How to Wash a Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow (Machine Washing Guide)

how to wash snoogleI don’t know how I would have survived two pregnancies without my Snoogle pillow!

But when you spend as much time wrapped in a Snoogle as I did (I’m not even kidding you, I think I wore it like a hoola hoop for the last three months with both of my daughters), its bound to get a little dirty.

And with a potty training toddler? Well, you know the story there!

Keep reading to learn how to wash a Snoogle pillow in the washing machine (and dry it!) without losing its shape.

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Is a Pregnancy Pillow Worth It?

how to wash pregnancy pillowIf you don’t already have one, a Snoogle is an absolute pregnancy essential.

I honestly don’t think I could have survived being pregnant without one.

I had HORRIBLE back pain with both of my full-term pregnancies and even tried a pregnancy bump support to alleviate some discomfort.

And while this accessory was ok, the support that my Snoogle offered was so much more effective.

Whenever I was home (which was A LOT in 2020), I would wrap myself in this guy during the day and cuddle up with it whenever I slept.

I felt like a rock star the next morning and would use it for relief whenever I needed to during the day.

Trust me, there are A LOT of things brands try to sell you for pregnancy.

But if I had to choose just two essential items they would be:

  1. Prenatal vitamins that contain folate NOT folic acid*
  2. Snoogle pregnancy pillow

*folate is the natural form of vitamin B9 while folic acid is a synthetic form

Is C Shaped or U Shape Pregnancy Pillow Better?

I went with a C shaped pregnancy pillow and found it extremely comfortable!

I’m sure the U shape would have been nice for rests in the evening too, but I needed the extra support that wrapping the C shaped pillow around myself provided.

I don’t think the U Shape would have worked for the wrap I like doing.

And I can tell you that as a now not pregnant mom, storing the C shaped pillow can be a pain – I can’t imagine finding somewhere to store the U shaped one!

Can a Pregnancy Pillow be used for Breastfeeding?


This is actually another reason why I chose the C shaped pillow for that wrap around convenience.

It provided wonderful postpartum back support and also works as a nursing pillow! 

Can you Wash a Pregnancy Pillow?

Chances are you’ve stumbled upon my guide for one of two reasons:

  1. You or a loved one has spilled something on your beloved Snoogle pregnancy pillow
  2. You are currently standing in a maternity store wondering what the heck you would do with this thing if situation 1 occurs

While Leachco’s website clearly states:

For best results, spot clean with soapy cloth to remove soils. Do not machine wash pillow.”

Accidents happen!

My oldest daughter LOVED hanging out on my lap whenever I’d wrap myself in my Snoogle pillow. 

Here’s a photo of my oldest daughter having a nap on my lap while I wore the C Shaped pillow for back support.

toddler napping on clean snoogle

But unfortunately, she kind of forgot to stop and go to the potty right away when she should have!

Uh oh – the pillow says to spot clean it only.

Did this mean it was time to throw out my expensive but essential for surviving pregnancy pillow?

Absolutely NOT!

Will I be resting my head on a cleaned spot that’s surely absorbed a bit of pee? NO, thank you, haha!

Modern problems require modern solutions, so it was time to see if my Snoogle would fit in the wash.

If the Pregnancy Pillow Fits

Have a front loading washing machine?

Then you’re in luck!

I’ve used my washing machine to sanitize and wash my Snoogle pregnancy pillow to nursing pillows and even our newborn baby head support.

More tips for expecting moms: 

How to Wash a Pregnancy Pillow

Use these step-by-step instructions to wash a pregnancy pillow in a washing machine.

Disclaimer: Wash at your own risk. I take no responsibility for the outcome of your pillow. This post was created for informational purposes and includes a description of how I have successfully washed my pregnancy pillow. However, results are not guaranteed.

  1. Ensure you use a front loading washing machine ONLY – a top loading machine will DESTROY your pillow!
  2. Remove your pregnancy pillow from the Removable Cover*
  3. Wash your Snoogle pillow on its own
  4. Apply a bit of mild liquid laundry detergent to any heavily stained spots on your pillow and/or Removable Cover
  5. Wait two to five minutes
  6. Add mild detergent to your machine
  7. Wash in warm water on a gentle cycle
  8. If excess water remains in your pillow, squeeze it out in a nearby sink
  9. Place pregnancy pillow in your dryer
  10. Add wool drying balls to help maintain your pillows shape – I usually use four which also helps speed up the drying process
  11. Dry on a gentle cycle using low to normal heat**
  12. Repeat if necessary
  13. Lay your pillow flat on a large couch or your bed and check for any wet spots
  14. If it still feels quite damp, toss it back in the dryer
  15. If your pillow is about 90% dry, you can also use a hairdryer on the medium heat setting to take care of stubborn spots
  16. Enjoy your freshly cleaned and luxuriously fluffy pregnancy pillow again

*I like to wash my Removable Covers together or with other pillow covers. I’ve found that washing the Removable Covers with my pregnancy pillow results in them getting tangled and having to do another wash.

** Our dryer has a dryness setting that reads damp, normal, very – I always choose very and usually have the pillow fully dried within two 45 minute cycles.

How to Wash Snoogle Removable Cover

  1. To wash your Removable Cover, remove it from your pillow
  2. Apply a bit of mild liquid laundry detergent to stubborn stains prior to washing if need be
  3. Wash in mild detergent in warm water on a gentle cycle*
  4. Tumble dry on a warm delicate cycle

*Can be washed with other household pillow cases

Pregnancy Pillow Maintenance Tips

To keep your pillow in pristine shape, consider investing in a second Removable Cover. 

I bought one in the Sage color – honestly, its a really pretty color and soft material but I didn’t like how difficult it was to put on. 

There’s no zipper on this Snoogle Replacement Cover, so you have to stuff your pillow in like a sausage casing! 

Had I have read the description more carefully, I would have chosen another zippered cover like this one

Because when you’re very pregnant, being able to easily put the cover back onto your Snoogle is a wonderful feeling. 

5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

To wash your Snoogle pregnancy pillow, be sure to: 

  • use a front loading washing machine
  • remove your pillow from its cover
  • wash it on its own
  • wash with mild detergent in a warm gentle cycle
  • dry in a gentle cycle using low heat
  • add wool dryer balls to maintain your pillow’s shape

Enjoy your fresh new pregnancy pillow! 

Wishing you a comfortable pregnancy and an easy delivery, mama 🙂 

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