Best Foam Climbing Blocks for Toddlers & Babies (REAL Mom Review)

Ever since our first visit to an indoor playground, I thought about picking up a set of foam climbing blocks for my daughter!

best foam climbing blocks

But wow, I had no idea how expensive these things could be.

Two years and another baby later, I finally took a chance when I found a nice set available online.

Since they have such a great return policy, it was worth a shot and WOW am I glad that we picked these up!

This guide to the best foam climbing blocks for toddlers and babies is based on our REAL-life experience with this fun toy for kids and features:

  • a review of the foam climbing blocks we purchased
  • where to get large foam climbing blocks
  • safety tips for indoor climbers
  • more indoor climbing toys for toddlers and babies
  • fun playroom ideas for toddlers and babies

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Best Foam Climbing Blocks: for Toddlers & Babies

The foam climbing blocks we have at home are from ECR4Kids – you can get them on Prime with Amazon too!

Here’s the entire catalog of SoftZone blocks that ECR4Kids currently makes.

Both my 10-month-old baby and 4-year-old love these blocks SO much that we are planning to buy this single-tunnel foam climber set as well.

foam climbing blocks available at costco

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ECR4Kids Review: Foam Climbing Blocks

Our foam climber set shipped almost immediately and was well packaged.

The blocks are high quality and can support the weight of a small child – my four-year-old weighs about 40 pounds and climbs on these blocks literally every single day.

In fact, I think she plays with them more than our baby does, haha!

foam climbing blocks toddler

Baby N LOVES them for climbing but my big girl uses her imagination to build things like houses and even Moana’s boat from the Disney movie!

She even enjoys sitting on these blocks while she’s watching a show and uses them to create the scene in front of her.

Our 10-month-old loves to climb up and down them and uses them as a platform to lean on while she practices standing and furniture cruising.

The tag on the rectangular piece is also a favorite for teething – no idea why but since its there and states not to cut it off, we left it.

large foam climbing blocks

It’s honestly been our baby’s highlight for these blocks, haha.

Since we removed our coffee table to turn our living room into more of a fun baby-safe and kid-friendly area, the large square piece even makes a good makeshift tray for mom and dad’s late-night dinner dates.

We absolutely LOVE these blocks and our friends and family always praise them when they see how much their kids enjoy them too!

foam climber review

Bonus: Before our baby could walk, we used to set these foam blocks up as a makeshift baby gate and they totally did the trick!

If you buy them before your baby can crawl and/or pull herself up on them, this is another handy little reason to pick them up sooner rather than later.

indoor climbing toys for toddlers and babies

Color Options

The rainbow primary colors set was the only one available when we ordered but these foam climbing blocks are now available in contemporary blue and earth tones.

I originally wanted a foam climber set in grey and white or pink and white.

But, when I saw how much my little girl loved the “rainbow lights” on the Christmas tree over our white lights and how excited she got when she saw me checking out these SoftZone blocks on Amazon, I wanted to give her what she wanted to hold her interest.

foam climbing blocks home

I am honestly SO glad I did!

Both my baby and preschooler use these foam blocks EVERY single day.

kids climbing blocks

Are foam climbing blocks worth it?

We absolutely LOVE our ECRKids SoftZone climbing blocks!

They are 100% worth the investment and can be used in so many ways.

Months later, they’re also still in great shape – even with daily use, climbing, and jumping – my preschooler likes to pretend they’re stepping stones too and often jumps from block to block.

indoor play structure foam

Do they move around? Are they safe?

The three big pieces have a black sticky bottom on them that prevents them from flipping and moving around.

climb crawl play set

So long as you make sure your child uses them this way, the pieces are safe and will stay in their place – whether you use them on carpet or hard flooring.

We’ve used ours on carpets, a baby play mat, and even the kitchen floor (laminate planks) with no issue.

The cylinder and small rectangle DO NOT have a non-slip base though – the shape and size don’t make them ideal climbing pieces.

I find that my oldest uses these more for “designing” her creations than anything.

foam climber buy

Foam Block Saftey Tips

Babies and toddlers are curious so be sure to ALWAYS supervise your child when they play with these foam climbing blocks.

I also recommend keeping the blocks away from furniture and other pieces your baby may climb onto – I have an early walk this time around and she uses these foam blocks to get up onto the couch!

Instead, we make an effort to put them in the center of our baby play mat because when N falls over one of the edges, the playmat absorbs more of the impact from her falls than the carpet does.

best foam climbing blocks

She can have a ton of fun exploring without us worrying about her hurting her head and getting upset after a tumble.

5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

After having tested them out for 5 months, we highly ECRKids SoftZone foam climbing blocks!

These foam climber pieces are high-quality and the outer vegan leather covers have REALLY maintained their shape even with daily play – including building, climbing, and jumping.

Our baby and preschooler absolutely love these indoor climbing toys and even have fun learning to play together with them.

You can purchase them through Amazon, ECR4Kids, and occasionally, even Costco 🙂

Hope you love this climb-and-crawl activity set as much as we do, friends!

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