How to Become an Instagram Mom Influencer

how to become instagram momLearning how to become an Instagram mom influencer is an exciting and fun way for stay-at-home moms to make money from home.

It’s actually how I made my first $10,000 online and changed my life forever!

Working from home gives you the opportunity to be a mom first and watch your kids grow up every step of the way.

You can be your own boss, choose your own hours, and take care of your babies without relying on anyone else.

I’m so excited to write this guide and can’t wait to share: 

  • what a mom influencer does
  • how to become an Instagram mom influencer
  • tips to grow your Instagram following as a mom
  • how to make money on Instagram

Let’s get started, mama!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and I could earn a commission at no cost to you if you make a purchase using them. 


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How to Become an Instagram Mom Influencer

instagram mom influencerWhat is an Instagram mom?

Instagram moms are exactly what you think they are – moms who post on Instagram regularly!

The terms Instagram mom and mom influencer are often used interchangeably but there is a bit of a difference.

What is a mom influencer?

A mom influencer is a mom with a considerably large social media following that uses her status to influence the behavior of others.

Many mom influencers:

  • promote their own services or products
  • work with brands to promote their lines
  • share information to educate or inspire their followers
  • use their voices to discuss social issues

What you use your account for is up to you!

Now, let’s talk about the 10 steps to become an Instagram mom influencer.

1. Write a relatable bio

Introduce yourself to potential followers by letting them know who you are and what you have to offer.

Think of the people who inspire you and screenshot their bios on your phone if it helps.

Now, looking at them side by side, what aspects do you like from each?

How can you create a bio that incorporates these flavours while being uniquely you?

Who is your ideal audience? Why should they follow you? Think age range, life stage, hobbies, etc.

I share a bit about myself and what I do in my Instagram bio as a reason for users to follow me.

2. Use a gorgeous profile pic

Use a high-quality photo that makes you appear approachable to your audience.

YOU are going to be your brand! So, think about how that photo reflects what you have to offer.

If your primary target audience is homeschooling stay-at-home moms, you probably won’t want to use a bikini photo – save that for the mom fitness influencers!

3. Follow profiles that inspire you

Find and follow other Instagram mom influencer accounts that motivate you and unfollow any accounts that leave you feeling irritated or bad about yourself.

There are hundreds of thousands of influencers out there so finding a few you can relate to is definitely doable.

Browse recommended accounts and check out their profiles, posts, reels, stories, etc – save posts and reels you love or want to recreate within the app and name your album accordingly.

Aim for a mixture of micro-influencers and major players. 

Engaging with larger accounts will also help you build a following as their followers and friends will see your comments and may want to check you out.

Please DO NOT follow to unfollow a few days later!

People WILL notice and you’ll quickly earn a negative reputation and a few blocks along the way – these types of accounts make it seem like Instagram moms are annoying!

instagram influencer content

4. Create valuable content

I know, I know – I LOVE my kids too but posting adorable photos of them isn’t enough to grow your account to Instagram mom influencer status.

I could look at baby and kid spam all day but that’s not how you build a brand.

Believe it or not, your followers actually want to see YOU!

My profile started growing a lot more quickly when I stepped out of my comfort zone and started posting photos of myself.

Since I blog full-time from home, my content revolves around being a mom, working at home plus blogging, Pinterest, and Instagram tips. 

Other successful Instagram mom influencers I know create content about:

  • Postpartum body positivity
  • Working from home
  • Mom fashion
  • Wellness
  • Home decor
  • Food and cooking

Your content needs to provide value to grow your brand.

You want your followers to look forward to your posts and read every last word of your captions when they see them in their home feeds!

So, think – what are your talents? And what do you want to be known for?

Creating valuable content doesn’t end with Instagram though – encourage your audience to visit your blog and follow your other social media profiles.

Brands will also take you more seriously with a website and additional social channels.

Related post ideas for Instagram:

5. Plan your content schedule

How often can and will you post to Instagram?

Every day? Once a week? Twice a week?

As my blogs grow, my posting schedule has decreased to once or twice a week – I’m just too busy with other projects and my kids right now.

I make more money blogging than I do through creating sponsored content for Instagram, so for my family, that takes priority.

Using Tailwind for Instagram is a great way to schedule your Instagram posts if you’re a busy mom like I am!

Simply upload your photos to plan your feed, write captions for each, choose relevant hashtags, and BOOM – Tailwind will automatically find and post your content at the best times.

The hashtag finder also shows how competitive each tag is and will help you choose hashtags WAY more effectively.

Here’s a FREE $15 credit to try out Tailwind scheduling for Instagram.

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become instagram mom influencer

6. Post at the right times

Since the life of an Instagram post is about 24 to 48 hours, knowing when to post is almost as important as your hashtags and content creation.

If you don’t have the budget for Tailwind right now, check out the guide below to find out the best times to post on Instagram based on your unique profile’s followers and analytics!

It’s a game-changer so, you won’t want to miss out.

Related: Easy Trick to Find the Best Time to Post on Instagram

7. Show up consistently

Being a full-time Instagram mom influencer means producing high-quality content regularly.

So, you’ll want to focus on creating posts and reels several times a week.

When I first started on Instagram, I used to post once or twice a day but now that blogging and Pinterest are my primary sources of income, I create posts less often – once or twice a week.

This is where stories come in though.

Your Instagram stories don’t need to be as clean as the content you add to your feed, so it’s easy to post daily. 

And even if it’s just once a day in stories, your IG followers will be happy to hear from you!

Related content ideas for Instagram:

instagram mom stories

8. Build a community

Joining Instagram engagement groups was easily the biggest mistake I ever made on this platform.

If you’re a part of any Facebook groups or Telegram pods, I seriously suggest ditching these time-wasters NOW as they go against Instagram’s community guidelines and can result in having your account terminated.

Your time is far better spent connecting with real people and forming real relationships anyway!

Seek out mom micro influencers and friends who: 

  • share the same interests as you
  • create relatable content
  • write inspiring captions
  • have a similar number of followers
  • leave quality feedback on others’ content

You want to find REAL people to grow with NOT individuals who don’t take the time to read captions you pour your heart out in.

Once you’ve made connections, be sure to regularly check in on your friends and engage with their content – this effort goes a long way, especially for working mom influencers who rely on community support to land sponsored post opportunities!

9. Sign up for product review clubs

This little hack was my gateway to influencing – and it happened by accident!

When I was on bed rest during my first pregnancy, I was bored out of my mind and joined a few product review clubs after my sister recommended them.

Once I was selected for my first free full-sized product – Canada Dry Mandarin Orange Club Soda – I was hooked! 

From there, I started sampling all sorts of other things like luxury beauty products, salon hair care, vegan specialty foods, multivitamins, etc. but some required both a review on the club’s website PLUS an Instagram post.


That’s when brands and small shops started to notice me and will notice you too.

Essentially, product review clubs offer a way to create a portfolio of sponsored content without Instagram mom influencer status. 

You’re creating posts in exchange for products just like micro-influencers do in their early days!

Located in the United States or Canada? Here are a few product review clubs you can join right now:

Once I grew my IG account to its first 1,000 followers, that’s when the paid offers started coming in. 

Here’s one of my earlier posts on product review clubs – nothing impressive but it helped launch my content creation career!

10. Sign up for influencer marketing platforms

Once you’ve reached 1,000 followers on Instagram, you’re ready to apply for mom influencer programs


You’re officially an influencer and can start applying for sponsored post opportunities and brand collaborations.

Is 1000 followers on Instagram a lot? 

It is a reasonable amount of followers and the minimum requirement to apply for most influencer marketing platforms.

How much do influencers get paid to post?

It depends on the number of followers you have and your engagement rate. 

Instagram mom influencers with small followings of around 1,000 to 5,000 may post for products or earn around $20 to $60 a post. 

Larger accounts with between 10,000 and 100,000 followers can ask for between $100 and $10,000+ per Instagram post.

What can I expect when I’m starting out as a mother influencer?

In the beginning, you’ll likely get a lot of offers to do posts for products and they’re a great way to build your portfolio and/or media kit!

However, I DO NOT recommend repping a brand that offers a discount to promote their product – it SIGNIFICANTLY lowers your value for other future brand collaborations. 

Flattering new influencers with a discount code and “brand rep” title is a pretty common DM tactic used by drop shippers to generate sales.

They’re actually making money off your order and receiving free advertising in the process!

Usually, all you’re getting is an AliExpress product that you’ve now overpaid for – not cool!

Instead, wait for sincere DMs and emails from interested brands, small shops, and influencer marketing agencies that offer you an opportunity to try a product for free before committing to a sponsored post. 

Here’s an example of what an invite to apply for a sponsored campaign looks like:

sponsored post campaign email

When you feel confident in approaching brands, you can also sign up for the influencer marketing platforms below to browse through various opportunities available for content creators. 

Some have a universal rate per campaign while others allow creators to pitch themselves and bid on opportunities.

Here are a few of my favorite marketing platforms for new influencers: 

Below is an example of a post that I created for a Gillete PeerSway campaign.

How to Make Money on Instagram

In addition to the influencer marketing platforms above, there are several other ways you can use your Instagram account to make money.

1. Join the Amazon Influencer Program

Influencers from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube can create an Amazon storefront to showcase products they recommend. 

You can find almost literally anything you love on here and earn a commission from it when one of your followers makes a purchase!

2. Join RewardStyle

Fashion or beauty influencer?

Then you’ll want to join RewardStyle.

Like the Amazon program above, these influencer platforms allow you to monetize your Instagram feed through commission-based sales.

Followers simply need to screenshot the Instagram post and upload it on the app or click on the link in the caption to purchase what they see.

ShopStyle Collective offers a very similar program.

3. Promote your own products or services

You’ve likely seen at least one ad for a course on Instagram or Facebook!

Many influencers use these platforms to sell digital products or services like coaching, fitness plans, etc.

Instagram can be a powerful way to get the word out about your own products especially when you utilize the power of paid promotions.

4. Encourage followers to read your blog

I make money every time my followers click the link in my profile to read my blog!

This happens when:

  • they click on affiliate links to purchase products I recommend
  • read posts that contain advertisements
  • contact me to create sponsored posts for them (you earn more with a blog)
  • request my services for editing, auditing, or management

Continuing your relationship with your followers outside of Instagram is extremely important.

I think Instagram outages are a little reality check – they make you wonder what would happen if Instagram disappeared tomorrow.

Remember MySpace?

After the company was sold for half a billion dollars, the platform quickly went downhill when the new owners began to prioritize monetization over user experience.

Even Tom left!

myspace tom instagram influencer

Create a blog to solidify your online presence – your fans will be able to find you any time they like, regardless of what the future may hold. 

I personally host my blogs with Siteground – they have a 99.9% uptime which means I’m always online when my followers are.

Use this link to get 50% off Siteground blog hosting

You don’t need anything larger than the super affordable StartUp plan and when your readership grows, it’s super easy to upgrade later – I phoned in to make the change and it was done in less than 5 minutes!

5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

Ready to become an Instagram mom influencer? 

Be sure to: 

  1. Write a relatable bio
  2. Use a gorgeous profile pic
  3. Follow profiles that inspire you
  4. Create valuable content
  5. Plan your content schedule
  6. Post at the right times
  7. Show up consistently
  8. Build a community
  9. Sign up for product review clubs
  10. Sign up for influencer marketing platforms

What’s your secret sauce, mama? Introduce yourself and share what you do in the comments below 🙂 

Happy Instagramming, friends!

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