Honest Kindred Bravely Review: An Unsponsored Mom’s Real Opinion

Comfortable clothing is a MUST during pregnancy and postpartum!

kindred bravely review

And with sore breasts, a growing tummy, and a baby coming soon, you’ll want to invest in high-quality nursing bras from the start.

Personally, I made the switch from regular bras to nursing bras at around 18 weeks during both of my full-term pregnancies and highly recommend other mamas do the same.

It’s just so much more comfortable being wire-free when your body is changing daily!

This honest and unsponsored Kindred Bravely review offers a closer look at the four products I tried postpartum:

  1. Kindred Bravely Extra Soft Organic Cotton Wireless Nursing & Maternity Sleep Bra
  2. Kindred Bravely Sublime Low Impact Nursing & Maternity Sports Bra
  3. Kindred Bravely Under The Bump Maternity Underwear
  4. Kindred Bravely Washable Organic Nursing Pads

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Honest Kindred Bravely Review: An Unsponsored Mom’s Real Opinion

Let’s go over a few common questions before we get to our first product review.

What is Kindred Bravely?

Kindred Bravely is a maternity and nursing clothes brand that is self-described as a “business built on love”.

The company offers clothing and accessories for all stages of motherhood from pregnancy to labor and delivery, nursing and pumping to postpartum, and even every day essentials for later on in motherhood.

I’ve got my eye on their super cute new Chloe chunky cardigan sweater!

Where are Kindred Bravely clothes made?

Kindred Bravely clothing and accessories are made in China.

More must-haves for new and expecting moms:

Kindred Bravely Extra Soft Organic Cotton Wireless Nursing & Maternity Sleep Bra

I purchased my first Kindred Bravely sleep bra in a size Large when I was 6 months pregnant – I was wearing a 36D and size 8 in Lululemon sports bras at the time.

This bra was EXTREMELY soft and comfortable from day one!

But after my milk came in, my breasts became much fuller and I bought an additional two of these bras in the X-Large size.

I only really needed an X-Large for a few months but I basically lived in these two bras during that time as I didn’t leave the house much with my new baby.

I have the grey and beige colors.

I found that the Large size was too tight during the height of my milk production and with all of the other discomforts that come with being postpartum, having a loose comfy bra for nursing was such a pleasure.

With my first baby, I wore traditional style nursing bras 24/7 and found the sleep bras to be so much more comfortable overnight.

kindred bravely sleep bra

Leaking Breast Milk at Night

Something to note about this style of bra is that you’ll likely experience breast milk leakage overnight without the right protection.

Personally, I am a HUGE fan of Kindred Bravely’s washable nursing pads but they have a tendency to fall out in this style of bra (especially if you sleep on your side like I do)!

To avoid leaking breastmilk (and more laundry!) while you sleep in these bras, pick up a few Medela disposable nursing pads.

The stickiness of these pads will keep them in place and prevent them from falling out of your bra while you rest when you can – because the last thing you want to wake up in is a pool of your breastmilk.

I’ve been there, haha.

Kindred Bravely Sizing

Personally, I didn’t find that Kindred Bravely runs small – for me, the sleep bra and sports bra both felt true to size!

At 36D and a size 8 in Lululemon sports bras, I found that size Large in the Kindred Bravely sleep and sports bra were both perfect fits.

Kindred Bravely Sublime Support Low Impact Nursing & Maternity Sports Bra

This was without a doubt my absolute favorite nursing bra!

Kindred Bravely’s sports bra is super comfortable and supportive whether you want to wear it during a workout or when you’re running errands with a new baby.

I wouldn’t recommend it for more than a couple of hours at a time though – racerback bras tend to dig into your shoulders after a while.

kindred bravely sports bra

Kindred Bravely Sports Bra Sizing

I wore a size 8 (36D bra) and gained about 50 pounds with my second full-term pregnancy and this sports bra fit me perfectly in a size Large.

I wore it from about 7 months pregnant until I lost 35 pounds 10 months postpartum.

It fit just perfect when my newborn arrived.

kindred bravely sports bra low impact

It fits alright now but I’ll be sizing down to a medium at size 6 (34D) because I find that the underarm section of the bra sits too high now.

Most Comfortable Nursing Bra for All-Day Wear

If you’re looking for a traditional all-day wear type of bra, you’d be better off with this style or the Bravado Body Silk Seamless nursing bra – this is the other brand of nursing bra I went with, for no particular reason other than it cost a little less to order Amazon!

Be sure to check out my full Bravado nursing bras review here – I tried the Silk Seamless and All-In-One Hands-Free pumping and nursing bras.

Kindred Bravely Under The Bump Maternity Underwear

Okay, so I wore the high-waisted style maternity underwear during my first pregnancy and let me tell you – under the bump is the way to go!

Instead of adjusting two belly bands – the one from your underwear AND the one from your leggings all day long – you’ll only have one battle to deal with.

This set of 5 pairs of under the bump maternity underwear lasted me from 28 weeks pregnant to about 6 months postpartum!

They’re so soft and form-fitting – if you wear a long enough top, you won’t see any lines poking through your leggings (I lived in my Lululemon Aligns basically all of my last pregnancy).

At size 8 with a VERY prominent behind, I comfortably fit a size Large in these.

Kindred Bravely Washable Organic Nursing Pads

These nursing pads were easily the best reusable nursing pads I have ever purchased!

While the vast majority of reusable nursing pads on the market are flat like a tiny thick pizza crust (how do you like that visual?), these feature a contoured design that changes shape with your breasts.

Other nursing pads show lines through traditional style nursing bras (like wearing pepperoni slices in your bra – okay, I think I may have a craving, haha), these ones didn’t.

They also include a handy little carrying bag that I clipped onto my diaper caddy.

kindred bravely reusable nursing pads bag

It made it so much easier to keep everything I needed in one place.

I kept both washable nursing pads and disposables in there.

kindred bravely reusable nursing pads

Kindred Bravely’s reusable nursing pads are one size fits all and absolutely worth it!

How to Wash Kindred Bravely Bras, Underwear, and Accessories

To machine wash your Kindred Bravely bras, do the following:

  1. Remove padding
  2. Clasp your bras hooks and clips to avoid snags
  3. Place your bras in a mesh laundry bag
  4. Wash bras on a delicate cycle using mild detergent
  5. Lay flat to dry to avoid pilling

If you have light colored bras, you might also want to consider washing them with your baby’s clothing to save on laundering costs.

After my first baby had skin sensitivities, we switched to Nellie’s laundry soda and I exclusively washed all of my nursing bras, tanks, and other light colored tops she came into direct contact with together.

How Many Nursing Bras Do I Need?

If you want to keep it to the bare minimum, you’ll want to pick up at least three nursing bras – one to wear, one to wash, and one that’s ready to wear.

Kindred Bravely also recommends not wearing the same bra for two or more days in a row and I have to second that!

Wearing the same bra for 48 hours or more makes the elastic band more prone to stretching and honestly, when you have a newborn baby, you’ll find yourself constantly cleaning up spit-up, pee, and more from yourself.

I always recommend Aden & Anais burpy bibs (I didn’t use any other brand after I discovered these) to protect your clothes for that reason.

Take it from me, when you’re constantly bathing yourself in baby wipes because you can’t get a shower in, having a clean bra will bring you serious joy!

I recommend at least 5 nursing bras and had the following in my wardrobe the second time around:

  • three sleep bras (also great for lounging around the house when nursing on demand)
  • two daily wear bras
  • one sports bra

If you prefer the idea of nursing tank tops for daily wear, purchasing two of these and three nursing bras is another option.

I had two Motherhood Maternity clip-down nursing tank top camis from my first pregnancy and at size 8 found that a Large fit me well.

If you want tanks for sleeping in though (I also did this with my first), I recommend sizing up as the band will feel too tight overnight otherwise – I purchased XL for sleepwear.

5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

Which Kindred Bravely maternity or nursing products will you try? Already a fan? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Wishing you well on your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey, mama 🙂

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