Free Pinterest Course to Skyrocket Blog Traffic (New for 2022)

free pinterest marketing courseReady to explode your blog traffic with a FREE Pinterest course to boost your reach, followers, and traffic? 

Then you’ve come to the right place! 

Pin this blog post to work on each unit at your own pace and start growing your Pinterest account today. 

This online Pinterest course covers: 

  • how to use Pinterest for business
  • how to brand your Pinterest profile
  • Pinterest SEO basics
  • how to optimize your Pinterest profile
  • tips for growing your Pinterest account with Instagram

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and I could earn a commission at no cost to you if you make a purchase using them.

Note: This online Pinterest course contains a lot of information. Be sure to bookmark or pin it on Pinterest to revisit all content and complete these lessons at your own pace.

Free Pinterest Course to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic (2022 Guide)

Choose one of 7 sections to begin your first lesson in Pinterest marketing for beginners. 

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Free Pinterest Course: Online Lessons to Skyrocket Blog Traffic in 2022

How to Use Pinterest: Beginners Guide

Create a New Pinterest Business Account or Convert an Existing One

Learn how and why you need to be using a Pinterest business profile to grow your blog or brand on the world’s number one visual search engine. 

How to Reactivate a Suspended Pinterest Account

Has your Pinterest profile been be deactivated? Stolen pins could be to blame! 

Learn how to reactive your account, what to do to secure your content, plus an important lesson about social media for business.

Creating Pinterest Pins

How to Create a Pinterest Pin (Design Tips for Viral Content)

Learn how to design stunning Pinterest pins that go viral. 

This guide to using Canva for Pinterest teaches you how to create pins that get impressions, saves, and clicks. 

How to Give New Life to an Old Pinterest Pin (Coming Soon)

Discover simple tricks to revive an old pin on Pinterest and improve your ranking in search results. 

These original and clever ideas are the perfect way to give your content a second chance! 

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Pinterest Boards 

How to Create Pinterest Boards that Go Viral

Learn how to create Pinterest boards that get followers and go viral with this complete guide to keywords, analytics, and how to check your board virality scores. 

This guide teaches content creators the important role that Pinterest boards play in growing your profile and boosting your pins’ virality. 

Pinterest Board Ideas (Coming Soon)

Discover how to come up with ideas for Pinterest boards that drive blog traffic. 

This guide for all niches covers profile and search engine optimization tricks to guarantee your boards’ success. 

Branding on Pinterest

How to Create Branded Pinterest Board Covers in 10 Minutes or Less

Learn how to brand your Pinterest profile with unique board covers. 

See the difference that a little bit of branding makes in growing an account that people will recognize and want to follow. 

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How to Get Blog Traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest SEO Strategy to Get 1.5+ Million Monthly Viewers (2022 Guide)

Learn the exact strategy I use to get over 1.5 million monthly viewers on Pinterest! 

This beginners guide to Pinterest SEO will teach you: 

  • how to use keywords on Pinterest
  • tips for writing pin titles and descriptions
  • what it takes to rank first in Pinterest search results

Pinterest Profile Optimization Techniques to Improve Discoverability

Explore ideas for making your profile more visible in search results. 

This guide to profile optimization features tips for boosting your reach and impressions with simple Pinterest specific SEO tricks.

Using Tailwind for Pinterest to Explode Your Blog (2022 Guide)

Learn how to explode your blog traffic in no time with Tailwind! 

This introduction to Tailwind for Pinterest includes an overview of Communities, scheduling, and analytics to level up your profile. 

How to Grow Your Pinterest Profile with Instagram

How to Pin from Instagram: The Right Way to Cross-Promote on Pinterest

Learn how to pin your Instagram posts to Pinterest to make your content work twice as hard. 

This guide to using Instagram photos to grow your Pinterest account features tips and tricks to grow your profile and blog simultaneously. 

Understanding Pinterest vs Instagram (Plus How to Use Them Together)

Discover important differences between Pinterest and Instagram marketing in this one-of-a-kind guide for bloggers, influencers, and business owners. 

I share the exact methods I use to cross-promote my content on both platforms including:

  • ideas for growing your Pinterest account with Instagram
  • tips to grow your Instagram account with Pinterest
  • best practices for success on each platform

pinterest online course

Photography for Pinterest

Flat Lay Photography Tips for Pin Worthy Images

Learn how to create stunning blog photos to use in your Pinterest pins with this beginner’s guide to flat lay photography. 

Find tips and tricks for shooting the perfect top-down photo in 7 easy steps.

Essential Pinterest Tools for Success in 2022

Below is a list of tools and products that I use to grow my blogs on Pinterest.

Whether you’re a new or experienced blogger, all of these are excellent resources for growing or managing your Pinterest profile. 


When I started blogging, I didn’t spend any money on any courses because I was on a tight budget. 

Instead, I invested what I had into Tailwind, a Pinterest tool for: 

  • scheduling Pins in advance
  • reviewing detailed analytics you can’t get on Pinterest
  • sharing pins to Communities to boost engagement with my content

My logic was that I can find most of the information you’ll find in courses online but what I CANNOT do is create more time. 

As a busy mom of two, Tailwind saves me HOURS a week scheduling and sharing new content – I may look like I’m active on Pinterest but I planned what I pin daily about 6 months ago on Tailwind! 

You can try the Tailwind Plus Plan for FREE using my special link. 

You’ll get a chance to schedule 100 pins and have access to all Plus Plan features – NO credit card required! 

Here’s a look at my Pinterest stats since I joined Tailwind Communities

free pinterest course tailwind

Canva Pro

I use a combination of my own images and stock photos on this blog – it saves SO much time not having to create all of my own visuals. 

Canva Pro is an upgraded version of the regular Canva you may already be familiar with but it features exclusive access to Pro photos, elements, fonts, Pinterest Pin templates, and more. 

I honestly think it’s worth it just for the images alone – Canva costs $119.99 a year where as other similar stock photos subscriptions cost $119.99 a quarter! 

You can try Canva Pro FREE for 30 days using my link. 

pinterest course canva pro free

Free stock photos are super common in pins.

And since Pinterest’s algorithm ranks content according to text, images, etc., you may have more difficulty ranking with free visuals. 

Using premium content in a creative way lessens the chance that someone else has already used it and will improve your odds of ranking, even with a brand new blog. 

The Crown Icon in Canva indicates Pro content and when you try out Canva’s Pro Plan, you’ll have access to all of it. 

The image screenshot here has been filtered to only show Pro Photos for the search term Flat Lay

I especially love Canva Pro for seasonal content on Pinterest since my stock photo subscriptions provide a very limited amount of these types of visuals. 

5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

Ready to grow your blog or business website?

Utilizing the lessons in this free Pinterest course will help you: 

  • set up the perfect Pinterest business account
  • reactivate a suspended Pinterest account
  • create viral pins that get clicks
  • brand your Pinterest profile
  • boost your reach and clicks with basic SEO principles
  • get more Pinterest followers with profile optimization tricks
  • blow up blog traffic with Tailwind communities and Pinterest scheduling
  • take better blog photos and images to use for your pins

Be sure to check out my FREE online Instagram course when you’re ready to upgrade your IG profile! 

You’ll find training for influencers and business owners in branding, using hashtags, photography ideas, and growth hacks PLUS dozens of free downloads and templates. 

Instagram and Pinterest work INCREDIBLY well together so it’s worth learning how to use them simultaneously for maximum impact. 

Happy pinning, friend!

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