10 Creative Ways to Promote a Blog Post on Instagram

creative ways to promote blog post on instagramHow do you market a blog post on Instagram? 

Compared to other popular social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram relies heavily on visuals.

If you’re familiar with the platform, you also already know that you can distribute content in four different ways: 

  1. Posts
  2. Stories
  3. IGTV
  4. Going Live

This guide will teach you how to promote a blog post on Instagram using all of these features and includes bonus tips for: 

  • how to expand reach on Instagram
  • Instagram design ideas and tricks
  • how to schedule Instagram posts
  • how to make an Instagram business account work for your blog

Let’s get to it!

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How to Promote a Blog Post on Instagram – 10 Ways!

promote blog on instagramYou don’t have to be an influencer to make Instagram work for your business. 

So, how do you get popular on Instagram?

Start by doing these three things: 

  1. be active on the platform and stay consistent
  2. create content that resonates with your followers
  3. be known for doing something better than anyone else!

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As we already discussed above, there are four different features IG content creators can use to share their latest works with followers and potential new customers. 

And the best part is that you can use every single one of them to promote your latest blog post! 

My favourite 10 ways to promote blog posts on Instagram include: 

  1. Publishing teasers in Instagram stories
  2. Using pins in Instagram stories
  3. Publishing highlights from the article in Instagram stories
  4. Designing a unique graphic for each blog post with Canva
  5. Creating post templates with Canva – edit your titles as need be!
  6. Hosting giveaways
  7. Cross-promoting with others in a related niche
  8. Create a poll in stories
  9. Creating related video tutorials for Instagram TV (IGTV)
  10. Going live

Let’s break down each of these ideas further and start with how to share a blog post on Instagram stories.

screenshot of nikkislivarich instagram feed from tailwind instagram scheduler

1. Publish teasers in Instagram stories

Why wait until your post is live to promote it? 

Show your followers what you’re working on and/or create a short video about your latest work.

This is something I love doing to build hype around upcoming posts!

To promote your blog post on Instagram stories before you’ve even published it, create a teaser video or graphic in Canva – I like to do this between one month to one week before the post’s anticipated release date. 

I also like to link to my site’s homepage in the teaser!

Because chances are, if your audience is interested in this piece of content, they’ll also enjoy other posts you’ve written. 

Once your blog post is live, you can create another story to tell your followers to check it out and of course, link to that post here.

teaser idea for how to promote blog posts on instagram stories using a pin

2. Use pins in Instagram stories

Welcome to cross-promotion hacks 101, friend!

It’s also one of my favourite ideas for how to promote a blog post on Instagram. 

Creating content can take a lot of time and if you’re like me, you’ll love this little productivity hack to make one piece of work go further.

The pins your create for Pinterest can be easily used in Instagram stories. 

There are two ways to do this. 

Method 1: Direct upload

Download your pin from Canva or Photoshop and send it to your phone – it looks a heck of a lot more professional than using a screenshot!

Then, upload that image as is to Instagram stories and shrink it down to make it story friendly. 

Add text, emojis, gifs, etc. to promote your latest blog post. 

Method 2: Design a story

Download your pin from Canva or Photoshop and reupload it to use in a story template.

This is my preferred method for promoting blog posts with pins on Instagram! 

It gives your stories an extra professional look and allows you to add interesting graphics, texts, and other things not available on Instagram.

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example pin used to create instagram stories for how to promote a blog post on instagram

3. Publish highlights in Instagram stories

Can’t wait to spill the beans on your new post? 

Give your followers a taste by sharing a sample of your work!

For example, I recently wrote a post on self-care ideas for moms and shared my favourite ideas in Instagram stories.

Create one slide for simple blog posts or more if your latest work is lengthy and/or list-based.   

The image you post to stories could be as simple as a screenshot on your phone or cleaned up and added to a more complex Canva design.

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4. Design a unique post with Canva

Prefer static posts on your profile? 

Then create a graphic just for your new blog post! 

A simple and quick Instagram post design might look like this. 

To create your own Instagram story design in Canva:

(1) click Create a design and select the Instagram Story in the online Canva menu

(2) upload a photo you’ve taken or a free stock photo as a background image

(3) click Elements to search and add a square or rectangular shape somewhere over your image

(4) click Text and Add a heading to start writing your latest blog post’s title

(5) when you’re satisfied with your design, download your graphic and upload it to Instagram!

5. Create a reusable post template with Canva

Value simplicity? 

Then learn how to promote your blog the minimalist way with this one!

Consider creating a standard graphic you’ll use to announce new blog posts to your followers!

It could be something as simple as this one that I created for my free Instaquotes graphics pack.

text reads new blog post and is part of nikki blogs instaquotes download pack

Alternatively, you could also do something like the image in the previous section and just swap out background images and text titles each time you launch a new blog post!

6. Host a giveaway – ask followers to tag friends

Launching a new physical or digital product with your latest blog post? 

Consider hosting a giveaway for your followers!

Go solo or partner up with other bloggers in your niche to do a mega-giveaway. 

Don’t have any products on your site? You could also offer a consultation or service to one lucky winner!

7. Cross-promote content with others

Have friends in the blogging world? 

Ask them to give you a shout out in their latest video post or share a graphic you’ve designed in their stories and/or profile posts. 

Reciprocate by sharing their content with your followers!

To start forming connections with other bloggers, consider joining a blogging group on Facebook or reaching out directly to a blogger you admire 🙂 

Note that this method works best if you both write about a similar topic!

8. Create a poll in stories

Get to know your followers by asking them to tell you more about themselves.

For example, I’ve run polls on the following topics: 

  • do you want to learn more about making money or saving money
  • do you want to learn more about blogging or Instagram
  • which DIY project should I start first
  • do you use Pinterest

Your blog may be about cooking, motherhood, etc.

So, ask your followers if they want more keto recipes or if they have toddlers! 

Sharing poll results is also a fun thing to do and promoting a relevant post in your next story will feel natural.

So, get creative and start thinking about what you want to know about your readers. 

9. Create a related video tutorial for IGTV

This one may require a little more effort than some other ideas on this list but it also has huge potential as a blog promotion strategy!

While it originally launched as a vertical video platform, Instagram TV (IGTV) now supports horizontal video uploads too! 

And so, like Instagram stories, you can upload content as is and shrink it down to make it user-friendly. 

Change your background, add some text or graphics, and you’re good to go.

Bonus points: recording videos in a horizontal format rather than Instagram’s vertical one will allow you to upload and cross-promote those same videos on YouTube.

So, start creating video content with the world’s most popular online platform in mind!

10. Go Live

Host a live Q and A for your followers!

Answer common questions, ask your followers what they want to see more of, and talk about the creation process for your latest blog post.

Your followers will love getting to know you better!

How to Promote a Blog Post on Instagram: More Ideas

(1) Take Better Photos

How do I get my blog noticed on Instagram? 

To stand out on Instagram, incredible graphics are a must!

Get comfortable behind and in front of a camera to start creating your own amazing images – here are some of my favourite tools for blogging and social media. 

(2) Use Great Hashtags

No blog launch Instagram post is complete without hashtags! 

But to get your posts seen on IG, you’ll need to use the right ones. 

Tailwind Instagram scheduler makes this super easy! 

Next time you go to publish and Instagram post, upload your graphic to Tailwind first. 

It’ll show you the best time to post AND the best hashtags to use to expand your reach on Instagram! 

screenshot of the tailwind scheduler app showing selected hashtags for instagram post

As you can see above, Tailwind shows me hashtags I can potentially rank for in IG searches. 

So, next time you go to post on Instagram, think of hashtags like SEO for social media!

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(3) Use an Instagram Business Account

Get access to detailed analytics by signing up for an Instagram profile for business!

You’ll be able to see how your stories, posts, and profile are performing in addition to details about who your followers are and the days and times they are most likely to be online.

5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

And there you have it – you now know how to promote a blog post on Instagram 10 ways!

How will you promote your latest blog post on Instagram? Share your favourite IG ideas in the comments below!

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