131 Best Halloween Blog Post Ideas (2023 Guide)

The spookiest occasion of the year is just around the corner so, let’s talk Halloween blog post ideas!

halloween blog post ideas

Halloween bloggers know that costumes and candy aren’t the only popular topics this time of year – and even lifestyle bloggers and other types of blogs can benefit from writing seasonal content. 

A few trending Halloween ideas on Pinterest include:

  • Aesthetic
  • Party and decoration
  • Food and recipes
  • Crafts and DIY
  • Nails and makeup
  • Kids
  • And of course, pumpkins!

So, if you’ve been thinking of writing a blog post on the above, you’re definitely on the right track! 

Need a little bit of extra #spooktacular inspiration? Or want to write an entire Halloween blog post series on your favorite topics?

Then you’ve come to the right place! 

Use the following list of 131 popular Halloween blog post ideas to help plan your blog posts this October.

We’ll cover topics in the following different categories: 

  • Halloween blogging ideas for moms
  • Business blog post ideas
  • Finance blog ideas
  • Beauty blog post ideas
  • Fashion blogging ideas
  • DIY & Craft blog post ideas
  • Lifestyle blog ideas
  • Home decor ideas
  • Food blog post ideas

Not sure if you’re a niche blogger in any of the above categories? No problem!

Keep reading to see how all 131+ suggested post ideas are flexible enough to fit into the lifestyle blogging category plus others!

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131 Popular Halloween Blog Post Ideas

halloween blog post ideas

Ready to discover trending ideas for Halloween this year? 

This post is organized according to blog niche and is intended as a guide to inspire you! Write a post on a few of your favorite ideas below or combine related topics into one major blog post. 

Get as creative with your blog post ideas as you would pumpkin carving or your Halloween costume 😉 

Plus, incorporate a few awesome Halloween hashtags (coming soon!) into your social media posts to promote your posts once they’re live! 

Ready to drive the ghouls crazy? Then let’s get started with some Halloween blog post ideas for parent bloggers.

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Halloween Blogging Ideas for Moms

Halloween blog content for moms includes a wide range of options! 

Kids, party planning, fun foods, saving money, etc. As moms and dads, we often have our hands so full that we even forget how much we do in a day! 

Let’s reflect on just a few of the things we’re subconsciously thinking about below: 

  1. Ideas for children’s costumes/homemade/for toddlers/girls/boys
  2. Family costumes/baby/twins
  3. Kid-friendly makeup/face paint / kid-safe product recommendations
  4. Halloween hairstyles/hair accessories / easy to do / kid-friendly / work appropriate!
  5. Trick-or-treating safety tips
  6. Fun Halloween decorations / that the kids can make! 
  7. How to plan a great Halloween party on a budget
  8. Saving money on trick-or-treat candies
  9. Organic / Non-GMO / Healthy candy alternatives for trick-or-treat
  10. Halloween-themed snacks/meal ideas/school lunches
  11. How to DIY everything this Halloween
  12. A roundup of your family’s past group costumes / how you made them / where you purchased them
  13. A roundup of creative Halloween costumes from across Pinterest / how you can create these looks on your own / on a budget
  14. Favorite movies that are family-friendly
  15. Favorite books for kids/toddlers
  16. Create a printable for parents/kids / i.e. party planning checklist
  17. Halloween decor storage ideas/organization tips
  18. A list of 31 fun activities you can do with kids leading up to the day
  19. How to decorate your home in a kid-friendly way/households with kids aged 3 and under
  20. How to comfort scared little ones/explain Halloween to kids
  21. Why you’re NOT participating in Halloween
nikki, husband, and daughter dressed in unicorn family halloween costume

Business Blog Post Ideas

Whether you write about social media, marketing, or even blogging, this section is for you!

Incorporating seasonal content into your business plan is easier than you think. Here are ten easy ways to get started:  

  1. Halloween social media post ideas 😉 
  2. Instagram / Pinterest trends 
  3. List of your favorite Halloween content ideas from the web / Instagram / Pinterest
  4. How to take advantage of seasonal marketing
  5. Themed graphic design ideas/pins, etc.
  6. How to decorate your blog/website for the occasion/headers, etc.
  7. Design a printable / infographic that showcases business / social media stats
  8. Create a seasonal content schedule for your followers 
  9. Start a 31 day Halloween challenge for your fans
  10. Clever ways to market your business this time of year
halloween blog post ideas -woman lighting candle

Finance Blog Ideas

Halloween doesn’t have to be expensive, right? As a finance blogger, this is also the perfect way to educate your audience on how to save big time this Halloween season: 

  1. A list of free local Halloween events for families
  2. Budget friendly themed activities you can do at home
  3. How to save big time by DIY-ing your decor
  4. Where to shop for trick-or-treats / budget-friendly prep
  5. Costume guide featuring several items most people already own
  6. Cheap and simple costumes / humorous costumes / recycled costumes
  7. How / where to thrift for decor / costumes / etc. 
  8. Planning a kids / adults party for under $100
  9. Recommendations for where to shop and save on decor / costumes / themed food
  10. Ten items for under $10 that you can make at home
  11. 31 days of amazing themed dollar store finds

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

Halloween makeup and hair tutorials are among the most popular topics this time of year!

Consider writing about the following content ideas for your next beauty blog post: 

  1. Makeup tutorial
  2. Hairstyle(s) tutorial / costume specific
  3. A list of the best places to shop for Halloween hair accessories
  4. How to turn household items into great Halloween hair accessories
  5. Spooky makeup looks you can create with popular palettes
  6. A roundup of your favorite SPFX makeup items
  7. How non-makeup artists can easily create amazing Halloween looks
  8. Using the Makeup Forever Flash Color Palette to create amazing costume looks
  9. Where to shop for professional makeup products this Halloween
  10. Amazing party store makeup finds approved by professional makeup artists
  11. Your recommendations for long-lasting makeup products/looks
  12. Popular makeup techniques you can use to create gorgeous Halloween looks
  13. How to create high-fashion Halloween looks
  14. Natural product recommendations for makeup looks
  15. DIY Makeup looks you can create from household products
halloween blog post ideas - brush running through orange makeup

Fashion Blogging Ideas

Halloween costume ideas are still the first thing that comes to mind when you think of this time of year, right? The majority of people are also on the same page! 

Fashion bloggers can benefit from a serious traffic explosion by implementing creative takes on wardrobe and costume ideas. 

Let’s cover some topics your audience will love: 

  1. Creative costume ideas you can create from wardrobe staples
  2. How to upcycle old clothes into costumes
  3. Popular costume ideas for teens/kids/adults/groups / friends
  4. Easy to create costumes from your everyday wardrobe
  5. A list of great costumes from around the web / Pinterest
  6. Roundup of your past costumes
  7. Cute take on trending costume ideas
  8. Easy to make/shop for costumes
  9. Where / how to thrift for great costumes
  10. School/work-appropriate costume ideas
  11. New takes on classic costumes
  12. Thrifty and creative costumes for couples/families / with a pet!
  13. Cute costume ideas for soon-to-be mamas!
  14. Twinning for moms and babes/siblings / couples
  15. Celebrity costume roundup 
  16. What’s trending for Halloween this year
  17. Amazon fashion finds for cute/spooky costumes
  18. Twenty costume looks for under $20 each
  19. How to wear one costume 2 ways or more!
halloween blog post ideas - fashion - woman in vampire costume

DIY & Craft Blog Post Ideas

One-of-a-kind costumes, decor, party favors, and more? You really can make almost everything for this fun occasion! 

Consider the following DIY Halloween ideas below: 

  1. Share a fun craft you can do with kids/that adults would enjoy doing
  2. Create coloring printables for kids/printable games/crossword / etc.
  3. A roundup of your favourite past crafts
  4. Share a list of your favorite DIY decorations from around the web / Pinterest
  5. Create a tutorial for a recent DIY Halloween project
  6. Fun and unique ideas for carving pumpkins
  7. Share a list of crafts you can make using only dollar-store items
  8. Create a tutorial for DIY kids/group/adult costumes
  9. Tutorial(s) for indoor/outdoor DIY decorations
  10. Wood/mason jar projects for fall
  11. A list of seasonal games for kids
  12. Wooden Halloween sign inspiration
  13. DIY trick-or-treating bag ideas
  14. A list of scary decor
  15. DIY front yard lantern/lights
  16. Printable crafts template(s)
halloween blog post ideas - crafts - pumpkin flat lay

Lifestyle Blog Ideas

While a lifestyle blog can essentially incorporate any of the topics from this list, here are a few extras that fit well into this category: 

  1. Halloween playlist featuring classic / modern songs
  2. Top 5 scary new movies you need to check out this year / classic scary movies
  3. A list of legendary Halloween parties from around the world
  4. Top events / clubs / bars to attend locally
  5. A roundup of celebrity costumes / events from previous years
  6. List post of new Halloween items to hit local / major stores near you / review
  7. Top 5 spookiest books you need this read this fall
  8. Party invitations / DIY / digital

Home Decor Blog Ideas

This time of year is so much fun for decorating your home, isn’t it? 

Whether you make all of your decorations at home, purchase them second-hand, or from pop-up Halloween shops, showcase your tips for home decor with these blog post ideas: 

  1. Scary movie-inspired home decor
  2. A roundup of great decor ideas from around the web / Pinterest
  3. Kid-friendly decor / 0 to 3 / 5+ / teenagers
  4. Zero-waste Halloween decorations / what to do with your Pumpkins!
  5. Decor the whole family can make together
  6. A roundup of your favorite spots to purchase Halloween decor
  7. Multi-purpose items you can use to create Halloween decor
  8. A tutorial for how to create your favorite decor piece(s)
  9. How to save money on decor by purchasing it in advance / your picks
  10. How to decorate your home without making it spooky!
  11. Indoor decoration ideas/kitchen / parties
  12. Outdoor decorations / weatherproof / yard / front door
halloween blog ideas - arts and crafts - paper bats and pumpkin post it

Food Blog Post Ideas

This is such a fun category for Halloween blog post ideas! 

Whether you want to make it extra special for your little ones or throw the most epic party your friends have ever been to, food can definitely add the extra pizzazz you’re looking for!

Let’s talk Halloween food and drinks: 

  1. Share your favorite Halloween recipes / created by you / for kids / made by your mom when you were a kid!
  2. How to plan food for a kid’s party + ideas/adult party / according to number of guests/duration / etc.
  3. Your own / a roundup of mock recipes
  4. Treats that both kids and adults will enjoy
  5. A list of recipes that incorporate leftover candy
  6. Recipes for treats that meet dietary needs/dairy-free/gluten-free / paleo/keto / vegan / etc.
  7. Homemade/healthy alternatives for popular Halloween treats
  8. Halloween snack ideas for kids/toddlers/school lunches
  9. Treats/meal ideas that the whole family with love
  10. A roundup of your favorite themed snacks from around the web / Pinterest
  11. Halloween-themed cocktail recipes
  12. How to make everyday meals that are Halloween-inspired
  13. Desserts/cookies/muffins/candy/ice cream
  14. Snacks/finger foods for parties / kid-friendly 
  15. A roundup of your favorite baking/cooking accessories for Halloween / cookie cutters/baking pans / etc.
  16. Plating ideas/table setup
  17. How to color foods/drinks naturally for themed parties
  18. 31-day blog series featuring your favorite Halloween recipes/tutorials
  19. No-bake sweet treats
  20. Inspired raw food ideas
halloween blog ideas - decorative food table

Bonus: Social Media Post Ideas

For more #ghoultastic inspiration, check out 31 Halloween social media ideas to engage your following. 

Use these social media ideas on their own or to promote your latest Halloween blog post! 

Happy Halloween, friends 🙂

5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

What #spooktacular blog post ideas will you write about this year? Share your plans in the comments below!

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