Smallprint Vancouver North: Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry

Are you ready to give your loved one a unique and memorable gift? One that they will cherish forever and always keep close to their heart?

Then let’s talk about Smallprint Vancouver North Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry and Personalized Keepsakes.

Preserve special memories including finger, hand, or footprints, as well as notes or drawings originally created by your loved one in sterling silver.

Capture a moment in time and give the gift of warm feelings and lasting memories with keepsake gifts for him and her.

Read on to see the unique handmade pieces that were made just for me and why I adore this brand so much!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Smallprint Vancouver North however, all opinions expressed are my own. 

handmade sterling silver necklaces by smallprint vancouver north

Why I Love Smallprint Vancouver North

For those of you who don’t know, my blogging journey began when I was on bedrest during my pregnancy. 

I started a blog for three main reasons. I wanted to share: 

  1. advice on saving money for moms
  2. tips on wellness and healthy living 
  3. the local shops and makers I admire most

Flash forward to now, Nikki Blogs, formerly West Coast Mama, is bigger than I ever imagined it would be, my once newborn baby is a toddler, and I do this full-time. 

One thing remains the same though. 

Choosing local is still a priority for our family. 

There is nothing like getting to know the people you are supporting and handling a product that has been lovingly made by someone just like you.

Especially when that someone is another mom who radiates passion and commitment to her craft and children.

Smallprint Vancouver North is exactly what shopping local is all about! 

Each piece is handmade just for you and Mahnaz, the mother behind every single one of these beautiful pieces created in the Vancouver area, is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. 

A custom handcrafted item brings special memories along with it: exactly where you were, who you were with, and how you felt. 

A piece like the Original Fingerprint allows you to feel the essence of your loved one everywhere you go; feeling the ridges of their touch, no matter how far away you are or how long it’s been without them, and providing a sense of intimacy you can experience anytime you need it.

Whether you are missing your little one during the commute to work or on his or her first day of school, that sense of comfort is there with an always lovingly, always handmade Smallprint piece.

smallprint vancouver north sterlng silver jewelry

Perfect for Every Day & Special Occasions

Smallprint Vancouver North offers a beautiful collection of handmade sterling silver keepsakes that are perfect any time of the year.

Consider a unique handcrafted sterling silver jewelry piece or  personalized keepsake for:

  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Birthday
  • Engagement
  • Wedding
  • Anniversary
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Christmas
  • Hanukkah
  • Kwanzaa
  • Chinese New Year
  • Easter Sunday
  • Birth
  • Christening
  • Graduation
  • or even just because!

Smallprint Vancouver North also offers Memory Treasures for the bereaved. These handcrafted and personalized memorial keepsakes can provide comfort to those with loved ones they are about to lose as well as preserving the memory of those already lost.

Who Can Get Their Prints Taken?

From children as young as newborn babies to their Great Grandparents, loved ones of all ages can get their prints taken for your Smallprint keepsake. 

And did you know that you can also take your furry loved one’s prints?

It’s true!

Whether they giggle, bark, or meow, you can get a custom made charm to represent everyone in your family. 

Does My Loved One Need To Be Present?

Can’t make it out to your appointment together?

No problem!

You can take prints at home and bring them with you to your appointment. Smallprint Vancouver North will even tidy them up for you! 

Thank goodness!

Those newborn print kits are not easy to do; I don’t know about you, but I was terrified of holding my little girl the wrong way when she was newborn, nevermind trying to get her prints right, haha.

Your loved one is only required to be present for Original Fingerprint pieces, which are created using his or her very own touch. 

How It’s Made

We had two pieces made for us.

A reversible High Five and Little Kicker teardrop charm and a Heart Shaped Original Fingerprint charm together on a necklace. 

Marina was 22 months at the time we took her prints and although normally hesitant when it comes to new experiences, she was very enthusiastic after trying this one. 

The entire process took less than 20 minutes with my normally shy toddler! 

In order to get hand and footprints, a Magic Inkless Print Kit is used and an Inkless Wipe Towelette is applied to the individual’s hand or foot.

He or she touches a piece of Magic Paper and then, as the name states… poof! Like magic, a print appears once the hand or foot is lifted from the page.

Marina was in awe when she saw hers appear and then again when she got to touch that clay-like silver in the creation of our Original Fingerprint.

No mould is used in the creation of an Original Fingerprint.

Your loved one actually touches it with their own finger as you standby to witness the first step in creating the most invaluable piece of jewelry you’ll ever own.

handmade sterling silver jewelry - fingerprint taking
fingerprint jewelry taking - sterling silver pendant

After capturing the print, you’ll then have the option to choose a shape for your piece. 

Popular options include hearts and teardrops, as selected by yours truly, as well as ovals, stars, and rectangles. 

Whether you have a newborn baby or a fussy toddler, the entire process is very manageable.

And in fact, it’s even enjoyable for little ones who are fascinated in experiencing new things at this age!

When you choose a Smallprint Keepsake, you are getting an experience in addition to your personalized accessory. 

The creation process happens right in front of your eyes and you’ll have a memory of exactly where you were when your special piece was made.

handmade sterling silver pendant mold

The Handmade Sterling Silver Collection

Choose from an array of memories to capture in silver including: 

Original Fingerprints

A piece of jewelry created using your loved one’s actual fingerprint.

Sharing a very familiar resemblance to playdough, this piece is created from the impression your loved one’s fingerprint leaves on an actual piece of silver. 

It is later placed into a kiln to give your new sterling silver charm the resilience it needs to last for years to come.

No mould is used during the process and your new piece of jewelry is actually formed using the touch of someone you hold dearly.

Enjoy reliving the moment and experience memories of your loved one over and over again using two of your senses when you wear this piece.

Tender Touch

Tender Touch pieces are textured using your loved one’s fingerprint. 

This charm is a stylized and slightly enlarged version of his or her fingerprint and makes for a gorgeous and modern take on custom made jewelry.

High Fives & Little Kickers

Capture your loved one’s hand and footprints and resize them to fit on a charm for a piece of jewelry as unique as you are.

Get a single or double high five and one or two little kickers for your next charm!

Mini Masters

Have a favourite portrait or piece of artwork your little one made just for you? Get it replicated on a beautiful silver keepsake and take it with you everywhere you go. 

Love Letters

Capture every milestone with a Love Letter Keepsake. 

From the first time they wrote their name to the first time you received a note reading “I love you, mommy”, Smallprint Vancouver North can create a silver keepsake you’ll be able to cherish forever. 


Create a Scribe featuring details from your little one’s birth certificate or a piece that includes each of your family member’s names.

The perfect way to keep the things that matter most close at all times.

Sterling Silver Keepsakes

Add your charm to any of the following items:

  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Cuff Links
  • Keyrings

Here’s the beautiful necklace Mahnaz made for me! 

handmade sterling silver necklace using fingerprint and handprint

The charms above the Heart Shaped Original Fingerprint and a reversible High Five and Little Kicker teardrop charm.

handmade sterling silver jewelry pendants - smallprint vancouver north

On the reverse side of the Original Fingerprint charm, Mahnaz has even handwritten Marina’s name and her age, 22 months, at the time of creating this stunning print.

Digital Prints

Attend a local event or book an appointment on Facebook to get amazingly detailed prints captured for you.

Digital Prints are incredibly versatile and make the perfect addition to your little one’s baby book or as a framed piece displayed in a nursery or another part of your home.  

Gift Ideas Your Loved One Will Adore

Consider the following Smallprint Vancouver North handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces when selecting your personalized gifts for her or him: 

  • A fingerprint necklace featuring an Original Fingerprint charm to represent each one of your family members
  • A fingerprint bracelet featuring fingerprint charms for each one of your children
  • A handprint and footprint necklace that features reversible charms for each one of your children
  • Your child or children’s names as originally handwritten by them on a bar necklace
  • A special handwritten message you’ve received from your child or children on a keyring
  • A favourite piece of artwork drawn by your little one on a keyring
  • A mom necklace with your special title handwritten by your child
  • A baby feet necklace with reversible charms for little feet on one side and your children’s names written on the other
handmade fingerprint jewelry by smallprint vancouver north

Combination Pieces

Can’t decide on a hand or footprint? Want to add a Love Letter as well?

Ask for a Combination item!

Get one of each on two different charms made in different shapes to reflect your personality. 

Or get both on one piece by opting for a reversible charm plus another something special.

New This Year

Birth Stones are brand new to the Smallprint Vancouver North lineup.

Make your Smallprint Keepsake pop with a touch of bling!

The perfect addition to any one of your sterling silver pieces. 

The Smallprint Vancouver North Difference

Smallprint is the original Fingerprint Jewelry Company and first launched in the United Kingdom in 2004.

To date, there are also now over 150 franchise locations around the world!

Smallprint is the only fingerprint jewelry company to offer pieces that are actually made using your loved one’s touch.

How Can I Order Mine?

To create your custom keepsake, you have several options to choose from:

Email or Phone

Mahnaz can be reached by email at: mahnaz at or by phone at: (778) 865-3774.

For a full list of her offerings and pricing, visit Smallprint Vancouver North to find the piece that’s right for you. 

Not located near Vancouver, BC or the Lower Mainland?

No problem!

Send an email to mahnaz at with details about the piece you’d like custom made just for you or your loved one. 

If you’ve already taken prints, easy peasy!

You can just attach high-resolution images to your message and get the process started. 

In Person

Book an appointment at Mahnaz’s studio or checkout one of many local pop up events this season. Learn more by visiting the Smallprint Vancouver North Facebook page.

Appointment availability is displayed right above Upcoming Events and visits take just half hour.

Host A Party

Organize a Group Booking with family and friends in the comfort your own home!

Create precious keepsakes and lasting memories by inviting those you love to take prints and create their own unique pieces for a new kind of family heirloom. 

Mahnaz will bring sample pieces to choose from and bonus, the hostess can save up to 25% off her entire order.

Meet The Maker

handmade sterling silver jewelry - mahnaz, owner of smallprint vancouver north

Mahnaz is a mother of two beautiful girls and fell in love with capturing precious memories after the birth of her first daughter.

Remembering the first time she held her daughter’s tiny hands and feet, Mahnaz wanted to keepsake every last moment.

This is how she discovered Smallprint and, as of two years ago, how Smallprint Vancouver North came to be.

Mahnaz handcrafts all pieces with love in her home studio.

For up to date information on Smallprint Vancouver North events and new product launches, follow Mahnaz on Facebook and Instagram.

Which Smallprint Vancouver North pieces would you love to receive? What special memory would you like to carry with you most? Let us know in the comments below.

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