How to Use Pinterest Board Names to Go Viral

pinterest board namesYour Pinterest board names play a major role in the success of your pins and profile! 

This guide to naming Pinterest boards includes: 

  • how to create a Pinterest board
  • how to use keywords on Pinterest
  • where to find great board ideas
  • how to write board descriptions
  • Pinterest board description template
  • board examples in a few popular niches

Let’s get started with a brief introduction to using boards on Pinterest.

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How to Use Pinterest Board Names to Go Viral

pinterest board namesA great Pinterest profile starts with great boards. 

Think of your Pinterest boards as part of your resume on this platform. 

When a user stops by to check out your profile, they’ll be able to see all of the boards you’ve curated in your Saved tab after landing on pins you’ve designed in the Created tab below your profile description. 

How to Create a Pinterest Board

If you already know how to do this, skip this section. 

You can create a new Pinterest board in one of two ways: (1) from your profile’s Saved tab or (2) when pinning new content. 

Creating a Board From Your Profile

Visit Pinterest and click on your profile image at the bottom left of your mobile device (or at the top right-hand corner of your screen if you’re on a desktop) to head to your profile. 

Click the Saved tab. 

Click the + to Create something new. 

pinterest create board

Select Board

Write a Name for your board in the Board name field. 

Click Create

Select a number of pins that are relevant to your topic to start curating your new board – this gives Pinterest an understanding of what your new board is about and will help your content rank later on. 

Creating a Board When Saving a Pin

You can create a board very easily when saving a new pin. 

When you search a topic or browse your Home feed for inspiration, click Save on a pin you want to keep for later. 

On mobile, click Create board at the bottom of your screen. 

On desktop, hover over the pin and click the Pinterest suggested board – now click Create a Board at the bottom of the pop-up. 

new pinterest board

Write a Board name or select one of Pinterest’s suggested names. 

Click Create when you’re finished. 

How Find Keywords for Pinterest

Using Pinterest-specific keywords in your boards will help improve the reach of your content. 

You should use keywords in your:

  1. Pinterest board names 
  2. Board descriptions

Where to Find Great Board Ideas

You can find keywords in your niche using a couple of methods.

1. Pinterest pin search

Start as broad or specific as you’d like to but do keep in mind, your board will likely rank better for more focused topics. 

For instance, here are the current top search results for “recipes”. 

recipes pinterest board names

See those colorful blocks below your search? 

Those are related keywords. 

So, clicking onto “keto” will bring up search results for “keto recipes”. 

keto recipes board ideas

This could be a great Pinterest board name on its own but notice we have more colorful blocks below our search result. 

Getting even more specific about your board names expands your reach further. 

So, for instance, say you have a keto food blog, you could create Pinterest boards based on these keywords: 

  • Keto recipes for beginners
  • Easy keto recipes
  • Keto dinner recipes
  • Keto chicken recipes

2. Check out what major influencers are doing

Once you’ve searched through pins and keywords related to your niche, click on a couple you like to see who created them. 

You can also run a Boards search on Pinterest to see top-performing boards for your topic of interest. 

Here’s what shows up for keto recipes. 

keto recipes pinterest board names

Clicking on one of the top results takes us to this board. 

board names description

She’s used keywords related to keto recipes very well in her board description. 

Now, let’s check out her profile and other boards. 

board names profile example

Clicking on the Saved tab shows us a few related ideas for more boards we can create. 

pinterest board names keywords

How to Write Pinterest Board Descriptions

A great Pinterest board description: 

  • tells potential followers what they’ll find in this board
  • utilizes a number of related keywords
  • is about three sentences or more in length

You want your description to be as natural as possible while relying on related keywords for an extra push in search results. 

Pinterest Board Description Template

To write a great description for your board, aim for between 5 to 10 related keywords within three sentences – two to three per sentence is a good ratio. 

You’ll notice in the example above, Word to Your Mother uses five sentences with keywords spread throughout. 

You can use this template to simplify writing even more: 

Find (board name) to (keyword/goal #1) and (keyword/goal #2). 

Check out great tips for (target audience) with (keyword #3), (keyword #4), and (keyword #5). 

You’ll find (keyword #6), (keyword #7), and (keyword #8). 

Pinterest Board Names Ideas

You can get creative with these ideas for Pinterest board names by using them to organize the content you’ve already posted and come up with topics for future posts. 

Here are a few popular categories and ideas in each: 

Home Decor

  • Home Decor Ideas
  • DIY Home Decor
  • Living Room Ideas
  • Handmade Home Decor

home decor pinterest board names


  • Bridal Jewelry
  • Fashion Jewelry
  • Gold Pendant Jewelry
  • Jewelry Crafts

jewelry pinterest board names


  • Food Photography
  • Super Bowl Party Food
  • Healthy Food

food pinterest board names


  • Photography Poses
  • Nature Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Maternity Photography

photography pinterest board ideas


  • Fan Art
  • Character Art
  • Art Sketches
  • Reference Art

art pinterest board name ideas


  • Summer Clothes for Teens
  • Summer Clothes for Women
  • Men’s Summer Clothes
  • Plus Size Summer Clothes

clothes pinterest board ideas


Pinterest board names for hairstyles are a bit more specific. 

If you simply search hair, Pinterest will show you some popular search results and ask you to choose your skin tone range before offering related keywords. 

hair pinterest board names

You can get keywords by narrowing down your search though. 

Here are a few ideas you could use in combination with hairstyles for medium length hair: 

  • For School
  • Simple
  • Tutorials
  • Simple Step by Step

hair board ideas


  • Yoga Poses for Beginners
  • Yoga Art
  • Yoga Quotes
  • Morning Yoga

yoga board names


  • Resistance Band Exercise
  • Kettlebell Exercise
  • Pelvic Floor Exercise
  • Jawline Exercise

exercise board namesBooks

  • Books Quotes
  • Coloring Books
  • Books to Read
  • Art Books

books pinterest board names


  • Men’s Spring Fashion
  • Spring Fashion Outfits
  • Plus Size Spring Fashion
  • Spring Fashion Trends

spring fashion board ideas


  • Trendy Summer Outfits
  • Casual Summer Outfits
  • Cute Summer Outfits
  • Modest Summer Outfits

summer outfits pinterest board names


  • Trendy Shoes
  • Wedding Shoes
  • Fashion Shoes
  • Shoes Storage Ideas

shoes pinterest board ideas


  • Reality Quotes
  • Positive Quotes
  • Good Morning Quotes
  • True Quotes

quotes board names ideas

Checking Your Pinterest Board Virality Score

Unfortunately, Pinterest offers very limited insights into your boards’ performance. 

That’s where Tailwind comes in! 

Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduler and analytics tool that helps your content reach more viewers. 

You can: 

  • Schedule content to be pinned in the future
  • Share content with Communities for a boost in engagement
  • Review detailed analytics like Board Virality Scores that aren’t even available on Pinterest

To check out a Pinterest Board’s Virality with Tailwind, open the Tailwind Dashboard and select Insights

You’ll automatically end up on the Profile Performance tab where you can review your Followers, Pin, Repins, and Comments plus Scores for overall Virality, Engagement, and your Engagement Rate

Click the second tab near the top of your screen for Board Insights

You’ll see specific insights for each of your boards identical to those in the Profile Performance window. 

pinterest board virality

Take a look at the Virality Score of each of your boards to see how it’s performing.

I like to view mine in descending order to decide whether or not I need to delete or archive boards with less than ideal performance metrics. 

Haven’t tried Pinterest yet? 

On average, Tailwind users get 6.9x more Repins than other Pinterest creators!

You can schedule 100 Pins for FREE on Tailwind with my special link. 

5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

To create Pinterest board names with viral potential, be sure to do the following for all of your new and existing boards: 

  • run a Pinterest search for keywords related to your niche and take note of additional suggestions
  • research those related keywords to create more specific boards relevant to the content you create
  • write natural-sounding board descriptions using keywords
  • write at least three sentences in your board description 
  • do NOT keyword stuff your board descriptions – consider a ratio of 2 to 3 keywords per sentence
  • review your Pinterest board virality scores to see how they’re performing
  • be sure to try Tailwind for free to track your boards’ performance

Happy pinning, friends!

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