10 Free Get to Know Me Instagram Story Templates (NEW for 2021)

get to know me template instagram storiesThe Get to Know Me Instagram Challenge is a fun way to introduce (and reintroduce!) yourself to followers and friends – post answers in stories first and add them to your highlights later on!

Choose from 10 different Get to Know Me Template themes below and start sharing more about yourself on Instagram. 

These Instagram stories templates include: 

  • get to know me GIF challenge
  • get to know me #momlife
  • get to know my blog
  • a few of my favorites
  • what’s in my bag
  • Europe travel bucket list
  • follow Friday Instagram stories template
  • today in GIFs
  • this or that (version 1)
  • this or that (version 2)

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10 Free Get to Know Me Instagram Story Templates

Keep reading to learn:

  • how to download the high-resolution versions of these templates
  • how to use templates in an Instagram story
  • how to do each of the unique challenges listed below

If you already know how to download files via Dropbox and how to upload a template to Instagram stories, skip the next two sections and move ahead to the first free get to know me template download. 

How to Download these Instagram Story Templates

To get the template you want, follow these easy instructions. 

1. Click on the template of your choice below to open the high resolution version of it in Dropbox.

2. From the Dropbox folder, choose the color version of the template you want. 

3. Click the three dots at the top-right of you device’s screen.

4. Click Direct download.

5. Click Download on the pop-up window that appears next.

6. Navigate to the downloads folder on your mobile device or computer. Click the file to open it.

7. If you’re on a mobile device, click the Download options button at the bottom left of your screen. 

8. Click to save the image.

9. The Get to Know Me Templates is now available on your desktop or camera roll.

How to Use Templates in an Instagram Story

1. Create a new Instagram story from your Instagram home feed or profile by clicking on your display picture.

2. Click the blue plus button to the bottom right of your photo to add a new story. 

3. Click the photo icon at the bottom left of your screen to choose an image from your camera roll.

4. Select the template you want to use from your camera roll to upload it.

5. Add stickers or text to complete the challenge before you post to stories.

6. Once you’ve filled it in, add hashtags and a location to expand your reach.

7. Tag friends you want to do this next!

8. Tag me for a chance to be featured in my Instagram stories 🙂

9. Click on your profile picture at the bottom left of your screen to add the completed template to your stories.

10. Congratulations – you just finished your first Instagram challenge!

Get to Know Me GIF Challenge Template

To complete this challenge, answer each of the 12 bubbles with an Instagram GIF sticker. 

The first six bubbles are a little about you: 

  • zodiac sign
  • something that was trendy the year you were born
  • your work
  • where you live
  • your heritage
  • where you wish you lived

and the second six bubbles are a chance for you to feature a few of your favorite things: 

  • color
  • season
  • emoji
  • food
  • drink
  • hobby

Click on one of the templates below to download either color in Dropbox.

Get to Know Me #MomLife Template

Instagram mom is one of the most popular niches on the IG platform and as a mother myself, it was fun to create a template just for us moms!

Click on either template below to download it in the color of your choice from Dropbox and answer questions with text and GIFs about: 

  • age when you had your first baby
  • number of kids you have
  • life with kids (in GIFs)
  • how you changed after kids
  • what you love about being a mom
  • your mama must-haves
  • advice for new moms

Get to Know My Blog

Are you a blogger too?

Yay! Use this template to tell your followers and friends more about it with a combination of text and GIF answers: 

  • blog name
  • what you blog about (in GIFs)
  • latest blog post
  • favorite blog post you’ve written
  • why you started blogging
  • why others will like reading it
  • a link to your blog

Click either template to download the color you want in high resolution.

A Few of My Favorites

Answer the following prompts with text to share some of your favorite things: 

  • hobby
  • drink
  • food
  • beauty brand
  • fashion brand
  • music
  • movie
  • past-time
  • social platform

Feel free to add cute GIFs to add more life to your story!

What’s in My Bag Instagram Template

Circle your answers with a GIF or draw your own with the Instagram pencil feature.

Let your followers know which of the following things are usually in your bag or are there now: 

  • phone
  • sunglasses
  • wallet
  • lotion
  • mascara
  • book
  • lip blam
  • headphones
  • tissue
  • camera
  • pen
  • pressed powder
  • water
  • snack
  • change
  • hair brush
  • charger
  • fragrance
  • keys
  • candy

Europe Travel Bucket List

Love travelling?

Then you’ll enjoy checking off all of the destinations you’ve visited in Europe on this travel bucket list. 

Use Instagram sticker GIF checkmarks or draw your own to answer whether or not you’ve visited each country.

Stay tuned for bucket list templates for the rest of the world dropping soon 🙂

Follow Friday Instagram Stories Template

Have Instagram friends or accounts that inspire you? 

Give them a shoutout this week with the Follow Friday templates below.  

Be sure to tag each friend with the @Mention Instagram sticker and feel free to describe their account with additional text or GIFS to give your story some personality.

Today in GIFs Instagram Story Template

Good day? Bad day? Productive day?

However it went, share some details using the today in GIFs template below. 

Answer bubbles for: 

  • what you’re doing (or did)
  • your mood
  • the weather
  • where you’re spending the day
  • what you ate
  • your outfit

Click either template below to download the high resolution version of the color you want on Dropbox.

This or That Instagram Stories Template (Version 1)

Friends and fans love a good round of this or that! 

Choose between pink or rose gold for the first version of this template and let friends know which items you prefer: 

  • beverage
  • color
  • social media platform
  • flavor
  • time of day
  • season
  • footwear
  • travel
  • communication
  • events

Click either template to get access to it now. 

This or That Instagram Story Template (Version 2)

Here’s a second chance to show followers and friends your preferences in the following categories: 

  • exercise
  • flavor
  • color
  • time of day
  • hairstyle
  • location
  • food
  • entertainment
  • events

Choose between grey or blush for your second round of this or that.

Click either template to download the one you want!

Want to download every template you see above? 

Click to get access to all Instagram stories templates in Dropbox and download both colors in each category as you go.

5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

I hope you love these Instagram templates as much as I do!

If you downloaded them all, you will have received: 

  • get to know me GIF challenge
  • get to know me mom life template
  • get to know my blog stories templates
  • a few of my favorites
  • what’s in my bag
  • Europe travel bucket list
  • follow Friday template
  • today in GIFs
  • this or that (pink and rose gold version)
  • this or that (grey and blush version)

Be sure to tag me on Instagram when you post for a chance to be featured in my stories – I love to promote other content creators and boss babes on my account!

Let’s grow together and keep building an amazing community of moms and women 🙂 

Happy Instagramming!

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