What to Put in Diaper Caddies: 10 Must-Have Items

what to put in a diaper caddyBabies come with a lot of stuff – and knowing what to put in diaper caddies will help you stay that much more organized!

You’ll come to find that a caddy is not just useful for changes though, you can also use it as a:

  • breastfeeding basket
  • baby medicine kit
  • baby grooming kit

Keep reading to see how to stock a diaper caddy with the essentials you really need for your little one.

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What to Put in Diaper Caddies: 10 Must-Have Items

what to put in diaper caddyFirst things first – I bet some of you are wondering…

Do I need a diaper caddy? 

And yes, you do!

A diaper caddy will help keep things much more organized and in reach for you.

Use the following guidelines to start stocking your diaper caddy with everything you need to take care of your littlest family member.

Note for Cloth Diapering Moms: If you’re organizing a diaper caddy for cloth diapers, you can skip the first two items here since you’ll need a separate dresser drawer to contain your diapers, inserts, and cloth wipes.

what to put in bedside diaper caddy

1. Diapers

Adding 10 or more diapers to your caddy ensures that you’ll have a large enough supply to change your baby all day long.

Personally, I upgraded to a larger diaper caddy so that I could stock 20 or so at once – its just one less chore I have to think about every day.

I like to store diapers altogether in the largest designated slots since it keeps things nice and neat.


2. Baby Wipes

One pack of baby wipes should be enough to last you between 3 to 5 days.

I like to store mine in the second slot of my diaper caddy with – you guessed it – even MORE diapers.

It helps keep the wipes package upright and prevents leakage. Sometimes the sticker seals on wipes packages can peal but keeping them upright with the non-lifted part of the sticker face down usually alleviates the problem.

A wipes dispenser is just for looks – it’s a totally unnecessary item.

things to go in diaper caddy


3. Diaper Cream

This is the last of the bare minimum essential items you should put in a diaper caddy.

Diaper cream can prevent or help your baby heal from an existing rash and should always be kept close at hand.

To help rashes heal even faster, it’s good to let your baby air dry for a few minutes after you’ve finished wiping away any messes.

We avoid lanolin products as much as possible and used Earth Mama’s diaper balm for both of our babies.

More tips for new and expecting moms: 


4. Baby Lotion

You may have already noticed your little one’s skin becoming dry, especially where his or her ankles and feet come together and/or around the knee caps.

Stocking baby lotion in your diaper caddy will remind you to apply it to your baby’s dry spots when their skin is exposed anyway.

I’m a HUGE fan of Earth Mama products and use this lotion.

what to put on diaper cart

5. Burp Cloths

I don’t think it’s physically possible for me to use any other burp cloths than these!

Aden + Anais burpy bibs grow with your baby from burp cloths to bibs and don’t fall off your shoulder every time you go to pick up your baby.

My four-year-old still wears them when she eats sometimes!

I always put at least two burp cloths in our diaper caddy because I like using one as an extra protective layer on our nursing pillow – instead of machine-washing the pillow, I just need to wash a burp cloth then!

grey diaper caddy with two burp cloths

6. Baby Nail Clipper or File

Trimming your baby’s nails can be a bit stressful – especially when they’re brand new!

Those little fingers are so delicate and it’s easy to make a mistake. I used a nail file for the first four months and switched to a safe baby nail clipper recently.


7. Thermometer

You only know so much by placing the back of your hand on baby’s forehead.

Placing a thermometer in your diaper caddy is a handy way to keep track of it so you’re not scrambling when baby seems under the weather!

diaper storage basket with thermometer, teething relief drops, and vitamin d

8. Vitamin D

Doctors and nurses will tell you this again and again before you bring your new baby home, so make sure to stock a bottle of Vitamin D in your diaper caddy.

I recently tried a baby probiotic with vitamin D and I like the little dropper it comes with!


9. Nasal Aspirator

Babies don’t know how to blow their noses but are frequently congested.

A nasal aspirator is an essential tool to clear your baby’s nasal passage so he or she can breathe without obstruction!

Because congestion can interfere with everything from nursing to sleep.


10. Nasal Drops

When baby has a dry nasal passage or a booger needs some extra assistance, baby nasal drops can help clear airways.

They’re 100% natural and work like a charm.

what to put in nappy caddy

Optional Things to Go in Diaper Caddy:

Consider adding the following additional items to your diaper caddy


11. Cradle Cap Lotion

I like Hello Bello Everywhere Balm.

My newest baby has some pretty stubborn cradle cap but we’re seeing great results every time we use this stuff!

diaper caddy essentials including hello bello everywhere balm


12. Cradle Cap Brush

About half-hour after shampooing or applying lotion, brushing your baby’s scalp can help reduce cradle cap scales.

I picked up this brush from Kyte baby.


13. Gas Relief Drops

I like these baby probiotic drops – I used it with both of my girls.

They really do help with baby’s digestive health!


14. Teether

My first baby didn’t get her teeth until she was five months old so it was a complete shock when my second baby had two teeth at three months old!

Consider adding a teether to your diaper caddy when your baby starts to show signs of teething or reaches about three months of age.

It’ll keep him or her extra happy during air drying sessions as well!

things to go in diaper caddy like a teether


15. Teething Relief Medicine

I like these teething drops.

They’re a natural product that helps with irritability, diarrhea, and pain caused by teething.


16. Nursing Pads

I like having these with the diaper caddy as it reminds me to put them on before I leave the house with baby.

Giving her a change is one of the last things I do before we head out for the day.

These are the organic cotton nursing pads I have that come with the little bag you see in the photo below!

I like to keep a set of disposables in there too as they work better with looser tops.

woven diaper basket with nursing pad bag attached


17. Lactation Cookies

I’ve suffered a bit more stress after having my second baby and my breastmilk supply unfortunately suffered as a result.

I did purchase Booby Boons breastfeeding cookies and bars and they have really helped though!

Keeping a bag of these cookies in my diaper caddy reminds me to eat one or two of these while I’m nursing my baby girl.

They recommend eating them about an hour before breastfeeding but I’ve found that eating them during a nursing session still helps with feeds later on in the day.

diaper caddy alternative ideas - use as a breastfeeding basket with nursing essentials


18. Mom’s Medication

Asthma attacks have crept up on me at the WORST times!

So, I learned to always stock an inhaler in my diaper caddy just in case.

Another bonus is that whenever I feel an attack coming on, I always know I can find an inhaler here! 5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

What to put in your diaper caddy depends on the way you want to use it. If you want to keep it in a room with a stationary changing table, consider filling it with just the basics:

  1. Diapers
  2. Baby Wipes
  3. Diaper Cream
  4. Baby Lotion
  5. Burp Cloths
  6. Baby Nail File
  7. Thermometer
  8. Vitamin D
  9. Nasal Aspirator
  10. Nasal Drops

But if you want to level up and use your diaper caddy to work as an all-in-one portable baby care center, add the following items:

  1. Cradle Cap Lotion
  2. Cradle Cap Brush
  3. Gas Relief Drops
  4. Teething Relief Medicine
  5. Teether
  6. Nursing Pads
  7. Lactation Cookies
  8. Mom’s Medication

Personally, I prefer having a portable changing pad that I can take with me to any room – it makes it much easier to care for my baby and get things done around the house.

Plus, it takes up a very minimal footprint!

At the end of the day though, it all comes down to what works best for you and your baby!

How will you stock your diaper caddy? Is it similar to what’s in your diaper bag?

Say hello in the comments below 🙂

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