20+ FREE Christmas Instagram Story Templates (Easy to Download + Use)

christmas instagram templatesI love this time of year most – so I knew I had to make you guys Christmas Instagram story templates to celebrate!

Welcome to the 12 days of IG stories freebies, friends 🙂

When you see something you like, simply click the text link to download the full-resolution version of the template you want – it’s that easy.

I’m so excited to share these designs for the holidays with you!

12 Days of FREE Christmas Instagram Story Templates (20+ Stories Freebies)

free christmas instagram story templatesIn this post, you’ll find: 

  1. 25 day song challenge
  2. Christmas this or that
  3. Holiday gif challenge
  4. Christmas to do list
  5. Decorate the tree
  6. Holiday favorites
  7. Christmas countdown
  8. December photo challenge
  9. Christmas wish list
  10. Christmas memories template
  11. Recipe card template
  12. Holiday food this or that

I’ve included a couple of alternate colors for you to choose from as well – girly pink or rose gold and for one special special Instagram story template, rose gold or red and green!

I loved both looks so much I couldn’t choose just one to give you.

Let’s get started with a one of a kind Christmas version of the Instagram song challenge. 

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25 day Instagram song challenge template

If you already follow me on Instagram, you know how much I love using music in my stories – so, creating a holiday-themed song challenge was a must. 

This free Instagram story template is the perfect way to share your favorite Christmas songs with your friends and followers.

How to do the 25 day Christmas song challenge on Instagram? 

(1) Download this template – rose gold / red and green

(2) Post the song challenge template below every day to your Instagram stories for 25 consecutive days – since this one is Christmas themed, you might want to start on December 1st and finish on the 25th 🙂

(3) Be sure to indicate which day you’re on by marking up the template with the pen feature or by using a circle GIF.

(4) Insert a song of your choice using the Instagram music sticker and place it above the solid tab that reads ADD MUSIC HERE.

(5) Add some hashtags and share your story. That’s it! 

Click the image below to download the  Christmas song challenge template in your color of choice – or get both and switch it up day to day. 

Christmas this or that

Enjoy another fun round of this or that – Christmas edition!

With Christmas questions about decor, food, and entertainment, it’s the perfect Instagram story template to kick off the holidays.

Click the image below to download the Christmas this or that Instagram story template

Holiday GIF challenge

Who else loves the GIF challenge game? 

Then you’ll definitely enjoy the Christmas GIF challenge below – answer the six questions here sincerely or use your sense of humour to gives your followers a laugh with some funny GIFs.

How do you do the GIF challenge? 

(1) Save the GIF challenge template below to your mobile device and upload it to Instagram stories

(2) Choose a GIF sticker to fill in all six bubbles on the template

(3) Add hashtags and share your story!

Christmas to do list

Share the things you want to do over the holidays using this Christmas to do list. 

Hosting dinner this year? Give your followers a run down of the things you want to accomplish before the big day!

Download this holiday to do list by clicking the images below and use it any way you like. 

Decorate the tree

Download the blank tree template and decorate it any way you like in the Instagram stories editor – with the brush tool, emojis, text, GIFs, etc. 

Mama of one or more littles? Let your kids help you decorate the Christmas tree or give each one of them a turn to showcase their artistic skills.

Click the color of your choice below to get started. 

Holiday favorites

Choose either the rose gold or pink template below to share a few of your favorite things for the holidays.

Start with your favorite Christmas tune and film before finishing with the number one item on your wishlist for this year. 

Click the template you want below.

Christmas countdown

Use this Christmas countdown template for Instagram to get your followers into the holiday spirit – plus, keep track of exactly how many days are left before the big one!

Choose your color below 🙂

December photo challenge

I love these monthly challenges – how about you?

The December photo challenge below features holiday-themed ideas to plan your next 31 days of seasonal content. 

Capture everything that makes December such a beautiful month of the year. Then, get your Christmas on until it’s time to ring in the New Year!

To do this photo challenge:

(1) download one of the two colored templates below

(2) upload your template to Instagram stories

(3) circle or highlight the day you’re on

(4) add hashtags and post your Instagram story!

Christmas wish list

Use these Christmas Instagram story templates to share the things you want most this holiday season – whether the items on your wishlist are material things or memories you want to make with your family!

Download your template color below.

Christmas memories template

Use this template as a background for your Christmas memories themed Instagram story. 

To add it to your next story: 

(1) download your template

(2) create an Instagram story and choose the template from your photos

(3) from stickers, choose the photo upload button – the circle with the mountain and sun photo square in the centre of it

(4) select your first photo to add

(5) position your photo where you want it within one of the rectangles below

(6) repeat steps 3 to 5 for your second photo

(7) add hashtags and post your Instagram story

Recipe card template

Use these recipe card templates to share your favorite Christmas recipes with your followers. 

With spots for the number of people your dish serves, prep time, ingredients, and directions, your followers will have everything they need to make it on their own too. 

Don’t forget to upload a photo of what your dish looks like once it’s ready to eat!

Holiday food this or that

Download the Christmas food this or that template for Instagram to share your favorite yummy holiday treats and drinks with your followers. 

Simply circle your favorites with a GIF or using the IG brush tool – easy peasy! 

5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

I can’t wait to see how you guys use these free Christmas Instagram story templates – be sure to tag me @nikkislivarich on Instagram so I can feature your answers in my IG stories 🙂 

Happy holidays, friends!

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