257 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas They Actually Want to Read (2023 Guide)

lifestyle blog post ideas

What should I write in my lifestyle blog? 

Lifestyle blogs are part of a unique category that demands its own way of planning and creating new content – and this list of lifestyle blog post ideas is here to supercharge your creativity!

The best lifestyle blog topics are the ones that are written with a personal touch. 

So, what are some good blog topics for lifestyle bloggers? We’ll talk about everything you need to know today!

This guide will cover: 

  • what is a lifestyle blog
  • what do lifestyle blogs talk about
  • examples of successful lifestyle bloggers
  • the most popular blogging categories on Pinterest and Google
  • what blog topics are most popular for lifestyle bloggers
  • more than 250 lifestyle blog post ideas people actually want to read!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and I could earn a commission if you make a purchase using them. This comes at no additional cost to you and all opinions expressed are my own.

257 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas Your Readers Will LOVE (2023 Guide)

Haven’t started a lifestyle blog yet?

Read the tips below before you spend any money on hosting, plugins, etc.

lifestyle blog post ideas

What is a Lifestyle Blog?

A lifestyle blog is related to an individual way of living – blogging about a lifestyle!

Lifestyle bloggers create content inspired by their personal interests and daily lives or activities. 

So, while many blogs fit into the lifestyle category, not all lifestyle blogs are the same!

The writer’s content is usually inspired by her personal life – this could be her family, home, beauty, makeup, diet, favorite recipes, fashion, decorating ideas, homemade crafts, etc. 

Social media plays an incredibly important role in lifestyle blogging.

It’s incredibly important to be active on at least one or two main platforms (like Instagram or Pinterest) to run a successful lifestyle blog.

Since lifestyle blogs usually attract a larger and more diverse audience than tightly niched blogs, lifestyle bloggers also have the potential to be incredibly successful. 

A lifestyle blog is not a personal blog.

Lifestyle bloggers may share personal stories but the content they create is not in a journal entry form – the focus here is on the activities and interests of the writer. 

Your audience will most likely find you on Google or Pinterest because they’re looking for a solution to a problem – your lifestyle and product choices offer them a way to enhance their own well-being.

woman typing on a laptop - planning lifestyle blog ideas

So, how do you start a successful lifestyle blog? 

Lifestyle blogs generally start off as a single niche or category blog.

However, once their reach and audiences grow, these bloggers begin creating a wider range of blog content. 

For example, a fashion blogger might start off writing about seasonal trends and Amazon finds but when her audience starts asking about her fitness routine, this is the perfect opportunity to grow her expert status.

Then comes questions about her diet – her audience wants to know more about her lifestyle and finds inspiration in the way she does things. 

Consequently, opportunities for paid sponsorships and business partnerships will also increase as her audience becomes broader. 

When I started with Instagram and blogging, I would have never guessed I’d be posting about Febreze or photo books. But, when the money’s right and an opportunity to partner with major brands arises, it’s incredibly exciting and rewarding.

How Lifestyle Bloggers Make Money

Like more niche blogs, a lifestyle blog will also utilize popular blog monetization methods but with a special focus on: 

  • affiliate marketing
  • sponsored posts

Consumers look to lifestyle blog authors for product recommendations, trends, and inspiration.

And the brands working with these writers LOVE organic and creative content – the right lifestyle blogger/influencer can help explode a brand’s popularity.

Best Lifestyle Blog Categories for Google and Pinterest

Here are a few of the most popular (and profitable!) lifestyle blog categories to consider: 

  1. Fashion
  2. Beauty
  3. Travel
  4. Food + Drink
  5. Family + Parenting
  6. Christian
  7. Homeschool
  8. Health + Wellness
  9. Fitness
  10. Music
  11. Movies
  12. Special events (i.e. weddings, party planning, etc.)
  13. Hobbies (i.e. photography, bullet journalling, etc.)
  14. Technology
  15. Home Decor
  16. DIY
  17. Gardening
  18. Finance
  19. Student Life
  20. Pets
  21. Current News
  22. Science

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Successful Lifestyle Bloggers + Influencers

Below are a few wildly popular lifestyle bloggers with an amazing Instagram presence.

Fun fact: all of the ladies who made this list are also mom bosses!  

The Blonde Salad: Fashion

Chiara launched her blog in 2009 and has since gone on to become one of the most successful fashion bloggers around – with 18 million Instagram followers and counting, she’s also killing it on social media! 

lifestyle blogger - blonde salad

Huda Beauty: Beauty

Huda launched her first collection of false eyelashes in 2013 (three years after starting her blog) and has since become a household name with her Huda Beauty lineup available at Sephora.

lifestyle blogger - huda beauty

Kayla Itsines: Fitness

You might already know Kayla from the incredibly popular SWEAT app or BBG Workout Guides! This fit mom has also built an amazing community on Instagram. 

lifestyle blogger - kayla itsines

Cara Loren: Fashion

Cara has collaborated with major fashion brands (and a couple of lesser-known Instagram mom favorites like Fawn Design) in addition to launching her own fashion shop. 

lifestyle blog ideas - fashion inspiration cara loren

Happy Grey Lucky: Home Decor

Sina posts beautiful ideas for Scandinavian and minimalist style decor. She’s also partnered with huge brands on Instagram for sponsored content – her travel photos are amazing. 

lifestyle blogger - happy grey lucky

Inspired Plum:

How to Start a Lifestyle Blog

To start a successful lifestyle blog, you’ll want to do a couple of things: 

1. Determine a Niche

While managing a lifestyle blog does suggest more freedom in content creation than a highly niched blog, figuring out what you want to focus on now will be incredibly rewarding in the future. 

For example, maybe you want to start a healthy food blog. 

Topics like exercise and natural skin care or cosmetics would fit in quite nicely with your “main topic”. 

However, a random post on parenting advice or another on high fashion trends might not resonate with this audience. 

Think about who you’re writing for and their interests. Browse top bloggers in your potential field and check out what categories they group together – notice which posts perform and which don’t. 

2. Choose a Blog Name That’s Easy to Remember

Stick to these guidelines when choosing a name for your blog: 

  • Choose a .com
  • Strive for 2 to 3 words
  • Don’t use numbers or special characters
  • Make it catchy – the best lifestyle blog names are easy to remember!

Have a name that’s easy to remember? Consider using it as your domain name!

If you do a complete 360 when it comes to your blogging niche later, there’s no need to worry about changing your blog name.

Are you super passionate and committed to your niche? Add a related keyword to your domain name. 

You can see if your ideal domain name is available with Siteground’s domain name availability checker.

3. Choose the Best Hosting

There is nothing worse than a webpage that takes an eternity to load! 

Did you know that more than half of all mobile users will ditch a page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load

I mean, there are billions of search results available on Google so, why wait, right?

The best tip I can offer new bloggers is to invest in quality hosting from the start – I host my blogs with Siteground

Don’t lose potential readers because you went with cheap hosting! 

I only recommend Siteground hosting for a reason…

As a mom blogger with zero tech or computer experience, I have a fully loaded page time of only 1.1 seconds – that’s 2 seconds faster than the industry standard

Any time I have run into technical troubles, Siteground’s live chat and phone support have also been incredibly helpful – which means more time to write and no time wasted on technical stuff! 

You can start a blog for $6.99 a month with Siteground using this link – that’s 60% off the regular price!

gtmetrix site speed score for nikki blogs - 1.1 seconds

According to research, almost 70% of consumers admit page speed influences their likeliness to make a purchase – so, in this case, time really is money!

Test your own site speed using GTmetrix and make the switch to Siteground if your results aren’t cutting it!

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257 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

What should I blog about today?

With over 250 lifestyle blog ideas to choose from, finding a few content ideas to write right now should be fairly easy 🙂

Want to write a series based on the ideas below? Be sure to tag #nikkiblogspostideas for a chance to be featured in my Instagram Stories!

Now, let’s get to brainstorming some blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers.

Use these ideas for inspiration in writing your next piece 🙂 

Ideas for self-improvement

  1. Time-saving life hacks
  2. How to get motivated to work
  3. Life lessons to learn before your 30’s
  4. Tips for staying positive
  5. Money saving tips
  6. Bad habits to break
  7. How to stop wasting time
  8. Difficult changes you’ve made in your life
  9. Morning routine ideas
  10. Why you decided to start a blog plus your progress
  11. Self-care ideas
  12. Changes you’ve made to your diet / daily activities
  13. Self-improvement ideas
  14. How to prepare for an interview
  15. Tips for falling asleep
  16. Running tips for beginners
  17. How to calm down after a long day
  18. How you found your purpose in life
  19. How to improve spiritual health
  20. Tips for better sleep
  21. How to enhance creativity
  22. How to set realistic goals
  23. How to become a morning person
  24. Habits of successful people
  25. How to find inspiration for writing
  26. Tips for spring cleaning
  27. Tips for mental health
  28. How to start a bullet journal
  29. How to be happy
  30. Tips for staying positive
  31. Personal changes you’ve made and how you’ve grown
  32. How to get more done in less time
woman writing in a journal - self improvement ideas for bloggers

Ideas for beauty bloggers

  1. Favorite beauty products
  2. Your daily beauty routine
  3. What beauty products you’ve ditched this year
  4. 5-minute makeup routine
  5. 15-minute makeup routine
  6. Day-to-night makeup
  7. Evening facial care routine
  8. Favorite mascaras
  9. Day vs. night makeup routine
  10. Best skin care products
  11. Night-time skincare routine
  12. Morning skincare routine
  13. No makeup looks
  14. Extravagant beauty looks that are surprisingly easy
  15. Beauty hacks for beginners
  16. Makeup/skincare organization tips
  17. DIY spa day
  18. Beauty tutorial
  19. Up-do tutorial
  20. Beauty product review
top down photo of different lipsticks - beauty blog post ideas

Business, blogging + social media post ideas

  1. Blogging tips
  2. Share 10 bloggers who motivate your
  3. Share 10 Instagram accounts that inspire you
  4. Pinterest ideas that you want to recreate/your renditions
  5. Gorgeous fonts for bloggers and social media mavens
  6. eBay tips for selling
  7. Tips for LinkedIn profile / Instagram / Pinterest / etc.
  8. Tips for Beginner Photography
  9. Tips for a business beginner
  10. How to use Instagram
  11. Tips for social media
  12. Tips for making money online
  13. Favorite sponsored content you’ve been involved in
  14. Favorite blogging groups
  15. Your favorite hashtags
  16. Favorite blogging books + courses
  17. How to avoid distractions
  18. Time blocking tips
  19. Writing tips
  20. The costs of running your blog
  21. Essential blogging tools you can’t blog without
  22. Advice for running a multi-author blog
  23. Tips for guest posting
  24. Your favorite Instagram posts – that you or someone else has created!
  25. How to start a YouTube channel
  26. Tips for creating YouTube content
  27. Favorite phone apps
  28. Create a roundup of your best posts
  29. Favorite bloggers to follow
  30. Your predictions about what blogging will look like in the future
  31. When it’s time to start a second blog
  32. SEO essentials
  33. How to do email marketing

Fashion and lifestyle blog ideas

  1. Favorite spring essentials
  2. Summer essentials
  3. Fall essentials
  4. Winter essentials
  5. Best mommy and me outfits
  6. Fashion hacks
  7. Work-from-home outfits
  8. Capsule wardrobe ideas
  9. Footwear essentials
  10. Show off your latest shopping haul
  11. Fashion trends for the season
  12. Day-to-night outfits
  13. Fashion trends you’re loving this year
  14. Amazon finds
  15. Maternity fashion finds

Parenting and Relationships ideas

  1. Marriage advice
  2. Things you wish you knew as a new mom
  3. Best childhood memories
  4. Life before technology
  5. Stay-at-home mom routine
  6. Stay-at-home mom outfits
  7. How to live your best mom life
  8. Ideas for family days
  9. Best way to burp a baby
  10. Favorite mom groups
  11. How to work at home – with kids!
  12. Parenting essentials
  13. Tips for new moms
  14. How new parents can eat healthy on a budget/with minimal prep time
  15. What you wish for your children
  16. Advice for a healthy relationship
  17. How to make time for family
  18. Stay-at-home mom schedule
  19. Tips for working moms
  20. How to choose a family-friendly career + ideas
  21. Gift guide for moms
  22. Gift guide for dads
  23. Gift guide for kids/toddlers/baby
  24. Life as an immigrant
  25. Life as a child of immigrants
  26. First date ideas
  27. Date ideas for busy parents
  28. Toddler meal ideas
  29. Toddler activities
  30. How to work from home – with kids!
  31. Gentle sleep training methods
  32. Tips for long-distance relationships

Homeschool blog ideas

  1. Share your favorite free online resources
  2. An introduction to unschooling
  3. Favorite homeschooling Facebook groups
  4. Create a local guide to exiting the public school system
  5. Share a list of your favorite books on homeschooling
  6. Review the homeschool curriculum you’re currently using
  7. Share your homeschool schedule for Grade X
  8. How to keep little ones entertained while you teach older siblings
  9. Tips for how to homeschool multiple children of different age groups
  10. How to create your own homeschool learning pod

Inspirational blog post ideas

  1. Favorite book of this year
  2. A collection of great inspirational quotes + why you love them
  3. Your morning routine
  4. Funniest memes of all time
  5. Inspirational social media stars/bloggers
  6. Your workout routine
  7. Your weekly routine
  8. Your work-from-home routine
  9. Favorite technology
  10. Favorite movies
  11. Favorite playlists
  12. How you’ve changed since you started blogging
  13. Favorite Netflix shows
  14. Favorite newly released movies of the year
  15. Monthly subscriptions you can’t live without
  16. A review of a subscription box you’ve tried
  17. Your life goals
  18. Favorite tech
  19. Your favorite Spotify playlist – Balkan friends, you’re in for a treat 😉
  20. Wedding planning tips
  21. Things you need to do before the baby arrives
  22. 30 things you need to do before your 30’s

Wellness blog post ideas

  1. How to eat healthy on a budget
  2. How to read labels
  3. Your workout routine
  4. Share your personal journey to wellness
  5. How to stay fit
  6. How to spring clean your pantry
  7. Tips for intermittent fasting
  8. Healthy tips for eating
  9. A list of ingredients that everyone should avoid
  10. Share your experience with a certain eating plan (keto, carnivore, vegan, etc.)
top down photo of a women's sneakers and reusable grocery bag full of healthy veggies - wellness blog ideas

Travel blog ideas

  1. Favorite trip
  2. Travel outfits
  3. How to pack a suitcase for one week/month
  4. Top travel destinations you’ve visited
  5. Your travel bucket list
  6. Most recent road trip/holiday
  7. Travel essentials
  8. Best vacation ideas for families
  9. Things to do in your city
  10. Minimal packing ideas for travel
  11. Honeymoon ideas
  12. Babymoon ideas
  13. Tips for a long flight – with a child!

Family life + home decor blog post ideas

  1. Organized home hacks
  2. Cleaning hacks
  3. Meal planning for beginners
  4. Kids’ birthday ideas/themes
  5. Seasonal gathering ideas
  6. Sample meal plans
  7. Sample menus
  8. Party planning tips
  9. Favorite IKEA catalog ideas
  10. Best shopping rewards programs
  11. How to save money online shopping
  12. Creative DIY decor ideas
  13. Roundup of nursery decor ideas
  14. Crafts kids will love
  15. Classic books every family needs to read
  16. Classic films every family needs to watch
  17. Kitchen organization ideas
  18. Bedroom organization ideas
  19. Living room organization ideas
  20. Office organization ideas
  21. How to declutter your workspace
  22. Home improvement before and after
  23. Tips for downsizing
  24. How to buy a fixer-upper home
  25. Dollar store organization ideas
  26. Safety tips for the holidays
  27. How to get motivated to clean
  28. Shopping tips for grocery savings
  29. Tips for seasonal savings

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Christian Blog Post Ideas

  1. Best bible verses for mothers, fathers, children, etc.
  2. Favorite Christian accounts to follow on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.
  3. Share how your family practices certain traditions
  4. A list of your favorite Christian businesses (local bookstores, clothing, etc.)
  5. Share how you enjoy special celebrations with your family
  6. Favorite bible study resource/community
  7. Share your testimony
  8. Roundup of your favorite kid’s resources, channels, etc. (i.e. Listener Kids, Saddleback Kids, etc.)
  9. The best time to read your bible (share your personal routine!)
  10. Tips for inviting friends and family to church
  11. Create printables to share with others (monthly bible study plans, scripture wall art, etc.)
  12. A guide to baptism gifts for kids/adults
  13. Share your story about why you moved churches/changed denominations
beautiful minimalist interior of a modern home - lifestyle blog topics

Food + drink blog post ideas

  1. Favorite coffee + recipes
  2. Best keto/vegan/gluten-free/specific diet recipes
  3. Easy dessert ideas
  4. Slow cooker recipes
  5. Delicious recipes with less than 5 ingredients
  6. Healthy versions of traditional dishes
  7. Your favorite cheat meals
  8. Seasonal dish ideas
  9. How to save big time on groceries
  10. Potluck meal ideas
  11. Photography tips for food

Blog Post Ideas for Students

  1. Student wardrobe
  2. Tips for studying
  3. Best ways to prepare for exams
  4. How to write an amazing essay
  5. Tips for group projects
  6. Work at-home ideas for students
  7. Ideas for decorating small bedroom/apartment
  8. How to make friends in college/university
  9. Advice for mature college/university students
  10. Tips for taking correspondence courses
  11. Tips for science/arts/other degree students
  12. How to stay healthy in college
  13. Tips for choosing a degree
  14. The best way to study
  15. Tips for essay writing
  16. Tips for staying awake during long lectures
  17. Tips for road test
  18. How to draw
  19. How to cite an article – APA / Chicago / etc.
  20. Study tips for college
top down photo of a pink macbook and glasses - student life blog post ideas

Lifestyle Blog Hashtags for Instagram: 2023 Guide

Now what kind of a lifestyle blog topics list written by yours truly would be complete without an Instagram hashtags list? 

Use this list of over 40 lifestyle blogger hashtags for Instagram to promote your latest entry with posts and stories. Perfect for mom bloggers, general lifestyle blogs, plus travel and home decor, all tags have high visibility ratings and a reasonable amount of competition for smaller IG accounts.

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  1. #momentsofmine
  2. #everdaymoments
  3. #our_everyday_moments
  4. #lovelylittlesquares
  5. #inbeautyandchaos
  6. #habitatandhome
  7. #lifestylebloggers
  8. #lifestyleblog
  9. #momsofig
  10. #instamoms
  11. #documentlife
  12. #blogging
  13. #bloggermom
  14. #ohheymama
  15. #momtogs
  16. #motherhoodunplugged
  17. #ohmamamoment
  18. #live_authentic
  19. #this_is_me
  20. #this_is_us
  21. #joyfulmamas
  22. #writers
  23. #write
  24. #write_on
  25. #bloggingtips
  26. #blogging4style
  27. #ontheblog
  28. #documentyourdays
  29. #thepursuitofjoy
  30. #simplemoments
  31. #life_details
  32. #homeandaway
  33. #lightinspired
  34. #beyondthewanderlust
  35. #wandering
  36. #travel_captures
  37. #travel_awesome
  38. #wonder
  39. #inspire_me_home_decor
  40. #inspired_by_colour
  41. #kindredmemories

Get more hashtags for Instagram

5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

Final Thoughts: Lifestyle Blog Topics

Starting a lifestyle blog is an amazing way to earn an income from home and actually enjoy what you do for a living!

I love the way it’s given me the freedom to be my own boss, homeschool my kids, and live life according to our schedule.

Blogging is a great side hustle that anyone can turn into a lucrative full-time job with the right amount of drive and dedication.

Which of these 251 lifestyle blog post ideas will you write about first? Have any ideas for a category or blog post that should have made this list?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Happy blogging, friends 🙂

text reads nikki xo

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