70 Creative Baby Hashtags You Need for Baby’s 1st Year

hashtags for babies growing upFind 70 of the most creative baby hashtags for Instagram in this ultimate guide for moms and dads! 

Perfect for your newborn and for babies growing up in their first year, you’ll find a wide variety of tags to use on your posts, stories, reels, and more.

We’ll cover funny and trending hashtags for 2021 plus:

  • baby boy and baby girl hashtags
  • the meaning behind each one
  • how to use these tags on Instagram
  • examples of adorable baby photos
  • copy and paste hashtags at the bottom of this post

Keep reading to find perfect way to tag your next baby post on Instagram!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and I could earn a commission at no cost to you if you make a purchase using them.


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70 Creative Baby Hashtags You Need for Baby’s 1st Year

creative baby hashtagsHave you ever wondered how Instagram mom influencers get their starts? 

Hashtags are huge part of being visible on this platform and using the right one can land your latest post in the top posts section.

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Newborn Baby Hashtags

1. #petitjoys

The perfect hashtag for your favorite sweet and small little person. Bonus points for pastel colors!

2. #simplybaby

Share pure and innocent photos of your little one. This is a perfect hashtag for styled newborn photography!

3. #blessedbaby

This hashtag is ideal for use on family photos, baby smiles, christenings, and posts referencing a bible quote. 

4. #welcomelittleone

Use this tag on your baby announcement on Instagram to let the world know you’re little one has arrived!

5. #fresh48

Fresh 48 is a newborn photo session that takes place at the location your baby was born within 48 hours of delivery – images from a fresh 48 session are unposed and more raw compared to a traditional newborn shoot.

Here’s a photo of me with my little girl moments after delivery!

6. #lifewithbaby

Use this tag to document your daily life with a newborn.

7. #hushlittlebaby

Adorable for sleepy babies and milk drunk moments!

8. #candidslumber

Tag beautiful styled photos of your little one resting.

9. #tinyfingers

Use it for closeups of your little one’s teeny tiny fingers and hands.

10. #tinytoes

Similar to the above hashtag, this one is perfect for a shot of your baby’s eency weency toes and feet!

11. #justborn 

A must have hashtag to announce your baby on Instagram and photos posted within the first week of his or her life.

12. #welcomebaby

Share photos of you and your baby to celebrate the growth of your family. 

creative baby hashtags

13. #newbornsmiles

Capture those precious new baby smiles for photos that make happiness contagious! 

14. #mysweetbaby

Perfect for candid moments of your little one plus cuddles with mom and dad.

15. #ourlittlemiracle

Celebrate the journey of pregnancy and life with this hashtag – bonus points for sharing your story!

16. #ourfamilyiscomplete

Know that this is your last child? Use this newborn baby hashtag to celebrate this family milestone. 

17. #firsthours

Newborns look so different in their first hours of life! Be sure to use this tag on those precious photos of your new addition. 

18. #brandnewbabe

Great for newborn photography and photos taken by you during babies first days of life.

19. #littlebaby

Showcase photos of your tiny mini me with this newborn hashtag. 

20. #welcometotheworld

Share photos of your baby enjoying life during his or her first 12 weeks. 

21. #mynewborn

A great hashtag for close up images of your baby’s face and those of your two together. 

instagram baby hashtags

22. #newbornmemories

Use this tag to commemorate special moments in your baby’s first days of life – for example, meeting his or her siblings or grandparents for the first time! 

23. #thedaysarelongbuttheyearsareshort

A perfect hashtag for sleep deprived new parents! Share candid shots or selfies of you and your baby during all hours of the evening. 

24. #babiesofinsta 

Share photos of your newborn baby in Instagram fashion with styled photos and poses you’d expect to find on this platform. 

25. #instababylove 

Post cute photos of your baby featuring sincere and loving captions. 

26. #newbabyborn 

Use this hashtag for images of your baby between 24 and 48 hours old. 

27. #mybabyisgrowingup 

Highlight special moments in your little one’s first weeks of life by celebrating milestones like first smiles, laughs, and eye contact. 

28. #babysfirst 

Just like the one above, use this hashtag to celebrate your baby’s firsts! 

29. #halfbirthday 

Half birthdays are very popular on Instagram – celebrate your baby’s first 6 months of life with a cute styled photo. 

30. #mymini

Use this hashtag for cute photos of twinning outfits and/or moments where your little one really takes after you! 

newborn baby hashtags

Baby Boy Hashtags

This list of tags features creative and funny ideas for your little guy’s next Instagram cameo! Check out each one below plus how it’s normally used: 

1. #mysweetboy

Share photos of your innocent baby boy resting or exploring the world around him. 

2. #heshere

Announce your baby on Instagram with this hashtag. 

3. #itsaboy

Perfect for an Instagram announcement that your little boy has arrived or even a gender reveal post. 

4. #instababyboy

Show off your handsome little man in a styled Instagram worthy photo. 

5. #newbabyboy

Share photos of your little boy during his first week of life. 

6. #mylittleprince

Post special memories of your baby boy and/or photos of the two of you together. 

7. #mybabyboyforever

Perfect for baby’s first year and beyond. 

funny baby hashtags boys

8. #mommysboy

Share sweet photos of you and your little man! 

9. #babyboylove

Perfect for maternity photos, birth, and all of the moments that follow within his first year of life. 

10. #mysonshine

This cute play on words is great for photos of your baby boy that light up your world. 

11. #happybabyboy

Ideal for images of your little guy smiling, laughing, or discovering the world around him. 

12. #littlelad

Use this baby boy hashtag for photos where he looks more grown up than he is. 

13. #hehasmyheart

Share a special story about your son in your caption or a photo that sums up your love for him. 

14. #boymomadventures

Boys will be boys! Use this hashtag to show your little guy in action. 

baby boy hashtags

15. #mysonismyworld 

Use this one for photos that show just how deep your love is for your little boy. 

16. #lovethislittleguy

Perfect for funny and loving moments captured between you and your son. 

17. #raisingboys

Show your friends and followers what having sons is like – whether it’s your adventures together or boys acting like boys! 

Use the hashtag #raisingstrongkids if you have a boy and a girl. 

18. #boysarethebest

Highlight the reasons why you love being a boy mom or dad with this hashtag. 

19. #daddysminime 

Share photos of your baby boy with his daddy or compare images of your boys side by side. 

20. #dapperdude

Dressing up for a special occasion? Show off photos of your little stud using this baby boy hashtag! 

baby girl hashtags

Baby Girl Hashtags

The list of tags below includes cute and funny tags just for baby girls! Browse them all and find the perfect set of hashtags to show off your little princess.

1. #mysweetgirl

Share photos of your little princess smiling, snuggling, or enjoying the world around her. 

2. #sheshere

Announce your baby girl’s arrival on Instagram with this hashtag. 

3. #isntshelovely

Perfect for any photos of your little girl that make your heart smile! 

4. #itsagirl

Share the news that your little girl is here with this hashtag! You could also use it as early as a gender reveal if you decide to find out what you’re having. 

5. #shemaybelittlebutsheisfierce

Post photos of your little girl exploring the world around her. 

6. #smallbutsassy

The perfect baby girl hashtag for determined little ones – talk about a recent experience or post a photo of your girl in action. 

7. #instababygirl

Share a styled Instagram worthy photo of your little girl. 

new baby hashtags

8. #newbabygirl

Share photos of your little girl during her first week of life. 

9. #mylittleprincess

Use this tag for special memories of your baby girl and/or photos of you two together. 

10. #raisingdaughters

Share what makes raising girls show special – whether you write about it in your caption or have a photo that perfectly sums it up. 

11. #mybabygirlforever

Perfect for your little girl’s first year and every year after that. 

12. #sweetbabygirl

Share her smiles, laughs, and snuggles!

13. #ilikebigbowsandicannotlie

Flaunt those big bows with this hashtag for baby girls. 

14. #shesmyworld

Use this tag for images that have perfectly captured your love for your daughter. 

instagram baby hashtags

15. #lovethislittlegirl

A great hashtag for all of the things that make daily life with your baby girl so special. 

16. #thankheavenforlittlegirls 

There’s nothing like having a daughter – and having two is even better! 

Use this hashtag for all of those precious moments that make being a girl mom so wonderful. 

17. #raisingstronggirls

How are you raising strong girls? Share an image and caption that sums it up. 

18. #hereshegrows

Share her milestones with this special hashtag. 

19. #girlsarethebest

I may be a little biased but this is true! Post photos and captions that highlight the joys of having girls. 

20. #mamasmini 

Share images of you with your little girl and/or side by side comparisons of photos of you versus her. 

Copy and Paste Baby Hashtags for Instagram

Choose from one of the three categories below to copy and paste baby hashtags to your latest Instagram post.

Newborn baby hashtags

#petitjoys #simplybaby #blessedbaby #welcomelittleone #fresh48 #lifewithbaby #hushlittlebaby #candidslumber #tinyfingers #tinytoes #justborn #welcomebaby #newbornsmiles #mysweetbaby #ourlittlemiracle #ourfamilyiscomplete #firsthours #brandnewbabe #littlebaby #welcometotheworld #mynewborn #newbornmemories #thedaysarelongbuttheyearsareshort #babiesofinsta #instababylove #newbabyborn #mybabyisgrowingup #babysfirst #halfbirthday #mymini

Baby boy hashtags

#mysweetboy #heshere #itsaboy #instababyboy #newbabyboy #mylittleprince #mybabyboyforever #mommysboy #babyboylove #mysonshine #happybabyboy #littlelad #hehasmyheart #boymomadventures #mysonismyworld #lovethislittleguy #raisingboys #boysarethebest #daddysminime #dapperdude

Baby girl hashtags

#mysweetgirl #sheshere #isntshelovely #itsagirl #shemaybelittlebutsheisfierce #smallbutsassy #instababygirl #newbabygirl #mylittleprincess #raisingdaughters #mybabygirlforever #sweetbabygirl #ilikebigbowsandicannotlie #shesmyworld #lovethislittlegirl #thankheavenforlittlegirls #raisingstronggirls #hereshegrows #girlsarethebest #mamasmini 

5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

I hope you love these creative baby hashtags just as much as I do! Be sure to say hello on Instagram when you post your latest photo or story 🙂 

What are your favorite hashtags from this list? Share yours in the comments below. 

Happy hashtagging, friends!

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