How to Write a Poshmark Thank You Note: Example + Gift Ideas

Congratulations! You’ve made your first online sale and now you’re ready to write a Poshmark thank you note.

poshmark thank you note

But what are you supposed to say? And what type of gift with purchase should you add?

This guide covers what to do after you sell something on Poshmark including:

  • how to write a thank you note
  • thank you note example ideas
  • gift with purchase ideas
  • how to pack your item

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How to Write a Poshmark Thank You Note: Example + Gift Ideas

write poshmark thank you note

Poshmark notes to buyers don’t have to be overcomplicated!

Just follow the easy step-by-step templates below or steal tips from a pro-full-time online shop owner – Bouge Mama.

Psst – you’re going to LOVE her gifts and packaging!

What kind of paper should I use for thank you notes?

Card stock is the best choice of paper for writing thank you cards.

But you could also just go with basic white printer paper and a pair of cute craft scissors if you don’t have card stock at home.

That’s what I’ve done for my most recent packages.

It gives your thank you note some character and hides any irregularities in the less than perfect rectangle you tried to cut out of white paper, haha!

No matter how many lines I fold, it just never comes out straight.

poshmark thank you gifts

Easy Thank You Note

I like to keep my thank you’s to the basics:

  1. Write their name on the thank you note
  2. Simply write, “Thank you for shopping my closet! I hope you enjoy your (item he or she purchased).”
  3. Sign your name with a smiley face, heart, or other cute scribble

Easy peasy!

poshmark notes to buyers

You could also do something like:

  1. Write their name
  2. Write, “Thank you for your purchase! I hope you love this (brand name + item).”
  3. Sign your name with an xo or any of the above

This is my go-to style of note that I stick on each gift with purchase – and I’ve managed to maintain a 5-star seller status and become a Poshmark ambassador!

Your thank you note doesn’t have to be anything fancy to make someone’s day! It’s the thought that counts.

poshmark thank you note example

Poshmark Thank You Note Printable

Want to make things really simple?

Load up your printer with paper and ink to print off premade labels and notes online.

You can download thank you note Poshmark templates on Posh’s blog.

It might cost a little more to do it this way but it’ll save you some time on the back end if you pre-print a bunch of these.

Do what works for you!

poshmark gifts

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Gift Ideas for Poshmark Sales

Your gift with purchase doesn’t need to be out of this world to be effective!

Since I’m in the process of decluttering my home, I like to stash small trinkets, accessories, and cosmetics samples I come across as I clean up.

If you’re like me, maybe you have a ridiculous amount of Sephora samples too!

This is usually my go-to gift with purchase.

Sephora samples are great because:

  • they’re free with your Sephora order
  • many products are suitable for multiple skin/hair types
  • you might never actually get around to using them yourself!

I like to include skincare items with athleisure wear and save makeup for more fashion-forward items.

gift ideas for poshmark sales

I’ve also got a bunch of goodies I received in grab bags from local markets.

This includes:

  • jewelry
  • accessories
  • tealight candles
  • magnets
  • stickers

I even sent wooden baby teethers from a small shop business I thought about starting but didn’t proceed with.

poshmark sales gift

Again, I choose the item based on what the buyer purchased from me.

Gifts for When You Want to Sell on Poshmark Like a Pro

Want to turn Poshmark into a side hustle or full-time job?

Then you’ll want to invest in some gifts with purchase inventory.

poshmark small gift

My sister, who sells online full-time buys small gifts annually.

Currently, she’s gifting adorable hair ties (shown below), foot masks, hand cream, cosmetics samples, and beard oils in cute cellophane bags.

Going the extra mile shows her customers that she’s a pro!

You can shop Bouge Mama’s closet on eBay and Poshmark.

poshmark free gift ideas

Poshmark Shipping Considerations

First impressions count!

So invest a few polymail envelopes to give your buyers a positive one.

You should have 10 x 13″ sized poly mailers for men’s and women’s clothes and 6 x 10″ sized bubble mailers if you sell cosmetics (this size fits your standard long eyeshadow palette).

Wrapping your clothing, accessories, and cosmetics is another must – so invest in some tissue paper.

I cut mine to size for both clothing and gift items but once the tape is on, you can’t even see the imperfections so don’t worry about that here.

Thank You Note Placement

Should you choose to handwrite your thank your notes with a Sharpie like I do (these colorful markers are super cute), be sure that the ink faces AWAY from your item!

This is critical to ensure that the ink doesn’t damage the product you’ve just sold.

I like to attach all of my thank you notes to my gift with purchases and ALWAYS wrap my gifts in a small piece of gift wrap paper as well.

how to ship on poshmark gift

It makes for a thoughtful presentation without all of the bells and whistles!

You may also come to find that buyers are more likely to leave you love notes and positive feedback when you include notes and gifts.

From my own experience as a buyer, I was definitely more impressed by the handwritten thank you notes, cute gifts, and pretty packaging I received than I was sent a purse thrown into a beat-up Amazon box!

Put yourself in your buyers’ shoes.

poshmark thank you gift

Thank You Note + Gift Checklist

To get started with writing thank you’s on Poshmark, shipping items and gifts, you should have the following:

Here are some cute hair ties you could use as a gift – it works out to about 20 cents each!

5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

Which Poshmark thank you note example did you like best? Will you be including a gift in your next Poshmark sale? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy selling, friend!

text reads nikki xo in pink font

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