170 Creative Summer Blog Post Ideas for All Bloggers

A new season brings new opportunities for building blog traffic! 

170 summer blog post ideas

Use this list of 170 creative summer blog post ideas to write content that gets views all season long. 

Keep reading for topics that are perfect for the following business and blogging niches: 

  • lifestyle
  • beauty
  • fashion
  • food
  • parenting
  • fitness
  • social media

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170 Creative Summer Blog Post Ideas for All Bloggers

summer blog post ideas

Wondering what to blog about in July? June? or August?

Let’s get started with a few hot topics lifestyle bloggers can write about during one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. 

Summer Blog Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers

  1. Share a sunny day or beach specific Spotify playlist on your blog
  2. Create a seasonalbucket list for singles/couples
  3. Share a list of fun ways to cool off from hot weather
  4. Create a guide to local beaches or lakes in your area
  5. Review a seasonal menu at a local restaurant
  6. Share your top picks for dining locally from June to August
  7. Do a comparison of popular/natural sunscreens
  8. Share what’s in your beach bag
  9. Share a list of 10 funny pool floaties
  10. Create a guide to hiking during warmer months
  11. Favorite Costco summer finds
  12. Seasonal dollar store haul
  13. Tips for enjoying a staycation
  14. Fun things to do at home on hot days
  15. Home improvement ideas for warm weather
  16. How to make the most of your summer vacation
  17. Share a list of local markets to check out this June/July/August
  18. Create a guide for attending a popular local event
  19. Share a list of budget-friendly activities to do this season
  20. A guide to low-maintenance plants that are easy to grow this time of year
summer blog post ideas - lifestyle blogger picnic at beach

Beauty Blog Ideas for Warm Weather

Share your best tips for skincare, makeup, and wellness with these ideas for summer. 

  1. Must have summer skincare to quench thirsty skin
  2. Favorite skincare products with SPF to protect skin from the sun
  3. Best self-tanning products you can use at home
  4. A comparison of self-tanning methods
  5. This year’s summer beauty trends
  6. No makeup looks for a day at the beach
  7. Best waterproof mascaras
  8. Best waterproof foundations
  9. Summer eyeshadow guide
  10. Cute hairstyles for the beach
  11. Products you should stop using over the summer months
  12. How to store makeup over the summer
  13. Best updos for hot days
  14. How to comfortably heat style hair on warm days
  15. Best hairstyles for windy days
  16. Summer wedding makeup looks
  17. Summer hair color trends
  18. Minimalist touchup kit for hot days
  19. Best waterproof eyebrow products
  20. Best cooling skincare masks for hot days
  21. How to choose makeup products for tanned skin
  22. Summer nail designs
  23. Cute seasonal nail colors
  24. A guide to summer beauty trends that come back every year
  25. Makeup looks that won’t melt during a scorcher
summer blog topic ideas - skincare

Summer Blog Post Ideas for Fashion Bloggers

Inspire your readers and followers with fun fashion advice for beautiful sunny days. 

  1. Best outfits for hot days and nights
  2. Favorite summer Amazon finds
  3. Do a try of one of your favorite brands’ summer collection
  4. Comfortable sandals that won’t melt during a scorcher
  5. Cute jewelry picks that won’t burn your skin when heated
  6. Versatile pieces that you can wear from July to December
  7. Top swimsuit picks that won’t leave awful tan lines
  8. Share a list post of beautiful beach coverups 
  9. Share your favorite summer high-end look a likes
  10. Best beach bags for fashionistas
  11. How to style summer scarves
  12. Adorable hair accessories for a hot day
  13. 10 sun hats all fashionistas need to have
  14. Adorable summer dresses to beat the heart
  15. Best sales to check out from June to August
  16. Amazon fashion picks for Prime Day
  17. Ethical fashion ideas for summer
  18. 10 Versatile jackets for changing temperatures
  19. Layered outfits that are perfect from 70 to 90 degrees
  20. What to wear to a casual summer BBQ/wedding/etc.
summer fashion blog ideas - hat covers swimsuit blogger

Summer Food Blog Ideas

There are certain foods and drinks that are just perfect for a hot day!

Use these summer blog post ideas to find food topics that’ll generate clicks to your blog all season long. 

  1. Create a roundup post about summer salads
  2. Share tips for barbecuing your favorite meats
  3. Create a list of summer wine pairings
  4. Share a list of fun seasonal kids meal ideas
  5. Share a recipe for a delicious mason jar salad
  6. A roundup of seasonal dinner ideas
  7. Picnic ideas that are perfect from June to August
  8. Yummy desserts that are perfect for hot weather
  9. Light meals for scorching hot days
  10. Cold meal ideas
  11. A round-up of foods you need to make on the BBQ this summer
  12. Easy seasonally appropriate food ideas for parties
  13. Summertime charcuterie boards
  14. 10 lemonade recipes everyone needs to try
  15. Pasta recipes for hot days
  16. Lettuce wrapped meal ideas
  17. 10 Fun fruit salads
  18. Fun popsicle or frozen treats
  19. Mason jar cocktail/mocktails
  20. Make-ahead meals that are great for hot days
  21. No-bake seasonal desserts
  22. A collection of summer cookout recipes
  23. 10 ways to incorporate zoodles into your seasonal meals
  24. Delicious BBQ seafood recipes 
  25. Must-try layered salads
summer blog ideas - healthy food like mango

Summer Blog Topics for Parents

Offer parenting advice plus fun ways for parents to keep the kids busy all summer long. 

  1. Share summer-themed sensory table ideas
  2. Fun age-appropriate outdoor activities for kids
  3. Best indoor activities for kids when the weather is too hot
  4. Favorite parks to take kids in your area
  5. Best water parks for kids in your area
  6. Dollar store summer activities for kids
  7. How to keep kids entertained over the summer while you work from home
  8. Cute (and safe) fans for kids’ rooms
  9. How to care for scrapes, bruises, and other outdoor boo-boos
  10. Sun-safety for kids
  11. Best sunscreens for kids (and babies)
  12. Create a seasonal wish list printable for kids to fill out
  13. Create a printable family calendar with things to do
  14. A guide to traveling with kids this season
  15. Create a seasonal activity that’s fun and educational for kids
  16. Pool safety tips for kids and parents
  17. Fun day trip ideas that both parents and kids will love
  18. Free things for families to do in your area
  19. Fun finger foods the whole family will enjoy
  20. A guide to teaching your child to roller skate/ride a bike/scooter
summer vacation blog post - flat lay of one piece swimsuit, hat, shoes, and fruit

Fun summer activities kids and parents will both enjoy: 

Blog Post Ideas for New Summer Moms

Are you due between June to August? Have you had a new baby this year? 

There are plenty of moms who want your advice about keeping their infants safe and happy this summer. 

Consider the following ideas: 

  1. Delicious teething pops to help your baby beat the heat
  2. How to safely keep a newborn’s room cool
  3. How to dress a baby for the heat
  4. Safety tips for taking your baby to the beach
  5. Must-have items for your baby beach bag
  6. First foods for baby’s trying solids this summer
  7. Essentials for keeping your baby safe from the sun
  8. New mama summer outfit ideas
  9. Hot weather-specific hospital bag checklist
  10. Things to do with a new baby over the summer
  11. Seasonal pregnancy announcement ideas
  12. Seasonal gender reveal party ideas
  13. Gift guide for moms who are pregnant over the summer
  14. Cute maternity clothes that are perfect for hot days
  15. Pregnancy safe beauty products with SPF
  16. Cute outfit ideas for babies to wear in hot weather
  17. Best mommy and me matching outfits for hot weather
  18. How to keep older siblings entertained while you’re home with baby during the heat
  19. Seasonal baby-proofing tips
  20. Seasonal car seat safety tips
summer blog post - vacation ideas

Summer Fitness Blog Post Ideas

Show your readers and followers that you can beat the heat with amazing tips and workouts just for summer. 

  1. Best fans for hot indoor gyms
  2. A guide to outdoor workouts
  3. Recommend comfortable workout clothes for hot weather
  4. How to stay hydrated while working out on hot days
  5. How to eat healthy without depriving yourself this summer
  6. Tips for healthy eating on keto/vegan/gluten-free etc. diets this season
  7. Scenic places to workout this summer
  8. 10 local hiking trails to check out in your area
  9. Seasonal running/cycling/swimming tips
  10. Family-friendly outdoor workout ideas (stroller running, walks, swimming activities, etc.)
  11. Best gear for outdoor workouts
  12. How to stay safe when exercising outdoors
  13. Host a June/July/August fitness challenge for your followers
  14. How to keep your fitness motivation high when you’re taking it easy
  15. Tips for working out while you’re traveling
  16. Tips for working out when your kids are home for summer vacation
  17. A guide to hotels that feature great fitness equipment
  18. Best parks/beaches to host a group fitness class
  19. Create a couples’ outdoor fitness routine
  20. Create a fun outdoor kids’ workout that parents will enjoy too!
summer blog post - travel to beach

Social Media Ideas for Summer

Beautiful weather doesn’t have to mean crickets chirping on your Instagram or Pinterest profiles – you just have to create the right content! 

And that content NEEDS to be posted at the right time

Consider the following Instagram post ideas for summer: 

  1. Create a reel or carousel post of beautiful places to take photos this summer
  2. Share a day in the life reel about how you spent your day off
  3. Post a flat lay photo of what’s in your beach bag
  4. Share a photo of your backyard or patio garden
  5. Create a reel for a fun in the sun drink/cocktail/mocktail recipe
  6. Share your favorite summer products/items from your business
  7. Feature a local business with a fun seasonal menu/product line
  8. Feature an influencer with great tips for enjoying the outdoors
  9. Share one of your favorite dishes to beat the heat
  10. Share a beautiful photo from a a place your travelled to this sumer

Here are a few more Instagram photo ideas you can take at home this summer. 

summer content udeas - fashion forward swimsuit and hat

Summer Holiday Blog Post Ideas

Search engines like Google and Pinterest tend to see increased searches for holiday-specific content before and during corresponding seasons. 

Create content around the following celebrated holidays from June to September. 

For instance, Independence Day (July 4th), Canada Day, and Labor Day are popular holidays celebrated in the United States and Canada that generate a ton of searches. 

Here are a few popular holiday-themed searches that get a ton of views on Pinterest: 

  1. hosting a BBQ
  2. party ideas
  3. themed recipe ideas
  4. matching family outfits
  5. tips for hosting a party
  6. DIY decorations
  7. themed crafts for kids
  8. nail designs
  9. charcuterie boards
  10. engagement/pregnancy announcement
summer blog ideas - outdoors

More Seasonal Blog Post Ideas

Check out the following topics for more seasonal content you can write for traffic: 

5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

Writing seasonal content is a brilliant way to keep your website traffic up all year long. 

So, be sure to incorporate these summer blog post ideas as well as a few topics that are fall, winter, and spring specific. 

Have you written one or more of the blog posts above?

I’d love to share your post in my IG stories!

So tag me on Instagram or leave a note in the comments below for a chance to be featured 🙂 

Wishing you a fabulous summer, friends!

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