The Ultimate Homeschool Supply List (with Free PDF Printable)

Getting organized with a homeschool supply list is a great way to guarantee that you’ve got all you need to get started!

homeschool supply list

I’ve created two lists below – the first covers only the essentials you’ll need to start doing reading, math, and other desk work while the second includes two extra categories for crafts and outdoors.

Keep reading to:

  • get your choice of a downloadable homeschool supply list
  • learn how to organize homeschool supplies
  • preschool and kindergarten lists + tips
  • fun school supplies for craft time and outdoors

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The Ultimate Homeschool Supply List (Free PDF Printable)

homeschool supplies list

Whether you’re starting from preschool, kindergarten, or beyond, you’ll find that you use a lot of the same things daily.

A great homeschool curriculum covers language arts, math and/or art and science.

But how you teach these topics is up to you!

It’ll vary by your child’s age, interests, and how they learn best.

I started teaching my oldest daughter preschool topics using workbooks like these and created a few extra worksheets in English and Croatian for her to do – you can download them for free near the end of this post 🙂

But once our second daughter was born and my business grew, things got busier and we eventually switched to a boxed curriculum.

Here are a few popular done for you homeschool curriculums you could try:

  • Abeka
  • Alpha Omega Publications
  • Bob Jones University
  • Easy Peasy All-In-One
  • The Good and the Beautiful
  • Master Books
  • Time4Learning

The supply lists below will work for all of them.

Now, let’s check out these homeschool must haves for preschool, kindergarten, and beyond!

Homeschool Preschool Supply List

You really don’t need a lot for preschool.

Kids at this age are learning very basic skills and lesson plans should be focused more on making learning fun than anything!

Preschoolers usually learn:

  • pencil grip
  • motor skills
  • sorting
  • letter recognition
  • number recognition
  • colors
  • shapes

Here are some supplies you should pick up for preschool:

  • pencils – we recommend these learning pencils because they’re easy to hold for little hands
  • crayons – you get more than enough in this pack and it even comes in a caddy with a removable crayon sharpener
  • colored pencils – these are our go to art tools
  • washable markers – we like that these are washable and half the size of regular markers – it makes them easier to hold for littles
  • glue stick – we like the purple ones, they make it easier for kids who are still learning to use glue to see where they’ve applied it
  • safety scissors – training scissors are worth the investment
  • tape – I found that some tape was tricky to rip for my kids, Magic Tape was great
  • washable paints – kids will make messes, washable colors are a must have
  • paint brushes – a nice variety will provide hours of entertainment
  • play dough – they’re great for creating things, making shapes, and combining colors (a wide selection of colors is important)
  • play dough tools – having a tub to put them all away in after helps with cleanup too
  • craft supplies – pom poms, pipe cleaners, buttons etc. – a little combo pack like this makes for a great start
how to organize kids stuff with ikea glis

What do you need to have for homeschool?

Here are all of the most basic supplies that you’ll need in your homeschooling journey from kindergarten and up – whether you used a boxed curriculum like The Good and the Beautiful or create your own:

  • 3-Ring Binders – I like the ones with clear pockets on the front and back so you can create labels for different subjects
  • Binder Dividers – these are good for breaking down subjects into study units
  • Binder Rings – I like using these to organize flash cards and other learning decks
  • Bookmarks – we like to use the clip on magnetic style to mark our place in books
  • Calendar – I’ve been using this one for about a year and love it, a desk calendar is great for an overview of your monthly school plans – it’s helped keep up on track!
  • Construction Paper – a nice big variety of colors is good for crafts
  • Copy Paper – even if you use a boxed curriculum, you’ll find that you’re constantly printing additional materials for homeschool – it’s worth having plenty on hand
  • Crayons – again, we really like the caddy and sharpener in this one
  • Dry Erase Board – a small one is great for math problems and writing practice – a boogie board is another great option because you don’t need an eraser or markers (just clean a button to erase everything that’s written on it)
  • Dry Erase Markers – choose fine tip ones since they’ll be easier for kids to use
  • Erasers – I like these because they don’t smudge and ruin the page!
  • File Folders – these are inexpensive and great for organizing finished work and upcoming assignments
  • Glue – again, we like the purple sticks for young kids but as they get older liquid glue is great for some crafts and making slime
  • Highlighters – great for students and parents, I like this color variety
  • Hole Punch – a traditional one is good to have if you plan on printing course work but the singles are great for flash cards
  • Index Cards – these are an inexpensive and easy way to make flash cards (great for teaching another language)
  • Laminator – these are great for getting materials ready at the beginning of the year and surprisingly, they don’t cost very much!
  • Lined Paper – choose something basic for your binders or get notepads if you’ll be on the go (great for nature walks, field trips, or in the garden)
  • Markers – we always go for washable markers because accidents happen
  • Notebooks – I like to pick up several different styles – this is a great value pack, I’ve used these since I was a kid, and minis are convenient when you’re on the go
  • Paint – I like the washable ones best because they’re easier to get out of clothes and furniture when accidents happen
  • Paintbrushes – here’s a really cute set for kids, my daughters also love having a palette for their colors (they get warn out after time, so having a few on hand is a good idea)
  • Paper Clips – we have this set, they’re fun and colorful so we can use them to make paper clip jewelry and crafts, use them as bookmarks, and for your basic holding paper
  • Pencils – this will last you a long time
  • Pencil Crayons – we have these ones, they’re high quality and the color variety is beautiful
  • Pencil Erasers – it’s important to buy ones that actually work and aren’t just plain cute (I had some from Michael’s in the past that left awful stains), get these ones
  • Pencil Sharpener – invest in a good one, the cheap ones don’t last! We have a plug-in one since we use a lot of pencils and pencil crayons daily
  • Pens – we like the grip on these ones and they write really nicely
  • Planner – I have and really like this one – it’s specific for homeschooling!
  • Printer + Ink – you need something basic and reliable to get going
  • Post It Notes – these are fun and colorful, they’re good for sight words, reading practice, and as place holders
  • Rulers – we like clear ones, it’s good to have one for each student
  • Scissors – once kids know how to use them, these ones have a nice soft grip and work well for paper and crafts – if your child is still learning, go for training scissors though
  • Sharpies – this pack has a wonderful variety of colors and will last a long time!
  • Sketchbooks – we use to start every morning with some drawing – it’s a great way to ease into your school day
  • Stapler + Staples – something basic is important whether you create your own curriculum or choose a boxed set, if you’ll be printing large stacks of paper, go for something high capacity though (this one does 240 sheets)
  • Tape – this one is easy for little kids to use too
homeschool supplies

How do I organize my homeschool supplies?

Here are a few of the way we like to organize our homeschool room:

  • Clear Plastic Bins – great for things you have a lot of (markers, crayons, etc)
  • Plastic Organizer with Drawers – we keeping organizing ours with paint, paintbrushes, watercolor paint, etc in ours
  • Rolling Cart – great for books, games, and other bigger items but it also works really well for craft supplies (in homes with older kids!)
  • Spinning Desk Organizer – I love this for those times where you’ll be working with several different supplies at once (it contains things really well)
  • Zip-loc Bags – great for paper crafts, cards, and other projects you plan to revisit in the future
organize homeschool supplies

More tips for homeschool organization:

Craft Supplies for Homeschool

Do your kids enjoy craft time as part of your school routine?

Here are some fun school supplies for homeschool craft time:

  • Beads – these are great for making jewelry, gluing, etc
  • Buttons – we like using a variety of shapes and colors for practicing sorting and recognition but they’re great for crafting too
  • Chalk – this is such a great activity for indoors (on a chalkboard or chalk paper) and outdoors on a sunny day! My girls can play with chalk for a couple of hours
  • Clay – my oldest recently took a homeschool art class and loved working with this
  • Cotton Balls – these are great for painting and chalk, you might even have them at home right now
  • Cotton Swabs – my kids both love painting with these but the plastic piece is good for art projects too
  • Craft Knife – this is a tool you’ll want to save for older kids or to use yourself, its great for cutting out foam and felt
  • Craft Sticks – we love using wood sticks for building things, making signs, and as plant labels – my oldest loves making them!
  • Felt – a nice variety of colors will make for lots of fun
  • Glitter – this is super fun for crafty glue projects, just be sure to seal it properly and store it out of reach
  • Glue Gun – you can make a lot of fun things and even costumes with one of these – just be sure to keep it out of reach from small hands
  • Glue Stick – I’ll say it one more time, go for the purple ones, haha!
  • Googly Eyes – we save toilet paper and paper towel rolls to make funny animals and characters with these
  • Paper Plates – honestly, I love having a stack at home for crafts and days where we want to make tidying up a little easier – usually it’s the same day, haha
  • Paper Rolls – if your kids love drawing and painting, I’d definitely get a big one
  • Pipe Cleaners & Pom Poms – a little combo pack is nice and has all you need to make cute projects kids can do
  • Stamps – these are fun for kids and for adults to use on well done assignments
  • Stickers – again, kids love playing with them just as much as they love receiving them for a job well done
  • Straws – these are fun for blowing paint and the colorful options are good for use on art projects
  • Tissue Paper – there are a lot of fun paper crafts you can do with this stuff, here’s a cute little activity box with some ideas for smaller kids
  • Water Color Paint – you’ll probably only want to get a set of these for older kids since small children sometimes struggle with the concept of dip in water and then dip into paint – both of mine did until my oldest turned 5
  • Water Color Paint – you’ll want something absorbent if your kids are working with water!
  • Yarn – knitting and crochet are great skills to learn for older kids (this is a really cool loom that adults and kids can both use) but this is fun for small kids too – here’s a great and easy activity that uses googly eyes, a hole punch, yarn, safety scissors, a sharpie, and some glue
organize homeschooling supplies

Outdoor Homeschool Ideas + Supplies

We enjoy a lot of time in the garden and outdoors so we created a section on our extensive homeschool supplies list for others that do the same 🙂

Here’s what we have for the kids:

  • Bucket – something simple is all you need – we like these for storing garden tools and for collecting leaves, rocks, and sticks during nature walks
  • Gardening Gloves – you can get inexpensive ones for basic gardening but we like these grippy ones as the kids get more involved in planting, weeding, and other activities where they might get wet
  • Gardening Tools – you’ll want to invest in a basic set like this that includes a hoe, leaf rake, regular rake, and spade but if you live in an apartment, want to focus on starting seeds indoor, or taking care of succulents, this set of mini tools is great for both kids and adults!
  • Pots – you only need a 4-inch size to start seeds – we recommend plastic over the peat pots as the latter absorbs too much more water and requires a lot more work to maintain
  • Rain Boots – we like rain boots with handles since they’re easier to use for small kids who are still learning to put them on and take them off (Crocs makes some of the best kids’ boots and clogs for gardening)
  • Rain Suit – whether you’re doing 1,000 hours outside or just enjoy being in the garden rain or shine, this is a really good one piece option
  • Seeds – this heirloom bundle is a great deal and will last a long time – it’s great for teaching kids how to garden and something to have in your household, just in case!
  • Soil – you’ll want to pick up some potting soil for starting seeds inside and houseplant transplants – a blend of earth and sea if best
  • Spray Bottle – this spray bottle creates a nice continuous mist for plants
  • Umbrella – it’s nice to have one for each child so they can safely and independently keep exploring by your side in all weather
  • Watering Can – this is a good size for kids and its anti-rust
homeschool gardening

Free homeschool worksheets for pre-k, kindergarten and up:

Here are a few printable pages for learning the alphabet and letter pronunciation plus European country names.

homeschooling supplies

Download the Printable Homeschool Supply List

Click to download the basic homeschool supply list here.

homeschool supply list basic

Here’s a quick recap what’s on it:

You can click to download the extensive homeschool supply list with basic, craft, and outdoor supplies below.

printable homeschool supply list

Here’s a quick guide to the homeschool craft supplies you’ll want to pick up:

And here’s what you’ll want for outdoor learning and homeschool gardening lessons:

Homeschool Supply List: Final Thoughts

At first glance, this may feel like a lot of things but chances are you’ve already got a lot of this stuff at home.

Many of the other supplies on here will last you for years to come – in my experience, there are only a few supplies we top up on every year and that comes down to things like pencils, markers, staples, and paper for printing and drawing.

You can also save a lot of money if you start shopping for stationary and craft supplies off season during the summer 🙂

Companies like Crayola, Prang, and Sharpie also offer done for you bundles that include a few essential items for getting started at a great price.

You can save a few dollars this way and figure out what you and the kids actually use most in the process.

If you’ve got young children, it also might be better to invest in a little craft kit like this instead of buying bulk googly eyes, beads, pom poms, etc that little hands tend to drop and misplace all over the house!

I say this from experience as I continue to discover googly eyes and pom poms my two year old has stashed all over the place, haha.

She thought it would be fun to make “craft supply” soup while her older sister does art!

To save money on gardening supplies, shop at the end of August or September when stores are clearing out inventory and the season is ending.

I wouldn’t recommend buying bulbs (the discount ones we got at the end of the season never came up), but you can get seed packs for around 60% off and they have a shelf life of a few years.

Be sure to store them in a nice cool place until you’re to start planting in late winter.

Hope you’ve found these tips and lists helpful 🙂

Wishing you the best in your homeschool journey – we’re so excited for you and hope you love it just as much as we do.

Happy homeschooling, friend!

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