NEW 30 Day Song Challenge Instagram Template

Download the original 30 day song challenge Instagram template here to share your favorite tracks with followers and friends! 

30 day song challenge instagram

This music challenge template is brand new and available in 3 alternate colors to post to your Instagram stories.

Keep reading to: 

  • learn how to do the Instagram song challenge with this new template
  • download one or all three alternate Instagram story templates
  • get challenge ideas to share with your followers

Whether you start on day one of a new month or a random Tuesday, I promise you’ll have lots of fun with this one – and bonus, you’ll have something to share on your IG stories for the next month. 

Let’s get started!

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30 Day Song Challenge Instagram Template

What is the 30 day song challenge? 

This trending activity for Instagram stories is a fun way for Instagram users and influencers to share their favorite music with their friends and followers for 30 days. 

Post this Instagram stories template for one month choosing a new song to fit that day’s challenge prompt – for instance, day one is “a song that you play on repeat”. 

Find a song you absolutely love and hit back on to listen to again and again. 

Your friends and followers will learn more about your music tastes as well as your personality with prompts like these.

There’s even a few special prompts like a song from (or for) your wedding or a song that reminds you of highschool in here – so have fun with it!

Reminisce or daydream all you want and encourage others to play along. 

More ways to share your favorite songs: 4 Ways to Embed a Spotify Playlist in Your WordPress Blog

how to do 30 day instagram song challenge

Instagram Stories Template Download Instructions

To get this Instagram stories template, click on your favorite color combination below to download it or download them all to alternate each time you post!

(1) Scroll down to the template images below. Click on the ones you want.

(2) From the Dropbox folder, click on the images to get your files.

(3) Click the three dots at the top right-hand side of your device’s screen.

(4) Select Direct download from the given options

(5) Click Download on the next pop-up window

(6) Open your downloads folder on your computer or mobile device. Click the file.

(7) On mobile, click the Download options button in the bottom left-hand side of your screen.

(8) Click save image.

30 day song challenge instagram template
30 day song challenge instagram template - rose gold
30 day song challenge instagram template - black white monochrome

More Instagram stories ideas: 

How to do the 30 Day Song Challenge on Instagram

To do the 30-day Instagram stories song challenge with this template, first open the Instagram app on your mobile device.


(1) From your Instagram home screen, click your profile picture at the top left-hand side of your screen to add a new Instagram Story

(2) Click the square in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen to choose an image or template from your recent photo library.

(3) Select the Instagram Stories Template you downloaded above.

(4) Click the Instagram Stickers button at the top of your screen.

(5) Click the Music Sticker.

(6) Search for the track you want to play for that day of the song challenge template – Note: some songs aren’t yet available in Instagram Music so, have alternate ideas in mind when you’re searching for your favorite tracks!

(7) Click on the Number Icon (usually the number 15) to change the duration of the song you’d like to play – 15 seconds is the longest you can choose.

(8) Drag the Clip Bar below to change which part of the song plays during your Instagram Story – for instance, you might want to play the chorus or a verse from the start or end of the song instead of the default choice Instagram music selects for you.

(9) Adjust the size of the Music Sticker and place it above the add music here bar.

(10) Add some hashtags, tag the band, and your location to increase your reach.

(11) Tag me for a reshare in my stories 🙂

(12) Add some cute GIF Stickers

(13) Click Your Stories to post on your Instagram Stories once you’re ready to go!

(14) Encourage your friends and followers to join by tagging them or sharing the blank template in your Instagram stories and/or highlight reels. 

(14) Repeat for the next 29 days until you finish the challenge 🙂

Bonus: Create an Instagram highlight reel to commemorate all 30 days of your completed Instagram Song Challenge – it’s a fun way for your followers and profile visitors to check out your musical tastes!

30 Day Song Challenge Ideas

To personalize your answers, consider doing the following: 

  • choose your favorite tracks – don’t just fill in days like a questionnaire
  • search your playlists before you search Google for ideas
  • speak another language? Choose some songs in your native tongue or another one you speak
  • choose music from a variety of decades
  • tag friends that you share memories with to these songs
  • add cute GIF stickers to personalize your stories daily

Want to do some research in advance?

Below is the complete list of all 30 days of this Instagram song challenge to help you get started 🙂 

Think of a song:

  1. that you play on repeat
  2. with a color in the title
  3. that reminds you of someone you love
  4. that you’re really feeling right now
  5. that reminds you of highschool
  6. that’s your favorite for getting stuff done
  7. you couldn’t get enough of when you heart it
  8. in a different language
  9. from the 2000’s
  10. that always makes you happy
  11. that was recently released
  12. from the 1990’s
  13. for working out
  14. from your childhood
  15. that reminds you of your bestie
  16. from the year you were born
  17. you always sing along to
  18. that’s your favorite from a movie
  19. that needs to be played loud
  20. that’s your favorite cover version
  21. that’s your favorite for power cleaning
  22. for (or from) your wedding
  23. you’re listening to right now
  24. with a number in the title
  25. that makes you want to dance
  26. that relaxes you
  27. that motivates you
  28. you heard live in concert
  29. by your current favorite artist
  30. that reminds you of your goals
5 hand drawn black hearts as a banner

Which Instagram challenge do you want to see next? I’d love to create that template for you and your followers to enjoy 🙂

Enjoy the new 30-day song challenge Instagram template, friends!

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