125 Best Christmas Blog Post Ideas for 2023

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! 

125 christmas blog post ideas

This list of 125 festive Christmas Blog Post Ideas is a must-have for blogmas and features blog niche topics from the following categories: 

  • Christmas Gift Lists
  • How to Get Into the Holiday Spirit
  • Festive Lead Magnet Ideas
  • Home Decor Blog Post Ideas
  • DIY & Craft Blog Post Ideas
  • Beauty & Fashion Blog Post Ideas
  • Finance & Business Blog Post Ideas
  • Food Blog Post Ideas
  • Local & Vancouver Mom Blog Ideas

Be sure to pin this one for reference later – you’ll have material for at least a couple of years 😉 

So, let’s get started and find the perfect Christmas Blog Post Ideas for your blog!

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More Blog Ideas

If you’ve visited before, you already know how much I love sharing blog post ideas lists! 

Here are a few of my most popular ideas posts: 

125+ Christmas Blog Post Ideas for All Blogging Niches

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christmas blog post ideas

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Now, onto those holiday blog post ideas!

Christmas Gift Lists

Gift lists are a brilliant idea this time of year!

Holiday shoppers are ready to spend so, you can earn big with affiliate marketing.

Sign up for affiliate programs like Amazon Associates and start linking your favourite products to make the most of your Christmas Gift List posts.

Here are a few suggestions for gifts lists you can write this year: 

  1. Christmas gifts for mom/dad/grandma/grandpa/parents
  2. Gifts for men/women
  3. Gifts for teens / kids / toddlers / infants
  4. Gifts for girlfriend/boyfriend
  5. Gifts for friends/colleagues/pets / other
  6. Christmas wish list ideas
  7. Stocking stuffer gift ideas for everyone on your list
  8. Creative gifts for loved ones living abroad
  9. Gifts you can buy locally and handmade in your area
  10. Gift ideas for bloggers, like yourself!
  11. Non-traditional Christmas gifts – i.e. an experience, a blog, etc.!
  12. Christmas gifts for every budget – my gift guide for moms is coming soon!
christmas blog post ideas - pen, cocoa, and wallet

How to Get into the Holiday Spirit!

Confession: I get the holiday bug when I see Christmas trees show up at Costco… in August, haha! I can’t tell you how much I love this time of the year 🙂 

How do you get into the holiday spirit? Do you have any special traditions with family and friends? 

Check out the following ideas you can share: 

  1. Christmas song lists
  2. List of Christmas carols
  3. List of holiday movies / Your favorite Christmas movies on Netflix right now!
  4. Christmas trivia
  5. Fun holiday party games
  6. A list of Cheeky Christmas jokes
  7. A roundup of great Christmas songs for kids
  8. Holiday wishes/toast ideas
  9. Party tips – home/office/family functions
  10. A roundup of gorgeous wrapping paper
  11. A list of Christmas quotes
  12. A list of your favorite Christmas hymns
  13. An explanation of why Christmas is celebrated
  14. How the holidays are celebrated amongst different nations
  15. Your family’s personal traditions
  16. Cute ideas for Christmas family photos
  17. Top Christmas stories/books
  18. An overview of original Christmas songs vs their remakes
christmas blog post ideas - wrapping gifts

Festive Lead Magnet Ideas

Christmas checklists are also very popular this time of year!

However, there are a ton of other things you can use as opt-ins this December. 

Here are a few that just scratch the surface below: 

  1. Printable gift list templates
  2. Christmas list to Santa template
  3. Holiday to-do lists
  4. Word lists/games
  5. Christmas cards/templates
  6. Christmas decorations lists
  7. Advent calendar template
  8. Calendar / one-year/monthly calendar
  9. Christmas coloring pages for toddlers/kids
  10. Printable holiday activities/puzzles for kids
  11. Stencil cut files/holiday fonts/icons / other branding ideas

Lifestyle & Mom Blog Ideas

There’s nothing like seeing the joy on children’s faces this time of year, is there? 

December has always been my favorite month of the year – and it became even more special once we had a little one to share it with.

These topics are perfect for parent bloggers: 

  1. A guide to holiday shopping / saving money online for families
  2. Shopping tips for moms with young kids
  3. How to enjoy the busy Holiday season with a newborn
  4. Tips for attending family gatherings with kids
  5. Holiday party ideas for kids
  6. Winter activities for children – i.e. baking cookies for Santa, writing wish list, etc.
  7. Bible activities for kids
  8. Coping with loss over the holiday season
  9. A list post of things you’re doing differently this Christmas season
  10. Ideas kids can help out with for holiday prep
  11. Holiday bucket list for families!
christmas blog post ideas - woman writing in winter outfit

Home Decor Blog Post Ideas

What would the holidays be like without Christmas decor! 

Ahh, there are truly so many stunning ways you can decorate your home inside and out this time of year. 

Here are a few ways you can write about them: 

  1. Indoor / Outdoor Christmas decoration ideas
  2. Home decor for a White Christmas theme
  3. A roundup of gorgeous decor from Pinterest / Instagram
  4. A guide to how to decorate every room for the holidays
  5. Mantel/fireplace decorating tips
  6. How to decorate your office this Holiday season
  7. Kid-friendly decor ideas
  8. Beautiful lighting for indoors / outdoors
  9. A guide to safely storing precious decorations
  10. How to store holiday decor to maximize your space
  11. Cute ideas for miniature trees/counter decor
christmas blog post ideas - cocoa, candle, and a book

DIY & Craft Blog Post Ideas

The holiday season is such a fun time of the year for DIY and crafts! 

Whether you’re an artisan yourself or love doing handmade activities with kids, this is an ultra-popular category on Pinterest – this time of year and always!

Check out the following Christmas blog post ideas to share crafting skills and DIY tips with your readers: 

  1. Christmas stockings
  2. Handmade sweater(s)
  3. Hand sewn pjs
  4. Indoor / outdoor decorations
  5. Wreath ideas
  6. Decoration ideas
  7. Tree decorations
  8. DIY ornaments
  9. Christmas quilt patterns
  10. DIY advent calendars
  11. Creative stocking stuffers you can make!
  12. Handmade gift ideas for kids/family / friends
  13. A guide to wrapping gifts
  14. Scandinavian-inspired DIY ideas
  15. Tree decorating / ribbon tips
  16. How to flock your tree!
  17. DIY Christmas cards
  18. Holiday card message ideas
top down photo of christmas home decor and ornaments

Beauty & Fashion Blog Post Ideas

Love adorable lounge wear and/or dressing up for Christmas parties? 

Beauty and fashion is the category for you! 

Share your tips for relaxation or going all out this holiday season with the topics below: 

  1. Matching family outfits for Christmas!
  2. Gorgeous party dress ideas
  3. Holiday makeup ideas / relaxing skincare routines for the winter
  4. Christmas outfit ideas
  5. Fun holiday underwear and accessories
  6. Top red lipsticks of the season / great Sephora gift bundles
  7. Holiday hairstyles
  8. Holiday nail art/colors
  9. Boots/jackets that are stylish and perfect in rain and snow!
  10. Ugly holiday sweaters from around the web/Instagram/Pinterest
christmas blog post ideas - fashion, grey and white sweaters hanging on clothing rack - fashion blog post ideas for christmas

Finance & Business Blog Post Ideas

The holidays are a unique and amazing time to start growing your business!

Whether you blog or run an online shop, you can get into the spirit by creating seasonally theme content for your audience. 

Explore the topics below to find a good starting point for you: 

  1. How to stay on budget this Holiday season
  2. When to shop for the best sales this Christmas
  3. How to save on just about everything this Holiday season
  4. How to wrap gifts on a budget
  5. A list of your own Christmas blog post ideas 😉 
  6. How to incorporate Holiday themes on your blog/business website
  7.  A one-stop shopping gift guide for all of the people on your list!
  8. A roundup of other Christmas blog posts from around the web / Pinterest
  9. Holiday-themed social media posts
  10. How to use Pinterest for the Holidays
  11. How to grow your business during the holiday season
  12. A guide to seasonal branding
  13. Holiday photography / flat lays / staged shots

Food Blog Post Ideas

Christmas dinner, desserts, and appetizers!

Can you taste it already too?!

Midnight mass, moments spent with family, decorations, and special dishes are the epitome of Christmas for our family. 

Share your favorite recipes with the topics below: 

  1. Ideas for desserts
  2. Your favorite appetizers
  3. Holiday-inspired charcuterie board ideas
  4. Christmas dinner ideas / A roundup of your last few years
  5. Christmas cake/fruit cake/baking ideas
  6. How to eat healthy this holiday season
  7. A guide to creating allergy-friendly / healthy recipes this holiday season
  8. A roundup of your current favorite Holiday dishes / a previous year
  9. Meals you can make from Christmas leftovers!
  10. Holiday meals/desserts for those with dietary restrictions
  11. Decorative appetizers – i.e. gingerbread house, charcuterie wreath, etc.
christmas food blog post ideas - seasonal dishes flat lay

Local & Vancouver Mom Blog Ideas

Vancouver mom/blogger? This category is just for you, mama! 🙂 

Nowhere else in the world feels quite like home, right? 

Use the following suggestions to write about local life and your experience as a mom in our amazing city.

Not from Vancouver? Use these suggestions as inspiration for related topics in your city:  

  1. A list of local and online holiday radio stations
  2. A list of upcoming holiday events in your area / Glow Vancouver
  3. Upcoming holiday activities for kids
  4. Christmas market Vancouver/your city
  5. Festive items on the menu at your favorite spots around town!
  6. Spectacular Christmas trees and decorations in your area
  7. Beautiful Holiday window/store displays / i.e. Holts!
  8. Incredible light displays/walking areas for families – i.e. Lights at Lafarge
  9. Where to meet Santa in Vancouver this Christmas!
  10. A guide to shopping local in your city + top picks for food, gifts, decor, etc.

Looking for amazing handmade items in Vancouver, BC?

Then check out The Tri-Cities Collective Market vendors and Smallprint Vancouver North! Many pieces are even handcrafted by talented Canadian moms right here in BC 🙂 

5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

What Christmas blog post ideas will you write about this holiday season? Share your favourite blogmas topics in the comments below.

Merry Christmas, friends!

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