Newborn Baby Checklist (Printable PDF Shopping List for New Moms)

newborn baby essentials checklistThis newborn baby checklist printable was designed to make your life easier, mama!

Because there are just so many baby things to buy before birth available – but do you REALLY need them all?

Spoiler alert: Nope! Especially NOT for the first 12 weeks.

If you don’t want to waste time or money, then you’ll love this minimalist baby shopping list for first-time moms!

We’ll cover: 

  • when to start buying baby products during pregnancy
  • baby must-haves for first time moms
  • newborn essentials for the first 3 months (12 weeks)
  • printable PDF shopping list for new moms

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links and I could earn a commission at no cost to you if you make a purchase using them. 


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Newborn Baby Checklist: Printable PDF Shopping List for New Moms

newborn baby checklistI remember the feeling I got when we went to Buy Buy Baby to wrap up our baby registry list. 

It was overwhelming!

I felt like we weren’t prepared enough despite all of the gifts we received from family and friends amidst the shopping we’d done in our own time.

But as I learned from my first child, you actually don’t need most of the things they try to sell you for the first 3 months of your child’s life – if at all! 

I was SURE that I’d be pumping milk so my husband could share in feeding our baby but I ended up exclusively breastfeeding – no bottles, pumping, etc. 

Since he normally works 12 to 15 hour days and I work from home, it just didn’t make sense for our lifestyle. 

I am SO glad we never spent the $500 on a pump that the baby registry list insisted we needed!

A few other things we never ended up using include: 

  • the crib – our first slept in our room her first year as will our second
  • playard
  • pacifiers
  • infant toys – babies don’t start actually handling toys until they’re about 6 months!

The newborn baby checklist I’ve outlined below features things you do ACTUALLY need for your baby’s first 12 weeks of life however you choose to feed them.

newborn baby checklist printable - diapering


There are actually two options for diapering your baby – disposable diapers or cloth diapers. 

I’ll cover disposable diapering basics before giving you a brief introduction to cloth diapering 🙂

Diapering Option 1: Disposable 

1. Diapers

If you’re wondering how many newborn diapers to buy, take it from me – buy one box (104 per package) at a time. 

My second baby was 8 pounds at birth and wore size 1 diapers immediately – at 6 weeks old, she’s now wearing size 2!

My firstborn was 7 pounds at birth and wore newborn-sized diapers for over 2 months. 

Every child is a bit different but on average, new parents will often require the following quantities:

  • Newborn size (up to 10 pounds) – 1 or 2 boxes of 104
  • Size 1 (8 to 14 pounds) – 2 to 4 boxes of 174
  • Size 2 (12 to 18 pounds) – 4 boxes of 180

If you want to stock up on diapers in advance, I recommend buying the lower volume – you’re going to be way too busy with a new baby to do returns!

Plus, Amazon Prime makes it super easy for busy moms to have things delivered when we’re running low, haha.

I went these diapers for my second baby – they’re nice and soft compared to other similar diapers at the same price point. 

My first baby had extremely sensitive skin so, she wore Bambo Nature diapers before we switched to cloth. 

2. Baby Wipes

I am a HUGE fan of Water Wipes and used these for both of my babies!

They’re made of 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract because yucky things like:

  • alcohol
  • perfume
  • chlorine
  • formaldehyde
  • parabens
  • phenols
  • phthalates
  • quaternary ammonium compounds
  • sls and sles
  • lanolin

don’t belong in any products we use nevermind wipes that’ll touch baby’s skin 10 or more times a day!

You will use A LOT of baby wipes in your first three months with a newborn – they’re known as the Swiss Army knife of parenting for a reason.

I stocked up and bought three boxes of twelve 60-packs to start.

3. Changing Pad

We made a mistake and bought a crib with a built-in changing pad to start. 

So, every time baby had a messy diaper, I’d have to leave our room and go to the nursery to give her nappy a change – not fun when you’re completely exhausted and sleep-deprived.

I wish we would have had this changing pad to start.

It’s a portable heavy-duty changing pad that wipes clean and works on any surface! 

Since our second baby sleeps in the world’s greatest bassinet beside our bed, I keep the Leander changing pad on top of my bed for convenience.

At 6 weeks old, she wakes up two times a night to feed and normally requires one change.

So, when she wakes up, I pick her up, feed her, give her a change, and pop her back into the bassinet – all within about half to one hour.

Less work for you means more sleep!

4. Diaper Caddy

Having your diapers, wipes, and rash cream conveniently organized makes a world of a difference!

Diaper changes are a breeze and done in moments when everything is neatly organized and available to you.

I used this JJ Cole diaper caddy with my first but since I overloaded the small drawer at the front, it would get stuck often and broke recently. 

I got this cute rope caddy as a replacement and like the three storage slots and how much bigger it is.

I keep Probiotic drops, Vitamin D, colic relief medication, nipple balm, nasal drops, a nasal aspirator, and baby nail files in there too – all of these tools are super handy to have readily available while you’re nursing!

5. Diaper Balm

I swear by Earth Mama’s organic bottom balm and used it for both of my babies! 

This stuff is natural, organic, and doesn’t contain any yucky ingredients or preservatives you wouldn’t want to come into contact with your baby.

6. Diaper Bag

Choose a diaper bag that will help you stay organized. 

I bought a Fawn Design diaper bag and love the shape and size of it – 10 diapers, a bag of wipes, two spare outfits, a nursing cover, diaper balm, and my wallet all fit comfortably inside with room to spare.

7. Diaper Pail

Keep stinky diapers contained with a diaper pail – we have a Dekor diaper pail and are really happy with it.

Compared to the pails our friends and family members use, the Dekor pail and its corresponding liners do a much better job of containing odors.

These scented nursey fresheners are also amazing until you’re ready to take out the trash.

8. Diaper Pain Liners

Liners are specially designed garbage bags made to fit your diaper pail of choice.

Simply pop one in, pull it through, and cut to size.

And when you’re ready to empty out the pail, you just need to pull down again to create another bag.

Diapering Option 2: Cloth 

As a mom who cloth diapered her first baby from 3 months onward, I’m excited to share both methods of diapering your babies!

Cloth diapering is a bit more involved than disposable diapers are but it can save you a ton of money in the long run – there is also a bit of a learning curve. 

1. Cloth Diapers

If you plan on cloth diapering your baby full-time, you’ll want to pick up AT LEAST 30 cloth diapers to avoid doing cloth diaper laundry every single day!

You might also consider cloth diapering part-time – using cloth diapers at home and relying on disposable diapers when you’re on the go. 

I found cloth diapering easiest with diapers that had: 

  • snaps
  • removable inserts

While traditional cloth diapering means using a square sheet and pinning it closed, snaps are as easy as putting a button-up onesie on your baby – it’s done in seconds. 

I prefer pocket style cloth diapers with removable inserts because, at night time, this lets you use any cloth diaper cover you want (the cute colorful part that resembles a disposable diaper) with an overnight liner of your choice!

Pro Mom Tip: Start small! Invest in 12 cloth diapers and a few overnight inserts to give cloth diapering a try for a couple of days. 

Then, if you feel this is managable for your lifestyle, purchase more.

2. Liners

Cloth diaper liners look like pads and get inserted into cloth diaper covers to absorb your baby’s business!

You’ll need both regular liners, which usually come with cloth diaper covers, and overnight liners to ensure your baby is covered 24/7. 

As babies sleep for longer periods of time, overnight liners ensure that your child won’t leak through their diaper in the evening – they’re thicker and absorb more liquid than regular liners alone.

Note: since cloth diapers don’t have a wetness indicator like some disposable brands offer, you’ll want to change your baby’s diaper once an hour unless he or she is having a nap. 

This will prevent your baby from leaking through or developing a rash from sitting in a wet nappy for too long.

3. Baby Wipes or Cloth Wipes

I used a combination of disposable and cloth wipes.

4. Cloth Diaper Safe Balm

You CANNOT use petroleum based creams with pocket cloth diapers – it will NOT wash out and your diapers will no longer be able to hold moisture. 

Earth Mama’s organic diaper balm is a perfect choice.

5. Wet Bag

If you plan on cloth diapering your child on the go, you’ll need a wet bag to store your little one’s used nappy’s until you can return home to wash them.

6. Cloth Diaper Pail Liner

I loved these cloth pail liners for our Dekor diapear pail.

They come as a set of two so you can flip the bag of dirty diapers inside out and throw it in the wash with everything else and sthen imply put on the clean cloth diaper pail liner after!

7. Cloth Diaper Safe Laundry Detergent

You CANNOT use liquid detergent on cloth diapers as it will damage them just like petroleum based creams.

Cloth diapers MUST be wash with a powder laundry detergent so, choose one that has minimal ingredients and is baby safe. 

I swear by Nellie’s laundry soda and use it to wash all of our new baby’s clothes as well my nursing clothes (anything that comes into contact with her). 

The following items are repeated from Disposable Diapering.

8. Changing Pad

9. Diaper Caddy

10. Diaper Bag

11. Diaper Pail

newborn baby essentials clothing


Expect to wash 2 to 8 outfits a day for your new baby!

As you learn how to correctly secure a diaper on your little one and use the right size plus accidents that happen from blowouts or during changes, you can expect A LOT of laundry in your first days as a new parent. 

1. Sleepers

How many sleepers do you need for a newborn?

Having 10 newborn sleepers available makes life a lot easier in the beginning.

You’ll want to pick up the following number of sleepers in these sizes for your first 12 weeks with baby:

  • Newborn – 10
  • 0 to 3 Months – 12
  • 3 to 6 Months – 12

Baby outfits are cute but they aren’t practical or comfortable for your little one. 

Dressing your baby in a sleeper and hat for doctor’s appointments will make life far less stressful for you – you’ll have 4 appointments for baby and one for yourself in your first 3 months together.

2. Onesies

We personally didn’t use onesies until our babies got older! 

Both girls ran hot, so putting a onesie under a sleeper was just too much for them. I have plenty of friends and family members who did use these with sleepers though. 

Purchase them in the same quantity as you do sleepers: 

  • Size Newborn – 10
  • 0 to 3 Months – 12
  • 3 to 6 Months – 12

3. Hats

Babies get cold easily, especially their heads and ears. So, be sure to get a few hats for your little one’s outings. 

I recommend getting at least 2 in each of these sizes: 

  • 0 to 3 months
  • 0 to 6 months

Hat sizing is a little funny and usually goes from 0 to 3 and 6 for some reason! This just means they should last your baby until that age.

newborn baby must haves4. No-Scratch Mittens

These are a MUST for the first few weeks with your baby! 

Those little fingernails can be sharp and babies can easily scratch themselves when they’re touching their faces often. 

Get at least two pairs of mittens.

5. Baby Hangers

You’ll want at least 30 hangers to store your baby’s clothes – these velvet ones are my favorite because they keep things in place and don’t take up an unnecessary amount of space. 

Mom hack: I bought these hat organizers for my husband but ended up using one to hang our baby’s sleepers in our room – genius! 

It takes up hardly any space and makes it way easier to change her outfits overnight instead of going to the nursery.

6. Baby Laundry Basket

Keeping baby’s laundry separate from yours is a good idea, especially if you use different laundry detergents.

It makes laundry more manageable and prevents sorting later on. 

7. Baby Safe Detergent

The last thing any new parent needs is for their baby to have an allergic reaction!

Choose a baby-safe laundry detergent free of chemicals and made with minimal ingredients.

I like Nellie’s laundry soda best.


1. Baby Outfits

Two and three-piece outfits for your baby are cute for photos and special events but impractical for day-to-day life.

Imagine being naked for 9 months and then wearing form-fitting pants over a tight diaper while you sit upright in your car seat – baby’s tummy is not going to be happy!

Your infant and YOU will sleep better when they’re comfortable. 

newborn essentials sleeping


Getting plenty of rest is so important for you and your baby!

My first daughter was a TERRIBLE sleeper – she didn’t sleep through the night until she was 9 months old! And since I breastfed exclusively, I was running on empty for a very long time. 

This baby is a completely different story – sleeping through the night at 6 weeks old! 

Through experience, building confidence, and investing in the right equipment, your infant can sleep through the night this early as well.

Trust me, a good or a bad sleep has the power to impact your entire life!

1. Bassinet

It’s safest for your baby to spend their first 6 months sleeping in your room and a bassinet is the ideal space-saving solution.

I credit the SNOO smart bassinet for my second baby sleeping through the night so early!

This electronic bassinet is like having a second set of hands to help you out – it gently rocks your baby while she sleeps and plays womb-like sounds to keep her calm.

If she stirs while napping, the SNOO will also automatically adjust to the second setting to rock her a bit more quickly and try to settle her. 

Once your baby is calm, it’ll automatically adjust back down to the lowest setting.

There are four different modes to calm your baby based on their distress level.

Watching the SNOO work automatically completely blew my mind the first few times I saw it settle my newborn but the best part of all is knowing that she’s safe.

The SNOO has built-in clips to place special zip-up swaddles that attach next to the mattress pad to keep your baby on their back!

This was such a relief for me because, since the day she was born, my second daughter kept rolling over onto her tummy while she slept.

Do yourself a favor – skip the MamaRoo, fancy stroller, and other bougie baby products to get this instead.

It’s expensive but it was 1000% worth it for my sanity – especially with a busy toddler to look after at the same time!


2. Bassinet Sheets

With messy diapers and spit-ups come laundry so get at least 2 bassinet sheets for your baby’s bed – one to use while one is in the wash.

3. Swaddles

New babies are used to being in small spaces and swaddling gives them a sense of reassurance once they’ve left the womb.

Zip-up swaddles make comforting your baby 10 times faster. 

4. Wearable Blankets

Zip-up wearable blankets make it so much safer for your baby to stay warm while snoozing!

Pick up at least 2 in each of the following sizes: 

  • 0 to 6 months
  • 6 to 12 months

5. Glider

I use our glider every single day – it’s great for nursing and calming a fussy baby. 

Carrying a 10-pound baby all day will start to hurt your back but sitting in an ergonomically designed rocking chair can help take the pressure off while soothing your crying infant. 

Choose one that doesn’t look like baby furniture so you can enjoy it in your household even after your kids are all grown up.

6. White Noise Machine

Babies are used to all sorts of noises in the womb so a white noise machine with the sounds they are used to is comforting for them.

We use this one every night and rotate between sounds and music.

7. Night Light

Using a night light instead of turning all of the lights in the house on helps your baby stay drowsy during overnight feedings and changes.

The white noise machine I mentioned above has a built-in night light – double win!


1. DockaTot

I loved this thing for my first baby – it helped her start sleeping through the night when she was several months old.

2. Crib

Your baby should spend their first year in your room, so you don’t need to invest in a crib right away. 

Plan on purchasing a crib at around 6 months or after your baby has outgrown their bassinet.

2. Crib Sheets

If you plan on using a crib from the start, be sure to invest in at least two crib sheets and a waterproof mattress cover.

newborn checklist gear


1. Infant Car Seat & Base

Choosing a great car seat is so important!

We went with the UPPAbaby Mesa for safety and because it’s so easy to use with the VISTA stroller – just clip it in, no need to buy and switch out adapters.

2. Stroller

The UPPAbaby VISTA is one of the top-rated strollers out there for a reason. 

It’s a quality stroller built for various types of terrain and it grows with your family – up to three children when using the Rumble Seat and PiggyBack attachment!

3. Baby Carrier/Wrap

A baby carrier lets you do things hands-free while comforting your newborn!

Babies love being close to mom and can you blame them? They just spent 9 months living inside of you.

My little girl had a three-hour nap in our baby carrier the other day – it was amazing and allowed me to get so much done around the house!


1. Baby Lounge Seat

I love this newborn lounger from Boppy.

It’s great for putting your baby down when you want to take a break to read a book or watch tv.

The lounger puts your baby in a slightly upright position to aid in digestion.  

2. Baby Bouncer

We love this BabyBjorn bouncer

It helps keep my baby calm when she’s awake and I’m busy prepping meals or working.

3. Baby Swing

The MamaRoo never worked for us but other parents I know SWEAR by this thing!

I guess my girls are just bouncers, haha.

Health & Safety

1. Baby Monitor

Keeping an eye on your baby is extremely important, especially during your first days with her.

But being in the same room 24/7 isn’t realistic.

This baby monitor is AMAZING – it offers a superior quality picture and lets me switch between two different cameras to check in on both of my girls.

2. Thermometer

This must-have newborn safety item is critical especially after your little one’s first vaccine at 8 weeks old.

3. Vitamin D Supplement

Infants under one year old should be kept out of direct sunlight to prevent skin damage, so you’ll need a Vitamin D supplement to keep them at optimum health.

4. Nasal Aspirator

Infants often suffer from congestion but don’t know yet how to blow their noses so, a nasal aspirator can provide serious relief. 

We use ours once every day or two.

5. Baby Hair Brush

A cradle cap brush will help to gently loosen and remove skin flakes from your baby’s scalp. 

DO NOT pick at or scrape these flakes.

6. Humidifier

A humidifier adds moisture to the air to create ideal breathing conditions for your baby. 

This helps loosen mucus build-up and prevents dry skin which can be quite painful for a newborn. 

We have this humidifier which I love because it’s filter-free and can be used with Vicks VapoPads when you or your little one is feeling under the weather.

7. Air Purifier

My husband was adamant about getting a Dyson air purifier when we brought our new baby home and I am SO glad he splurged.

This air purifier captures gases and particle pollutants while offering high-tech diagnoses and reports so you know your baby is breathing the best quality air.

As someone who was previously diagnosed with poorly controlled asthma during my pregnancy (experiencing symptoms once a day), I can say this thing works.

I have not had one asthma attack since my husband brought this thing home!

8. Baby Nail Files

Clipping your baby’s nails is terrifying! 

Those clippers are so big for such tiny fingers and it’s not pleasant when you accidentally clip your baby’s skin – so easy to do.

Using a baby nail file is a safer way to give your baby a much-needed manicure to prevent scratches.


1. Omega 3 Supplement

I take this omega 3 supplement myself in addition to giving my baby this one.

Studies have shown that infants who consume omega 3 display improved: 

  • hand-eye coordination
  • attention span
  • social skills

Four-year-old children whose mothers took an omega 3 supplement during pregnancy or breastfeeding also scored higher on cognitive tests than those whose mothers did not supplement.


Giving your baby a bath can be incredibly stressful if you have a child who hates being bathed like my first did!

Arm yourself with the right supplies to make bath time a breeze.

1. Infant Bath Sling

This baby bath support makes giving my little girl a wash SO MUCH easier!

We tried a soft bath flower you could put in the sink and two different infant bathtubs with my firstborn but she ABSOLUTELY hated them.

My second daughter is like a little fish! She absolutely loves being in the water and I think the right bath support has a lot to do with it.

2. Wash Cloths

Choose soft bath cloths that are gentle on your baby’s skin like these ones.

Be sure to purchase 6 or more so you can use two every time you give your infant a bath – one to wash their face and one to dip in the warm water and cover their body with. 

Once you wash your baby’s face (with ONLY water), you can add baby soap to wash his or her little body.

3. Hooded Towels

I love these hooded towels – they’re large enough to last your baby at least one year! 

Hooded towels make bath time so much easier.

You can wrap your baby like a burrito to keep them warm as you wash their hair and then dry it with the hood before taking them out of the towel to wash their body in the bath support.

Once you’re done, back into the hooded towel to dry from head to toe.

3. Baby Shampoo

My favorite baby shampoos are this one and this one.

Neither of my girls has ever had a reaction to them and they smell divine without being overpowering for a little one’s senses.

4. Baby Lotion

Dry skin is so common in infants, especially during colder months and when central heating usage is at an all-time high. 

Your baby’s sensitive skin will drink up this gentle calming lotion like water. 

newborn baby checklist feeding


How you choose to feed your baby is up to you, mama.

Pick one of the three feeding options below or try them all – you’ll know what works best for you and your baby!

The three categories here are meant to make writing your shopping list a bit easier and I’ll let you know when an item has been repeated between categories 🙂

Feeding Option 1: Exclusive breastfeeding

1. Nursing Pillow

A great nursing pillow makes it easier and more comfortable for you to feed your little one and for your baby to get a good latch.

So, choose a quality one over something with a cute pattern – this nursing pillow is HANDS DOWN the best one I’ve ever had and I tried four different styles before I finally found the right fit!

2. Nursing Bras

A great nursing bra makes it so much easier to breastfeed your baby on demand.

Choose a variety of high-quality ones that are comfortable for you and have room for nursing pads to prevent leakage through your clothes. 

I purchased this style for sleeping in, this one for day-to-day activities, and this one for working out

I’d recommend having at least 6 nursing bras – two for sleeping and four for daily life.

Accidents happen and it’s nice to have spares while a couple of bras are in the wash!


3. Nipple Butter

Especially important in your first days, your nipples can get incredibly chapped while you and your baby get to know each other. 

Apply nipple butter EVERY TIME you need to prevent painful cracked nipples and chapped skin. 

I use this one by Earth Mama exclusively – there’s no lanolin or other yucky chemicals in it so, you don’t have to worry about wiping it off before feeding your baby!

4. Burp Cloths

My love for these burpy bibs is like nothing else on this list – except for the SNOO! 

Most burp cloths are short and will fall off your arm as you bend over to pick up your baby.

These ones are long and weighted so they stay put as your center of gravity changes. 

And the best part is that they can be used as bibs when your little one starts eating solid foods at around 6 months old. 

Talk about awesome multi-tasking!

Feeding Option 2: Pumping

1. Breast Pump

Choose a pump that fits your lifestyle – this portable pump is a popular choice for working moms as it’s small, quiet, portable, and discrete! 

I bought a Medela Sonata because it has great reviews in terms of milk production, comfort, and I work from home so portability wasn’t a major issue for me. 

I also got a killer deal on it! I’ll update this post once I give the Sonata a try 🙂 

2. Pumping Bras

A pumping bra allows you to be mobile while holding milk containers in place. 

This strapless one and this one are great choices.

3. 4 oz Bottles

Your baby will drink between 2 to 4 ounces of milk each feeding for the first 6 months so you don’t need to worry about buying a larger bottle size right now. 

Since babies need to feed on demand until after 8 weeks and up to 10 times a day at 16 weeks, this means you should have at least 12 bottles on hand. 

I bought these glass bottles and a silicone sleeve.

4. Dishwasher Basket

Small pieces from your pump, bottles, etc. can easily get lost in the dishwasher! 

Keeping them in a basket like this prevents loss during washing.

5. Bottle Drying Rack and Brush

I prefer to use a designated brush and baby-safe dish soap for my baby’s items to keep things extra clean. 

Bottle drying racks are also made specifically for the small and uniquely shaped parts that come with your baby’s bottles. 

I like this one, it’s cute and works well!

6. Bottle Warmer

Heating milk in the microwave is NOT RECOMMENDED so invest in a bottle warmer

It’s faster than leaving a bottle in hot tap water for 15 minutes and ensures that milk is evenly heated. 

7. Breast Milk Storage Bags

Having an excess supply of milk in the freezer gives new moms peace of mind – especially when you’re not sure how long that bottle has been in the fridge! 

These breastmilk storage bags are super affordable and feature easy-to-read measurements.

The following items are repeated from Exclusive Breastfeeding.

  1. Nipple Butter
  2. Burp Cloths

Feeding Option 3: Formula

1. Formula

Choose a formula that’s easy to digest for your little one and contains limited high-quality ingredients.  

I have a friend who swears by ready-to-use formula for her son for its convenience on the go!

2. Formula Dispenser

There are several options available for formula dispensers including: 

  • plastic on the go containers
  • mixing pitchers
  • automatic machines

Choose a method that fits your budget and lifestyle. 

A family member says this automatic formula dispenser made life one thousand times easier with her first baby!

The following items are repeated from Pumping.

  1. Burp Cloths
  2. 4 oz Bottles
  3. Dishwasher Basket
  4. Bottle Drying Rack and Brush

Printable Newborn Baby Checklist PDF

Click the image or text link to download the new baby checklist below.

This PDF file is easy to download and available in high resolution through the Dropbox link provided above. 

5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

I hope this newborn baby checklist printable has simplified your shopping needs! 

If you don’t think you’ll use an item on the list, just cross it out and focus on checking off the items you do need. 

Have any questions about newborn baby must-haves? Ask them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you! 

Welcomed a new baby recently? Introduce yourself here or say hello on Instagram 🙂 

Happy shopping, mama!

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