How to Add Line Breaks on Instagram Without a Generator

How to add line breaks on Instagram? 

Surprisingly, it’s actually not as straightforward as writing out your caption the way you’d like it to appear within the IG app! 

However, contrary to popular belief, Instagram formatting – including IG line breaks – can be done within the app. 


That’s okay!

You’re about to have a legendary Aha moment when you learn the two fixes you need in order to add line breaks on Instagram!

So, let’s optimize your posts now and learn one of the easiest but most effective Instagram hacks for increasing engagement!

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How IG Line Breaks increase engagement

Top Instagram influencers know the importance of spaces in Instagram: 

  • bio
  • captions

They look far less intimidating to read for your followers and will actually improve your Instagram engagement rate, since it’ll be that much easier for them to follow along with what you’ve taken the time to write!

The most highly engaged IG posts have a few things in common and formatting for Instagram is definitely one of the most important aspects on this list.

If you’re like me, you too probably skip the huge blobs of text and quickly skim through those that are neatly organized only going back to the start of the caption if it’s something that’s genuinely intrigued you. We all do it!

Most people follow hundreds of other accounts!

Myself included! However, we rarely take the time to read all of their captions.

Time is money, especially when you do blogging and/or social media full time, right?

So, it’s crucial to have strong images, profile branding, like unique highlight covers, and strong written presentation! Hence, spaces in Instagram – bio and captions – are vital!

Instagram Line Breaks Myths: 2019 Guide

There are a couple of myths surrounding how to add line breaks on Instagram posts and bios. These include the ideas that you:

  1. need to use an Instagram line break generator app
  2. have to copy and paste spaces inside brackets
  3. cannot do it directly within the Instagram app

As of 2019, all of these statements are false.

Whether you refer to it as an Instagram line break generator, space generator, spacer, or line breaker, I can tell you one thing…

You don’t need to ever rely on it again once you learn this super easy hack for creating spaces in Instagram!

So, are you ready to learn how to create spaces in Instagram – bio and captions? Yep, this little trick can help you do both!

This is going to be a game changer when it comes to formatting your next post!

Keep reading to learn how to create space in your captions and bio directly within the app itself! No line break generator required!

How to Add Line Breaks on Instagram: Bio & Captions Guide

As of early 2019, Instagram has finally fixed the issue of being able to generate a line break within the app and now there are only two basic reasons you may experience difficulty obtaining that glorious white space!

Keep reading to find out what they are and accompany those beautifully edited images with thoughtfully formatted captions.

Whether you choose to do it with keyboard characters, emojis, or clean blank space, line breaks will elevate your Instagram game!

So, let’s start with the basic rules of creating working spaces in Instagram – bio and captions.

text reads how to add line breaks on instagram

(1) Write Captions in the Instagram App or in Notes

I personally use the Notes App on my iPhone 8 Plus (or Macbook Air) to write all of my Instagram captions and love how easy it is to format. Check out these other 6 essential apps that I use every time I post!

Adding hashtags here and creating sets to go with all of your different post types is also an incredibly effective and easy way to plan your posts ahead of time.

Consider saving a few hashtags for each day of the week as a starting point too – these trendy tags are great for boosting impressions.

The larger the device you are writing on, the more of an overview you can get of your caption as a whole (sometimes the layout of the text as a whole can be improved or you’ll find that you’ve overused a few words during your thought process).

Also, anyone who follows me on Instagram knows that I’m a bit of an emoji addict (after all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?)!

So, sometimes, when I’m looking at my overall caption, I’ll feel the need to take it back a bit and cut out a few of those cute little icons. Instagram aesthetic is a major part of success on this platform and gorgeous captions are another part of maintaining a beautiful feed.

You may also feel the need to cut down on things like exclamation marks, ellipsis, or other punctuation marks, in addition to moving paragraphs around in your caption to create smoother thought and word flow.

(2) Make Sure to Leave Absolutely NO SPACES After the Last Word in Each Paragraph 

This is the big one and most crucial part of what you must do to GUARANTEE clean white space with Instagram line breaks in your Instagram captions or bio!

It’s as simple as that!

While many of us have the tendency to add a space following the period that ends our previous sentence (the academic curse, we’ll say), backspace and drop that habit for Instagram.

Using this super easy IG hack, you can even create Instagram line breaks directly in the app if you follow the no spacing rule!

And it works in both your bio and captions.

No Instagram line break generator, emojis, or punctuation marks required!

How simple was that?

(3) Do NOT end your sentences with emojis! 

Whether writing your captions directly in the app or in your notes app, adding any emojis will prevent your Instagram line breaks from working correctly – IG treats an emoji like a space.

In my personal experience, 80% of the time I’ve tried to end my sentences with emojis, the IG line break has not worked correctly.

End your thought with a punctuation mark but feel free to use emojis in the middle of the paragraphs.

(4) If Using Notes, Copy Your Text & Paste It In The Instagram App

Once you’ve finished writing out and editing your caption (or bio) to your liking, hit Select All on the Notes App and Copy to get it ready for transferring.

Open up the corresponding image on Instagram, choose your filter, do any additional edits, and then paste your text from the notes app into the caption section.

For added assurance, do another once over with your text cursor and make sure that there are no spaces after your text and Instagram line break marks (emoji/punctuation mark, as discussed above).

(5) Share Your Instagram Post 

Once you’re satisfied with the image and overall look of your caption, hit the Share button and enjoy admiring your patience and hard work!

Wait for your following to start engaging, promote your new post on stories, or with IGTV, and consider using these lesser known ideas to gain more real followers.

5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

Congratulations on mastering the art of paragraph spacing. Did you know this trick will also work to add spaces in your bio?

It’s true!

Just use the guidelines above and create spaces in Instagram post captions and your bio wherever you’d like it!

No Instagram line break generator required!

In summary, the key to creating beautiful Instagram line breaks it to remember that:

  1. Do not leave any spaces after the end of the sentences that mark your new IG line break
  2. Finish your sentences that end your paragraphs with punctuation marks rather than emojis – since Instagram treats them as spaces!

Happy formatting, friends 🙂

text reads nikki xo
How to Add Line Breaks on Instagram Without a Generator
How to Add Line Breaks on Instagram Without a Generator

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