How to Use Tailwind for Pinterest to Explode Your Blog

Did you know that you can rank first overall in Pinterest search results even with a new blog? 

tailwind for pinterest

It’s true – Pinterest is the most powerful platform a new blogger can use to grow their online business quickly and efficiently!

However, it’ll be about 100 times easier with a powerful little app called Tailwind – the best Pinterest scheduler around. 

This guide to Explode Your Blog with Tailwind for Pinterest will teach you everything you need to know to get started.

Today’s Tailwind tutorial will cover: 

  • how to pin faster on Pinterest
  • what is Tailwind for Pinterest
  • how to use Tailwind
  • how to connect Pinterest to Tailwind 
  • what are Tailwind Communities
  • how to save even more time with Board Lists
  • the benefits of Tailwind for bloggers and business owners
  • how to get a Tailwind FREE Trial
  • Tailwind pricing

I’ll also share my honest review of Tailwind and how I’ve grown my business using this app.

Spoiler alert: you need Tailwind for Pinterest and this guide will show you why! 

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links and I may earn a commission if you use them. This comes at no additional cost to you and all recommendations are based on my experience. 

How can I pin faster on Pinterest? 

You guessed it – Tailwind! 

Tailwind is my favorite social media tool for business – I went all in on Tailwind and chose to skip blogging courses altogether. 

tailwind for pinterest

My logic was this: you can find information on how to do basically anything online and there are a lot of really good blogs out there that will show you how!

What you can’t get for free is access to premium promotional tools for marketing like Tailwind. 

With Tailwind, some research, and practice in design, my blog exploded

Tailwind helps me pin faster on Pinterest by: 

  • Lets me schedule new pins in advance
  • Scheduling new pins to multiple boards at once
  • The Find Similar Content feature helps me find relevant new content to schedule
  • Weekly Highlights in Tailwind Communities shows me top performing content to pin

I can schedule about one month’s worth of content in 20 minutes. 

How many pins should you pin a day?

Tailwind notes that their most successful members Pin between 15-25 pins per day, so I went with 20 – that means I’m scheduling about 600 pins in 20 minutes.

Yeah – that’s a lot of time I’m saving so I can focus on other important steps to grow my business!

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screenshot of nikkislivarich pinterest profile showing how tailwind for pinterest increased monthly viewers to 1.5 million

What is Tailwind for Pinterest?

What does the Tailwind app do?

The Tailwind app is a marketing tool that allows bloggers and business owners to: 

  • schedule pins in advance
  • schedule multiple pins at once
  • discover new high-quality content to pin
  • dive into detailed analytics – some aren’t even available on Pinterest!
  • grow your reach exponentially with Tailwind Communities

Tailwind members get an average of 6.9x more Repins and 3.7x more followers!

Tailwind is the best Pinterest scheduler around and as an approved Pinterest partner, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that this app is 100% safe to use. 

To date, Tailwind has built a community of about 500,000 members! 

Being active on one form of social media daily is extremely challenging – never mind multiple platforms!

But Tailwind makes having a presence on Pinterest super easy – you’ll only need 20 minutes a month. 

There are even ways to incorporate Tailwind for Pinterest with Instagram, Facebook, AND Twitter – welcome to social media domination, friends! 

How does Tailwind work? 

The Tailwind app does all of the following: 

  • schedule Pinterest pins
  • pins at the best times to post on Pinterest
  • repeats content at an interval of your choice
  • discovers related content you can share
  • connects you to a Communities community of over 500,000 members

Here are 50 FREE ghostwriter credits to get you started! 

How do I connect Pinterest to Tailwind? 

Tailwind is an approved Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner, so there’s no need to enter login details. 

Simply, click to start your Tailwind Free Trial.

Select Sign up with Pinterest and you’ll see a window that looks like this in Pinterest.

show how to connect pinterest to tailwind - just click give access

Click Give Access to complete your setup.

Now, just follow Tailwind’s prompts and enter some basic information like your name, a password, and what is it you do (i.e. blogger, eCommerce, Service Provider, etc.). 

Tailwind will then offer you the Tailwind Browser Extension for the browser you’re currently using – I highly recommend installing this now! It’s a really useful tool!

Now that you’ve filled in your details and installed the browser extension, it’s time for a quick Pin scheduling tutorial. 

screenshot of tailwind for pinterest scheduler browser extension tutorial window

Pin the Demo Pin (don’t worry, it won’t actually be pinned to your account!) and you’re ready to start using the Tailwind app.

How to Use Tailwind for Pinterest

I like to use Tailwind for three different things: 

  1. as a Pinterest pin scheduler
  2. sharing my newest pins to Tailwind Communities
  3. to review my Tailwind analytics

1. Pinterest pin scheduler

There are three different ways to schedule Pins with Tailwind. 

  1. schedule from Pinterest
  2. schedule pins from your website
  3. upload them to Tailwind

To schedule pins from Pinterest or your website, you’ll need to have the Tailwind browser extension we discussed earlier. 

Pinning with Tailwind browser extension

From Pinterest or your website, hover over a pinnable image you’d like to schedule. 

See the little blue Tailwind icon? Click on it to schedule your pin.

screenshot of tailwind browser extension on pinterest pin to schedule with tailwind

A new browser window will pop up displaying the pin you selected. 

screenshot of pinterest pin to schedule shown in tailwind app

Want to revise your description or add a few different hashtags? Now’s your chance. 

Once you’re happy with your pin, enter up to 10 boards you’d like to add this pin to in the field that reads Type a Board Name

Click Use Interval to schedule pins so there’s space between them. 

Experiment with spacing out your pins anywhere from 5 days and up to reach different audiences – you can even be as specific as a number of days plus some hours (Pinterest users around the world are active at different times of the day after all)!

Pro Tip: Pinterest best practices recommend scheduling your pins to only 10 or fewer most relevant boards – pinning to too many boards can reduce your pin’s potential reach and effectiveness! 

screenshot of tailwind set interval button with suggested 5 day interval shown

Scheduling pins in Tailwind

This is my preferred method – I find it the most effective way to schedule Pinterest pins.

It gives your pins a chance to gain traction before you’ve even pinned the new graphic yourself. 

From the Tailwind dashboard, click Publisher

Select Drafts.

Click and drag a pin from your desktop into Tailwind app until you see the green icon appear and the Drop Files below to Upload notification

screenshot of best pinterest scheduler tailwind's drafts page with pins and schedule shown

Change your Pin Source URL to automatically generate your Pin Title.

Now, write a description for your pin in the Enter a Description field.

Enter up to 10 Boards in the Type a Board Name field.

screenshot of sample pin show in tailwind pinterest planner drafts window

Select Set Interval to set an interval of your choice. 

Click Schedule.

Pro Tip: The pins you upload to Drafts will remain there. So, if you’re like me and prefer to devote one day a week to pin creation, you can upload them to Tailwind as you go and schedule them at a later time. 

Your Schedule Tab

In the Drafts and Scheduled sections of your Publisher menu, you’ll see a window to the right that reads Your Schedule.

If you want to adjust the order of your pins, just move them to a different time slot and it will update your pin schedule!

Wondering what that blue All Clear heart is all about? 

This is Tailwind letting you know that your pinning frequency follows Pinterest’s best practice guidelines.

No need to worry about spamming or having your account flagged for something silly!

screenshot of tailwind pinterest planner your schedule menu

2. What are Tailwind Communities?

Tailwind Communities are groups composed of like-minded content creators who share one another’s pins – Communities are an incredibly effective way to grow your reach on Pinterest and network with other business owners in your niche. 

As a general rule, Communities usually encourage sharing one pin created by someone else for every pin that you submit – this ensures that members receive exposure in front of one another’s audiences.

Communities are usually built around a common category (like food and drink or kids, parenting, etc.).

Instead of utilizing the power of Pinterest SEO alone, Tailwind Communities give you access to a massive influential community of business owners and bloggers alike. 

Meaning when they share your content, their viewers see your content too! That means up to millions of additional views, saves, and clicks to your website. 

Here are the results from one of my communities – we’ll translate what all of this means now. 

screenshot of nikki blogs tribe results from tailwind

What is a Re-Share? 

A Re-Share is the number of times your Tailwind Community members have shared your content. 

This tells you how many times people have scheduled and published your content in that community. 

Looking above, Community Overview tells us that this Tailwind Community has generated 11.3k Re-Shares and my content has been Re-Shared 515 times by Community members. 

What is a Repin? 

A Repin indicates how many times your Community members’ followers have re-shared your content. 

For me, this is the most critical indicator of a good community!

A ton of Repins indicates that your content is resonating with your Community members’ audience and therefore helping you grow your audience!

So, looking above, we can see that this community has generated 6.7k Repins and my content has received 4.4k Repins – amazing!

3. Tailwind Analytics

Tailwind offers an in-depth look into Pinterest insights and analytics – some of them aren’t even available on Pinterest!

These include: 

  • Profile Performance
  • Board Insights
  • Pin Inspector
  • Website Insights
  • Top Pins
  • Organic Activity
  • Referral Traffic

Tailwind also offers Communities Insights.

Profile Performance

Track your Pinterest profile’s progress for the past 7, 14, or 30 Days, This Month, Last Month, or another Custom Range.

screenshot of tailwind profile performance insights menu

Board Insights

Tailwind analyzes your Pinterest boards and will show you which are performing best. 

From the Tailwind dashboard, click Insights and choose Board Insights.

Now, have a look at some more details about your Pinterest boards. Note the: 

  • Number of Pins per board
  • Number of Followers per board
  • Number of Repins per board
  • Virality Score – repins per pin
  • Engagement Score – repins per follower per pin

By default, Tailind displays your boards according to Virality – your best boards will be shown at the top and your least successful boards will be shown at the bottom!

Aiming for a Virality Score of just 0.50 was my target as a new blogger – that’s one repin for every two pins, modest but manageable.

Have a board that’s not performing up to your expectations? Consider doing the following: 

  • Archive it – the board will disappear from your profile but you’ll hang its followers. Deleting a board removes its followers.
  • Change your Board Name – use Pinterest SEO strategies to improve your visibility
  • Revise your Board Description – again, using Pinterest SEO principles

If the board no longer matches with the majority of content you produce, consider archiving it. If you still think there’s hope for the board, think about making some revisions!

screenshot of tailwind pinterest analytics tool boards insights feature

Pin Inspector

See which of your pins are performing according to the number of Repins it’s achieved. 

Pin Inspector also allows you to: 

  • Re-Schedule pins
  • Add to Communities
  • Add to SmartLoop
  • Find Similar Content
screenshot of tailwind pin inspector menu

Website Insights

See your website’s Trending Images, Pins, Pinners, and Potential Impressions for a specific date range.

screenshot of tailwind website insights analytics menu

Top Pins

Compare your best pins for the Last 7, 14, or 30 Days to see which ones are generating the most Impressions, Closeups, Saves, and Clicks.

Your Save Rate and Click Rate are also broken down here.

Organic Activity

View the Latest Pins saved from your website – displayed from most recent on. 

Referral Traffic

Displays your Pinterest ROI (Return of Investment) for a specific date range.

Communities Insights

To see which Communities your pins are performing best in, click the Communities tab in the Tailwind dashboard. 

Now, click Insights near the top of the screen. 

You’ll see an overview of:  

  • how many pins you’ve submitted to Tailwind
  • how many re-shares you’ve received
  • how many repins you’ve received
  • the reach your pins have achieved

Below is your community activity

View Your Results, Total Community Results, and Your contributions to see which Communities are working for you.

Observe Your Results for: 

  • pins submitted
  • re-shares received
  • virality
  • reach received

Now, compare this with the Total Community Results to see if your content is working in a specific Community.

There’s a few different things you might discover from this: 

  1. your content is a great fit for the Community
  2. your content is not resonating with Community members
  3. The community lacks activity

If you discover either number 2 or 3, it might be worth considering leaving that community and joining a different one. 

Use Community Highlights to make your decision.

Community Highlights

Scrolling down past Communities Activity will show you Communities Highlights.

You’ll see: 

  • Tailwind Communities names
  • Your best Pins this week
  • Most shared pins in this Community this week
  • Your top supporters this week
  • Community members with the most re-shares this week

Pay attention to the most shared pins and Community members with the most re-shares – this gives you an idea if there’s a good amount of activity in your Community.

screenshot showing nikki blogs performance in tailwind tribes insights feature

Now, head back to the Communities menu from the Tailwind dashboard. 

Do some more investigating – check to see if there’s a Weekly Highlights button that appears in your Community. 

It’ll be shown just above the top pins on your screen and looks like this. 

screenshot of weekly highlights menu shown in tailwind tribes

See it? Awesome! 

Clicking this will show you: 

  • Top Re-Sharers of the Week
  • Most Re-Shared Pins of the Week for each week that they exist

Scroll down to check how often Weekly Highlights exist and observe the number of times each pin has been scheduled. 

The more frequent and more pins, the better! That means this Community has a lot of activity. 

Landing yourself in the Top Re-Sharers of the Week also gives your profile a spotlight – Tailwind will reward you for being such a good Community member by showing people your content! 

screenshot of tailwind top re-sharers of the week section

How to Save 10x Your Time with Board Lists

Yes, you can actually save even more time with Tailwind using the trick below.

Create Board Lists

This is a great time-saving hack for scheduling your own pins and pins from Communities!

From the Tailwind dashboard, click on Publisher and then Board Lists.

In the Your Board Lists menu, click on Click to add a list

Click the pencil icon next to New Board list and give your new group a name – naming them according to niche will make scheduling pins way easier. 

screenshot of tailwind board lists board example

Now, the next time you go to schedule pins from your Drafts or in Communities, you’ll your Board Lists appear like this.

screenshot of tailwind app board lists selection feature

Select the one where this pin works best and ta-da! You’ve just scheduled your fresh pin to 10 different boards. 

screenshot of taiwind pinterest scheduler board lists selection showing 10 new boards to schedule to

Select Use Interval, choose your Min Time Between Each Pin, and Set Interval.

Click Schedule and you’re good to go!

What is the benefit of Tailwind for bloggers and business owners? 

Besides time – and a whole lot of it – Tailwind can explode your business by helping you: 

  • maintain a consistent daily presence on Pinterest throughout the day
  • pin at the best times to post on Pinterest
  • set intervals to space out pins so your followers see more content variation
  • see content related to your niche with the Find Similar Content feature
  • connects you to a huge community of Tailwind members who can share your content

If you were to invest in just one social media tool for business, I’d make it Tailwind – I say this as someone who’s done exactly that!

screenshot of nikki bogs statistics on tailwind for pinterest scheduler

Get a Tailwind FREE Trial

You can schedule up to 20 pins on Pinterest when you sign up for a free Tailwind account using my link. 

You’ll get to try all of Tailwind’s features for free, no credit card required!

Start Tailwind Trial with 50 Free Ghostwriter Credits

Tailwind Pricing

Is Tailwind worth the money?

From personal experience – absolutely!

Tailwind Advanced is a steal for $29.99 a month.

You only need to consider how much time you spend pinning every month to realize what a game-changer it is. 

Want to know how much your time is worth? 

Visit Screen Time on your iPhone or Mac to find out how much time you’re spending on Pinterest!

Go back to a day where you spent time pinning and multiply that number by 30 (the average days in a month).

If your result is in minutes, divide it by 60 (minutes in an hour) to calculate the number of hours you’re putting in.

Now, divide $29.99 by the number of hours you’re putting into Pinterest a month.

For example, 10 hours a month pinning on Pinterest means that: 

$29.99/[(20 minutes a day x 30 days a month)/60 minutes] = $2.99 an hour

Yeah – my time is worth a lot more than $2.99 an hour too!

How much is Tailwind monthly?

Tailwind offers a few different plans – bloggers and business owners should choose the Advanced plan

Tailwind Advanced plan:

For $29.99 a month, the Tailwind Advanced Plan features: 

  • 250 Ghostwriter credits/mo
  • 1000 Posts/mo on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook
  • Unlimited Post Designs/mo
  • 2 Accounts per Network (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram)
  • Unlimited Tailwind Communities
  • Custom link
  • Advanced Analytics
  • 2 Users
  • Unlimited Email Contacts
  • 500 Email Sends/mo

The next best option is the Tailwind Pro plan which costs $19.99 and offers:

  • 50 Ghostwriter credits/mo
  • 100 Posts/mo on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook
  • 200 Post Designs/mo
  • 1 Account per Network (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram)
  • 5 Tailwind Communities
  • Custom link
  • Advanced Analytics
  • 1 User
  • Unlimited Email Contacts
  • 200 Email Sends/mo

There is a Free Tailwind plan that you can use to check out the app too:

  • 10 Ghostwriter credits/mo
  • 20 Posts/mo on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook
  • 20 Post Designs/mo
  • 1 Account per Network (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram)
  • 5 Tailwind Communities
  • Custom link
  • Advanced Analytics
  • 1 User
  • Unlimited Email Contacts
  • 20 Email Sends/mo

Different Communities get you in front of different audiences! 

5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

Tailwind app turned my blog into a business – and it can do the same for you! 

Every month, Tailwind: 

  • saves me hours of time finding and scheduling new high quality content
  • shows me what parts of my Pinterest strategy are working and which ones need improvement
  • helps me grow my Pinterest reach by putting my content in front of new viewers

How will Tailwind help your business grow? 

text reads nikki xo in pink font

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