31 Best Halloween Hashtags for Instagram in 2023

Are you ready for the most #spooktacular time of the year?

Then you’ll love this list of the Top 31 Halloween Hashtags for Instagram!

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We’ll talk about the best of the best hashtags to get your content seen this October plus: 

  • how to use each tag in your Instagram posts and stories
  • copy and paste hashtags for Instagram – snag them all at the bottom of this post!
  • bonus pinnable hashtags pin

Let’s get started with a few basic ideas and move on to more specific hashtags. 

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31 Best Halloween Hashtags for Instagram

The list of hashtags below features a combination of popular and lesser-known Halloween tags to maximize your IG reach.

We’ll do a breakdown of each hashtag in addition to providing some Halloween photo ideas for your upcoming Instagram posts! 

nikki, husband, and daughter dressed in unicorn family halloween costume

1. #Halloween2023

Kick off October with a classic combination of the event you’re celebrating and the year we’re celebrating in. 

This generic hashtag can be used for any genre and would even be a great way to tag your Halloween blog posts

Use it for costumes, decor, makeup, shopping, pumpkins, and anything else that gets you into the Halloween Spirit!

2. #Spooktacular

A clever take on the word spectacular, use this fun hashtag to describe anything beautifully Halloween-related and/or exciting!  

Perfect for use at local Halloween events, pop-up shops, and even homemade goods like food and decor items. 

3. #HalloweenIsComing

Get your audience excited by using this hashtag as a teaser for fun Halloween-related posts and promotions! 

Tag an image that leaves your followers guessing and be sure to include a call to action to get them involved – check out the Instagram post checklist for more on how to generate engaging Instagram posts and stories.

4. #HalloweenSpirit

Whether you’re shopping at the popup shop of the same name or are in the midst of decorating your home, use this hashtag to get your followers in the mood for Halloween. 

Tag fun and festive shots that incorporate related seasonal themes and items. 

top down image of glitter painted pumpkins in blue, gold, and black

5. #TrickOrTreat

Whether you’ll be taking the little ones out this year or are posting a throwback from a past Halloween, trick or treat is a fun tag you can incorporate on a variety of images. 

Tag seasonal food and drink items you’ve created with Halloween in mind, your most recent candy haul – for visitors or personal use 😉 – or even your Halloween costume. 

Alternatively, this hashtag would make for great use on a creative and carefully thought out photoshopped image! 

Create a lasting memory that keeps your followers guessing, how did they do that?! 

6. #IWantCandy

Based on the 1965 Strangeloves song of the same name, this hashtag is perfect for showcasing a fun trick-or-treat bowl or delicious homemade items you’ll be serving at your Halloween soirée. 

7. #ThisIsThriller

Another hashtag based on a widely popular Halloween song, Thriller – which was released in 1984 by Michael Jackson – this one is sure to get all the ghouls at your party grooving!

Use it for scary costumes, makeup, creepy dishes, and desserts, among other posts.

For a great read on Thriller trivia, check out this fantastic article on Vox!

8. #ItsCloseToMidnight

A lesser-used version of the popular #ThisIsThriller hashtag, use it just like you would Thriller! 

The spookier your IG post or story, the better.

9. #PumpkinPatch

This is one of our favorite fall family activities! 

Capture your little ones enthralled in all the fun, sweet treats you’re eating at your local pumpkin patch, a picturesque view of all of that winter squash, or even your pumpkin haul. 

Here are two of my favorite pumpkin patch memories 🙂 

nikki and daughter in front of a farm house at the pumpkin patch
nikki's daughter holding a small pumpkin and walking towards camera

10. #FeelingFangtastic

Are you winning at Halloween? Accomplished a major costume, party, or food prep goal? 

Use this hashtag to celebrate your spooky win!

You could also use this in a humorous selfie featuring those famous dollar store fangs that come out this time of year.  

11. #TrickOrTreatYourself

Perfect for a Halloween haul – makeup, food, home decor, candy or otherwise! 

This adorable tag is also especially popular for Halloween themed manicures and pedicures. 

Let your followers know what you indulged in this October.

12. #HangingWithMyBoos

Tag photos of your friends, family, and even pets in costume or enjoying some Halloween fun.

Show your fans how you’re enjoying this fun occasion. 

13. #LoveAtFirstBite

Use this photo to tag your significant other in costume or having some Halloween fun! 

This is also a popular one for showcasing yummy meals and fall-themed treats. 

14. #WitchBetterHaveMyCandy

Adorable for selfies in costume or surrounded by Halloween decor, this tag is so popular that it’s earned a place in memes, on clothing, and even dinnerware! 

Save it for selfies or use it on photos of your favorite sweet treats, freshly baked goods, and other Halloween wins. 

15. #MonsterMash

Based on the classic 1962 song by Bobby Picket, this is a great hashtag for pictures of yourself in costume or showcasing a makeup look.

Alternatively, get together with your crew or take fun photos at a Halloween party surrounded by others in costume!

orange halloween cupcakes decorated with a ghost, witch's hat, and monster

16. #HalloweenGhouls

Use this pun for all of your festive October goals and accomplishments. 

What are your talents? Put a Halloween spin on your next couple of projects to showcase your creative side to your followers.

17. #HalloweenSquad

Perfect for group photos of your family, kids, friends, and pets, use this hashtag to show off your favorite costumes or Halloween pajamas. 

18. #SquadGhouls

How do you and your crew celebrate the start of the #fangtastic fall season? 

Use this hashtag to share family Halloween traditions, group photos, or even group projects you’ve been working on with your followers.

19. #BasicWitch

Love your Starbucks PSL’s or Witch’s Brew? 

Then this is the perfect hashtag for you – use it on images of your beloved fall beverages or other seasonal favorites. 

Show fans your relatable side by embracing popular trending items.

20. #HalloweenSelfie

Exactly what you’d think it’s for, be sure to tag all of your Halloween selfies with this one. 

Whether you’re in costume, shopping for festive goodies, or playing with makeup looks, this is a perfect tag to use whenever you snap a photo in the mirror or with your selfie camera. 

Bonus points: apply some fun filters in SnapChat before you upload your image onto the gram!

21. #HalloweenFood

Baked some adorable cookies or cupcakes for this creepy occasion? Love coming up with crafty seasonal recipes in your spare time? 

Be sure to use this tag to showcase your creativity on IG! 

This is also a fantastic Halloween hashtag for Instagram to use on photos of festive party tables and displays. 

22. #HereForTheBoos

This is a popular tag to use on creative projects. 

Share your DIY projects including homemade costumes, clothing, food, and recipes, or even stunning Halloween flat lays. 

This is also a fun one to use as a pun – share your favorite cocktails for the season!

23. #IWantMyMummy

Watched a creepy movie? Read a chilling novel? 

Share what’s given you the heebie jeebies this fall! 

This is also a cute hashtag to use on images of your little boos.

24. #HalloweenMakeup

Makeup is an incredibly powerful tool for completing an amazing costume. 

Use this tag on your themed beauty tutorials or show off your completed costume for this year. 

Another creative way to use this tag is in a beauty product flat lay – show your followers how you achieved the look!

25. #CreepingItReal

This is one of the more playful yet spooky hashtags you can use throughout the entire month. 

Perfect for scary Halloween costumes, yard decor, and props that’ll make you jump out of your seat, use it to have some fun with your followers. 

halloween cookies on a white plate - ghost, pumpkins, and spider shapes

26. #Bootiful

Feeling lovely this Halloween season? 

Use this hashtag to showcase gorgeous makeup looks, home decor, accessories, and more. 

You’ll probably even see this one on housewares and clothing during your shopping trips out this month!

27. #Unboolievable

Have an online store or business blog? 

Use this tag to promote your latest sale or release! 

Alternatively, this is also a clever tag to use on creative DIY projects and cute Halloween food items. 

28. #InstaHalloween

An incredibly popular generic Halloween hashtag for Instagram, this one will give you a huge potential audience and is perfect to combine with some of the lesser-known hashtags we’ve talked about above. 

Tag your arts and crafts, costumes, events you attended, and even at-home or retail store decorations – the options are endless!

29. #WickedBunch

A cute hashtag to use on group photos and collections of Halloween goodies. 

Bonus points for matching group costumes!

30. #PumpkinYouEven

Perfect for – you guessed it – everything pumpkins! 

Tag your crafts, jack-o’-lanterns, and even your pumpkin patch haul with this adorable hashtag. 

31. #HappyHalloween

Perfect for the start and end of the Halloween season, use this hashtag to show your followers how you embrace the fun this October!

Whether you’re a mom influencer, food blogger, beauty YouTuber, or fashion guru, this diverse hashtag is perfect for all niches – it also has a huge reach potential, so combine it with lesser-known hashtags to pack a punch in your next Instagram post or story. 

Pinnable Halloween Hashtags List

Be sure to pin this image to your favourite Instagram hashtags board for quick reference later!


For more Instagram hashtags lists on Pinterest, check out these two posts and pin all categories that are relevant to your Instagram account! 

You’ll find ideas for mom bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, influencers, fitness, fashion, and beauty accounts, plus days of the week tags for Sunday through Saturday!

Copy and Paste Hashtags for Instagram: Halloween Edit

As promised, here are all 31 of the top hashtags we discussed above in copy and paste format!

Bookmark this post to copy and paste tags to your Instagram posts, stories, and anywhere else you like. 

#Halloween2023 #Spooktacular #HalloweenIsComing #HalloweenSpirit #TrickOrTreat #ILoveCandy #ThisIsThriller #ItsCloseToMidnight #PumpkinPatch #FeelingFangtastic #TrickOrTreatYourself #HangingWithMyBoos #LoveAtFirstBite #WitchBetterHaveMyCandy #MonsterMash #HalloweenGhouls #HalloweenSquad #SquadGhouls #BasicWitch #HalloweenSelfie #HalloweenFood #HereForTheBoos #IWantMyMummy #HalloweenMakeup #CreepingItReal #Bootiful #Unboolievable #InstaHalloween #WickedBunch #PumpkinYouEven #HappyHalloween

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Which Halloween hashtags for Instagram will you use this year? Have a few favourites from previous seasons? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Happy Halloween, #fangtastic friends!

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