 

Night light – no more tripping over baby stuff at night!

Get a cute little night light for your nursery.

Nursing bras – nursing bras are really great to have when you’re nursing.

They’re really comfortable and can be used as a crop top too for easy access! 

Nipple butter – nursing can be very hard on your nipples.

A good nipple butter like Earth Mama Angel Baby will help soothe and heal them as you’re nursing.

Nuna leaf – the Nuna Leaf is an amazing manual baby swing.

I borrowed this thing from my sister and it put my baby to sleep more times than the mamaRoo ever did.

baby items for modern mom

Nursing pillow – the Boppy pillow was a life saver when our daughter was first born.

We used it to help prop her up in the early days, and to support her so that I didn’t have to hold her the whole time. 

Nursing pads – you’ll want nursing pads for those first few weeks when leaking breasts are the norm.

They’re also great if you want to pump and not show any wetness through your shirt. 

Baby Items Starting with O

Onesies – you’ll want at least a couple of onsies in your baby’s wardrobe.

Onesies are a staple for new parents because they’re the easiest outfit for diaper changes! 

Outfits – a cute outfit or two is always nice to have on hand, especially if you’re going out.

Our favorites for baby’s first year were ones that were easy to put on and super soft. 

Outlet covers – baby proofing your home is so important, especially once your little one reaches about 6 months old and is constantly on the go.

Outlet covers are a great way to protect your baby from shocking herself if she reaches for an outlet (or anything else that’s on the side of the furniture). 

Oxo tot – this brand has amazing storage solutions for baby purees, eating tools for on-the-go, and even a high chair.

We love Oxo for grownups and fell in love with Oxo tot for our littles! 

baby things a to z - h for high chair

Baby Items Starting with P

Pacifiers – if you use pacifiers with your baby, you’ll make sure you have one on hand at all times.

Pajamas – baby pajamas are a staple in every baby wardrobe.

Honestly, both of my little girls spent about 90% of their infanthood in zip-up pajamas.

It’s just so much easier to get things done when your baby is happy and comfy!

Pacifier clip – if your baby uses a pacifier, a pacifier clip and prevent them from droping their binky on the floor. 

Playard – a playard can make traveling so much easier!

It helps give you someplace to set your little one down when you need to, and it’s great for a quick diaper change. 

Play mat – babies love their play mats!

They’re the perfect place for them to roll around and get a look at their new world.

Plus some have toys which make them even more fun!

baby items m

Pampers – another very reputable brand for diapers and baby wipes.

They’re super soft and comfortable for baby, plus they seem to fit really well.

We love Pampers Aqua Pure wipes.

Portable bassinet – a portable bassinet is so helpful if you’re traveling or visiting family.

It sets up in seconds, and you can have your baby sleep close to you overnight without waking them up. 

I use a DockATot for traveling.

Portable white noise – we love this one from Skip Hop.

White noise on the go is great to help infants fall asleep no matter where they are. 

Baby Items Starting with Q

Quietude – this Boiron remedy is effective for sleeping disorders and colic. It’s safe and gentle for infants. 

Quilt –  quilts are a nice soft option for baby sleep. They’re a great way to add some color and decoration in your little one’s room, too. 

Quincy Mae – this brand has a great selection of baby clothes that are high quality, easy to use, and most importantly, super cute!

baby items a - z game

Baby Items Starting with R

Rattles – there are so many rattles to choose from and from about 8 months on, your baby will get a real kick out of shaking things! I love this fitness-themed set from Fischer Price.

baby items list r

Receiving blanket – receiving blankets are great for swaddling and will help your new little one sleep better. 

Related: What’s the difference between a swaddle blanket and a receiving blanket?

Remedies – remedies are a great way to help your baby with things like colic, teething, and sleeplessness.

We love Boiron’s homeopathic collection.

Rocker – babies love their rockers!

If you need to get stuff done around the house and your little one is awake, put them in a rocker to keep them comfortable, safe, and entertained. 

Rocking chair – similar to a glider, a rocking chair is a perfect place to nurse your baby and soothe them to sleep.

This plastic Eames-style one was perfect for our small nursery.

Baby Items Starting with S

Shampoo –  baby shampoo is another thing you’ll want to have for bath time.

We recommend Babyganic or Earth Mama Angel Baby – they’re both gentle and a little bit goes a long way. 

Skip Hop – if you’re looking for a diaper bag, baby toys, or other accessories, Skip Hop is a reliable high-quality brand.

They have so many different options, colors, and product lines.

Swaddle – a swaddle is an excellent way to soothe a fussy baby.

Since babies are used to being swaddled in the womb, swaddling them in the outside world will help them feel safe and secure.

This can also help them sleep longer.

Stroller – strollers are the perfect way to transport your little one and is a great way for new moms and dads to get in some exercise when they can.

Choose something that’s high quality and suits your lifestyle.

It may be a double or it may be lightweight.

Ease of use and collapsibility are important factors all around though!

baby brands a - z

Swing – a swing is perfect for getting your baby to sleep when you’re busy or if they just love a good swing. 

Snoo – the Snoo by Happiest Baby is a miracle product – my littlest one was sleeping 13 hours overnight by 5 weeks old!

I can’t recommend this thing enough and love how it kept my baby sleeping safely on her back for each nap and every overnight sleep.

baby items that start with z

Sound machine – sound machines are a great way to help your baby sleep.

They drown out other harsh noises that might wake them up and give them the space they need to do some serious sleeping. 

Soother – a soother is great to have on hand. It’s a good way to help your little ones settle down when they get fussy and can be used even when they’re toddlers. 

Sleepers – there are so many different sleepers to choose from, it can be hard to find the perfect one. We have a lot of favorites, but Kyte, Carter’s, and Burts Bees are our top three. 

Stroller clips – stroller clips are an easy way to attach toys, books, or even a diaper bag to your stroller. 

Stroller hook – a stroller hook is a great way to carry things like your purse, diaper bag, or even shopping bags.

I love to attach a stroller hook with a solid reusable bag to our Bugaboo Donkey for Costco shops – I’ve done a few good ones in Mono mode!

baby item that starts with h

Baby Items Starting with T

Teethers – teethers are an excellent way to help your little one with their pain from teething. They’re easy to use, interesting for babies to handle and look at, and can be used for babies of all ages. 

Thermometer – an easy to use accurate thermometer is a must-have for your medicine cabinet. 

Tummy time mat – a fun tummy time mat can be the difference between your baby enjoying or resenting this time of the day!

Choose something cute with high contrast colors.

Tylenol – when your baby has a fever (or is in pain), Tylenol can provide serious relief.

baby items start with b

Baby Items Starting with U

Undershirts – undershirts are perfect for wearing under a cute outfit to keep your baby extra snug and warm.

Uppababy Vista –  if you’re looking for a high-quality stroller and plan on having at least two children, this is a good option.

It’s lightweight and folds up easily but it’s still sturdy and comfortable.

Uppababy Cruz – this stroller is a great alternative to the Vista, and it’s perfect for those with smaller cars, or who live in the city.

This stroller is perfect for one child.  

Uppababy Mesa –  this is another great feature about UPPAbaby strollers – the Mesa car seat is a one-click car seat that easily goes into your stroller.

No adaptors or modifications are necessary! 

UVI sterilizer – a UVI sterilizer is perfect for cleaning your bottles, breast pump parts, or anything else you use to feed or clean your baby.

It will sanitize everything in the safest way possible. 

Baby Items Starting with V

Vaporizer – a vaporizer is great for when your little one has a cold or congestion. It’s also good to use if you can see a lot of mucus in your baby’s nose.

What’s the difference between a vaporizer vs humidifier?

Vaporizers heat water to create steam while humidifiers create mist from cold water.

Vicks VapoPads – Vapopads are a great alternative to Vicks Vaporub.

All you need is 1 in your baby’s humidifier and you can put that baby to sleep.

They’re a little pricey but they WORK!

Vicks VapoRub – Vicks Vaporub is another great alternative to a humidifier.

You can rub it on your baby’s chest or feet before bed, and it has a soothing smell that will help them relax. 

Vitamin D – this essential vitamin is the easiest way to make sure your baby is getting what they need for their growing bones.

Vitamin D for babies is the easiest way to get them what they need.  

baby items starting with p

Baby Items Starting with W

Washcloths – baby washcloths are a soft and gentle way to clean your little one at bath time but they’re also small enough to easily fit in your diaper bag. 

You can use them at home or on the go!

Walker – a walker is great for balancing your baby’s growing curiosity with their need to stand up and have fun. You can get a simple wooden one or one with all the bells and whistles like this Vtech one.

WaterWipes – WaterWipes are perfect for cleaning your baby’s hands, face, and bottom. They don’t contain any chemicals that might irritate your little one’s skin are the formula uses 99.9% water with a drop of fruit extract.

WaterWipes are our go-to baby wipes!

Related: WaterWipes vs Pampers Aqua Pure – Is there a Difference?

Wet wipes – another must-have for your medicine cabinet, wet wipes are a great item to have on hand. 

Wearable blanket – wearable blankets are great for keeping your baby safe and warm during naps and overnight sleep.

They zip-up to the neck with holes at the arms to ensure baby is still mobile.

Wrap – there are so many different types of baby wraps out there and they’re all great in their own way. While some people swear by baby slings, I personally found the clip style easier to use.

White noise machine – a white noise machine helps your baby sleep better by creating soothing sounds and noises they’re used to at home.

It also helps block out other noises that might wake them up – like a dog barking, doorbell ringing, or your older kids playing loudly!

Wooden toys – every baby needs a wooden toy or two. They’re great because they last forever, are quiet, and encourage creativity.

Wubbanub –  a Wubbanub is a pacifier with a toy attached to the end of it. The plush is cute and fun for little ones!

Baby Items Starting with X

Xanthum Gum – a harmless ingredient used in many baby products as a thickener or stabilizer. You’ll usually find it in lotions and cream-based products.

Do a lot of baking at home? Then you may already be very familiar with this additive!

Xari – this modern stroller by Mima features a reversible seat and Mima’s exclusive “carrycot inside” system – meaning Xari can be used as a carrycot or pushchair.

It’s a really beautiful stroller. 

Xplory – this Stokke stroller is a premium model that’s perfect for tall parents. It offers luxurious comfort for your baby whether he or she is awake or asleep. 

Xylophone – this classic children’s toy is so much fun for babies. They can learn to play and make music together or just have fun!

Baby Items Starting with Y

Y-cut nipples – these are the best nipples you can get for your baby. The Y-shaped opening allows for better milk flow. 

Yogurt melts – these are a great self-feeding starter food for little ones. They love them and can easily put them in their mouth once they reach about 6 or 7 months of age.

Yoyo – these strollers are the perfect combination of compact and high-quality. 

They fold very small so they’re easy to fit into most trunks and even as overhead luggage, but once you unfold them they’re very sturdy.

The Yoyo doesn’t have a lot of features but the basics are all there and it’s a great stroller.

YPSI – this travel system by Peg Perego can go from single to double stroller in no time. New parents will love that it goes from birth to 50 pounds – that’s potentially up to 5 year old, wow!

Baby Items Starting with Z

Zeno – this Cybex multisport stroller is perfect for active moms and dads.

Good for 6 months old and up, you’ll be able to run or bike with your baby in the stroller as a pushcart or with hands-free options. 

Zigi – this Mima brand stroller is easy to fold and perfect for children from birth all the way up to 48.5 pounds – wow!

Like the Yoyo, it’s also accepted as cabin luggage by most airlines.  

Zip-up swaddle – a zip-up swaddle is great because you never have to worry about your little one getting out of it.

These are perfect for babies who have a knack for getting their arms out of swaddles and they’re easy to get your little one in and out of – but they’ll stay swaddled longer because their arms aren’t loose inside.

Zip-up pajamas – zippered pajamas are much easier to get your little one in and out of than traditional PJs. You don’t have to worry about snapping buttons or bows, just zip them up and go!

Zippered Footie – zippered footies are great for when your baby starts standing.
It’s adorable to see those little feet and this will allow for more stability when your baby takes his or her first steps!

Modern Baby Items List: A – Z (PDF Download)

Click the image below to visit the Dropbox link and download the full resolution baby items and brands starting with A to Z answer key.

This exhaustive list includes top brands modern moms swear by with a few creative letter solutions you haven’t seen anywhere else.


baby items starting with a to z pdf
5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

I hope you found this modern baby items list: a – z helpful!

This is a super fun game to play at baby showers but it could also make for a stunning group gift for one lucky expecting mama.

Have a modern baby brand you love on this list? Share your experience in the comments below!

Happy planning, friends!

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