35 Best Christmas Hashtags for Instagram (2023 Guide)

Can’t wait to share holiday content on social media?

Then this list of the 35 Best Christmas Hashtags for Instagram is for you! 

best Christmas hashtags

We’ll cover great hashtags for Christmas plus: 

  • how to use each tag in posts and stories
  • pinnable hashtags pin for inspiration
  • copy and paste hashtags list for Instagram (at the bottom of this post)

Ready to plan great content for the holidays?

Then let’s get started with an explanation of each tag!

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35 Best Christmas Hashtags for Instagram

best Christmas hashtags for Instagram

This list of holiday hashtags includes both popular and less competitive tags to help get your content in front of millions of Instagram users. 

However, it all starts with capturing great images. 

Use the following guides to improve your Instagram content creation skills: 

To use these 35 hashtags effectively, tag your posts and Instagram stories with your favorite 30 hashtags. 

Consider which tags are least relevant to your post and simply omit them from the copy-and-paste hashtags list below.

1. #Christmas2023

Start tagging your Christmas content in November with this popular hashtag that combines your favorite holiday with the year you’re celebrating it in. 

Perfect for all niches and even for promoting seasonal blog posts on Instagram, you’ll have a much higher chance of ranking within the top posts than using #Christmas. 

With under 200,000 uses (at the time of writing this), #Christmas2023 has been used just 0.1% of the number of times #Christmas has – a hashtag with 146,000,000 million tagged images. 

Use it for home decor, food, outfits, gifts, wrapping ideas, and anything else that gives you all the holly jolly feels!

2. #AllIWantForChristmasIsYou

It doesn’t really feel like Christmas until you’ve heard this song, does it? 

Based on the popular Mariah Carey original, this hashtag is perfect for photos with your significant other and family members. 

You could also be a bit cheeky and tag a gift you’re treating yourself to this year!

3. #TisTheSeason

Perfect for holiday content on Instagram, this is another great generic tag to use for all niches. 

Get your viewers excited about Christmas by posting relevant content and/or promotions – perfect for tutorials, sales, lifestyle content, and everything in between! 

4. #ChristmasCountdown

Are you up for a challenge? 

Consider posting 25 days of Christmas content in December with this tag and encouraging your viewers to do the same. 

A Christmas countdown is a great way to showcase original ideas and beautiful home decor and will leave your followers wanting more. 

5. #ThisTreeIsLit

It’s time to show off your gorgeous Christmas tree, favorite lights, and ornaments – highlight your tree in posts, stories, and even IG reels. 

6. #WeSleigh

Use this tag to talk about how you’re conquering your holiday goals this season! 

From buying gifts early to saving money or even resisting the temptation of all of those yummy holiday treats, celebrate even your smallest wins with this fun hashtag. 

You could also use this tag literally for photos of yourself or kids having fun in the snow!

7. #ChristmasSweater

These are my hubby’s favorite – he has fun Christmas sweaters for all of his most loved sports teams. 

Use this hashtag for photos of yourself in your favorite Christmas sweater. 

Are you the crafty type? You could also tag a sweater you made with this one!

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8. #SnowPlaceLikeHome

Perfect for window views of beautiful white powder or exterior shots of your home or front door covered in delicate snow – use this tag to show your followers just how beautiful winter can be!

9. #HolidaySavings

Tag your favorite retailers and show your followers where to save money this holiday season. 

Business owner? Tag your posts and stories with this one to let them know you have great deals waiting for them!

Bonus: create a code called HolidaySavings that your followers can use in your online store. 

10. #HolidaySpirit

Show your followers how you get into the Christmas spirit – whether you’re decorating or listening to your favorite tunes!

Tag fun Christmas-themed images featuring seasonal items and ideas. 

christmas hashtags for shopping

11. #OhChristmasTea

Have a favorite holiday tea you love drinking this time of year?

Tag a photo of your drink of choice with this one – I know I love my David’s Tea holiday teas too!

Great for relaxed photos of yourself and flat lays. 

12. #MeetMeUnderTheMistleToe

Use this festive hashtag for crafts and artwork that feature the most romantic plant of the holiday season! 

Not the crafty type? No problem! You could also use this tag on a cute photo of you and your significant other. 

13. #HolidaysAreComing

Start using this holiday hashtag in November to show followers how you’re getting ready for Christmas this year. 

Whether it’s decorating, updating your wardrobe, baking, or listening to some great Christmas music, the options are endless with this one.

14. #BlessedAndChristmasObsessed

I LOVE Christmas time!

How about you? 

Use this tag to show your viewers just how much you love the holiday season – tag your ugly sweaters, home decor, and other fun Christmas-themed photos! 

15. #NiceList

Did you make Santa’s nice list this year? 

Use this Christmas hashtag to show followers how you’re giving back to your community or helping out family and friends – you could also encourage followers to do the same! 

16. #NaughtyList

Uh oh – got yourself on the naughty list? 

Tag cheeky photos of yourself, family, and/or friends with this fun hashtag.

Eating too many sugar cookies or not sharing yummy holiday treats will definitely get you on this list!

christmas hashtags nice and naughty list

17. #AllSprucedUp

This is a great hashtag for use on photos of holiday home decor – especially your Christmas tree! 

Show viewers your family room, mantle, stockings, entryway, and even the front door – your followers will love getting inspired to start sprucing up their homes as well.

18. #ChristmasMarket

Christmas markets may look a little different this year with many going digital – you can still post your local holiday hauls and tag small shops using this hashtag though! 

Supporting small means everything to your local economy – the shops you promote will also love sharing your content on their feeds and in stories!

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19. #IBelieveInSanta

Use this one on all of your Santa and elf-themed Christmas decor!

This adorable hashtag is also great for family photos with Santa or pictures of your little ones under the tree – enjoy the magic of Christmas with this sweet tag. 

20. #FelizNavidad

This generic holiday hashtag is perfect for all of your Instagram posts and stories. 

Use it for holiday photos of yourself, with family and friends, products, promotions, and anything else you can think of – with a massive potential reach, the right photo could land your profile in front of the eyes of millions of viewers. 

21. #ChristmasTable

Ah, holiday tablescapes are one of my favorite things about this season! 

Use this hashtag for your Christmas tablescapes, dessert tables, dinner tables, and more. 

Instagram users love to be inspired by beautiful things so give them some ideas for what to do in their homes – you could even ask them to tag you in photos that were inspired by your content! 

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22. #ChristmasShopping

Show off your holiday shopping haul with this fun hashtag. 

You could offer tips for shopping online, in-store, sales, and promotions with this one. 

Run a small business? Tell viewers how one of your products can make a difference in a loved one’s life this year – specs don’t sell products, solutions do!

Keeping it minimal this year? Talk to your followers about doing the same and show them how you’re going to do it!

best christmas hashtags for tree

23. #ChristmasSquad

Tag photos of your friends and family – even better if you’re all dressed up for the holiday season! 

Take fun photos in your Christmas pajamas, sweaters, and even fancy holiday attire. 

This is a great way to introduce your followers to the people you love most and even collaborate with fellow influencers!

24. #ChristmasPJs

Family pajamas are our favorite – they’re the perfect excuse to wear a onesie all month long! 

Use this hashtag on photos of you, your family, and friends in Christmas sleepwear. 

Bonus points if you’re all matching!

25. #ChristmasList

What’s on your holiday shopping list this year? 

Feature it in your stories or on your feed and talk about the special dishes, arts and crafts, or traditions you keep up every year. 

Alternatively, you could also create a post about how you’re going to mix it up this year and let viewers follow along as you try something new.

christmas hashtags list

26. #EggcitedForEggnog

I had my first glass of eggnog in October this year – thank you, Costco!

If you’re like me and love eggnog too, you should use this hashtag on images of your first glass this holiday (or pre-holiday season). 

You could also share fun recipes for baked goods and cocktails that feature this special Christmas ingredient – and if you’re super talented in the kitchen, a recipe for how to make your own!

27. #SleighAllDayEveryDay

Did you knock your holiday goals out of the park?

Use this fun hashtag as a pun to talk about how you did it!

Like the related hashtag at the beginning of this list, it’s also great for pictures of you and/or your little ones enjoying the snow. 

28. #LetItSnow

There’s something so wonderful about changing seasons, don’t you think? 

Snow can be really romantic – especially when you’re at home in front of the fireplace! 

Take a perspective photo of your boots in the snow, the view from your window featuring a cup of coffee or hot cocoa, or even your kids building a snowman.

Showcasing a snow globe in your post is also a clever way to use this hashtag if you don’t experience snow in your region! 

29. #ChristmasLights

Whether you use string lights indoors or go to town on your home’s exterior lights, you can use this tag to show followers how you’ll decorate this December. 

Have a local pop-up event, building, or neighbor who’s famous for the way they decorate? Use this hashtag on the photos you captured at these locations. 

Some shopping malls also feature gorgeous lighting this time of year. 

30. #TisTheSeasonToParty

Having a small get-together of your own? Attending an office Christmas party? 

Use this hashtag to commemorate the event – tag your outfit, photos of the venue, pictures with family and/or friends, and more. 

31. #ADecemberToRemember

How are you making this December memorable? 

Use this tag on posts that demonstrate how you’re doing it!

Whether you’re visiting family far away, have returned home for the holidays, or are making a difference, you can use this hashtag to talk about the ways your making the last month of the year count. 

32. #HollyJollyChristmas

Perfect for Christmas Day and every other one before it, this hashtag is based on the popular song written by Johnny Marks in 1962

Tag your most festive photos with this one and give your followers a reason to smile every time they see a post from you this holiday season!

Christmas Trivia: Johnny Marks also wrote these other widely popular holiday tunes that are still covered today: 

  • Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree (one of my personal favorites!)
  • Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
  • Run, Rudolph, Run

Christian Hashtags for Christmas

My family’s faith is an important part of our daily lives and Christmas is a wonderful way for us to celebrate this! 

If you’re like us, you can use the following hashtags for Christians to tag content that celebrates our Lord.

33. #HappyBirthdayJesus

This hashtag is perfect for church and religious events but can be used on all of your Christmas photos!

Use this tag for family posts and stories, content that reflects on gratitude over the holidays, and/or what your faith means to you. 

34. #CelebrateChrist

A very popular Christian hashtag for the holidays, this is a great choice for Bible quote graphics, posts that reflect on lessons you learned at church, and more. 

You could also use it on photos of Christmas home decor that features Jesus and other religious figures and symbols. 

35. #Nativity

Love your nativity decor? 

Show your followers a glimpse of this special Christmas decoration from your home!

This hashtag is also perfect for small shops that create unique nativity inspired pieces and artwork. 

Pinnable Hashtags for Christmas List

Pin this image to your Instagram hashtags board on Pinterest for quick reference this holiday season!

christmas hashtags list for instagram

Christmas Hashtags: Copy and Paste for Instagram

Here are the top 35 hashtags for Christmas on Instagram in copy-and-paste format – simply delete the five least relevant tags to your post for maximum reach!

Don’t forget to bookmark this post to copy and paste tags to your posts, stories, reels, and more. 

#Christmas2023 #AllIWantForChristmasIsYou #TisTheSeason #ChristmasCountdown #ThisTreeIsLit #ChristmasLights #TisTheSeasonToParty #WeSleigh #SnowPlaceLikeHome #SpreadingChristmasCheer #EggcitedForEggnog #DrinkUpGrinches #HolidaySavings #HolidaysAreComing #LetItSnow #NiceList #NaughtyList #MeetMeUnderTheMistleToe #IBelieveInSanta #ChristmasSquad #BlessedAndChristmasObsessed #ChristmasList #ChristmasMarket #ChristmasPJs #ChristmasSweater #HolidaySpirit #AllSprucedUp #SleighAllDayEveryDay #OhChristmasTea #ADecemberToRemember #HollyJollyChristmas #HappyBirthdayJesus #CelebrateChrist #Nativity 

5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

Which Christmas hashtags are you most excited to use in your Instagram posts? Have a favorite hashtag not listed here? Share the tags you love in the comments below.

Merry Christmas, friends!

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