31 Unique Halloween Social Media Ideas for 2023

Creating social media content around seasonal themes can do wonders for your presence on most networks – so why not give a few Halloween social media ideas a try this October? 

halloween instagram post ideas

We’ll talk 31 creative ideas you can use for: 

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • and even Twitter!

And while these content creation ideas may focus on visuals more catered to Instagram and Facebook, you should always consider using Pinterest and Twitter to reshare your content. 

Make your latest post work double time by cross-promoting it amongst all of your favourite social media networks

Pinning from Instagram is incredibly easy and using Pinterest and Instagram marketing strategies together is a very effective way to promote your blog.

It’s how I’ve grown mine for the past few years!

If you love photography and have a few amazing Instagram props in your creative kit, you’re going to love this post!

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31 Unique Halloween Social Media Ideas

halloween instagram ideas

The image styles we’ll be covering in this list of ideas include: 

  • Flat lays
  • Selfies
  • Point of view
  • Third Person

Let’s talk about a few fun social media post ideas in each category below. 

Use these ideas to promote your latest Halloween blog post or as a stand-alone piece of seasonal content for your favourite social media profile(s). 

Flat Lays

Whether you refer to it as a flat lay or a top-down photo, this popular style of photography is still a classic amongst new and veteran Instagram influencers alike. 

Get creative in your photo styling session by including fun Halloween props like orange or trendy white pumpkins, craft items, and more: 

  1. Halloween-themed meal/snacks / appetizer
  2. Pumpkins and assorted decor/candles are also always a great add-on
  3. Makeup/brushes/hair accessories teaser for your costume this year
  4. DIY craft items spread out in your work area
  5. Halloween movies/books / previous year’s costumes
  6. Fun dollar store finds / Target haul items
  7. A collage of physical photos of you / your family dressed up in previous years
  8. Stylized photo of your favourite candies or healthy alternatives 
hallow craft pumpkins in black, orange, and white as social media post



Use that front-facing camera to capture images of yourself participating in fun-themed events, with family, friends, or even in costume! 

Consider the following fun selfie Halloween social media ideas to get the #HalloweenSpirit started: 

  1. You in your costume/collection of previous years’ images
  2. Mid-pumpkin carving
  3. At the pumpkin patch
  4. At a local Halloween event/activity
  5. Pre-trick-or-treating with the little ones
  6. Group shot with friends/family / the kids
  7. Flash a quirky smile while you decorate in / outdoors!
  8. Shopping / creating Halloween-specific items – i.e. costumes, decor, candy, party

Point of View

Whether a “from where I stand” image or at your seated point of view in a Halloween-decorated cafe, snap a few fun shots this October to share with your followers. 

Let what you see guide you in creating the perfect post for Instagram or your other favourite social media platform:  

  1. How you’ve decorated your office space for the occasion
  2. Front door / outdoor decor shot
  3. Interior decor shot
  4. Holding a Halloween-themed treat / popular candy this time of year
  5. Applying makeup/dressing up
  6. Shot of your feet up and laptop / TV playing a popular Halloween movie
  7. Image of your hand holding your phone playing fun Halloween music
  8. Holding a shopping list as a teaser for your decor/costume/party planning
child playing in room of decor as a halloween social media ideas post

Third Person

Ask a friend or family member for help capturing the festive in action shots below. 

Alternatively, you can also grab your camera, a remote, and a tripod (see the camera equipment section in my blogging tools roundup for how I do it) to get great third-person shots on your own. 

  1. Checking out your costume in a mirror / doing makeup
  2. A teaser showing only a portion of your costume/makeup/group outfit
  3. Image of you / a child doing a craft / creating DIY decor
  4. Shopping for items/decor/costumes/potential for an image collection
  5. An action shot of decorating your home / adding the final touches
  6. Your full costume/group costume reveal
  7. Reenacting a famous movie scene – a great sense of humour is always appreciated!
nikki, husband, and daughter dressed in unicorn family halloween costume

Halloween Instagram Feed Layout Tips

(1) Photo Rotation

To get the most out of these 31 Instagram photo ideas, be sure to rotate your image types! 

For instance, this list post provides ideas for flat lays, points of view, selfies, and third-person images. 

You could rotate using a pattern like flat lay, third person, point of view, selfie! Plus, love posting quotes on your profile? Incorporate these into your rotation too! 

Breaking up your image types is one of the easiest and most effective ways to give your profile that extra wow factor!

I like to separate images according to whether or not a person is featured and/or whether or not it’s a “busy” photo – by this I mean, how much white space surrounds the subject(s) of the photo. 

Lots of white space? Not busy! Minimal white space, lots of clutter, and/or people in the image? This is what I refer to as busy!

(2) Use Similar Colours

Another proven method for creating a beautiful Instagram feed involves using like colours.

Consider using four or five like colours to start and choose them according to:

  • the environment you usually shoot in – i.e. your home, outdoors, etc.
  • your wardrobe and accessories
  • popular colours for the season
  • or other factors that play a role in your personal style of photography

For instance, let’s say you take a lot of #ootd selfies in your white and brown bedroom – choose three additional colours that often appear in your wardrobe, maybe black, grey, and pink! 

Now, simply try to stick to these colours and shoot new content around this theme. Update your profile as often as you like, seasonally, yearly, or whenever you see fit. 

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of what my Instagram feed looked like before and after I started using similar colours.

screenshot of nikkislivarich instagram blog feed from 2017
screenshot of nikkislivarich instagram feed from tailwind instagram scheduler

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(3) Photo Editing

The final factor you’ll want to consider when establishing an Instagram feed aesthetic is your image filter. 

I use Lightroom mobile to do my photo editing on the go and always recommend this incredible Adobe app to bloggers and influencers.

Here’s an example of before and after photo editing from the tutorial above – what a difference! 

side by side comparison of before and after editing with the adobe lightroom mobile app

By creating a specific filter within this Instagram photo editing app, I’ve also given my photos a look that’s uniquely mine – I prefer vibrant colours against a white background and found that my audience enjoys the same! 

In fact, Clarendon, which is the most similar IG filter available in the app, is the world’s favourite Instagram filter

So, if you’re not quite ready to learn photo editing for Instagram, consider choosing this filter to create a cohesive Instagram theme.

5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

To extend the reach of your Halloween social media ideas and posts, be sure to incorporate relevant Halloween hashtags

Happy Halloween, friends 🙂 

text reads nikki xo in pink font

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