Ultimate Guide to Days of the Week Hashtags for Instagram

Writing captions can sometimes be the hardest part of posting to Instagram, right?

best days of week hashtags

Well, when you’ve got a strong hashtag strategy and new tags with catchy names for days of the week, it makes it way easier!

Check out this list of over 110 days of the week hashtags to start planning your next month of Instagram content right now – posts and stories!

You’ll discover both your new favourite weekday hashtags and weekend hashtags for when it comes time to celebrate all of that hard work you put in!

This complete guide to hashtags for days of the week covers: 

  • over 100 hashtags for all seven days
  • a thorough breakdown of exactly how to use each tag on your next Instagram post or story
  • alternate hashtags with the same meaning
    • when you see a note that reads “see MondayMotivation” for instance, you’ll know that use can use both of these tags to describe the same post

Make your next Instagram post a breeze by pinning the complete list and all seven days of the week on Pinterest!

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Now let’s see what days of the week hashtags are trending today!

110+ Days of the Week Hashtags & How to Use Them on Social Media

Below, you’ll find each day of the week plus a list of assorted hashtags that are widely used across social media on that particular day.

text reads days of the week hashtags

Use these tags on your favorite platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and even Facebook for maximum exposure!

We’ll define each and every one of these hashtags while answering your what is and what does said hashtag mean questions with after entry.

So, whether you run a small business or are looking to make the switch to social media influencer, you’ll find at least a few great hashtags to fit your genre and content type below.

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Monday Hashtags

text reads monday hashtags follower by popular ideas - catchy names for days of the week

#MancrushMonday (#MCM) : Feature a man you admire; i.e. an influencer in your niche, a business owner, or perhaps your husband

#ManicMonday : Share what you’re up to this week!

#ManicureMonday : Showcase your latest set of fabulous nails.

#MarketingMonday : Share advice you’ve had success with in your business or direct followers to a relevant blog post.

#MaxoutMonday : Share an image or details about your latest workout.

#MeatlessMonday : Use this hashtag to showcase a meatless dish you’re cooking to start off the week

#MeowMonday : Post a photo of your furry friend!

#MondayBlues : Upload a photo that makes you smile, your favourite funny t-shirt, or perhaps your go to coffee cup! Use this hashtag to lift your followers up!

#MindfulMonday : How do you stay present? Share a powerful reminder or quote about mental health.

#MindfulnessMonday : See above.

#MondayFunday : Post a fun photo of yourself and/or a fact about your business.

#MondayMemories : Share a nostalgic photo or story.

#MondayMotivation : Share an inspiring story or motivational quote.

#MondayOutfit : What are you wearing to start the week?

#MondayRun : Post an image from your daily run!

#MotivationMonday : See #MondayMotivation.

#MountainMonday : Love hiking, snow sports, or travelling? Share your latest adventure in the beautiful outdoors with this one!

#MusicMonday : People love to share and discover new music! Share what you’re listening to with this hashtag.

Tuesday Hashtags

text reads tuesday hashtags - catchy names for days of the week

#GoodNewsTues : Share an uplifting positive story or exciting news about your business!

#TakeMeBackTuesday : Share a nostalgic photo or memory about your business or personal life.

#TastingTuesday : The perfect hashtag to share a dish you’ve eaten or prepared this week!

#TastyTuesday : See above.

#TechTuesday : Share your latest electronic purchase or apps and/or software you use to manage your business.

#TimeHopTuesday : See #TakeMeBackTuesday.

#TipTuesday : Give advice relevant to your niche to your followers!

#TongueOutTuesday (#TOT) : Share a fun photo of yourself and/or your team! You could also upload an image of your family and/or a pet.

#TopicTuesday : New blog post? Use this one to share it! You can also discuss news related to your blog or business. This is one of the best days of the week hashtags for bloggers!

#TransformationTuesday : Share before and after photos! Very popular among fitness and health niches. 

#TravelTuesday : Upload photos from a recent or past vacation, ask for travel advice, or plan your next trip!

#TrendyTuesday : Showcase how you’re keeping up with the latest. Especially popular amongst fashion niches.

#TuesdayShoesday : Share an image of your latest kicks!

#TuesdayTasting : See #TastingTuesday.

#TuesdayTreat : Perfect for sharing teasers with your followers! Also very popular amongst food related niches.

#TuesdayTunes : Share what you and/or your team are listening to this week. You could also talk about a recent concert you attended!

#TuesdayTunesDay : See above.

Wednesday Hashtags

text reads wednesday hashtags - catchy names for days of the week hashtags

#Humpday : Celebrate the halfway point of the week by sharing what you’ve accomplished so far.

#WackyWednesday : Share a quirky fact about yourself or your business!

#WayBackWednesday : Share a special memory or photo related to your business or personal life.

#WednesdayWisdom : Give advice related to business or your niche.

#WellnessWednesday : Share your tips for healthy living or details from your latest workout.

#Winesday : Upload a photo of this evening’s glass and let your followers know what you’re sipping on!

#WineWednesday : See above.

#WinItWednesday : Announce a giveaway for your followers.

#WisdomWednesday : See #WednesdayWisdom.

#WomancrushWeds (#WCW) : Feature a woman you admire; i.e. a female blogger or business owner, or even your personal life, like your mom or sister!

#WomenWednesday : Post an image or talk about women in your niche or personal that inspire you!

#WonderfulWednesday : Stay positive by sharing a photo of someone or something that you’re grateful for.

#WoofWednesday : Post a photo of your furry friend!

#WorkoutWednesday : Share images from and/or details about your latest fitness routine.

Thursday Hashtags

text reads thursday hashtags - catchy names for days of the week hashtags

#TGIT : What are you most looking forward to this weekend? Celebrate the fact that Friday and the weekend are almost here!

#ThankfulThursday : Post an image or talk about someone or something you appreciate. Thank someone here with a tag!

#ThinkPositiveThursday : Share an uplifting story or advice with your followers!

#ThirstyThursday : What are you sipping on today? Post an image and/or share a recipe for it with your followers.

#ThoughtfulThursday : Express gratitude for someone who’s helped you in your personal life or business with this one.

#ThrowbackThursday (#TBT) : Share a memory or nostalgic photo. The most popular of all retro hashtags! This is one of my favourite days of the week hashtags – it’s amazing to see how far you’ve come, isn’t it?

#Thursdate : Up to something exciting tonight? Share your Thursday plans with your followers!

#ThursdayVibes : How are you feeling this Thursday? 

#ThursdayThoughts : Ask your followers for feedback or advice.

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Friday Hashtags

text reads friday hashtags - catchy names for days of the week hashtags

#FactFriday : Share statistics or news related to your business or niche.

#FashionFriday : Post a photo of today’s outfit with this one.

#FearlessFriday : Share a personal story about overcoming challenges in your personal life or business.

#FeatureFriday : Showcase products, services, or even another Instagram account your followers might be interested in!

#FeelGoodFriday : Post a motivational image or quote to uplift your followers. 

#FictionFriday : Share what you’re reading with your followers.

#FitnessFriday : Share details about your latest workout or regimen.

#FlashBackFriday : Post a nostalgic photo and/or memory with your followers, whether it’s related to your personal life or business.

#FollowFriday (#FF) : Recommend other accounts your followers might be interested in checking out!

#FoodieFriday : Post images of your favourite meals or recipes.

#FreebieFriday : Advertise your business by sharing a free digital download or include a bonus with each purchase.

#FridayFact : See #FactFriday.

#FridayFeeling : Share how your celebrating the start of the weekend and post a fun photo or behind the scenes image for your followers.

#FridayFun : Celebrate the end of the work week and beginning of the weekend with this one! Talk about your plans for your days off.

#FridayFunday : What are you doing this evening? Share details and an image with this one!

#FridayNight : See above.

#FridayReads : Staying in tonight? Share what you’re reading!

#FridayVibes : See #FridayFun.

#Friyay : See #FridayFun.

#FunnyFriday : Post a funny meme, image, or quote for your followers!

#TGIF : See #FridayFun.

Saturday Hashtags

text reads saturday hashtags - catchy names for days of the week hashtags

#Caturday : Share a photo of your furry friend!

#SalesSaturday : Promote a special your business is offering using this tag. Shoppers can share where they’ll be making purchases today.

#SaturdaySale : See above.

#SaturdaySpecial : See #SalesSaturday.

#SaturdayStyle : Showcase your weekend fashion!

#SaturdaySweat : Share a photo from your latest workout.

#SaturdayNight : Post an image related to your evening plans. 

#SaturdayNightFever: See above. 

#SaturdayShoutOut (#SS) : Give a shoutout to someone who’s inspired you lately, helped to grow your business, or a team member!

#SaturdaySwag : Showcase products you offer or feature items you adore related to your niche!

#SelfieSaturday : Share a selfie and talk about your weekend plans.

#ShoutoutSaturday : See #SaturdayShoutOut.

#SocialSaturday : Share how you’re participating within your community and/or niche online.

Sunday Hashtags

text reads sunday hashtags - catchy names for days of the week hashtags

#ScienceSunday : Share an interesting fact or statistic!

#SelfcareSunday : Talk about how you took time for yourself today.

#SelfieSunday : Post a selfie and talk about your weekend!

#SpotlightSunday : Showcase an individual or other social media account you admire using this hashtag.

#StartupSunday : Feature a new and/or upcoming business.

#SundayBrunch : Post an image of some yummy weekend eats!

#SundayFunday : Share a fun image related to your brand or from the weekend.

#SundayRead : Share what you’re reading today with your followers.

#SundayReads : See above.

#SundaySale : Offer a special discount when you use this tag. Consumers can share where they’ll be shopping with their followers.

#SundaySpecial : See above.

#SundaySweat : Upload an image from your latest workout.

#SundaySweets : Post an image of a delicious treat you’re having today.

#WeekendVibes : Share an image that gives you that joyful and relaxed feeling related to your days off!

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What are your favourite days of the week hashtags to use? Thursday is definitely one of mine! Let me know yours in the comments below!

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