30 Crafts that Make Money + Successful Small Businesses Killing it!

30 crafts to make and sellShopping local is the reason I started blogging – I love wearing and decorating my home with handmade items, how about you? 

And I know I’m not the only one – there are a ton of crafts that make money because supporting your local economy and small businesses owned by real people feels great!

This post features popular things to make and sell online and will cover craft business ideas including: 

  • what handmade items are in demand
  • crafts to make and sell
  • successful craft business stories
  • where to sell handmade items
  • ideas for craft business names
  • how to start your own business
  • how to describe your craft business
  • how to price handmade items
  • plus a checklist for checklist for starting a business

Let’s get started with an overview of handmade items in high demand before moving on to how to sell them!

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links and I could earn a small commission if you make a purchase using them. This comes at no additional cost to you and all opinions are my own.


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30 Crafts that Make Money + Small Business that are Killing It!

What are the best crafts to make and sell? Can you make a living from selling crafts? 

I’ve attended several local markets in the past year and after collaborating with the Tri-Cities Collective Market, I can tell you that there are certain crafts which do exceptionally well.

The following 30 things to make and sell for money are especially popular for this year: 

  1. T-Shirts and apparel for adults
  2. Baby and kids clothing
  3. Teethers
  4. Hair Accessories
  5. Bibs
  6. Baby blankets
  7. Home decor
  8. Furniture
  9. Art prints
  10. Wooden signs
  11. Soaps
  12. Skincare
  13. Plushes
  14. Candles
  15. Cards
  16. Jewelry
  17. Baked goods
  18. Freelance writing + blogging
  19. Digital products
  20. Marketing
  21. Subscriptions boxes
  22. Upcycled products
  23. Pet products
  24. Towels
  25. Paper goods
  26. Hanging planters
  27. Childrens crafts
  28. Photography
  29. Hand painted art
  30. Event planning
top down photo of woman making crafts to sell online

1. T-Shirt Business

To start your own t-shirt and apparel business, you should: 

  1. Choose a niche category
  2. Source quality apparel to print on – American Apparel and Bella + Canvas are my top picks!
  3. Create gorgeous designs
  4. Test your designs on mockups
  5. Verify that there is demand for your product – social media posts + promotions, etc.
  6. Set up your online store – it’s best to go with Shopify or WordPress + WooCommerce

When it comes to launching your online store, consider the following:

Shopify is a fantastic choice for t-shirt business owners that don’t want to worry about any technical stuff.

If you crave more control and customization options, WooCommerce is the way to go.

One of my favourite Vancouver based apparel brands is Little Bandidos – shop owner Samantha’s designs are clean and beautiful!

I basically live in the black MAMA sweatshirt featured below – but since today is the first day of Spring, I’m wearing a Little Bandidos MAMA t-shirt as I write this post, haha!

Learn More: How to Start an Online T-Shirt Business: Shopify Guide 

little bandidos grey and black mama sweaters side by side

2. Baby and Kids Clothing

Similar to starting a t-shirt business, launching a baby and kids clothing company can be done by sourcing quality apparel for printing your designs. 

I love the way My Cheeeky Baby features a combination of bold and whimsical fonts in her designs – like Little Bandidos, this brand also targets a family audience as well. 

flat lay featuring my cheeky baby kids t-shirt

However, if you have a knack for sewing, you could follow in the footsteps of Kewe Clothing and design both your own garments and designs. 

Angela is seriously talented and her stunning line is made of organic materials that are created locally in Abbotsford, BC!

Learn more: How to Make and Sell Baby Clothing

top down photo of a baby wearing kewe clothing cookies and milk pants

3. Teethers

Babies love to put all sorts of interesting things in their mouth, don’t they?

That’s why it’s so important to find a teether that’s free from harmful products and will keep your baby’s attention!

Glitter & Spice is a Canadian company that specializes in teethers – Lorene’s line has even been featured in Vogue, Glamour, and Harper’s Bazaar!

It’s no wonder – her designs are absolutely adorable! Just look at the popsicle design and bead combinations below.

two packaged teethers from glitter and spice featuring wooden clips and silicone bodies

Want to dabble in the teething business without having to make a huge investment?

You can get started for under $100 with Amazon – consider the following supplies first:

If you want just enough materials for one teether, pre-made sets are also available to test the waters before you make a large investment.

Learn more:

4. Hair Accessories: Clips and Headwraps

What mom of girls doesn’t love bows? 

Mommy and me twinning hair accessories are so much fun too!

To get started in the hair accessory business, you should have the following: 

Hair accessories can be made with or without sewing so, experiment with different techniques to see what styles you like best. 

Arrow & Lace creates stunning bows and headwraps for girls – I just adore Heather and Rob’s colour and pattern choices!

Learn more: 

baby girl wearing arrow and lace white bow headband

5. Bibs

This meal time accessory can be absolutely adorable and long-lasting. 

Fabric bibs are also a gentle choice for baby’s sensitive skin – almost all of the bibs I bought for my little girl were locally made and/or multipurpose. 

I love the multi-use design of numpfer bibs.

Sarah’s line is handmade with organic fabrics in beautiful British Columbia and she continues to expand her inventory with the addition of crib sheets, blankets, and towels.

Learn More: How to Sew Very Absorbent Homemade Bibs

baby wearing a white numpher bib

6. Baby Blankets + Bedding

Quality baby blankets are so important for baby’s first year!

Like anything else that touches your baby’s skin, you want an item that’s soft and durable – and from my experience, locally handmade items always score better in both categories than big box store brands.

To start making baby blankets, bedding, and pillows, you’ll need: 

Magali at Minilogie creates precious high-quality bedding and accessories for little ones.

Her colour palette is elegant and minimal, perfect for those who adore Scandinavian interior design. 

Learn more:

photo of a stunning kids room featuring minilogie baby blanket and pillows

7. Home Decor

Don’t get me wrong – I love checking out IKEA and Marshalls for home decor inspiration but after a while, everything looks the same! 

Locally crafted home decor gives your home a unique character – and when you opt for something handmade from natural materials, no two pieces will ever look the same.

Some ideas for home decor crafts to make and sell from home include: 

  • letterboards
  • planters
  • picture frames
  • decorative pillows
  • lamps
  • pencil cups
  • rope bowls
  • decorative throws

Parkside Home makes gorgeous high quality hardwood letterboards to display your favourite quotes and messages! 

I love Mike and Kellie’s natural material use and the beautiful stain choices of their line up.

Learn more:

wooden letterboard made by parkside home next to a keurig coffee maker

8. Furniture

In an alternate universe, I would have loved to design and create furniture!

The right piece has the power to completely change a room’s atmosphere.

Furniture is also one of those things people purchase based on the way it makes us feel – whether that’s comfortable or proud of the space around us. 

We recently purchased a white house bed for Marina through Coco Village and love the beautiful minimalist design!

This small business is based in Montreal and offers handcrafted items including toys, beds, and other furniture. 

Learn more:

photo of a white wooden house bed in full size with white bedding

9. Art Prints

Use your graphic design skills to create patterns and beautiful imagery that will be featured on artwork and other paper goods.

Designing imagery and graphics can also be great for: 

  • merchandise – like t-shirts, mugs, etc.
  • collaborations with merchants
  • digital downloads

Victoria Senges offers some of the most stunning graphics and designs in Vancouver, BC – I love her fonts choices and minimalist themes.

This graphic designer offers everything from art prints to calendars, greeting cards, and notebooks on her site – this craft is similar to fashion in that you can create different collections based on a few designs.

Learn more: Adobe Illustrator basics for new users

art print by victoria senges from v shop in vancouver bc

10. Wooden signs

I love these – they’re perfect in both modern and farmhouse style homes!

Wooden signs add warmth to a space and are widely used for personal details, religious quotes and, other sayings.

In addition to crafting their own style, wooden sign makers spend plenty of time doing commissioned work. 

Heartwood Gifts offers a beautiful variety of products from wooden farmhouse signs to wooden pens and cases – they specialize in personalization and do not offer novelty mass-produced products! Love it!

There is something special to be said about decorating your home with natural materials – in our home, I focused on white, grey, and wood accents during our renovation and adds pops of colour with plants. 

Learn more: How to Paint DIY Wood Signs

wooden sign made by heartwood gifts in bc, canada

11. Soaps

I admit it – I’m a label reading maniac! 

I just can’t buy products with nasty ingredients in them and I’m not alone. 

Handmade soap businesses are one of the most popular crafts to sell and make money for a reason – people want quality natural products!

I had the pleasure of meeting Paulina of Nature Derived Organics at the Tri-Cities Collective Hello Spring Market and stocked up on her incredible lineup. 

The Soap Bar and 3-in-1 Shampoo, Shaving Cream are two of my favourite products!

Learn more:

paulina of nature derived organics with her natural soap collection

12. Skincare

Who doesn’t love to indulge in a luxurious skincare routine? 

With the right natural products for your skin type, anyone can ditch makeup in exchange for natural beauty! 

Homemade skincare products cut unnecessary preservatives out of their formulas.

Instead of 20 ingredients most people can’t even pronounce, whole ingredients are used in the manufacturing process and ingredient lists are easy digestible – verbally and literally! 

Four products to get you started in making natural skincare products at home are: 

Só Luxury is a natural skincare line created by two best friends, Amanda and Shylah.

This local Vancouver skincare brand also offers cleansing bars, body oils, soaks, and salves – the Magnesium oil featured below is one my favourite ways to unwind before bed.  

Learn more: 

flat lay of so luxury magnesium oil with a wooden spoon on a white marble counter

13. Plushes + Wooden Toys

Unique handcrafted toys that encourage little ones to use their imagination are worth the investment! 

Soothing plushes, educational, and wood toys make wonderful gifts and additions to all kids’ playrooms – they’re something that parents can feel good about purchasing. 

To start creating children’s toys, you should be familiar with woodworking or know how to sew. 

Petit Loulou is a Montreal based company that offers handmade plush toys and nursery decor. 

Mathilde prides herself in choosing high quality child safe materials to delight children from newborns to school aged – check out her custom plushies category to see an adorable critter that was created for Science World! 

Learn more: 

handmade plush owl on top of white moon pillow nursey decor

14. Candles

Ah, candles are so hygge!

They’re amazing for everything from decorating your home, to mood lighting, and shooting flat lays for Instagram. 

Like other home-based business ideas on this list, candle making is a wonderful opportunity to handcraft items that require minimal equipment and startup costs. 

Want to make a candle today? 

You’ll need: 

  • a container – old tea cups and mason jars work well! 
  • wax – choose from beeswax, soy wax, or paraffin wax
  • wick
  • scissors
  • clothes pins – to hold wicks in place
  • essential oils for fragrance
  • pot – to heat wax

Vancouver Candle Co. offers a stunning collection of artisan candles and diffusers inspired by local hot spots – Kitsilano and West End are two of my personal favourites!

Nick relies on quality ingredients like premium soy wax, pure cotton wicks, and natural essential oils in his unique creation of scented products. 

Learn more: 

vancouver candle co glass item next to a clear container of matches

15. Cards

Greeting cards make recipients feel special – and handmade cards are even more exciting to receive! 

Are you a skilled writer and/or artist? Then this could be the perfect craft to make and sell for you.

Greeting cards can be sold online through your own website, Etsy, Shophandmade, Amazon, and Zazzle.

Kenziecards specializes in handmade greeting cards and prints – Mackenzie’s puns have a special way of making you feel warm and fuzzy! 

Kenziecards are available in stores through Vancouver, BC and the Lower Mainland as well as Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. 

Learn more: Checklist to Start a Handmade Card Business

handmade card created by mackenzie of kenziecards

16. Jewelry

Jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive to be priceless – this wearable art has a way of taking its owner back to a precious moment or event. 

Some in demand handmade jewelry business ideas include: 

  • metal-stamped jewelry
  • sterling silver
  • beaded jewelry
  • stone setting

Smallprint Vancouver North offers stunning handmade jewelry and keepsakes from sterling silver. 

You can capture memories of your loved ones using their hand, finger, and footprints or handwritten notes and drawings. 

Below is a stunning piece Mahnaz made for me using my daughter’s hand and fingerprint – the fingerprint pendant was actually made with Marina’s own touch!

Learn more: How to Start a Jewelry Making Business

sterling silver necklace with fingerprint and handprint next to a black smallprint jewelry black box

17. Baked Goods

Love cooking and baking for your loved ones? 

Then why not considering starting a home baking businesses? Some popular ideas include: 

  • wedding cakes
  • birthday cakes
  • macarons
  • pastries

Laws surrounding home bakeries differ between Canada and the US and even state to state so, it’s important to check your sate’s Department of Health for more information regarding Cottage Food Laws. 

Zeina’s Chocolate Boutique offers the tastiest macarons I have ever had in my life – I’m not kidding! 

Her rose water and salted caramel flavours are absolutely incredible as are her flawless presentation skills. 

Learn more: 

rose water macaron tower created by zeinas chocolate boutique

18. Freelance Writing + Blogging

Writing is my craft of choice! 

Ever since I was a kid, I loved drawing and writing stories but as I got older, I discovered that I enjoy teaching even more. 

Blogging filled a void in my life that I’d been missing for a long time – and now getting paid to write and teach others has got to be the most satisfying feeling in the world! 

If you enjoy helping people learn how to do new things and solve problems, blogging could be an amazing career. 

To start a blog, you need to: 

  • set up hosting – Siteground offers the highest quality hosting available at $3.95 a month
  • choose a theme for your website – these ones are perfect for female entrepreneurs
  • determine a niche or a set of topics you can see yourself writing about often
  • create a brand around yourself or your business

Like any new endeavour, your blog doesn’t have to be perfect from the start. 

You’ll learn as you go and can make changes as you find your blogging voice.

I used to share raw vegan recipes but switched to blogging about how moms can make money online after I started getting paid to do Instagram posts.

Learn more: How to Start a Blog: Tips & Tricks for 2021

screenshot of nikkiblogs.com blog homepage

19. Digital products

I bet you’ve been offered at least a couple of courses on Pinterest or Facebook!

Digital products are an incredibly lucrative and low maintenance way to generate an income online.

Many products take between a couple of days and even just a few hours to create – simply publish your digital product to you website and boom!

A variety of customers will have the opportunity to purchase your designs, templates, or books – again and again.

Some popular digital products include: 

  • ebooks and courses
  • WordPress themes
  • Stock photos
  • Brand kits
  • Fonts

You can sell your products on a self-hosted website and through reputable online marketplaces like Creative Market or Etsy.

GeneratePress is the WordPress theme I use on my blog – I made the upgrade so I could improve my website’s performance and gain more control over it’s appearance. 

Tom Usborne of Victoria, BC, is the talented founder and lead developer behind GeneratePress.

You only need to run a GeneratePress inquiry on Google to see how much care he takes in answering technical questions related to theme and assuring that all users have a great experience with GP! 

Learn more: How to Sell Digital Products

screenshot of generatepress website homepage

20. Marketing

Do you have a knack for growing social media accounts and/or websites? Love design and promotion? 

Then marketing might be your calling!

Help other small business expand their reach and build your client profile. 

Marketers are responsible for: 

  • Content marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social media
  • Research
  • Branding
  • Promotions

Use your sales skills to help grow local brands and businesses.

Piquant Marketing specializes in the management of marketing activities for vegetarian and health brands.

Marketing Director and Founder, Lindsay O’Donnell’s team consists of 9 members and focuses on brand marketing campaigns and services like social media, event planning, and training. 

Learn more: How to Start a Marketing Agency

screenshot of piquant marketing website homepage featuring company details

21. Subscription boxes

Subscription boxes are a fun treat to indulge in – like opening presents you’ve purchased for yourself a few times a year!

Love recommending products to your friends and family? Then curation might be the craft for you!

Subscription boxes need to have a clear theme without being too specific or broad. It should cater to a large audience and feature unique high quality local craft products.

There are two different models for subscription boxes – surprise boxes and those that give customers a selection to choose from like FabFitFun does. 

Some fun and popular subscription box categories include: 

  • fashion
  • jewelry
  • education
  • baked goods
  • healthy living
  • cured meats
  • coffee
  • and even beer!

Jiyubox is a subscription box company based in Vancouver, BC that specialized in clean beauty and wellness products. 

New customers can choose from a starter box, seasonal subscription, or annual subscription plan. 

Learn more: How to Start a Subscription Box Business in 8 Simple Steps

flat lay of jiyubox subscription fall box 2019

22. Upcycled products

Imagine how different the world would look if we all avoided sending old clothes, household items, and other garbage to landfills. 

Upcycling is the creation of new products from unwanted items and waste materials.

Some upcycled products you may have already come across include: 

  • bookshelves made from ladders
  • chairs as shelves
  • shelves out of old books

Alisa Yao of Coquitlam, BC is a master of zero-waste living and offers products including beeswax food wraps, yoga bolsters, drawstring food bags, and snack bags in her Etsy store. 

Before you consider throwing something away, think about what else you could use it for!

Learn more: 38 Genius Trash-to-Treasure Crafts that will Save You Money

an array of beeswax food wraps created by alisa yao

23. Pet products

It’s nice to treat our furry friends!

And with the explosion of the pet product industry, dog and cat lovers alike can profit from creating everything from accessories to toys and food.

There are two Three Dog Bakery franchise locations in the Lower Mainland: Vancouver and Port Moody, where we first discovered it! 

This shop specializes in making adorable treats and birthday cakes for your best friend. 

Learn more: 15 Dog Cake Recipes

image of baked dog treats including a bone cookie and oreo woof treat

24. Towels

This is an everyday essential all around the world! 

We use towels in the kitchen, bathroom, and even the beach – so, this craft has an incredibly diverse potential audience. 

Oneberrie is based in Invermere, BC and offers baby and bath essentials like towels, robes, washcloths, and lotion.

Sue-Rose’s BARE. Lotion is easily the best diaper cream we have ever used – it’s cloth diaper friendly and also effective in treating other dry skin like hands!  

I purchased our first Bare.Bundle. towel before my little girl was born – the print was just beautiful I loved the idea that it would be her special towel from newborn baby to the toddler years.

Once I finished baby M’s first bath with this towel, I knew I couldn’t go back to regular kids towels – I bought three more Bare.Bundles that week!

The wearable design is perfect for new moms who are intimidated by bath time – my little girl HATED baths as a newborn and these towels made my life so much easier. 

Learn more:

shows step by step instructions for how to use a oneberrie towel for newborn babies and toddlers

25. Paper goods

Love origami, books, and paper crafts? Then drawing and building stunning works of art like flower walls could be for you! 

Some great paper craft business ideas include:

  • bookmarks
  • books
  • prints
  • party decorations
  • stationary
  • colouring pages

Summer & Muu was created by Brenda Li and features her artwork in the form of prints and her infamous comics.

Brenda’s comics are based on daily life as a parent and her sense of humour is both relatable and assuring for new moms!

Learn more: 

book cover by summer and muu text reads i turn my mom into a unicorn

26. Hanging planters

There is nothing like living home decor and hanging planters are the perfect way to showcase your greenery. 

Macrame and metal plant hangers are amongst the most popular ways to add an element of earth to modern homes and businesses. 

Learn how to tie basic knots and 

CLT Home Foliage offers beautiful hanging planters to add a touch of green to every room – I love how elegant and minimal the planters below are!

Learn more:

two hanging planets made by clt home foliage side by side

27. Children’s crafts

Is your child a creative? Do you both share skills that you could use to create a brand together? 

Then consider letting your child lead or even start their own handmade business.

Some fun crafts for kids include: 

  • hair accessories
  • bath bombs
  • soap
  • slime
  • baking

Build a Biz Kids is a program for young entrepreneurs that teaches children ages 7 to 13 years old basic business skills including: 

  • problem solving
  • product development
  • marketing
  • branding
  • customer service

The KidPreneur Program had its own spot at the Tri-Cities Collective Market and featured amazing products created by talented young people. 

My sister went home with a set of Minnie Mouse ears for her daughter but sweet treats, toys, and other fun items were also available.

Learn more: 

a child sells bath bombs on build a biz kids market day

28. Photography

Love taking beautiful photos for Instagram? Do you often find yourself behind the camera at your loved ones’ special events?

Then consider using your camera skills to start a photography business.

Photographers should be personable and have a creative eye, some photo editing experience, and a professional camera. Here are three different cameras at three different price points: 

  • Canon T7 – $ – I started my photography journey with a Canon camera! This brand is world renowned and it’s entry-level lineup offers exceptional photo quality for a reasonable price point.
  • Sony a6400 – $ – this bundle includes the same lens (16-50mm) I use to take Instagram photos. I went with this mirrorless camera because it’s lightweight and shoots fast enough to keep up with my high energy toddler!
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark IV – $$ – ready to start shooting events? This camera features a full-frame CMOS sensor that’s ideal for a wide range of applications plus 4k video recording! 

Consider adding printing to your photography business to expand your craft. For instance, you could offer a unique take on: 

  • photo prints
  • photo books
  • canvas art
  • framed prints

Jelger and Tanja were our wedding photographers – we had an absolute blast with this couple during our engagement shoot and on our wedding day! 

Juraj was initially pretty uncomfortable in front of the camera, but this husband and wife team made the experience fun and it really helped him relax – you can see the results in the beautiful photos they captured. 

Learn more: 20 Effective Ways to Learn Photography without Going to Photography School

photo of nikki and her husband taken by jelger and tanja wedding photographers

29. Hand painted art

Are you a talented artist?

Then consider selling your paintings as a craft to make and sell. 

As a painter, you can: 

  • sell artwork
  • paint accessories and clothing
  • host workshops
  • create tutorials online

Tracy at the.art.shed uses her incredible skills to handcraft original artwork and hand-paints wearable apparel and accessories.

Learn more: How to Create Your First Painting

popup display of original artwork by the art shed

30. Event Planning

Love crafts and throwing parties? 

Then how about hosting a pop-up market of your own? 

Reach out to local small businesses and sell table space at a themed one or two day event – it’s a great way to support your local economy and the community!

Tri-Cities Collective Market owners, Caitlyn and Jessica, planned an incredible Hello Spring market last year and continue to bring us some of the best local events around. 

Learn more: How to Host a Pop-Up Market in 10 Straight-up Steps

tri-cities collective craft market owners caitly and jessica at their winter event

What is a craft business?

A craft business is built around an individual or groups’ shared skills in a particular trade – this could be the creation of handmade items or the use of a unique skill set.

Contrary to mass production and a large corporation settings, craft businesses pride themselves in small teams that deliver products and services with a hands-on approach.

Crafts can be sold from the comfort of your own home on a website, online marketplace, or in person at local pop-up markets – as one of these small businesses grows larger though, you may even find their goods at specialty retailors. 

top down photo of money making crafts ideas tools like scissors and other pretty stationary

Can a craft business be profitable?

And can you make a living selling crafts? 


Mint & Birch is one of the most successful handmade businesses in Vancouver – Jessica earns six figures a year handcrafting custom gold and silver jewelry for moms. 

Her Forever Mama line is known around the world.

flat lay of mint and birch forever mama jewelry line

How to name your craft business

What is a good name for a craft business?

Craft business names should be:

  • memorable 
  • easy to spell
  • between one and three words long
  • if more than one word long, use a keyword that describes your business
  • have an associated domain name available

So, before you start printing business cards and designing logos, make sure that you can buy your business name as a domain name

You can check to see if your domain name is available using this link and if you are really feeling that name for your new business, scoop it up – pronto!

Other craft business name ideas

Having trouble coming up with a craft business name? But live in a booming metropolis?

Then consider naming your product after the city you live in – when individuals from your city run a search for your product and location, this will give you a competitive edge for ranking in search engines. 

For example, when I run a Google search for Vancouver Candle Store, Vancouver Candle Co. ranks first overall. 

screenshot of google search for vancouver candle store showing vancouer candle co ranks first

Confirm that there is interest in your product

Want to see if there’s demand for your new craft? 

Ubersuggest is a free SEO tool that will tell you. 

Simply search your craft and/or a combination of keywords to reveal some powerful insights: 

  • Volume indicates how many people are searching this query monthly. 
  • CPC stands for Cost Per Click – the higher the better
  • PD stands for Paid Difficulty – shows estimated difficulty in ranking for this term against paid ads. The lower the better, in this case. 
  • SD stands for SEO Difficulty – shows the estimated difficulty in ranking for this term against other websites in organic search. Again, the lower the better.

Pro Tip: As a prospective new business, the most important thing to pay attention to right now is Search Volume – aim for 100 or more monthly searches!

screenshot of search for handmade sterling silver jewelry on ubersuggest

Checklist for starting a craft business

How do I start my own craft business? And how do I make a craft business plan? 

Use the guide below to get started with: 

  • name ideas
  • target audience
  • planning
  • marketing
  • business
  • products and services
  • branding
  • and finances

Each category features a section for brainstorming and/or a few basic steps you should take in terms of developing that part of your business.

Be sure to pin this checklist for starting a business on Pinterest for reference any time you work on growing your new brand. 

Printable Checklist PDF Download

Download the printable checklist for starting a business on DropBox.

Click the link above to get the full resolution PDF version of the checklist.

Then, print it from your computer or mobile device 🙂

How to describe your craft business

Your business website and craft marketplace listings will require two different types of descriptions: 

  • a description of your business
  • product listing descriptions

How to describe your business

Consider the following: 

  • what problem are you solving for customers? 
  • is your business relatable?
  • who is your target customer? 
  • what do you specialize in?
  • why did you go into business?
  • how do other businesses in your niche describe themselves?
  • what is your mission statement?
  • what type of future do you want for your business?

How to write product descriptions

News flash: Most customers don’t care about the specs! 

They want to know how a product can improve their life or solve an ongoing problem. 

When writing product descriptions, you should: 

  • be specific
  • highlight the benefits of your products first
  • use exciting and descriptive adjectives and sensory words
  • consider how the product will make your audience feel

Does your product have more than one benefit? Describe one technical detail at a time with its benefits.

Here’s an example of a beautiful product description for numpher’s multi use bib. 

numpher the must have multi-use bib product description

How to price handmade items

The first step in determining how much you should list your crafts for is market research. 

Check out Etsy and Creative Market for other small shops in your niche and compare their prices and total sales – just because products are listed at a high price point, doesn’t mean they’re selling well!

Alternatively, just because a seller has made a ton of craft sales doesn’t mean she’s making a lot of profit on them. 

This is where you need to consider the cost of your supplies.

For instance, you could multiply your supply cost by 3 and see how it relates to your market research.

Is it much higher? Maybe it’s time to shop new suppliers or see if your existing supplier offers a discount for purchasing in bulk!

5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

Crafts that make money are in high demand. So, I hope this list of trending crafts to make and sell has inspired you to get started now!

Launched your business? Share your website and all the details in the comments below so we can check it out!

Happy crafting, friends!

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Blessed mama of two beautiful little girls. I’m a full-time blogger and social media content creator who teaches moms and boss babes how to start an online business. Follow me on social for clever ideas to make money using the platforms you already love!

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